The Philippines has issued a murder case against the Chinese., February 22, according to the Philippine “Business Daily” report, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Philippines-China Federation of Trade Unions yesterday (21st) received the notice of the murder of the Manila Police District, a street in Fanlunna Street, Manila District, Manila A well-known Chinese herbalist was killed in his clinic on the 19th. According to preliminary investigations, Lin Xiaohui, a physician of internal medicine, was found dead at a clinic in Room 503, Haihua Building, No. 539, Fanlunna Street, Lunluo District, at around 10 pm on the 19th. When the police investigators inspected the body at the scene of the crime, they found that Lin Xiaohui had a fatal knife wound on his chest. A murderous knife was still inserted in his chest. There were no signs of forced intrusion in the clinic and no valuables were stolen.

According to police officers at the 11th police station in Manila Police District, the police reviewed the closed-circuit television video of the elevator at the downstairs of Haihua Building, initially locking in a seemingly suspicious murder of a 30-year-old Chinese man. Two police officers in the Manila Police District No. 11 police station investigated the case and came to the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry yesterday afternoon to report to the Secretary-General on the development of the case. At the same time, it said that it will cooperate with the Filipino Business Association to help solve the case.

At the same time, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce and Industry also received a notice from the Baran Jade Police District yesterday. The Chinese businessman Husto · Lin was shot dead in his recreational vehicle in Baanyuji City. Before the incident, the murderers first asked their wives to get off the bus, and then drove the car away for a short distance and shot it. Officials at the Baran Jade Police Station said that the police were still not sure what the motives were and that all their belongings were intact. The wife of the deceased also said that they did not have enemies.

The wife of the deceased told the police that he and his husband were blocked on the way home because of traffic jams. The four men suddenly got off the van parked in front of them and took out their pistols and headed for them. The car, four men with guns, told her to get off the bus, immediately boarded their RV and drove the car away when the traffic light turned green. After a short distance away, the murderer fired two shots and then jumped out of the SUV to escape. Lin was hit by bullets in the head and chest.

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called on the Manila Police District and the Baran Jade Police District to keep in touch with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and General Administration, reporting on the development of the two cases and urging the police to do their utmost. The suspect was arrested and brought to justice, so that the two deceased were fair.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

In the United States, Chinese students drive BMW and speeding up with the police.

In the United States, Chinese students driving a BMW are suspected of speeding and chasing the police.

China News Service, February 22, according to the US “Qiao Bao” reported that on the evening of the 20th, an 18-year-old Chinese student was suspected of being snake-shaped driving on a highway lane near downtown Los Angeles. And the speeding was signaled by the patrolman, but the man driving a white BMW sedan accelerated the car despite the police’s orders, causing the police to chase on two highways near Los Angeles. The chase speed once reached 192 kilometers per hour. The police finally forced the car to stop by the car chasing technique that hit the rear bumper, when at least two passengers were on board.

At 8:30 pm on the evening of the 20th, the police issued a parking signal to a suspected snake-shaped driving and speeding vehicle, but the driver did not comply with the police instructions. The police then began chasing the suspected illegal vehicle. During the chase, the speed was as high as 192 kilometers per hour (about 122 miles). In order to stop the illegal vehicle, the police adopted the “Precision Stop” technology (PIT), which is to force the vehicle to stop by the police car chasing the rear bumper trying to escape the vehicle. The police finally forced him to park at 9:15 that night.

According to the police report, the male driver was “an 18-year-old student from China who was enrolled in Irvine. “This Chinese student once told a reporter on NBC TV that his BMW ” is a new car, the driver’s license he got only two months ago.” According to NBC TV, the driver said that he was afraid of the police and said he did not know why he was chased by the police. It is not yet known the identity of two passengers in the same car.

It is reported that since the driver has complied with the provisions of the main traffic sign during the escape process, the charge for the indictment is relatively low. (Zhou Huiyi)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

Japanese high-ranking officials dissatisfied with the United States and criticized Abe for paying homage.

China News Service, Washington, February 19 (Reporter Zhang Weiran) Japanese Prime Minister Akihiro Eto, a Japanese public, expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent disappointment of the US Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. The US State Department said on the 19th that the United States has clearly stated its position on Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. It is in the interests of all parties and Japan to maintain good relations with other countries in the region.

Wei Tengyi recently made a statement on the video website, saying that the Japanese side had previously notified the US on Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, but the US still issued a statement saying “disappointed”, “to say” Disappointment should be the Japanese side, and ask “Why the United States does not value Japan with alliances”. Wei Teng once insisted that he would not withdraw his speech, but under the pressure of the Prime Minister’s bureaucrat, he has now withdrawn and deleted relevant comments.

Although the remarks have been withdrawn, Wei Teng is a close friend of Shinzo Abe, and many people think that his views represent Abe’s true thoughts. In response to Wei Teng’s remarks, US State Department spokesman Mary & Middot; Huff stressed on the 19th that the US side has clearly stated its position on Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.

She said that the US has noticed that this video of Wei Teng has been removed. The Japanese side has also indicated that this is a personal statement and does not represent the Japanese government.

She further stated that the relationship between Japan and the countries in the region is not only in the interests of all countries but also in the interests of the United States. The United States hopes that Japan and South Korea will resolve their differences through dialogue and cooperate on the DPRK nuclear issue.

After Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine last year, the US Embassy in Japan and the State Council expressed their disappointment with Abe’s move. Japan subsequently sent the Deputy Foreign Minister Kenneth K., the Director of the National Security Agency of Japan, Mr. Masahiro Tani, and the Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Woncheon, and many other high-ranking officials to the United States. Kyiv said that Japan has explained to the US at various levels on Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.

Japanese media analyzed that President Obama is about to visit Japan and South Korea in April, but there is no sign of improvement in Japan-China, Japan-ROK relations, and the US government will face a dilemma in the region. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

The latest national image report is released. The international public recognizes China’s status.

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] “China National Image Global Survey Report 2013” was released today (21st). An overseas survey conducted by the China Foreign Languages ​​Bureau’s Center for External Communication Research, the Chahar Institute and Huatong Mingluo shows that most international people recognize the image attributes of China’s “old civilization with a long history” and believe that China has become a contemporary world. Great country.

The survey selected seven countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, India, Russia, Brazil and China, covering 3017 people. The survey found that more than half of foreigners are happy to interact with the Chinese. Overseas people think that Chinese people are mysterious, rational, innovative, docile and very happy.

Among them, Chinese young people are widely recognized: diligence and vitality are the future hopes of China. Overseas people are most familiar with Chinese culture and technology, and the understanding rate is about 30%. Chinese culture has a long history, rich carriers and international appeal. 61% of overseas people are happy to learn about Chinese culture and one third are interested in learning Chinese. The international people think that the most representative of Chinese culture is: Chinese martial arts, diet and Chinese medicine; higher education and mass media works have the least influence.

The international public’s lack of understanding of Chinese politics, especially China’s unique political ideas and propositions, is not nearly half the number. Developed countries and developing countries have great differences in cognition. 64% of overseas people recognize that China’s economic development brings opportunities to global economic development. More than half of overseas consumers can accept Chinese products, but 70% believe that some Chinese products have potential safety hazards.

The five most accepted Chinese products for overseas consumers are: computer and IT products, home appliances, game consoles, retailers and apparel. The top ten Chinese brands most familiar to consumers in developed countries: Lenovo, Huawei, Air China, Haier, Tsingtao Brewery, Bank of China, China Mobile, Shuanghui, TCL and Great Wall Motor. The top ten Chinese brands most familiar to consumers in developing countries: Lenovo, Huawei, Haier, Air China, China Mobile, TCL, Bank of China, Gree, Great Wall Motor and Shuanghui.

The international community is generally optimistic about China’s future development. Nearly half of overseas people believe that China will develop steadily and become the world’s largest country. The international public generally believes that the key to China’s future development depends on whether it can maintain rapid economic development, and secondly depends on whether the society is stable.

The younger the group is, the more positive it is for China. Regardless of developed or developing countries, young people aged 18-24 believe that China is attractive and optimistic that China will become the world’s largest country and Plan to travel to China with the highest proportion of people. China’s tourism is very attractive, 88% of overseas people have never been to China, and 60% of overseas people expressed their willingness to visit China. At the same time, those who have visited China are often more positive about China.

It is reported that the China National Image Survey Platform, jointly developed by the National Foreign Language Research Center of the Chinese Foreign Languages ​​Bureau, the Chahar Institute of the Private Think Tank, and the world-renowned survey and consulting company Huatong Mingluo, has been built since 2011. It has continuously carried out investigations and researches on the image of China’s national image and released its results. It is the first independent research platform in China that regularly publishes large-scale Chinese national image research reports.

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Ukrainian security department said that domestic violence has escalated

Local Time 2 On the 19th, in the western Ukrainian city of Ternopil, a public prosecutor’s office building was attacked by anti-government protesters, and demonstrators burned a large number of documents.

China News Service, February 20th According to Russian media reports, the Ukrainian security sector announced the launch of anti-terrorist operations on the 19th because of the violent confrontation escalation and the massive use of weapons by extremist groups.

The statement issued by the Ukrainian Security Service Director Yakimenko pointed out that due to the deterioration of the situation, the bureau decided to launch anti-terrorist operations in Ukraine.

Yakimenko said, “In many areas, there have been incidents of occupying local authorities, security departments, procuratorates, troops and ammunition depots. ”

The statement stated that many courts were burned and some were deliberately destroying the wealth of others, destroying private homes and killing civilians. Recently, more than 1,500 guns and 100,000 rounds of bullets fell into the hands of criminals.

The statement stated that some people are currently aiming to commit violence through arson, killing, kidnapping, and threatening residents in order to achieve the purpose of committing crimes. All this is done with the help of shooting weapons. This is no longer a manifestation of terrorism, but a specific act of terror. Actions such as radical and extremist organizations pose a real threat to the lives of millions of Ukrainian citizens.

The statement also stated that the Ukrainian Security Service and the Counter-Terrorism Center decided on the 19th to launch anti-terrorist operations in Ukraine.

According to reports, a large-scale riot broke out in the center of Kiev. On the same day, the opposition demanded the restoration of the 2004 Constitution and the restoration of the parliamentary presidential system at the Ukrainian Supreme Council. The emotional crowd tried to get close to the Ukrainian parliament building, and the militants broke into the building in the center of Kiev, lit the tires and threw stones at the police and cars. According to the Ukrainian health department, 26 people have died in the riots.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Ukrainian opposition says police protesters have killed three people and injured 150 people

China News Service, February 18, according to foreign reports, Ukrainian opposition medical staff said that the country’s police and anti-government protesters broke out again on the 18th, killing at least three demonstrators and injuring about 150. Some of them are seriously injured.

A medical staff member of a mobile hospital operated by the opposition said that most of the wounded were injured by stun grenades. About 30 people were injured in the head and the injuries were serious. One person must amputate.

On November 21, 2013, the Ukrainian government decided to suspend the signing of the country of association agreement with the EU, which caused some Ukrainian public demonstrations. Protesters demanded Yanukovych to step down.

According to previous reports, hundreds of demonstrators broke out with the police outside the parliament on the 18th, and then the demonstrators attacked the ruling party headquarters building.

Opposition lawmakers accuse the government of delaying the constitutional reform process aimed at reducing presidential power and giving Congress more power. After the extension of the discussion on the constitutional amendment, the two sides broke out.

The demonstrators threw stones at the police and the police released tear gas in response.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

Lost many national-level cultural relics in Hachinohe City, Japan, only discovered 30 years later, February 20, according to the report of the New Overseas Chinese News Network, on February 19, a press conference was held in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan, indicating that 18 important national cultural relics were caused by the incompetence of civil servants in the city. Lost. From the results of on-site analysis, several of these artifacts may have been lost for about 30 years.

The lost cultural relics in Hachinohe include 11 pieces of Japan’s “National Important Cultural Property” and 7 “National Important Tangible Folk Culture Property”. Most of them are earthenware relics of the late Jomon period that were unearthed nearby, which have considerable research value for studying contemporary human life production.

From the analysis of image records, several of them were lost between 1976 and 1994, until the city library lost an ancient document in June this year and found them. It has long since disappeared and reported to the Department of Culture. Hachinohe City believes that the suspicion of being stolen is not ruled out and the whereabouts of cultural relics are currently being tracked.

Hachinohe City said that the reason for the loss of cultural relics was that the civil servants responsible for management did not act. Not only did they not regularly count the counts, they even did not know where to drop them. “The city civil servants did not recognize the importance of cultural relics and lacked a sense of tension in their daily management. & rdquo; City official said.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

The bird flu epidemic in Vietnam sounded the alarm. The Prime Minister once again ordered the strengthening of the epidemic prevention.

China News Service February 18, according to the Central News Agency, on the 18th, in view of the outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in several provinces and cities in Vietnam, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has ordered another order to strengthen the prevention of bird flu epidemic, timely Take countermeasures.

According to reports, Nguyen Tan Dung instructed the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Steering Committee on the Prevention and Control of Avian Influenza Epidemic, promulgating and guiding various localities to implement an action plan for emergency response to avian influenza virus transmission to human threats, and set up inspections. The group is ready to wait and urge all localities to strengthen the epidemic prevention as soon as possible.

Zhai Jinyong also asked the Ministry of Information and Communication of Viet Nam to strengthen its advocacy work. The media organizations must promptly and correctly report on the bird flu epidemic and epidemic prevention measures to improve the people’s awareness of epidemic prevention.

Vietnamese police, customs, border guards and market management and other relevant units must closely cooperate to strengthen the inspection of poultry trading, transportation, business and other processes, strictly punish violations, and prohibit the smuggling of border poultry.

For infected areas where H5N1 avian influenza virus has been found, Vietnamese veterinary units must carry out thorough disinfection work to cull poultry around the affected area and take relevant measures to prevent the spread of bird flu. The authorities also requested relevant departments to monitor the temperature of all inbound passengers at international airports and ports to facilitate epidemic prevention work.

It is reported that although H7N9 virus has not been found in Vietnam, two human cases of H5N1 avian influenza death and one human H1N1 avian influenza virus death have been discovered since the beginning of this year; H5N1 avian influenza The epidemic broke out in some places, and the units culled tens of thousands of live birds and started disinfection work.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Ukrainian opposition asks President Yanukovych to resign and seek parliamentary support

China News Service February 22, according to foreign reports, Ukrainian opposition spokeswoman Zino Vieva said on the 22nd that the opposition camp will seek parliamentary support on the 22nd, demanding Ukrainian President Yanukovych resignation.

Ukrainian opposition leader Krishko said on the 22nd that President Yanukovych has left the capital Kiev. It has been reported that Yanukovych has left Ukraine after a bloody riot in 1 week.

Krichiko said in the parliament that Yanukovych has left the capital and called for an early presidential election by May 25. The media also reported that Yanukovich was about 15 kilometers from Kiev, and there was no one left and no guards standing guard. The reporters were free to enter and exit.

But then there were senior Ukrainian security sources saying that Yanukovych is still in the country. The source said that Yanukovych is safe and sound, and people are still in Ukraine. The reporter asked if he was in the capital, Kiev, and the person replied, “I can’t say”.

The media quoted Anna Herman, a close member of Yanukovych, as saying that Yanukovych is currently in the northeastern city of Kharkiv.

Protesters say they have controlled the presidential office building in downtown Kiev. Protest leader Ostap Krydvyk said that Yanukovych is not here, and that his officials and anyone who has direct relations with the government are not here.

Kolev Dick said that the people entered the building without using force.

(Original title: Ukrainian opposition asked President Yanukovych to resign and seek parliamentary support)

Responsible Editor: Wang Yi

Women from all walks of life in Venezuela held peaceful demonstrations

President Maduro speaks at a women's peaceful rally/> /p>

President Maduro speaks at a women’s peaceful rally

People’s Network Caracas, February 22 (Reporter Wu Zhihua) Venezuelan Society Tens of thousands of women from all walks of life held demonstrations in the capital, Caracas, today to support the Maduro government and support the Bolivarian revolution.

There were female workers, rural women, female teachers, female artists, women athletes, family nannies, female university students and female civil servants. They slogan “Walk with joy and love, march toward socialism”, walk from the art gallery in the city center to the street of Uldareta, march toward the presidential palace, and shout slogans along the way: “We want peace”,“reject violence”.

Venezuelan Defence Minister Merientes and Second Vice-President of the National Congress Eckhout also participated in today’s women’s peace march. Merentes said, “We are patriotic Venezuelan women. We love the motherland and hope for peace.” We are united to defend the peace of Venezuela. She also stressed that “unity and dialogue can solve the problems facing the country”.

In the provinces of Trujillo, Lara, and Aragua in Venezuela, the local government also organized mass demonstrations and held various cultural and sports events on the city square. People participating in the parade and cultural and sports activities have expressed their support for the democratically elected Maduro government.

The opposition coalition “democratic unity” today also organized a large-scale mass rally in Caracas, demanding that the government release the arrested college students and the “people’s will party” leader Lopez, demanding The government seized the weapons of violent groups and solved economic problems such as supply shortages and inflation. Miranda Governor Capriles, Capital Federal District Chief Executive Lederzman, Justice First Party leader Aveledo, Congressman Machado and other opposition leaders spoke at the rally, calling for supporters to stick to the streets Peaceful demonstrations.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan