Giant Panda “Star Emblem” “Good” arrived in Belgium

The delivery of the giant panda & ldquo; star emblem & rdquo; “good” business plane arrived at Brussels Airport at 12 o’clock local time on the 23rd. Belgian Prime Minister Dilupo led the deputy prime minister and defense minister De Clem, deputy prime minister and pension minister De Kro to meet at the airport.

Di Lubo said at the welcoming ceremony that “Star Emblem” and “Good” represent the Chinese people’s deep friendship with the Belgian people. “Precious giant pandas settled in Belgium, we are very We are honored that we will treat them kindly and make them feel like they are at home.

Chinese Ambassador to Belgium Liao Liqiang said at the welcoming ceremony that he sincerely hopes that more and more Belgian people and European people will understand the Chinese customs, economy and society through the pandas and understand that the Chinese people are willing to live in harmony with the people of all countries. A good wish to understand China’s positive vision of mutual benefit and win-win with the world.

When the plane arrived at Brussels Airport, the two fire engines were sprayed with water, with the highest etiquette as “Star Emblem” and “Good”. Hundreds of local elementary school students shouted the names of two pandas on behalf of Chinese characters, and welcomed them.

Tong Chunxiang, senior engineer of the China Conservation Giant Panda Research Center, who is responsible for escorting the “Star Emblem” and “Good”, told Xinhua News Agency, “Star Emblem” and “Good” In good condition during the flight, “eat well, sleep well, no discomfort all the way”.

At 15 o’clock local time, “Star Emblem” and “Good” are divided into two box trucks, escorted by police cars and medical vehicles, arriving at a new home & mdash about 60 kilometers southwest of Brussels. ;— Paradise Zoo. Tens of thousands of Belgian people welcomed two guests from China along the way.

Paradise Park President Eric · Dong Bo told Xinhua News Agency that the park specifically imitated the landscape of China’s Sichuan, for the “star emblem” and “good” “built” The Panda Pavilion has a total area of ​​over 3,000 square meters. In addition, the zoo also invited the top animal epidemic prevention and dentists in Belgium to form a joint nursing team with Chinese experts. “We want to let ‘star emblem & rsquo; & & lsquo; good & rsquo; enjoy the healthiest and most comfortable life in Belgium. ”

Dong Bo revealed that with the support of Ghent University in Belgium, Paradise Zoo will conduct research on the breeding of giant pandas with Chinese experts. Tang Chunxiang also said that he hopes that “Star Emblem” and “Good” will give birth to the crystallization of love at an early date. (Reporter Sun Wen Zhou Wei)

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A magnitude 4.9 earthquake occurred in Russia. The focal depth is 566 km. February 20th According to the China Seismological Network officially determined, at 9:32 on February 20th, Beijing time, Russia (43.1 degrees north latitude, 131.9 degrees east longitude) occurred a magnitude 4.9 earthquake with a focal depth of 566 kilometers .

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Gallup poll: China replaces Iran as the number one enemy in the United States

According to USA Today, a new Gallup poll released on February 20th shows that China has replaced Iran as the number one enemy in the eyes of the American public.

According to the polls, in the past few years, 20% of US respondents regarded China as the largest enemy, 16% considered Iran, 9% felt Russia, 7% considered Iraq, and 16% The interviewer said that it is North Korea, 5% think it is Afghanistan, and 3% think it is Syria.

Polls show that 52% of Americans believe that China’s economic rise poses a threat to US key interests in the next 10 years; 46% of Americans believe that China’s military rise poses a threat to US key interests .

The poll also shows that since 2006, Iran has ceased to be the number one enemy of the United States for the first time. Eight years ago, 31% of respondents thought that Iran was the number one enemy of the United States, and today it is only 16%. This change has been mainly due to changes in Iranian leaders and agreements between Iran and the West on nuclear programs.

At the same time, due to confrontation with the West on nuclear weapons projects, North Korea’s sense of hatred in the hearts of Americans has risen sharply in the past two years.

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US media said surveillance project exposed differences within US political parties

China News Service, February 18th According to US media reports on the 18th, the debate on whether to continue collecting American telephone records exposed the differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

According to reports, although some senior Democrats are not willing to condemn the National Security Agency’s projects, there are more people in the Republican Party who oppose the excessive monitoring power of intelligence agencies. The analysis believes that this change is a conservative Republic of the United States Republican Party, a rather dramatic turn in this issue.

It is reported that the current Republican National Committee, liberals and liberals support (restricting the power of monitoring) views, while Republicans and Democrats, such as the Senate and senior members of the House of Representatives, hold Different opinions support the Obama administration’s monitoring project.

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Psychologists say playing Tetris helps to lose weight and quit smoking

Have you played Tetris? Tetris is not only a simple game, but it can also help you lose weight. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on the 22nd, British psychologists found that dieters can reduce the psychological need for fat-rich foods and snacks by playing Tetris; the smoke addiction of those who try to quit can also be curbed.

Preventing the brain from visualizing food

Because it is simple to use and suitable for both young and old, Tetris has been popular all over the world since the 1980s. Its basic rule is to move, rotate, and place the various blocks that the game automatically outputs, aligning them into a complete line or lines and eliminating the score.

Scientists from the University of Plymouth in the UK have shown that playing Tetris can reduce the need for spontaneous food and snacks; while playing games for three minutes, the residual, food-craving will disappear. Exhausted. What is the principle based on this? Scientists believe that Tetris can distract players and not be able to visualize food, alcohol and cigarettes.

During the test, Professor Judge · Prof. Andrade of Plymouth University recorded the volunteers’ desire for food, including three dimensions: craving, visual vividness and psychological intrusiveness. . All the participants were told that they were going to play Tetris for three minutes, but only half of them actually started playing the game, and the other half had been waiting for the game to start. The study found that volunteers who played Tetris had a 24% reduction in appetite for volunteers who had been waiting for the game to start.

Professor Andrade said that the desire to eat snacks can only last for a few minutes; in these few minutes, the brain visualizes food and imagines the thrill of food. This process of visualization will eventually lead people to give up their efforts and surrender to the temptation of food and cigarettes.

“ By playing Tetris, you can hinder your brain from producing these enticing images in a short time,” said Professor Andrade. “My team believes that this experiment provides a quick and reliable way for people who are struggling to eat or try to give up smoking or drinking. & rdquo;

Wii game console is also a weight loss tool

In addition to Tetris, Japan’s Nintendo Wii home game console is also a weight loss tool. A 38-year-old obese woman in the UK has successfully lost weight from 252 pounds to 112 pounds and successfully lost 140 pounds (about 64 kilograms) through long-lasting play.

But the Wii’s mechanism of action on dieters is completely different from that of Tetris. The Wii features a stick-like standard controller that operates like a TV remote. Through this control stick, the player can achieve positioning and motion sensing to achieve the so-called “sense operation”. Wii allows players to play baseball and golf at home, and the weight loss effect of sports is roughly the same.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

U.S. warns terrorists or attacks on “shoes bombs” on flights to the United States

China News Service, Washington, February 19 (Reporter De Yongjian) Following a half-month warning to prevent “toothpaste bombs”, the United States again warned on the 19th that terrorists may use “shoes bombs” to blow up International flights to the United States.

A number of US media quoted informed law enforcement officials as saying that according to the latest information received, the US Department of Homeland Security warned airlines that terrorists might hide explosives in their shoes and make “shoes bombs.” & rdquo; deceived the airport security check, and finally boarded a flight to the United States, detonating bombs on the way to blow up the passenger plane.

To this end, the US Department of Homeland Security requires airport security to pay more attention to the shoes worn by passengers on international flights, to improve the number of search and security scans, including the use of explosion-proof detectors to check passengers’ feet and Leather shoes in the luggage.

In 2001, 9· 11 terrorist attacks occurred only 3 months, a British terrorist had hidden more than 100 grams of explosives in the heel of the shoes, made “shoes bombs” rdquo; attempted to blow up The flight to Miami, USA, but the informed official on the 19th revealed that it has not yet discovered the “shoe bomb” on the international flight to the United States, or found a passenger attempting to launch a similar attack.

Later, the US Department of Homeland Security issued a statement emphasizing that, with a high degree of caution, they regularly inform domestic and foreign partners about information about security threats in an effort to ensure public safety.

This is the second time in the United States that the United States has again alerted the terrorist attacks. On the eve of the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia on February 5th, the US Department of Homeland Security warned terrorists or hid the explosives into toothpaste or cosmetics and made “toothpaste bombs” to blow up international flights to Russia.

A number of informed officials told the US media that the authorities had warned against “shoes bombs” and had nothing to do with the Sochi Winter Olympics, which will close on February 23.

9· After the terrorist attacks, there have been several terrorist attacks using personal belongings and even bombs hidden inside the body. In addition to “shoes bombs”, a Nigerian man tried to detonate a bomb in his underwear on a flight to Detroit, USA, around Christmas 2009. Fortunately, this “trouser bomb” did not explode. The murderer was then subdued by the passenger and the crew. (End)

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60 people were killed in an attack by extremists in a small town in northeastern Nigeria, February 20th According to foreign reports, local time on the early morning of 19th, the northeastern part of Nigeria, Boma Town, Borno was attacked by extremist organizations “Boco Holy Land”. Police said on the 20th that the attack had killed 60 people and caused a large number of public buildings to be destroyed.

Earlier, the number released by the police on the 19th was 47 deaths.

Borno State Police official Lawal Tanko said the police are still continuing to proofread the number, and the current death toll has risen to 60, but the death toll may continue to rise.

He said that after the attack, the air force launched an air strike and killed a large number of anti-government militants.

According to reports, the attack occurred at about 4 am local time on the 19th, a group of militants drove heavy trucks into the town of Bama.

Northern Nigeria has been in turmoil in recent years, with frequent explosions and violent attacks. As the base camp of the Islamic extremist organization “Boko Holy Land”, Borno has always been the most frequent area of ​​violent attacks.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

South Korea and Japan resume diplomatic contacts

South Korea’s Foreign Minister Li Xiangde met with Ichihara Ichi, Director of the Asia Pacific Department of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the capital Seoul. This is the first director-level meeting between the two countries since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine at the end of last year.

The day before, on the way to improve relations between the two countries, South Korean Ambassador to Japan Li Bingqi held a working meeting with the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Minister Jai Mu Zhaolong. Earlier, US Secretary of State John · Kerry stated that he hopes that South Korea-Japan relations will be improved before US President Barack & Middot; Obama visited the two countries.

The Korean side tried to downplay

The Korean Foreign Ministry did not disclose the contents of the meeting between Li Xiangde and Yiyuan, including the agenda, but said that this is between the two countries’ diplomatic departments. “Routine communication”.

According to the Korea Yonhap News Agency, many media speculated that the meeting when the tension between South Korea and Japan meant that the two countries began to try to improve relations, and that Li Bingqi and the equivalent of Japan’s executive deputy foreign minister Wood had just had a working meeting the day before.

The Korean Foreign Ministry is trying to play down the significance of this meeting. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Taiyong said that he did not know whether there was a “any contact” between the director-level meeting and the improvement of the Korea-Japan relationship.

Zhao Taiyong said that the meeting was only Yiyuan’s “courtesy visit”; Ihara came to Seoul this time to attend a meeting of the Japanese diplomatic mission in South Korea.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry also said that as the head of the Japanese delegation to the Six-Party Talks on the Korean Peninsula Nuclear Issue, Ihara met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 18th and the South Korean head of the Six-Party Talks, Zhao Taiyong, to discuss The DPRK nuclear issue.

U.S. Behind the Scenes

Before the resumption of diplomatic contacts between the ROK and the ROK, US Secretary of State Kerry met with visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Wonda on the 7th. Before Obama visited Japan and South Korea in April this year, he tried to improve Japan-ROK relations. When he visited South Korea on the 13th, Kerry told South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi that he hoped that South Korea would overcome the historical problems with Japan and improve bilateral relations.

Kerry said that tensions between South Korea and Japan may damage the military cooperation between the United States, Japan and South Korea. He intends to push the two countries to ease tensions before Obama visits Korea and Japan.

On the 18th, Kishida said at a news conference that he hopes to hold talks with Yin Bingshi as soon as possible to promote mutual understanding. “Korea is an important neighbor of Japan, considering the situation involving North Korea, Japan, the United States and South Korea. The cooperation between the three countries is very important.

However, the Korean Foreign Ministry did not respond to Kanda’s appeal. Zhao Taiyong said that the ROK has not yet received a formal proposal from the Japanese side, and the Korean side will only respond if it issues a formal request through diplomatic channels.

Kishida said that the meeting of the foreign ministers at the Korean-Japanese diplomatic conference held on the same day will not discuss the agenda of the foreign ministers’ talks. He said “I have never heard of any discussion on this issue”.

The second official of the Korean Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lie-lie, told the National Assembly on the 18th that the ROK did not discuss any high-level talks with the Japanese side. “Our position is that unless the Japanese show sincerity, there will be no Any conversation”.

Japan refuses to give in

The problem of Dokdo (called Zhudao in Japan) may pose a barrier to the improvement of relations between South Korea and Japan. Shimane Prefecture, Japan is scheduled to commemorate on the 22nd, “Bamboo Island Day”, the Japanese government, despite the opposition of the South Korean side, insisted on sending officials from the central government to attend the event.

Japan’s Territorial Issues Minister Yamamoto said on the 18th that “this is not something that other governments can decide”, the Japanese government will send the Cabinet Office’s government official Kameoka Kemin as scheduled. Island Day & rdquo; Memorial Event.

The Korean Foreign Ministry last week called on the Japanese side to abandon plans to send Kameoka to attend. In response to Yamamoto’s remarks, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Taiyong responded that this was really unreasonable and surprised the South Korean side.

“The so-called commemoration day for other countries’ territories, even the participation of central government officials, is an unforgivable act. Zhao Taiyong said that the Japanese side accused South Korea of ​​interfering. Reason and common sense.

In the past two years, South Korea-Japan relations have fallen into the troughs of decades due to territorial disputes and Japan’s refusal to plead guilty to victims of “comfort women”. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suddenly visited the Yasukuni Shrine, which was dedicated to Class-A war criminals of World War II, at the end of last year, causing further deterioration of relations between the two countries. Abe has repeatedly stated that he should not set a premise for the summit meeting. South Korean President Park Geun-hye has refused and believes that as long as the Japanese side continues to advocate the wrong view of history, there is no need to talk with Abe.

Last weekend, senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that the Japanese government proposed that Abe and Park Geun-hye hold talks during the third nuclear security summit in The Hague, the Netherlands, in March this year. South Korea’s Qingwatai denied the relevant reports on the 16th and reiterated that it did not communicate with the Japanese side.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

The United States issued an alert on Ukrainian tourism, requiring citizens to avoid conflict

China News Service, February 19, according to Reuters news, the US State Department issued the latest travel warning on the situation in Ukraine on the 18th, saying that the Ukrainian riot situation is unpredictable, the capital Kiev and other cities may continue to conflict, suggesting that US citizens leave All conflict areas and stay indoors as much as possible.

On the evening of the 18th, local time, a bloody outbreak occurred on the streets of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Police and anti-government protesters had a fierce conflict. By the next morning, 21 people had been killed and at least 100 people were injured.

The latest warning from the US State Department is an update of the previous January 28 warning statement. The warning states that US citizens should leave all demonstrations, marches and gathering places as soon as possible. If the residence is close to the above-mentioned location, it is necessary to evacuate the area immediately and try to stay indoors, which may last for several days.

The White House informed Biden on the evening of the 18th that he had a conversation with Yanukovych. The White House said that Biden was seriously concerned about the bloody clash in the streets of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, calling for “Nanuko.” President Vuvic withdrew from the government and kept restraint to the utmost extent.

Biden said that the United States condemns the use of violence by any party, but the Ukrainian government has a special responsibility for easing the situation, urging Yanukovych to immediately talk to the opposition leaders and respond to the legitimate demands of the demonstrators. Political reform program.

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