IOC President Meets with Putin, Satisfied Sochi Winter Olympics

China News Service February 17th According to Russian media reports on the 16th, IOC President Bach met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that the Sochi Winter Olympics’ global ratings have broken records.

Bach said that the number of viewers in the Sochi Winter Olympics broke the record, and the number of TV viewers exceeded the previous Olympic Games. He said that audiences from more than 200 countries on five continents are paying attention to the Winter Olympics.

In addition, the Russian media reported that Bach also highly praised the organization and organization of the Sochi Olympic Games. He said that the organization of the competition is at a very high level, and the IOC does not even have to hold a coordination meeting every day.

In addition, the athletes are also very satisfied with the event organization and the competition venue. The Olympic Village is also located near the competition venue.

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7 Japanese missing in shallow water in Bali 5 people rescued 2 people still missing

7 Japanese people missing in the shallow waters of Bali, 5 people were rescued and 2 people are still missing

On February 17, five of the Japanese women who lost their diving in Bali were found rescued and rescued.

China News Service February 18th According to the Kyodo News Agency, on the 17th, about 7 Japanese women disappeared while diving in the waters near Bali, Indonesia, the local search and rescue department said that in southeast Bali Five of them were found in the sea near Nusa Lembongan. The search and rescue department said that all five people survived.

The rescued diving instructor, Furukawa Saori, has been sent to the hospital in Bali. She said: “The remaining 4 people have also been saved”. However, there are still two people missing. The Japanese Consulate General in Denpasar, Bali, is stepping up confirmation. Furukawa is conscious and able to talk to people.

According to sources in the Indonesian search and rescue department, five people were found in the waters near Cape Cod in the south of Lembongan Island, about 20 kilometers from the scene of the distress. The ambulance was on standby in the port of Bali, and search and rescue of those unaccounted for is still going on.

The search and rescue department continued its fourth day of work on the afternoon of the 17th, and carried out a wide range of searches from high altitude by helicopter. The maritime search and rescue focused on the sea area near the northeast of Lembongan Island.

Japanese dive-related people living in the area also took 4 boats to assist in search and rescue.

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The new book says that Hillary is starting to organize a campaign team, intending to run for president.

The new book says that Hillary is starting to organize a campaign team to run for president.

The United States recently published a new book on Hillary, entitled “HRC.”, February 12, according to Taiwan’s “China Broadcasting News Network” reported on the 12th, although former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she did not intend to run for the US president again, but in the US political arena No one believes. The United States recently published a new book about Hillary. The book mentions that Hillary has begun to organize a campaign team and plans to enter the 2016 US presidential election.

The title of this new book is “HRC”, which consists of three English letters beginning with the full name of Hillary. The book reveals that Hillary’s chief assistant is secretly recruiting the campaign team. At the same time, Hillary’s former office director also began to review the cause of their defeat six years ago, hoping to learn from the failure experience in 2008.

Although Hillary Clinton repeatedly stressed that she personally did not intend to run for the US president before and after she stepped down as Secretary of State, some American media pointed out that if the timing is good for Hillary, it is not impossible for her to return to the rivers and lakes.

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U.S. House of Representatives passed unconditional increase of debt ceiling bill

Xinhuanet Washington, February 11 (Reporter Liu Wei Fanyu) The US House of Representatives passed the 221 votes to 201 votes on the 11th to pass the unconditional increase of the federal government debt ceiling, and will allow the additional time to be extended to 2015. month. This means that if the Senate passes the bill as scheduled, the repeated struggle between the two parties on the debt ceiling will temporarily subsidize.

All of the Democrats in the House voted in favor of all but two. Only 28 of the Republicans agreed, and 199 opposed it.

Previously, Republicans in the House of Representatives had been seeking a debt ceiling bill that would win enough party support and conditions. The Democrats demanded a vote on the debt ceiling bill without any additional conditions.

As the Republican Party blocked the issue of raising the debt ceiling, the federal government’s non-core sector closed for two weeks last year, and the Republican Party’s popularity in the polls plummeted. Analysts believe that in the middle of the midterm elections, the Republican Party not only wants to retain the majority of the House of Representatives, but also intends to retake the majority of the Senate. In this case, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican John · Bona did not dare to risk the re-enactment of the Republican Party.

The short-term plan adopted by the US Congress last year only extended the authority of the Ministry of Finance to issue government bonds until February 7 this year. Since then, the Ministry of Finance has had to use unconventional measures to “make up” space to delay the time for debt to break the ceiling. US Treasury Secretary Jacob · Luben warned at the beginning of the month that the US federal government’s debt line is expected to hit the upper limit on February 27, and Congress should raise the debt ceiling as soon as possible to avoid default risk.

It is unclear when the Democratic-controlled Senate will hold a vote. The Senate vote is expected to take place this week, as Congress will begin its recess next week.

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Catastrophic blizzard in the southern United States Multi-state into a state of emergency (Figure)

In the southern United States, a catastrophic blizzard is entering a state of emergency (Figure)

On the 12th, the southern United States once again ushered in a new round of “catastrophic” blizzards, and many states entered a state of emergency.

This round of blizzard has claimed at least 6 lives.

China News Service, February 13th Comprehensive report, the southern United States on the 12th once again ushered in a new round of “catastrophic” blizzard, taking at least six lives. Obama has signed an urgent order instructing federal relief workers to provide support to the Georgia state government. Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Mississippi also declared a state of emergency.

In addition, heavy snow, freezing rain and ice that may have set a record on the road have caused thousands of households to lose power and affect commuting traffic in the morning.

US National Weather Service meteorologist Roger Edwards said the storm extended from eastern Texas to South and North Carolina and could extend to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the evening of the 13th.

The National Weather Service of Peachtree City, Georgia, pointed out that the rain, snow and thick ice caused by the blizzard that hit the southern United States were “unprecedented”. Weather Bureau official Lin En said that the blizzard “may have catastrophic consequences”, thick snow may cause large trees and poles to fall.

According to the weather bureau’s forecast, the midnight blizzard will move from eastern Texas to the states of central Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic. On the morning of the 13th, New England will also be hit by heavy snow.

On the 11th, Georgiana had 5 to 15 centimeters of snow. The Bureau of Meteorology predicts that the state will have 15 to 25 cm of snowfall on the 13th. Another meteorologist, Darby, said that it is not snow that is more worrying but ice. It is estimated that there may be 0.6 to 2 cm of ice in Georgia and Atlanta.

Many areas in Georgia are expected to have 0.6 to 2 cents of ice on the ground, including the Atlanta metropolitan area. Ice accumulation in some areas may be as thick as 2.5 cm.

According to, which tracks flight status, more than 2,700 flights were cancelled in the United States on the morning of the 12th, with hundreds of flights delayed.

It is reported that the last time the southern United States encountered a strong ice storm was in January 2000. At that time, ice accretion was 1.3 cm in some areas, causing 350,000 people to lose power.

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“Beethoven of Japan” was exposed for many years and sent a personal apology

Zuo Cunhe defends

According to Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” reported on February 12, nicknamed “Beethoven of Japan” Hanoi Shou was once called “all-in-one composer”, but recently the composer Xin Qianlong exposed many of his works in Samurai to write for himself, and testified that he did not think there was hearing impairment in Samura. In this regard, Samura Hanoi issued a personal apology letter through a lawyer on the 12th, saying that he began to feel that his hearing was gradually recovering three years ago.

The lawyer said that there is a disability certificate for hearing impairment level 2 in Samura. In Japan, level 2 refers to a hearing loss value of more than 100 dB in both ears. Sasuke Hanoi stated in his apology letter that he was still in full state three years ago and later slowly felt that he was gradually recovering. “ Even if I go to the expert to check it, if the result is not secondary, then I must return the disability certificate”. In his letter, he said that he had made irreparable mistakes and would apologize in public in the near future.

According to the Japanese Kyodo News on the same day, the letter wrote that the composer Xinlonglong was the secret between the two. “Because I am afraid that the lie will be defeated, I have not said anything to my wife, including my wife.”

Samurai also apologized to the figure skating players Takahashi Daisuke, the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the victims of the atomic bombing who used their tracks at the Sochi Winter Olympics: “I betrayed everyone.” Apologize for the damage caused to everyone. &nbspquo;(徐艺源)

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The first anniversary of the “Blade Warrior” killing girlfriend case

Data Map: On August 19 last year, the “Blade Warrior” Pistorius shot his girlfriend again, the Pretoria District Court announced that the case is expected to be tried from March 3 to March 20, 2014.

China News Service February 14th According to foreign media reports, on the 14th, South Africa, “Blade Warrior”, Pistorius’s girlfriend was killed on the first anniversary of the incident, Pistorius A statement was made that the grief that brought him to this incident will accompany him for the rest of his life.

In the statement, “Blade Warrior” stated that the words could not indicate his feelings about the “catastrophic accident” that occurred a year ago. This incident gave his girlfriend Liwa · the pain and sorrow that Stenkamp’s family and friends brought, and he was swallowed up by grief.

Pistorius said that the loss of Liva and all the wounds brought by that day will be with him for the rest of his life.

This statement is unusual because after the incident, Pistorius’ team usually avoided his exposure to the media and the public.

Pistorius is a famous South African disabled track and field athlete who was suspected of shooting his girlfriend Liva & middot; Stenkamp on February 14, 2013 at home in the bathroom. Pistorius claimed that he mistakenly thought that his girlfriend was a robber who robbed the room and fired at the locked bathroom. However, the prosecution believes that this is a deliberate murder and should be sentenced to life imprisonment.

On March 3 this year, this highly regarded case will be tried.

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French media: Nearly 30% of the world’s Valentine’s Day roses are “cottage goods”

China Net February 15th According to the French “Le Figaro” website reported on February 13, according to industry insiders, this Valentine’s Day this year, the world has one quarter to one third of Valentine’s Day roses It is illegal to “cottage goods”. Experts pointed out that each variety of roses has a patent, and rose growers should pay the corresponding patent fees to the patentee.

& ldquo;Mountain goods & rdquo; not only in the luxury goods such as handbags, shoes, watches, many agricultural products are also “all-in-one” attack objects, such as alcohol and roses. Every year, Valentine’s Day has a great market demand for roses, which has also spawned a large number of “cottage roses” entering the market. In this regard, the industry has already sounded the alarm of boycotting “Mountain Roses”, but it still cannot prevent a large number of knockoffs from entering the market, and more and more fraudulent acts cannot be seen by consumers. Philip · Labriel, who runs a family of rose planters in the French province of Isère, Labriel Rose Garden, said in an interview with reporters that in leather or imitation products, the products of the cottage The defects will be clear at a glance, but in the rose industry, it is difficult to distinguish between genuine and knock-off goods.

Colors, shapes, and tastes are the criteria for distinguishing between “mountain roses” and “authentic roses”. The intellectual property of the rose variety is protected by patents, and each variety of rose has its own “plant variety protection certificate”, and all characteristics of the variety, including the variety name, are protected by the certificate. Regardless of who grows the rose of this variety for commercial use, it is necessary to pay the corresponding patent fee to the inventor of the variety. Matthews &middot, president of Maiyang International Flower Group, said that it takes at least ten years to cultivate a new variety of roses. Those who “small roses” do not apply for any license at all and do not pay any fees. It has caused great harm to the interests of the inventors of the rose variety.

There are countries such as India and Ecuador that do not have legal protection of intellectual property rights. Matthias pointed out that these countries export large quantities of “cottage roses” to markets that protect intellectual property. These “cottage roses” have appeared in flower pots of developed countries and flower pots in flower shops. In the French town of Rangis, many flower importers who received three interviews with French TV could not guarantee that all flowers did not violate the patent license. Fabian · Duche, a rose gardener in the province of Loire, said that the problem was mainly concentrated in the business of trimming roses, and the business of gardening roses was not affected.

According to industry insiders, this Valentine’s Day, these “cottage roses” accounted for a quarter to one-third of the world’s roses, this proportion can not be ignored. According to the World Horticultural Production Association, in 2012 the EU imported a total of 1.4 billion euros of roses, 21% from Kenya, 9% from Ethiopia and 8% from Ecuador. These countries do not have sound laws to protect intellectual property rights. The interests of many flower companies have been affected. For example, the previously mentioned Maiyang National Flower Group has patents for 400 rose varieties, and they have been taking measures against them. These & ldquo; cottage roses & rdquo;.

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The International Atomic Energy Agency says Japan’s current decontamination situation remains grim

China News Service, February 14th According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), on the 14th, the increasing number of nuclear sewage, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that inspected the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant The IAEA advised that the discharge of radioactive material into the sea should be considered as an option.

At the invitation of the Japanese government, the IAEA sent a second investigation team to Japan in November 2013 to inspect the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The International Atomic Energy Agency released the final investigation report of the Japanese government on the 13th. In response to Japan’s response measures, the report gives a certain affirmation and believes that progress has been made in advancing plans for safe waste recycling.

At the same time, the report also pointed out that the current situation is still grim and there are many problems. With regard to the increasing nuclear sewage, the report highlights that various methods should be studied in the long run. The report recommends that if the radioactive material is removed as much as possible and the concentration is below the national standard by dilution, the discharge of sewage into the sea should also be considered as an option.

However, the International Atomic Energy Agency also pointed out that it is necessary to conduct detailed investigations on environmental impacts before discharging sewage into the ocean. The International Atomic Energy Agency stated that it intends to provide assistance to the Japanese government.

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More incidents within a week of exposure to US food safety discounts

Original Title: US Food Safety Discounts

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In the past few days, food safety incidents have occurred in the United States. First, Subway is exposed to the addition of azodicarbonamide during the sandwich making process. This material can also be used to increase elasticity in leather shoes. The incident triggered tens of thousands of signatures on the Internet. However, according to the regulations of the US regulatory authorities, the use of azodicarbonamide in foods, as long as the right amount, is not bad.

There is no such thing. The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said on the 8th that it recalled 8.72 million pounds of beef products produced by the California Ranch Feeding Company. Because the company “processed sick and unhealthy animals”, it was “not suitable for people’s consumption”. . However, the US Department of Agriculture has said that sick animals can also be used as food. According to the analysis, the food safety standards in the United States are not clear, which not only makes the effectiveness of food safety supervision less favorable, but also makes some consumers feel fearful.

Adding chemical preparations, advertised “fresh” "Nutrition> Nutrition&

On February 10, the US Food and Drug Administration confirmed that it was edible. After dozens of children in the three states of Texas, Illinois and North Dakota produced by Mars Foods, dozens of children in Texas, Illinois and North Dakota experienced symptoms such as skin allergies and headaches. The California-based company has announced an emergency recall of five pounds (1 pounds or 0.45 kilograms) and 25 pounds of rice per bag.

Previously, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said on the 8th that it recalled 8.72 million pounds of beef products produced by California Ranch Farms, which have entered California, Florida, Illinois and Texas. Retail system.

In the controversy, the famous fast-food chain in the United States, Subway, announced on the 6th that when producing sandwich bread, it will “prepare to stop” using the chemical azodicarbonamide as a dough improver.

In less than a week, three incidents involving public health have raised concerns about food safety and issues related to people’s livelihood. Among them, the shock wave caused by the “Bai Baiwei incident” is particularly strong. .

Not long ago, the founder of, a well-known food blog site in the United States, Vaughan · Ms. Harry revealed in her article that Subway’s sandwich bread contains a chemical additive called azodicarbonamide. . Surprisingly, this chemical used as a dough improver is also used in chemicals such as leather shoes and yoga mats to increase elasticity. Harry initiated a petition on the Internet and asked Subway to stop using azodicarbonamide for bread production.

A stone stirs up a thousand waves. On Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, Harry’s articles were overwhelmed, and the petition collected tens of thousands of signatures in just a few days. Since February 4th, there have been a lot of requests on the Facebook page of Subway to stop adding dangerous chemicals & rdquo; & ldquo; stop poisoning us. Under the pressure of public opinion, Sai Baiwei issued a statement two days later, saying that the company had “prepared to stop” using this chemical additive before the publication of Harry’s article.

Harry said that in fact, azodicarbonamide was added to the products of McDonald’s and Starbucks, but she pointed to the game, because the company has always deliberately created for itself. “The image of the product, advertised “fresh”, “Nutrition”, and even the first lady of the United States Mitchell and many Olympic athletes to pull the facade.

However, in the statement, Subway has not forgotten that the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration have approved the addition of azodicarbonamide to foods. Regulators in the United States and Canada do believe that the use of the right amount of azodicarbonamide in food does not cause health problems, but the EU and Australia prohibit the use of this chemical in food. In the EU countries and Australia, Cybex-flavored bread does not contain azodicarbonamide.

David &middot, co-director of the Center for Behavioral Economics at the Cornell University Children’s Nutrition Program, said that in order to maintain the “healthy image” that has been painstakingly managed for many years, Subway has had to respond quickly , announced that it will stop using azodicarbonamide. However, this additive is in compliance with US and Canadian laws, so other companies may not follow suit. McDonald’s has said through the official website that azodicarbonamide can be used in the production of foam plastics, such as gym mats, but should not be confused with its use in food.

Food standards are broad and detection systems are out of order

Pan Zhongli, a researcher at the US Department of Agriculture’s Western Research Center, said in an interview with this reporter that with Europe and other Compared with developed countries or even some developing countries, food safety standards in the United States appear to be wider. For example, clenbuterol, which is strictly prohibited in many countries, is legal in the United States.

Pan Zhongli said that this is because the United States always feels that its agricultural modernization is very high, there is no small-scale workshop production of one household, and the law of supervision is sound and perfect, and it can be standardized. Dosage and scope of use of various food additives or medicines without having to be completely banned. For example, the United States believes it can ensure that the country’s aquaculture practitioners are correct.Grasp the use of lean meat, so there is no need to ban lean meat. In the use of azodicarbonamide as a food additive, the United States and the European Union have different standards for the same reason.

However, this kind of blind self-confidence of the US regulatory authorities has inevitably caused some consumers to be worried and caused doubts from the rights protection organizations.

The US media noted that, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, azodicarbonamide should not exceed 0.0045% of the flour quality when used as a dough improver, but no company has disclosed this. The content of the additive. The US NGO “The Center for Public Interest Science” pointed out that the US draenei amendment stipulates that urethanes decomposed from azodicarbonamide should not be used in any food additive that causes cancer in humans or animals. If the semicarbazide reaches a certain level, it may cause cancer. Therefore, the organization “urges the US Food and Drug Administration to consider banned (in food) the addition of this chemical according to the draenei amendment”.

When talking about recalling the reasons for the California farmer’s beef products, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said that because the company “processed sick and unhealthy animals, and there was no or no These behaviors are carried out in full acceptance of federal surveillance", therefore these beefs are not suitable for people’s consumption".

The American Animal Rights Protection Organization & ldquo; Farm Shelter, founder Jean · Bauer pointed out that the US Department of Agriculture has made it clear that sick animals can also be used as food. Therefore, the main reason for the recall of this beef is not that the company “processed sick and unhealthy animals”, but lacked “Federal Monitoring” in the process of “processing”. In the United States, it is still common and legal for sick animals to enter the food supply chain.

Bauer said with no worries that the Food Safety and Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture issued a first-level recall order, indicating that the meat is extremely harmful to consumers and may cause serious consequences after consumption. Negative health consequences or death & rdquo;. Ironically, these beefs, which were not subject to federal surveillance and once entered the market, are inexplicably labeled with the “US Department of Agriculture Monitoring” logo.

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