China: Maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula is the common responsibility of all parties

Xinhuanet Beijing, February 11th Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on the 11th that maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia is in the common interest of all parties concerned and is also the shared responsibility of all parties.

A reporter asked, according to reports, the Korea-US Joint Command said on the 10th that the Korean-American “key decision” and “鹞鹰” military exercise will be held from February to April. Notify the DPRK. What is China’s comment?

Hua Chunying said that I have noticed the relevant reports and also noted the recent reaction of the parties concerned. It is hoped that all parties will do more to promote the relaxation of the situation on the peninsula, maintain peace and stability in the region, and avoid actions that may lead to escalation of the situation.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

Liu Xiaoming, Ambassador to the UK: Abe deceives himself and should go to Lugouqiao to plead guilty

Moderator: There are still many people in the UK who, like Mr. Sike, are treated with the Chinese people on the issue of Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine denying the history of aggression. However, some British people have raised questions about why China and South Korea cannot adopt a so-called forgiveness attitude toward history. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming also gave his answer.

Commentary: Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said that the Chinese nation is a broad-minded nation. We have suffered huge casualties under the Japanese military’s aggression, but the Chinese and Chinese people considered the Japanese people during the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Japan. It is also a victim. For the long-term friendship between China and Japan, the Chinese government decided to abandon the war reparations. Moreover, the leaders of the two countries announced that China and Japan will never fight again. This reflects the Chinese people’s forgiveness to Japan. However, the right-wing forces represented by Abe not only have no reflection on history, but instead beautify the aggression and make people unforgivable.

Liu Xiaoming (Chinese Ambassador to the UK): Japan always has forces. Now it is concentrated in the right-wing forces represented by Abe. They have no reflection on history, and they have to drive backwards to beautify the aggression. For the aggression to turn over the case, visit the Yasukuni Shrine. In the absence of any confession and apology by the Japanese leaders, but also the revision of the peace constitution, how can we seek the forgiveness of the Chinese people and the Korean people? Therefore, I think the first thing to ask the Japanese leader, what are you going to do?

Commentary: Liu Xiaoming also criticized the Japanese ambassador to the United Kingdom for arguing against Japan’s misleading practices of the British people, pointing out that Japan should learn from Germany, seriously reflect and repent, and only then can it win the trust of the world.

Liu Xiaoming: Why do Britain and France forgive Germany? That is because Germany sincerely regrets that the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany was shocked, and the current Prime Minister to the Nazi concentration camp (memorial hall) expressed regret and deep shame, and not long ago, German President Gao Ke wrote to Russian President Putin. Apologize for the Nazi crimes in World War II. If Japanese leaders truly repent and reform like the German leaders, instead of whitewashing aggression, but severing relations with past aggression history and opening a new page, then I think Japan will win the Asian people, just like Germany. The respect and trust of the Chinese people and the international community have returned to the international community.

Commentary: Liu Xiaoming also pointed out that people from all walks of life in the UK still understand China’s position. Many people wrote letters to him and expressed support. Many media in the UK also commented and expressed concern about Abe’s right-handedness. The British ambassador to Japan also delivered a speech, pointing out that to correct the mistakes of the past, we must first understand the mistakes, but Abe seems to have no remorse. He continued to defend the homage at the annual meeting in Davos, saying that the external misunderstanding is very large. Liu Xiaoming pointed out that Abe’s statement is self-deception.

Liu Xiaoming: I think that if he (Abe) really prays for peace and never declares war, I think he should learn from his predecessor, Murayama Tomi, and go to the Lugouqiao Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japan Memorial Hall to swear and swear. Never fight again, or go to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall to confess in good faith, apologize to the Chinese people, apologize to the Korean people, and vow that Japan will no longer take the path of militarism. Japan must always adhere to the path of peaceful development. I think only in this way can he win the trust of the Chinese people, win the trust of the Asian people, and win the trust of the international community.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

US Secretary of State Kerry will visit China from 14th to 15th

Beijing, February 10 (Reporter Wang Di) Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying announced at a regular press conference on the 10th that at the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, US Secretary of State John · Kerry will be 14 Visiting China on the 15th. The two sides will exchange views on China-US relations and other issues of common concern.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

The situation in the northeastern part of the refugee camp is extremely bad. UN officials: refugee children urgently need help

After visiting the Alhor refugee camp in northeastern Syria, UNICEF Representative in Syria, Fran & Sdot; Ekisa said on the 17th that children living in the camp are facing extremely poor living conditions and Security status. He once again appealed to the international community to take action to help these children.

United Nations UNICEF Representative in Syria Fran & Sdot; Ekisa: The current situation in the refugee camp is very tense and not a place to be accommodated. These children grow up in a conflict environment, and the way to solve problems here is violence. We need these children to know that there are other living environments and ways, we need to do a lot because there are too many children here.

Alhor refugees The camp is located in Hasakak province in northeastern Syria. About 90% of the approximately 70,000 refugees are women and children. Among them, 20,000 children are from Syria and the rest are from different countries. Ekisa said that at present, the environment in the refugee camps is deteriorating, and the security personnel of the United Nations cannot enter the refugee camps even because of security problems. In addition to basic food and medical assistance, many children are in urgent need of education. Currently, relevant UN agencies provide educational programs for 3,000 children in the camp.

A capsize ship of more than 100 people in India has caused 16 deaths

China News Service, New Delhi, February 10 – A vessel carrying more than 100 passengers was overturned in Odisha, eastern India on the 9th. As of the morning of the 10th, at least 16 people were killed and more than 10 were missing. .

The local police pointed out that the incident occurred in a reservoir in Odishabang. At that time, there were more than 100 people on board, which greatly exceeded the number of nuclear carriers of 70 people. The engine was turned off before the ship was overturned, the water began to enter the cabin, the passengers panicked, and the ship lacked basic escape equipment.

The Indian media quoted witnesses as saying that the incident occurred at 16:30 on the 9th, when many passengers began to jump, causing the ship to lose balance and then to overturn.

The local government sent police, firefighters and divers to the scene to rescue, and rescued more than 80 passengers on the same day and found more than 10 bodies. On the morning of the 10th, rescuers recovered four bodies, the death toll rose to 16 and more than 10 people, including women and children, were missing.

In recent years, there have been many shipwrecks in India, resulting in a large number of casualties. The causes of the accidents are mostly overload, mechanical failure, and lack of safety equipment.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

Thames breaks through some towns in London, flooding officials

Data Map: On February 7, local time, the UK was hit by a flood. British weather forecasters warned that the storm belt is expected to hit the Atlantic Ocean, adding to the turbulent winter weather, which has caused some parts of the UK to be the wettest month in a century., February 11th, according to the report, the Thames River in the United Kingdom has broken down after years of high water levels, causing flooding of riverside towns in the upper reaches of London, and government officials Then big hits & ldquo; saliva 仗 rd ; , , , , , , , , , 。

It is reported that local residents and soldiers piled sandbags together to try to protect the property, but the river broke through the fortifications and still caused some areas to flood.

The British nightmare continues, and the British Environmental Protection Agency issued a new wave of 14 new serious flood warnings. The Thames River flowing through London and Oxford continued to flow due to floods, and the water level reached a new high. May bring new disasters.

It is reported that the southwestern part of England has become a water country because of strong storms for several weeks. Tens of thousands of residents have no electricity available, railway tracks are broken, and water accumulation cannot be ruled out. Residents are forced to evacuate to other areas.

And the most serious flood in Britain in the past few decades has also caused a high level of public grievances. The British government has so far failed to do so. Officials have begun to explode and blame each other. The flood crisis has become the hot potato of Prime Minister Cameron. British political leaders, including Cameron, have traveled to the disaster area.

Thames River is 12 miles from Oxfordshire in the west of London to central London, then from East London to the sea, along with two flood warnings issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Thames water level will rise at least Lasts 24 hours. According to measurements made at the main estuary, the current Thames water level has exceeded the water level at the 2003 flood.

Community and local government minister Eric Pickles criticized the EPA for knowing more about water than any politician, but provided poor advice on the flood plan. Lord Smith, the chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency, retorted that the work of the Environmental Protection Agency was limited by the government’s norms and that his subordinates were incompetent.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said on the 10th after visiting the disaster area Somerset that the government should promote the construction of the dredging road in the past few years and called on the relevant units to focus on disaster relief. Criticize each other.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Barroso warns Scotland: If you want to join the EU after independence, it is “extremely difficult”

People’s Daily on February 17 According to the BBC, European Commission President Barroso said in an interview with the BBC on the 16th that Britain and Scotland must decide whether Scotland is independent. He also said that it is not impossible for Scotland to become an EU after independence. It will be “extremely difficult”.

European Commission President Barroso said that if a new country emerged after independence, the country must apply and must obtain the consent of all member states before joining the EU. However, Barroso made it clear that the future of Scotland is decided by the Scots and he does not want to interfere.

Scottish Finance Minister Sweeney described Barroso’s point of view, “ridiculous”. He said that Scotland has been a member of the European Union for the past 40 years. In an interview with the BBC, Sweeney said that there is no indication that any EU member state will oppose Scotland’s participation, which also includes Spain – the separation power of Catalonia has been fighting for independence.

Supporting the independent “Scottish National Party” said that if the Scottish referendum decides to be independent, Barroso’s attitude will change. The Scottish government said in the “Independent White Paper” released last November that Scotland will apply to join the EU in accordance with Article 48 of the EU Convention, and the referendum is expected to reach its target within 18 months. Scotland will hold a referendum on September 18 this year, deciding whether Scotland should become an independent country. ”

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Wang Yi Meets with Kerry: China will never allow the Korean Peninsula to be in trouble.

Xinhuanet Beijing, February 14 (Reporter Yang Yijun, Cui Wenyi) Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with US Secretary of State Kerry on the 14th and exchanged views on the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Wang Yi elaborated on China’s position.

Wang Yi emphasized that China is a close neighbor of the Korean Peninsula and has major interests and concerns on the Korean Peninsula. China’s position is consistent and clear. It is to promote the denuclearization of the peninsula, maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, and adhere to peaceful settlement of issues through dialogue and negotiations. We will never allow the peninsula to make a mess. The attitude of the Chinese side is serious and serious. We not only say this, but also do so. It is imperative to seize the opportunity to resume dialogue as soon as possible. It is hoped that all parties concerned will look at the overall situation, be cautious, show flexibility, do more things that are conducive to the easing of the situation, and take practical steps to create favorable conditions for resuming the Six-Party Talks. Reintegrate the DPRK nuclear issue into a sustainable, irreversible and effective dialogue-solving track. China is willing to work together with all parties concerned, including the US, to continue to play a constructive role in maintaining regional peace and stability.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

Russia will set up a joint strategic headquarters to safeguard the interests of the Arctic

People’s Daily Online, Moscow, February 17 According to the Russian News Agency, senior officials of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces revealed that Russia will merge the Northern Fleet with the Army Arctic Brigade to form a new Northern Fleet —— Joint Strategic Command . In addition, some Russian Air Forces, air defense units and command agencies will also be included in the department.

The news pointed out that the main purpose of forming a new department is to safeguard Russia’s interests in the Arctic, including the maintenance of Russian northern sea lanes, the protection of fishery resources, oil and gas resources in northern Russia and the security of northern Russia.

The new department will have the status of the Russian military region, although this is not reflected in the name. Therefore, Russia will still retain the four major military regions, but also includes the newly established Northern Fleet —— Joint Strategic Command. The new department is affiliated with the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian Ministry of Defence and will be under the command of the Russian Defense Command Center in the future. The highest commander of the Joint Strategy Command is the commander of the Northern Fleet Vladimir · General Korolev, who was directly commanded by the Russian Defense Minister.

He said that documents for the establishment of a new department are being prepared and will be formed by the end of 2014.

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng

Pakistani President Will Visit China to Promote China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project

Hussein accepts joint interviews with Chinese media in Pakistan

Original title: Pakistani President’s visit to China today is looking forward to accelerating cooperation in projects such as the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor

International Online Report (Reporter Wang Qi): At the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Pakistani President Mamnuun · Hussein will pay a state visit to China from February 18th to 21st. Before leaving, President Hussein said in an interview with the Chinese media in Pakistan that he expected the two countries to accelerate the cooperation of projects such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Hussein was the first foreign head of state to visit China after the Spring Festival, and his first official visit after he became president. Hussein said that China and Pakistan are all-weather friends, and the relations between the two countries are close, profound and enthusiastic. The strategic partnership between the two countries will continue to move forward in the coming decades. His main purpose of visiting China this time is three. First, it is necessary to sign a new economic cooperation agreement with the Chinese government. Second, it is urged to speed up the implementation of the economic cooperation agreement reached between the governments and enterprises of the two countries and check the completion of the project. The third is to cooperate with the Chinese government to jointly promote the health and accelerated development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Hussein said: “When I visit China, I will negotiate with the Chinese government to accelerate the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. Once completed, the corridor will not only benefit the region, but will also change the economic geography of the entire region and the world, and become a major event affecting the entire world in the 21st century. Regarding the joint anti-terrorism issue, Hussein said that the stability and prosperity of China’s Xinjiang is of great significance to Pakistan’s stability and prosperity. He said: “The two governments have signed relevant Agreement, we are committed to uniting against terrorism and extremism. For the stability of China’s Xinjiang, Pakistan is ready to provide any form of help. ”

As an important neighbor of Pakistan and China, the stability of Afghanistan is in the interest of both countries. Afghanistan will hold presidential elections in April, while the United States and its allies plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. What role Pakistan should play in the peace process in Afghanistan is compelling. Hussein said: “We have always maintained close ties with the Afghan government. We have always supported the Afghan government’s ruling philosophy. Our consistent position is to oppose external forces interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, which not only harms the country’s interests, but also damages other regions in the region. National interests. After Prime Minister Sharif took office, the focus of Pakistan’s foreign policy is good-neighborly friendship. Pakistan must not only be friendly to Afghanistan but also maintain friendly relations with all its neighbors. ”

At the end of the interview, Hussein also sent a blessing to the Chinese people. “On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, on behalf of the Pakistani people, I would like to extend my greetings to the Chinese people and the Chinese government. I am very glad that I can become the first foreign head of state to visit China after the Chinese New Year. ”

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang