Avon or pays $132 million in settlements because of bribery of Chinese officials

It is reported that Avon’s financial report stated that it has allocated $89 million in funds to pay future fines, and pointed out that from the company’s settlement negotiations with the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, additional A total of $43 million was allocated. In other words, the company may need to pay up to $132 million in settlement funds in order to end the US federal government’s allegations of bribery against the company.

Avon, who has been in the bribery for nearly six years, will pay $132 million to settle the matter. Yesterday, the news broke out in the media, although Avon China said in an interview with the Jinghua Times yesterday that “there is no further information in this regard”, but this information has been disclosed in the financial report just released by Avon.

It is reported that Avon’s financial report stated that it has allocated $89 million in funds to pay future fines, and pointed out that from the company’s negotiations with the US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, An additional $43 million may still be required. In other words, the company may need to pay up to $132 million in settlement funds in order to end the US federal government’s allegations of bribery against the company.

Avon’s “Broken Door” incident was exposed in 2008. In June of that year, Avon’s global CEO Zhong Binyi received an employee’s report letter, reporting that the company had “unfairly used in China”. Chinese officials travel expenses”. Subsequently, Avon began an internal investigation, directly affected by the “bribery” scandal, three former executives in China and the head of the global internal audit and security department Ian · Rossett, were dismissed. According to the news, the case has caused Avon to accumulate losses of up to 340 million US dollars. Avon had proposed a $12 million settlement in June last year to settle the federal government investigation, but the regulator rejected it with a low amount.

With the outbreak of Avon’s bribery, Avon’s performance has continued to fall. Avon also announced its fourth-quarter financial report for the fiscal year 2013. Its fourth-quarter revenue was $2.67 billion, down 10% from the same period last year; the net loss was $69.1 million. Avon’s revenue in the Chinese market in the fourth quarter fell sharply by 48% from the same period last year.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

Afghan President: Interpretation of prisoners is not related to beauty.

Afghan President: The release of prisoners is not related to the United States should not interfere with the decision of the Arab side

Data Figure: Afghan President Karzai.

China News Service February 14th According to Russian media reports on the 13th, Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued a statement during the high-level tripartite meeting between Turkey and Afghanistan-Pakistan, saying that the release of prisoners has nothing to do with the United States. The United States should not attempt to interfere with the decision of the Afghan government.

Karzai said that Afghanistan is a sovereign country and that the issue of releasing prisoners is determined by the judicial authorities. These decisions have nothing to do with the United States.

The Afghan government released 65 prisoners allegedly Taliban militants on the 13th. The United States has strongly opposed this and believes that these people will pose a threat to NATO and Afghan forces.

After the prisoners were released, the US Embassy stated that the Afghan government needs to bear the consequences of their decisions. Responsibility and urge the Afghan authorities to do their utmost to ensure that these released personnel will not engage in new violence or terrorist activities.

The US has consistently insisted on keeping some of its key custodians in custody, but President Karzai has repeatedly stated that he will release some of the innocent prisoners to promote the domestic reconciliation process.

On March 25 last year, the US military stationed in Afghanistan officially handed over the jurisdiction of Bagram prison to the Afghan government.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Australian media: China’s richest people are keen to buy Australian property transfer assets

Australian media: China's richest people are keen to buy Australian property transfer assets

Data Mapping: Three to 40% of the property in Mosman, Sydney’s harbour district, worth more than A$3 million (approximately RMB 16.49 million) was bought by the Chinese.

According to the Australian New Express website reported on February 16, due to the tightening of China’s financial policies, many Chinese rich people will turn their attention to the Australian property market. The wealthy Chinese hope to get huge returns by investing in the property market in Australia. The Australian property market is currently second only to the United States.

According to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), in 2012, mainland Chinese buyers spurred more than A$4 billion (about RMB 22 billion) in the Australian property market. Andrew &middot, president of Juwai.com, the website of China’s overseas property market trading platform; Mr. Andrew Taylor said that Chinese buyers are increasingly interested in the Australian property market.

& ldquo; According to the company’s data, the current interest of Chinese buyers in the Australian property market has increased by nearly 370% over the same period last year, an astonishing increase. The main reason they favor the Australian property market is the comfortable lifestyle and investment prospects here. High-quality education and health care systems are also factors they consider. Most popular with them are single-family homes and apartments with prices ranging from $550,000 to $750,000 (about RMB 3.02 million to $4.12 million). & rdquo; Taylor said.

It’s often those who are heading to the Australian media that are millions of Australian dollar villas. Of the properties in Mosman, Sydney’s harbour district, worth more than 3 million Australian dollars (about 16.49 million yuan), 30 to 40% were bought by the Chinese. John &middot, a part-time associate professor at the University of Sydney, said that many wealthy individuals are willing to transfer their assets by investing in the Australian property market.

The favor of China’s huge wealthy for the Australian property market is not a bad thing for Australia, but not good for China. However, Taylor pointed out that the biggest buyer of the Australian property market is still American.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

News: To agree to the separation of family members to avoid the Korean-American military exercise time

China News Service, February 13th According to the Yonhap News Agency reported on the 13th, North Korea said it agreed to meet with the families of the DPRK and the ROK, but said that it could not be carried out during the Korean-US military exercise.

South Korea said on the 13th that it will dispatch a discrete family member this week to prepare for the advance team to go to the DPRK.

Earlier, the two sides held a Red Cross working conference at the Panmunjom in the Korean-Korean border on the 5th, and reached an agreement on the reunion of separated families in Mount Kumgang, North Korea on the 20th to 25th of this month.

Thus, after the reunion of separated family members in October 2010, the Korean and Korean reunion activities will be held again in three years and four months. According to the agreement reached between the two sides, and the past practice, the separated families of the ROK will go to the DPRK in two batches, and each round will last for three days.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

The US government has identified a terrorist who is considering killing him with a drone.

China News Service, February 12th According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, the US government is debating whether to kill a US citizen overseas. The US authorities determined that the American was a member of the “Al Qaeda” organization, and he was involved in plotting a plot to attack the United States.

CNN quoted an anonymous US official as saying that the Obama administration is considering launching a drone to attack the American, who is currently refusing to let the US in its land. A country engaged in military activities.

The US official refused to disclose the identity of the member of the “base” organization and his location, and the US authorities feared that disclosure would make the person hide deeper. US intelligence agencies and the Pentagon declined to comment on these reports.

According to Obama’s new guidelines issued last year, the premise of a fatal blow to overseas American citizens is that he must be determined to pose a continuing and imminent threat to American citizens, and it is impossible to capture this horror. Suspect.

According to reports, two US officials said that this person was directly responsible for the attack on some Americans, and he also continued to plan a new bomb for a new attack. The US Department of Justice is still establishing the legality to deal with this American. Now, if the US military wants to attack an American, it must first win the approval of the US Department of Justice.

At the US House Intelligence Committee hearing, this new code of conduct was criticized by Rogers, chairman of the committee, who accused the government of its decision to undermine counter-terrorism efforts. He said: “Because of the red tape imposed by them, the terrorists who attacked or conspiring to attack the Americans should have been wiped out by the US military on the battlefield, but they are still at large. ”

In September 2011, the US military dispatched a drone to kill an American militant in Yemen. Obama was criticized after the incident and he subsequently approved new guidelines. Previously, US officials admitted that another three Americans were killed in the anti-terrorist attack. However, these people are not the targets of those anti-terrorist actions.

Human rights organizations have pointed out that drone attacks are still in secret and lack clear legal restrictions. “Most members of the public and Congress have jurisdiction over where the United States has the right to attack, and the rules of law and the status of those who have been executed are unclear. ”

US officials defended the action, saying the project had strict rules, and drone attacks have weakened the core leadership of the organization and reduced the threat to US attacks.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

Heavy snowfall in places like Kanto, Japan

China News Service, February 15th According to the Kyodo News Agency, due to the rapid increase in low pressure, the snow in Japan’s Kanto region and the northeast region increased from late to night on the 14th, and the snowfall exceeded last week. 27 cm of snow was observed in Otemachi, the center of Tokyo, and was the same as the fourth highest post-war value on the 8th. Kofu City and Maebashi City and other places in the Kanto area have set a record high in the history of observation.

Accidents affected by snowfall have also occurred one after another. A traffic accident involving a collision of five vehicles occurred in the early morning of the Dongming Expressway in Shizuoka City, causing one death. The main highways in the metropolitan area, including the Tomei Expressway, have been closed in various places in the morning.

From the morning of the 15th, the flight from Haneda Airport was mainly used, and flights were cancelled. Some new trunk lines have been shut down, and railway traffic has continued to be chaotic.

The thickness of the snow has been updated to a record high of 114 centimeters in Kofu, 73 centimeters in Maebashi, 81 cents in Iida, Nagano, 62 centimeters in Kumagaya, Saitama, and Miyagi. 42 cm in Baishi City, 32 cm in Utsunomiya City, etc. The previous record of Kofu City was 49 centimeters set in January 1998, more than doubled this time.

It is estimated that the maximum snowfall in the morning of the 16th is 70 cm in the northeast and 60 cm in the Kanto area.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

Kim Jong-un and the armed representatives of the armed forces, encouraging their self-defense

Data Map: According to the report of the Korean Central News Agency on January 12, Kim Jong-un, the top leader of the DPRK, inspected the logistics of the 534th Army Command of the Korean People’s Army.

China News Service, February 15th According to the report of the Korean Central News Agency on the 15th, North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong-un took a group photo with the participants of the active members of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Guards.

When Kim Jong-un stepped into the studio, all the participants expressed a warm welcome. Kim Jong-un waved to them.

Kim Jong-un encouraged them to take a gun in one hand and a sickle and hammer in one hand, and to forget the struggle in the sacred struggle to defend the motherland and the economic power.

Kim Jong-un said that the activist meeting of the North Korean workers, peasants and the Red Army commanders was an important opportunity to carry forward the ideas of civil armed construction of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and further strengthen the armed defense forces. Congratulations to the participants. Conduct the conference and take a group photo with them.

Kim Jong-un expressed his expectation and belief that all participants will implement the training of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong-il, and the armed forces of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the national fortress policy, and strengthen the Red Army of Workers and Peasants. A new revolutionary transformation has been set in the fighting power.

The alternate member of the Political Bureau of the Workers’ Party of the Korean Workers’ Party, the Minister of the People’s Security Department, Cui Fuyi, the General of the Interior Army, and the Party Central Committee Minister Wu Rijing attended the event.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

The law will send 400 additional military personnel to the Central African Republic to stabilize the situation on the ground.

The newspaper Paris, February 15 (Reporter Wang Fang) France decided to send 400 soldiers to the Central African Republic on the 14th, so that the total number of French troops stationed in the region increased to 2,000. French Defense Minister Lederion said on the 15th that France’s military action in Central Africa “will be longer than expected”.

The French presidential palace issued a communique on the 14th that French President Hollande hosted a small-scale defense committee meeting on the same day and decided to send troops to Central Africa at the request of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Stabilize the situation on the ground.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

Germany and France to guard against US surveillance to establish a European national communication network

People’s Daily News on February 16th According to Reuters and German media reports, German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed on the 15th to establish a communication network in Europe to improve the security of national data, so as to avoid e-mail and other Data is automatically transmitted via the United States.

The report said that Merkel said in a weekly podcast that she would make this proposal when she met with French President Hollande next Wednesday (February 19). Reuters quoted a French official as saying that the French government intends to accept the German proposal.

Merkel criticized that Google and Facebook are headquartered in the United States, but their business is spread across Europe and around the world. “We will discuss the provision of security to our citizens through European suppliers so that people do not need to send emails and other information through the United States. ”“We should establish a communication network in Europe. & rdquo;

Previously, the US National Security Agency was exposed to large-scale intelligence gathering of European allies, causing high international concern in Europe. Former US intelligence officer Snowden broke the news that even the leader of the US allied forces such as Merkel, his cell phone communication was intercepted by American spies.

The US National Security Agency’s confidential documents show that US and British intelligence agencies collect large amounts of personal data from the Internet. Germany later tried to reach an agreement with the United States to “do not engage in intelligence work”, but did not succeed.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

Indonesia is increasingly becoming a favorite tourist destination for Chinese tourists.

Zhongguo Xinsha News Agency, Jakarta, February 13 (Reporter Gu Shihong) Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Liu Jianchao attended the gala dinner held by Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Feng Huilan, saying that in recent years, beautiful Indonesia has become more and more Become a tourist destination that Chinese tourists like.

Ambassador Liu said that the number of tourists coming to Indonesia from mainland China reached 750,000 last year, a growth rate of 25% compared with the previous year. At the same time, the number of Indonesian tourists to China has also increased rapidly. The above achievements are mainly due to three reasons:

First, the relations between the two countries have achieved sound development, and the mutual understanding of the people has continued to deepen. Second, the tourism departments of the two countries have cooperated closely, and the Ministry of Tourism has Introducing Indonesia to Chinese tourists and optimizing the travel experience, and made active efforts and fruitful results. Third, Chinese traditional media and new media have increased their coverage of the reality in Indonesia, making Chinese people more aware of Indonesia’s development and changes.

Ambassador Liu believes that tourism cooperation will help enhance the friendship and business between the two peoples. In the future, the two sides will continue to cooperate to push new tourism products to the market, further improve service levels and optimize tourism convenience. I believe that the two sides will be able to achieve the goal of 2 million people visiting each other in 2015.

Feng Huilan spoke highly of Ambassador Liu’s unremitting efforts to promote tourism cooperation between the two sides, especially Indonesia, which promotes the objective and accurate reporting of reality in the Chinese media, and provides tourism promotion for the Chinese market for the Indonesian Tourism Ministry. Suggestions and support.

Minister Feng also said that the Ministry of Tourism has cooperated well with the China National Tourism Administration in the past two years and has received active assistance from the Bureau. In particular, last year the two sides signed the “China & mdash; Memorandum of Understanding on Indonesian Tourism Cooperation” to lay a new foundation for further promoting tourism cooperation between the two countries.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu