US Deputy Secretary of State leads a delegation to visit Nigeria for preparation for general election

People’s Daily Abuja, February 17 (Reporter Li Liang) On the 16th, the US Embassy in Nigeria issued a statement here, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda · Thomas · Greenfield recently led a delegation Visiting Nepal to participate in the meeting of the US-Municipal Bilateral Committee to be held in Abuja, the capital of Nepal, from 17th to 18th of this month.

The statement stated that the main topic of the meeting was to discuss the integrity of civil society organizations and establish benchmarks for making elections transparent and inclusive before and during the 2015 election. The issue of corruption is a potential obstacle to the governance and economic development of Nepal. This meeting will discuss how to improve the anti-corruption capacity of the Nigerian government.

The US-British Bilateral Committee was established in Washington in April 2010 to strengthen the partnership between the two countries through dialogue and consultation. The committee has transparent governance and integrity, energy and investment, agriculture and food safety. Five working groups, including the Niger Delta and regional security.

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“Washington Post” editorial said that Japan’s falsification of historical speech is ridiculous

Original title: “Washington Post” published editorial urged Abe to face history

Newspaper Washington, February 13th (Reporter Wen Xian) US “Washington Post” On the 12th, an editorial entitled “Japan’s denialism” was published. The editorial asked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to face up to historical facts and condemn those who falsified history.

In response to the so-called “comfort women” in the wartime multi-national war, the new president of the Japan Broadcasting Association, the editorial pointed out that, in fact, “comfort women” is unique to Japan. Many women lost their lives by euphemisms that forced tens of thousands of women into sexual slavery. The Japanese Broadcasting Association’s management committee, Hiroshi Hiroshi, denied the occurrence of the Nanjing Massacre, saying that the United States had concealed its own war crimes through the trial “the so-called war criminals” after the defeat in Japan in 1945. The spokesperson of the US Embassy in Japan condemned the above two people’s remarks “absurdly ridiculous”.

The editorial questioned, why did the Japanese government not explicitly condemn these statements? Abe’s responsibility in this matter is particularly important, because it is Abe’s own hand to pull the two. A spokesperson for the Japanese government excused Kazuo Sakai, saying that his speech was a personal act, but in fact, Sakai is not only making the above statement in an official capacity, but also claims that the Japan Broadcasting Association is going to rely on the government, “the government says & lsquo; right & rsquo; We can’t say ‘left’”.

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Japan’s economic growth in the fourth quarter of last year was only 1%. Abenomics was questioned.

China News Service, Beijing, February 17th, Tokyo: The Japanese Cabinet Office announced on the 17th that the actual gross domestic product (GDP) in the fourth quarter of last year increased by 0.3%, the annualized increase, after deducting price changes. It is 1%. The 1% increase is much lower than the previous market expectation of 2.8%, which is the lowest growth rate since Shinzo Abe became prime minister.

The BBC said that the 1% annualized growth highlights the weak economic recovery in Japan. The media also raised the question: “Abenomics” does not work?

The media quoted Japanese economist Kubo Taejee as saying, “This weak performance reflects the limitations of "Abenomics". Without the actual changes, the stimulus of monetary and fiscal policy alone is difficult to sustain growth.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Japan’s economic growth rate was 1.1% in the third quarter of last year, and it continued to decline in the fourth quarter, and its growth rate was not only the same as the report on the effect of Japan’s growth at the end of the year. It is lower than the 1.1% in the Eurozone and far less than the 3.2% increase in the US. This disappointed the Japanese government’s ambitious economic growth strategy and increased doubts about Abe’s economic policies.

The article said that the main reason for the slowdown in growth is the weak demand for Japanese goods in overseas markets. In addition, domestic consumer and corporate spending in Japan is also lower than previously expected.

Some media pointed out that after the consumption tax was raised from 5% to 8% in April this year, Japan’s domestic demand-driven economic recovery will be even less optimistic. A telephone survey conducted by Japan’s Kyodo News showed that 65% of Japanese people indicated that they would cut spending once the new consumption tax rate came into effect.

Since he took office, Abe has pushed his own “Abenomics” concept, which can be summarized as a loose monetary policy, a flexible fiscal policy, and a strong economic growth strategy. He also vowed to say that “Abenomics” would drill the shell of vested interests like a drill bit and remove the obstacles to Japan’s economic growth. However, the effect of “Abenomics” has been questioned by the outside world.

Nan Wuzhi, chief economist at the Agricultural and Forestry Research Institute, pointed out that despite the weakening of the yen, Japanese manufacturers have not reversed the export trend.

JP Morgan senior economist Adachi Masahiro said that the worry is consumption, although the demand for pre-emptive consumption has begun to pick up before the consumption tax hike, but consumption has not increased too much.

CNN even more bluntly stated that although Abe has made many attempts in the economic field, from the results, these measures have not achieved much results. (End)

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Japanese candidates give each other koala feces before the popular college entrance examination

Japanese candidates are popular with each other before the college entrance examination. The koala feces means toughness (figure)

Koala (data map)

International Online Special: According to United States United Press, February 11 It is reported that the koala can hang on the tree for a long time and will not fall even if it sleeps. Many Japanese candidates believe that koala feces can convey this kind of tenacity, which has become the best gift before the exam.

Before the entrance exam for Japanese universities, many students sent koala stools to each other as a pre-examination gift. This weird gift is so popular that in less than 10 minutes, the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya distributes small bags of koala stools and handwritten notes.

This is not the only superstitious behavior surrounding college entrance exams. In South Korea, eating slippery food or cracked eggs before the exam is considered to bring bad luck.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

Kim Jong-un was promoted to the rank of general of the Korean People’s Army

金正恩 is promoted to the rank of general of the Korean People's Army

Data Map: Kim Jong-un, the highest commander of the DPRK and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army.

China News Service, February 16th According to the report of the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, issued an order on the 15th to promote the rank of commander of the Korean People’s Army.

According to the order, Jinle was awarded the rank of general; Yin Dongxian, Park Yinglai, Qi Zhe, Jiang Liyuan, Cui Xinxu, Li Jinheng, Park Chunfeng, and Lin Guangxiong were awarded the rank of lieutenant general; Guangrui, Gao Yunfeng, Jin Zhehao, Cui Douyong, Zheng Daoyi, Zhang Bingxian, Park Ri, Zhu Chengnan, Li Yingjian, Li Wanzhi, Jin Guangri, Jin Dejun, Ji Longhao, Han Guangzhe, Jin Zhengfeng, Yan Enzhe, Jin Shunji, Zhu Hangjian, Jin Cairun, Jin Zheyi, Li Xiu Ri, Zheng Yishan, Park Chengzan, Jin Shifu, Li Haoyong, Jin Dongzhe, Jin Yijun, and Huang Santian were awarded the rank of Major General.

Kim Jong-un expressed his belief in the order that the members of the People’s Army, as the descendants of Kim Il Sung, the soldiers and students of Kim Jong Il, will remember the trust and expectations of the party and the people, and win the “subject”. Revolutionary rd; the final victory in the struggle to do their duty and duty.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

A riot in an immigration detention facility in Australia caused a death of 77 people

China News Service, February 18, according to foreign media news, Australian immigration officials said on the 18th that the Australian immigration detention center in Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, has been rioting for two consecutive nights, causing one death and 77 Injured.

It is reported that 35 asylum seekers attempted to break out of the detention centre on the evening of 16th local time, and several others were injured. The riots that occurred on the evening of the 17th caused 77 people to be injured. One of them had a severe skull fracture, one was shot in the buttocks and one died.

Immigration official Morrison said that causing casualties was an unfortunate incident. He said that it is dangerous to try to break out of the detention center by launching riots to express dissatisfaction.

Morrison said that despite the riots in the detention center, the immigration center was not damaged. He said that only a few of the walls inside and outside the barracks were destroyed.

In addition, Morrison said that the current staff has controlled the situation, the core infrastructure and accommodation in the detention center have not been destroyed, and the center is still functioning.

Manus Island is reported to be one of Australia’s camps for handling illegal immigrants offshore. Australia has a strict illegal immigration detention policy, and any human trafficking and asylum-seekers will be transferred to Manus or Nauru after being intercepted by the sea and permanently placed outside Australia.

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Cuba suspends consular services in the United States

The Cuban Resident Representative Office in the United States announced on the 14th that it had suspended its consular services in the United States in view of the inability to find a US bank to establish a diplomatic account for it. This is the second time in three months that the Cuban side has announced the suspension of consular services in the United States for the same reason.

Banks are not found for business

US M&T Bank decided last year to terminate its business relationship with Cuba, but agreed to continue its banking business until 20143 On the 1st of the month, accept the deposit until February 17.

The Cuban Interests Office said in a statement on the same day that despite the repeated mediation of the US State Department and some banking institutions, there is no bank in the United States that may serve the representative office. From then on, the representative office will be forced to suspend all consular services except for humanitarian missions until regaining bank services.

The representative office is concerned about this situation

The impact that may be brought to Cuba and the American people“ deeply regrettable, "古美; Family visits, academic, cultural, educational, scientific, sports, and other communication will be affected.

M&T is headquartered in Buffalo, New York. In recent years, all other diplomatic accounts have been cancelled, and the Cuban Office of Interests is the only remaining one.

When the Cuban representative office in the United States announced the suspension of consular services on November 26 last year, M&T Bank had notified the representative office in July of that year that the bank would no longer provide banking services to foreign missions.

Accused the US embargo as the main cause of the incident

The Cuban Interests Office accused the United States of imposing a 50-year embargo on Cuba, restricting financial relations with Cuba The transaction resulted in no other banks willing to operate Cuban accounts in the United States.

During the last suspension of consular services, the Cuban side stated that according to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the United States should ensure that Cuban diplomatic missions and consular agencies in the United States Completely convenient”.

US officials responded that the United States has done some positive work but has no ability to force private banks to provide services.

US State Department spokesman Mary · Huff said that the United States has contacted more than 50 banks, “some may study whether to provide banking services to Cuba”.

& ldquo; We will continue to work with them when Cuba confirms that we are looking for a long-term solution. & rdquo; Huff said.

Spring Travelers have filed in advance

The United States and Cuba now maintain limited diplomatic relations. Since 1997, the two countries have opened their respective national representative offices through the Swiss Embassy. The interest representative office allows Cubans and Americans to apply for travel documents such as visas and passports.

According to the M&T Bank’s business deadline and the consular service arrangement of the Cuban Resident Representative Office in the United States, some travel operators originally decided to use February 17 as the deadline, but the day coincides with the US public holiday “Washington” Anniversary, the bank is not working, they have to advise travelers who intend to travel to Cuba to go through the documents in advance.

Cuban charter service provider

Ban Armando · Garcia said that most travelers who plan to travel to Cuba in the spring have already processed the travel documents in advance. “If you haven’t updated your travel documents within two or three weeks from now, you can’t do anything, unless the Cuban interest representative can solve the banking problem”.

Some travel agencies in Miami, USA, said that they have been advised by the franchise consular agent to submit visas, passports and other documents to Cuban travelers by the 10th of this month.

Pedro &middot, manager of a travel document agency, said that from January to February this year, he received twice as many applications as he did in previous years.

US 550,000 travelers originally planned to go to ancient times

The Havana Consulting Group, based in Miami, estimates that about 557,000 American travelers plan to work in 2014. Traveling to Cuba, most of them are Cuban-Americans, and there are also a small number of Americans who participate in the exchange of American and ancient cultures.

Analyst Emilio · Morales told the Associated Press on the 14th that he expects about 40,000 American travelers to travel to Cuba in March and April, with an average of 3100 per person. The dollar adds up to $124 million a month.

Cubans living in the United States can still travel to Cuba if they have a valid Cuban passport, but those who need to apply for a visa or update their passport will be affected by the suspension of consular services.

From November to March of each year, it is the peak period for Americans to participate in cultural exchange programs in ancient times. Summer is the time when more Cuban Americans choose to go home to visit relatives.

According to Xinhua News Agency

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The National Archives of the United Kingdom was temporarily closed due to a fire to deal with the aftermath

Xinhuanet London, February 15 (Reporter Zhang Jianhua Xia Xiao) A fire broke out near the British National Archives, which contains a large number of official British historical documents. The archives then announced that they would temporarily stop opening to the public to further deal with the aftermath. jobs.

The National Archives of the United Kingdom confirmed that the fire did not cause any casualties and did not affect the historical documents contained in the museum. However, it was announced that it would be temporarily closed from the afternoon of the 15th and will be reopened to the public on the 18th.

The London Fire Department said that the fire department received a fire report around 12:30 local time, and then dispatched 21 firefighters to extinguish the fire and control the fire in about an hour. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The fire caused severe damage to the two water towers.

The live photo shows that after the fire broke out, there was a lot of smoke coming out of the National Archives in the UK.

The National Archives of the United Kingdom is the official archive of the British government. It currently houses more than 11 million government documents and historical documents, some of which have been in existence for more than 1,000 years.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

Wang Yang: China will create an open and transparent environment for foreign investment

Original title: Wang Yang: China will create an open and transparent environment for foreign investment

International Online News (Reporter): Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang met with Samsung Electronics Group in Beijing on the afternoon of the 13th. Vice President Li Zaijun and his party and Chairman and President and CEO of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Luo Ruilan and his party.

When meeting with Li Zaiyu, Wang Yang said that China and South Korea are important partners in the economic and trade field and hope that Samsung Group will exert its influence and develop for China-ROK relations while further developing its business in China. make a contribution.

When meeting with Luo Ruilan, Wang Yang said that China will adhere to reform and opening up and strive to create an open, transparent and equal competition environment for foreign investment. It is hoped that IBM will establish a more in-depth and long-term strategic cooperation relationship with China.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu

Prince Harry’s hunting photo exposure The royal family’s protection of animals is questioned

The prince of Harry’s hunting photo exposes the royal family to protect the animal sincerely questioned

The media released the photo of Prince Harry hunting buffalo

China News, February 17th, British Prince Charles, last week with son William The prince called for a cessation of hunting and killing endangered animals. After a week, the British media exposed a picture of Prince Harry hunting buffaloes. Prior to this, Prince William was approved for hunting in Spain after filming the protected wildlife propaganda. “The words and deeds are different”. The media’s exposure of Prince Harry’s hunting photos has led to doubts about the “royalism” of the British royal family’s protection of wildlife.

The report said that the photo published by the media was taken in November 2004, when Prince Harry was in college for a school year and worked in a farm in Argentina. In the photo, Prince Harry holds a shotgun and takes a picture next to the body of a buffalo that was hunted.

A spokesman for the Kensington Palace in the United Kingdom declined to comment on the news released by the media. But a royal aide’s aide said that if the photo published by the media affected the efforts of Prince Charles and the princes in opposing wildlife trade, then this would be “great shame”.

Previously, Prince William and Prince Charles had recorded a promotional video to protect the endangered animals. In the promo, the two appealed to the world “If no immediate action is taken, animals such as wild elephants and tigers may disappear. ” But some media revealed that Prince William, after filming the promo, went to Spain to hunt with his brother Harry.

This incident was kicked out by the media and sparked the attention of the British public. Many people accused Prince William of “different words and deeds”.

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