Two foreigners died in a car bomb attack in the Afghan capital

Xinhuanet Kabul, February 10 (Reporter Zhao Yishen) The NATO military united in Afghanistan issued a statement on the 10th that two foreign contractors were killed in a suicide attack in the eastern Afghan capital of Kabul that afternoon.

The statement said that the suicide car bomb attack occurred at 2:30 pm on the same day. A militant launched a suicide attack against a NATO team, causing two foreign contractors to die on the spot. Shops and homes were damaged to varying degrees.

Subsequently, the Afghan Islamic Party announced the making of the bombing.

With the 2014 Afghan presidential election and the withdrawal of NATO at the end of the year, the security situation in the Afghan capital and other provinces in the country is deteriorating. (End)

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The blizzards in the meeting area of ​​the Han Dynasty’s separated family members were blocked.

The Mount Kumgang area covered by heavy snow (Yonhap).

China News Service February 11th According to the Yonhap News Agency, South Korea’s Unification Ministry official said on the 11th that as of the 10th, the snowfall in the Kumgang area of ​​North Korea reached 2 meters. On the 10th, the Korean Ministry of Communications and the Korean Road Corporation An emergency meeting was held in Hyundai Hatoyama, and it was decided to send an inspection team to visit the DPRK. The inspection team, including five government officials, departed to Mount Kumgang in the early hours of the 11th.

On the same day, 25 people including the chief representative of the reunion activities of the Korean family and the emergency inspection team led by the Red Cross Executive Li Dexing visited the Mount Kumgang. The Korean side has helped the DPRK to carry out snow removal work since the 7th. So far, 9 snow removal vehicles have been dispatched. Officials from the South Korean Unification Ministry said that the snowfall in the Jingangshan area will continue, and all departments will make every effort to ensure the successful reunion of separated families.

For the question “Whether the reunion event will be delayed due to Blizzard”, the official replied “Unable to assert”, but the Korean government is now working hard to remove snow. On the question of whether the scattered family members of the DPRK can arrive at Mount Kumgang in time, he said that the DPRK has not sent any notice. It is reported that North Korea has no other snow removal equipment, and only relies on shovel and other snow removal work.

On the 5th, the two sides held a Red Cross working conference at the Panmunjom in the Korean-North Korean border, and reached an agreement on the reunion of separated families in Mount Kumgang, North Korea on the 20th to 25th of this month. Therefore, after the reunion of separated families in October 2010, the Korean and Korean reunion activities will be held again in three years and four months. According to the agreement reached between the two sides, and the past practice, the separated families of the ROK will go to the DPRK in two batches, and each round will last for three days.

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US military crime report in Japan exposed 2/3 offenders were not sent to prison

International Online Specials: According to the Russian RT TV station reported on February 9, according to the Free Information Act, the US military crime report in Japan has recently been exposed. According to the report, 2/3 of the US military soldiers were not sent to prison. On the contrary, they were only punished by downgrades, fines and even a letter of reprimand.

The Associated Press received more than 1,000 records of reports from US soldiers stationed in Japanese crimes, which showed that the handling of these soldiers was almost confusing. The 2005-2013 sex crime report showed that less than one-third of sex offenders were punished with imprisonment. In 30 of the cases, the perpetrators received only one letter of reprimand.

Sex offenders are punished differently depending on the type of service. The Marine Corps sent a total of 53 of the 270 sex offenders to jail, while only 15 of the 203 sex offenders in the Navy were jailed, and about 70 naval soldiers were interrogated or otherwise punished by military courts. Twenty-one of the 124 sex crimes of the Air Force were imprisoned.

The Associated Press also found that as the case investigation continued, more and more plaintiffs decided to withdraw the case. The Associated Press said that the data has become a sign of “lost confidence in dealing with sexual harassment cases”.

The data shows that the number of sex offenders in the US military who have been sent to military court trials has risen from 42% in 2009 to 68% in 2012, but this trend has not been reflected in the US military stationed in Japan. come out. Of the 473 naval crime criminals stationed in Japan between 2005 and 2013, only 116 (24%) were sent to military courts. (杨柳)

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Red Cross International 4 members are missing in Mali. The possibilities are not excluded.

Xinhuanet, Geneva, February 10 (Reporter Shi Jianguo, Zhang Wei) The Geneva-based ICRC issued a communique on the 10th saying that four members of the organization had recently disappeared in northern Mali.

The communiqué quoted the representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Mali, Luedi, as saying that the four Red Cross members were on their way back to their base in Gao, northern Mali. Luedi expressed concern about the safety of his colleagues and said that he would do his best to find their whereabouts.

When talking about the cause of the disappearance, Luedi said that the current situation is still under investigation and the possibilities cannot be ruled out. He hopes that the safety of the missing will be guaranteed, as ICRC personnel are working hard to provide humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the war in Mali.

In recent years, armed factions in the northern part of Mali have been rampant, and they have frequently kidnapped citizens of Western countries, killing tourists and some NGO staff.

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UN welcomes Syrian Holmes temporary ceasefire agreement for three days

Xinhuanet United Nations, February 10 (Reporter Wang Leilei) The UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Amos issued a statement on the 10th that the parties to the Syrian conflict agreed to the Hom province capital city of Hom The three-day extension of the humanitarian temporary ceasefire agreement in the Old Town War zone welcomed the agreement and urged all parties to abide by this agreement.

Amos said in a statement that she hopes that the temporary ceasefire in the Old Town of Homs will be extended for three days, allowing more civilians to be moved to safe areas and more urgently needed relief supplies. In the hands of the people. She stressed: “Protection of civilians trapped in this terrible conflict in Syria is a top priority for UN agencies and their humanitarian partners. & rdquo;

Amos said that the United Nations and Red Crescent aid workers were deliberately attacked “is absolutely unacceptable”, she failed to comply with the Holmes temporary ceasefire agreement Deeply disappointed. Amos also called on the international community to exert pressure to make the Syrian government and anti-government armed forces responsible for their actions, and asked the parties to abide by the ceasefire agreement to ensure the safe evacuation of civilians.

Amos also expressed the hope that the representatives of the Syrian parties who are conducting the second round of peace talks in Geneva will reach an agreement to enable humanitarian agencies to rescue the 250,000 people besieged in various Syrian war zones and the rest of the country. People provide ongoing humanitarian assistance.

The Syrian parties reached an agreement on February 6th, deciding a temporary ceasefire, providing humanitarian assistance to the residents of Homs Old Town and allowing civilians to leave the theater. On the 7th of the temporary ceasefire agreement, 83 civilians were evacuated from the Old Town of Homs. The second batch of 611 people withdrew from the area on the 9th. The third batch of 460 civilians withdrew from the area on the 10th. The first batch of humanitarian relief supplies arrived in the area on the 8th, but the Red Crescent team that transported supplies was attacked by unidentified armed elements, injuring four Red Crescent workers. Both the Syrian government and the opposition have accused each other of undermining the ceasefire agreement.

The province of Homs has always been one of the main battlefields of the Syrian Civil War. According to sources, nearly 3,000 civilians are stranded in the Old Town of Homs.

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Iran successfully tested long-range missiles, can hide the anti-missile system

Iran claims that successfully testing long-range missiles can hide the missile defense system with great destructive power

In September 2013, Tehran, Iran, a card carrying a missile.

According to foreign media reports, Iran announced on February 10 that on the eve of the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country successfully tested two missiles, one of which was a long-range missile.

Iranian Defense Minister Hussein · Degehan said: “Iran successfully tested a new generation of ballistic missiles with debris warheads, and a & ldquo;bina & rsquo; (Bina) Ground-to-ground and air-to-ground laser guided missiles. ”

Degehan said that the new ballistic missiles can “avoid the anti-missile system and can cause great damage”. And “Binner” laser-guided missiles can be launched from the ground or in the air to destroy ground armored tanks and bridge facilities.

The report did not mention technical parameters such as missile range and the specific time and location of the test.

Iran’s missile problem has always been one of the concerns of the West, because Iranian missiles can strike Israel. Last week, US nuclear talk representative Sherman said that the Iranian ballistic missile project will be one of the topics for the negotiation of a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. However, the Iranian side said that defense affairs is the red line of Iran and Iran will not negotiate on this.

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The United States announced the expansion of same-sex couple rights and interests.

China News Service, February 10, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on the 10th, the US Department of Justice recently announced a series of adjustment measures to expand the rights of same-sex couples, including giving them spouse privileges for heterosexual couples Allow them to refuse to testify against their spouse in civil and criminal cases.

When US Secretary of Justice Holder delivered a speech to a gay rights activist in New York on the 8th, he announced the adjustment measures that the US Department of Justice is preparing to implement and continue to promote the protection of the rights and interests of same-sex marriages in the United States.

Spouse privileges in US law protect the confidentiality of communication between married couples, and the court may not force a party to appear in court to testify about the spouse’s confidential communication. Holder said that the Ministry of Justice will not only grant spouse privileges to same-sex couples, but also plan to give same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples, including modifying the access regulations of federal prisons and the federal courts when considering bankruptcy cases. How these debts are handled. In addition, if a same-sex marriage as a law enforcement officer is dereliction of duty, his spouse will also receive a pension.

Holder’s speech mentions: “Every court, every interrogation, and every occasion on which the Justice Department’s personnel represent the United States will make every effort to ensure that same-sex marriage is enjoyed under federal law. The same privileges, protections, and rights as heterosexual marriage. ”

The US Department of Justice will issue a memorandum internally, “formally instructing all members of the Department of Justice to grant full and equal recognition of legal same-sex marriage to the maximum extent permitted by law. ”

Currently, 17 of the 50 US states and the capital, Washington, DC, legally recognize same-sex marriage. The US Supreme Court made a historic ruling in June last year, ruling that the Federal Marriage Protection Act of the same-sex marriage violates the Constitution, which prohibits same-sex marriage couples recognized by the states from enjoying hundreds of benefits for heterosexual couples. After the ruling of the High Court was released, the Obama administration actively used this as a basis for immigrant welfare and federal employee benefits for same-sex marriage.

For the new measures of the US Department of Justice, Griffin, chairman of the US Human Rights Movement, issued a statement saying: “This significant announcement will improve the lives of many loyal gays … &hellip Today, our country is moving towards achieving the goal of equality and fairness for all. ”

The opposition to same-sex marriages criticized the decision of the Ministry of Justice. The chairman of the American Family Research Council, Perkins, said in a statement: “The Ministry of Justice fully expands the marriage rights of same-sex couples, and does not recognize the same-sex. The state of marriage is also included, which is another manifestation of the government’s inability to discipline. ”

Currently in the United States that does not recognize same-sex marriage, the spouse privileges of same-sex couples are not guaranteed. For example, in September last year, in a politically conservative Kentucky state, a woman applied for a spouse’s privilege and refused to appear in court to testify against a same-sex marriage partner suspected of murder, but the application was rejected by the state court.

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Bus trial run in Phnom Penh, Cambodia End of no bus status (Figure)

Original title: Trial trial bus in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to end the status of no public transport (Photos)

The trial operation of the bus in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (Webpage screenshot)

The Mayor of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, attended the trial operation of the bus and experienced the first bus.

International Online Special Report: According to Agence France-Presse reported on February 9, the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh has recently started trial operation of city buses to end the current situation of no public transport services in Phnom Penh. Relevant officials of the Mayor of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and other officials attended the trial operation ceremony of the bus and jointly experienced the first bus.

The report said that the road in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, has been filled with motorcycles, cars, tuk-tuk (the motorized form of traditional rickshaws) and simple rickshaws. The Phnom Penh Municipal Government has recently launched a new public transportation system, hoping to ease the crowded traffic in the capital. After a lapse of more than 10 years, the bus once again appeared on the road in Phnom Penh.

It is reported that many Southeast Asian neighbors have already rushed to Cambodia before launching a public transportation system to help solve serious traffic problems in major cities.

Phnom Penh’s last attempt to launch a bus service was in 2001, but it ended in failure. This time, this fast-growing country hopes that commuters can abandon the convenience of motorcycles and switch to comfortable and safe public transport.

A senior official of the Phnom Penh Municipal Government said: “The main purpose of this move is to alleviate traffic congestion. ”

He said: “We believe that people are now more aware of public transport, because some people have traveled overseas, so they understand this transportation system. ”

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Korean speed skating veteran played in the Olympic Games six times in a row

People’s Daily Online, Seoul, February 11 (Huang Haiyan) At the Sochi Winter Olympics men’s 500m speed skating competition yesterday (South Korea time), South Korean player Li Kui-yu, who played for the sixth time in the Olympic Games, missed another time. Medal, but his spirit of challenge has touched Korean nationals.

Yesterday, Li Kuiyu was ranked 18th with a total of 70 seconds in the 1st and 2nd rounds, and missed the medal. However, the Korean nationals sent warm applause to the contestant who played the Olympic Games six times in a row and did his best to complete the competition. This Olympics is also the last Olympic in his life.

The 36-year-old Li Kui-yu has been participating in the Lillehammer Winter Olympics for the first time since 1994. For 20 years, he has been active on the international stage as a Korean speed skater. He has been in the Olympic speed skating legend for six consecutive years, but unfortunately he has missed the Olympic medal six times in a row.

On the same day, the man who played with him in the 500-meter speed skating 牟 too vanadium also regretted to pass the fourth place with the medal, and then he left the game with a dignified expression. Such a scene is very familiar to veteran Li Kui-yu. He encouraged 牟 too vanadium, “just that today’s state is not good.” It’s already very good to get the 4th grade. He also sent a meaningful sentence to all the younger generations, “Don’t bow”.

The Korean media have praised Li Kui-yu’s perseverance and optimism, saying that his true heart in 20 years is the real medal. As one of the commentators, Jiang Hudong also sent a thank-you to Li Kuiyu after the game.

On the 13th, Li Kui will play the men’s 1000m speed skating, and South Korean netizens cheered for his last battle in the Olympics.

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