The Turkish Foreign Minister said that the soil will restore normal relations as soon as possible.

Xinhuanet Ankara February 9 (Reporter Zheng Jinfa Li Ming) Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu said on the local TV in Turkey on the 9th that Turkey and Israel will resume normalization of relations as soon as possible.

Davutoglu said that the issue of compensation is a very important step. Recently, Turkey and Israel have eliminated many differences in the compensation negotiations and made positive progress. Currently, it is self-sufficient. The closest period to the resumption of bilateral relations between the two countries since the incident. However, Davutoglu did not disclose the specific time for the two countries to resume normal relations.

At the end of May 2010, the Israeli army intercepted the Turkish rescue boat “Blue Marmara” that sailed to the Gaza Strip, killing eight Turks and one Turkish-American. The Turkish side demanded that Israel apologize for the attack and compensate for the loss, but it was rejected by Israel. Turkey subsequently announced that it would reduce its diplomatic relations with Israel to the second-class specifications and suspend all military agreements between the two sides. The relationship between Turkey and Israel has since fallen into a trough. In March last year, after the mediation of US President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkey for the “Blue Marmara” incident. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan accepted the apology of the Israeli Prime Minister on behalf of Turkey.

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Koizumi’s “election myth” shattered and announced the closure of the individual “tweet”, February 10, according to the report of the New Overseas Chinese News Network, Japan’s former Prime Minister Hosokawa Hiroshi’s defeat in the Tokyo Governor’s election failed to create another election’s mythology. Ichiro announced on the evening of February 9 that he closed his personal "tweet".

It is reported that from January 27th to February 9th, Junichiro Koizumi has updated 31 times on Twitter, and fans have reached nearly 100,000. On the evening of February 9, Junichiro Koizumi officially closed the individual "tweet".

Junichiro Koizumi updated a photo of a personal letter on the last "tweet" I am grateful to some 100,000 fans in the letter. “ Thank you all from the heart. I pray that the nobles will be more healthy and healthy, and decided to close & lsquo;tweet & rsquo;. I will do my utmost to continue to work hard to build a country with & ldquo; zero nuclear power & rsquo; ”

Junichiro Koizumi opened “Twitter”, the original purpose was to support former Prime Minister Hosokawa Hiroshi to participate in the Tokyo Governors election. However, a public relations spokesperson for Hosokawa said that “no participation”. In addition, there are people around Koizumi who said, “Opening & lsquo; Twitter & rsquo; does not meet Koizumi’s character, the tweet should be forged. ”

Therefore, Japanese society once thought that Koizumi’s “tweet” was someone else’s impersonation. After the “tweet” business company rumors that it is confirmed after the confirmation of the request of the person or agent.

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The video reveals that the US military arrested members of Al Qaeda for about 2 minutes.

Video Revealing US Army Arrests Al Qaeda Members for About 2 Minutes

Libyan al-Qaeda member Allibi was accused of participating in and organizing the 1998 US Embassy in Kenya, killing 244 people.

China News Service, February 11th According to foreign media news, the US media posted a video on the Internet on the 10th. The video shows that the US military arrested a Libyan nationality in the Libyan capital of Tripoli in 2013. The detailed process of organizing members.

In this black and white video clip, the computer expert Abu · Anas · Albibi drove back to his home at around 6:38 in the morning, followed by a car After the white van stopped, at least three men with guns jumped out of the car. The second car forced Arlibi’s car and a car was stuck at the intersection.

A few men in the picture quickly slammed Arlibi in the car and were forced into the van. It is reported that the arrest process took no more than 2 minutes, and the video was obtained from nearby roadside surveillance.

The US side has previously confirmed that the US Special Operations Force arrested Albibi in Tripoli but did not describe the details of any action. After that, Albibi was escorted to New York for trial, where he was accused of participating in and organizing the 1998 US Embassy in Kenya, killing 244 people. Arlibi refused to plead guilty.

According to reports, the US Department of Defense and other administrative agencies did not respond to this video, nor did they issue a statement denying the authenticity of the video.

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Thai rice farmers are pouring into Bangkok to collect debts from the government.

China News Service, February 10, according to foreign media reports, due to the failure of the Thai government to pay millions of rice farmers arrears, Thai rice farmers protested, more and more rice farmers on the 9th by bus And the train to the capital Bangkok to join the anti-government rally and ask the Thai government to pay the arrears.

According to the Bangkok Post, 70 rice farmers in his county in Kanchanaburi, western Thailand, were carrying food, drinks and soft food on the morning of the 9th. Go to the commercial department of Bangkok and prepare to join the local rice farmers protests.

Twenty rice farmers from Phitsanulok in Phitsanulok arrived in Bangkok on the 9th. The local anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Commission (PDRC) leader Postton warned that 500 rice farmers from Beppu will join their protests.

The Yingluck government is unable to pay the arrears of 400 million baht for millions of rice farmers

The rice farmers in more than ten provinces in Thailand have started since the 6th Into the city, to the government outside the building of the Ministry of Commerce, pressure the government to issue rice as soon as possible. When the Prime Minister Yingluck, led by the Prime Minister of the government, led the Thai Party in the 2011 election, he was supported by a large number of rice farmers for his commitment to increase the rice purchase price and won the election.

However, the Yingluck government is now unable to pay the arrears of millions of rice farmers totaling 140 billion baht (about 25.9 billion yuan) due to insufficient financial resources.

It is reported that the rice farmers will march to the Ministry of Justice of Thailand on the 10th to ask the authorities to speed up the investigation of the Yingluck government’s rice purchase plan. The demonstration rice farmers will eventually gather outside the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Thailand (the temporary office of the Caretaker Cabinet), where they plan to contain Yingla and force the government to pay back the money.

Many rice farmers are in debt due to delays in obtaining payment. According to the report, the rice farmers in Man County had to borrow from usury in order to purchase crops and meet their daily expenses.

The chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Ang Thong government in central Thailand said that many rice farmers have not received any money for six months. The government had promised to pay the arrears on the 30th of last month, but did not fulfill the promise. The rice farmers asked to meet with Yingla and seek a reasonable explanation.

To resolve the crisis, caretaker government business minister Niva Tanlong said yesterday that he will hold talks with rice farmers leaders to try to find a solution to the current stalemate. But the rice farmers leader Wei Chen said that there is only one solution, that is, the government must pay the arrears.

The Thai Party also plans to hold a meeting today to discuss the imminent problem of arrears of rice farmers. At present, the Ministry of Finance of Thailand is working hard to raise funds, and the Ministry of Commerce will also speed up the sale of stocked rice and pay the proceeds to rice farmers as soon as possible. The Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce plans to conduct an export tender for 100,000 tons of white rice next week and conduct a domestic market bid for 360,000 tons of rice.

Suitely complained that the rice farmers have filed a lawsuit against Yingla for breach of contract

The Thai People’s Democratic Reform Commission raised 9.2 million baht for the rice farmers march on the 7th. The committee’s spokesperson Akanate said that part of the money will be used as a legal action for rice farmers, and other funds will be used to protest rice farmers’ food and transportation expenses. He plans to raise funds for the rice farmers parade today, hoping to raise 15 million baht.

The leader of the Thai People’s Democratic Reform Commission yesterday called on rice farmers to sue Yingla and the Minister of Commerce for breach of contract and demand compensation.

On the other hand, anti-government protesters claimed to continue their protests until the mid-April water festival (Taiwan New Year), the National Security Council Secretary-General Paraton said yesterday Government demonstrations are unlikely to continue to the Songkran Festival, which is only the morale of anti-government demonstrations to encourage a weakening protest.

Regarding whether rice farmers will participate in anti-government demonstrations, he said that the rice farmers in Bangkok and the anti-government protesters have different demands. They only want to recover the government’s arrears of rice. The money, not politically motivated, does not exclude some of them from agreeing to participate in their anti-government protests under the lobbying of anti-government demonstration leaders. If this is the case, it is likely to lead to violent conflicts.

To resolve the crisis, caretaker government business minister Niva Tanlong said yesterday that he will hold talks with rice farmers leaders to try to find a solution to the current stalemate. But the rice farmers leader Wei Chen said that there is only one solution, that is, the government must pay the arrears.

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Kerry will visit four Asian countries and not go to Japan or pass on the United States to welcome China’s rise

Original title: Kerry will visit four Asian countries instead of Japan

Xinhuanet Beijing, February 11th According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, US Secretary of State Kerry will Visited China, South Korea, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates on the 13th of this month. This is the fifth time that Kerry has visited Asia since he served as Secretary of State. It is expected that during his visit to China, he will pass on the message that the United States welcomes the peaceful rise of China.

US State Department Spokesman Psaki said in a statement that Kerry will visit the four Asian countries from the 13th to the 18th of this month. In April this year, US President Barack Obama will also visit Asia to promote his strategy of transferring the US strategic center to Asia announced in 2011.

Psaki said that Kerry will meet with senior government officials during a visit to Seoul, Beijing, Jakarta and Abu Dhabi to discuss a series of bilateral, regional and international issues. It is expected that China’s air defense identification zone in the East China Sea and North Korea’s nuclear development plan will be the focus of Kerry’s talks when visiting Beijing and Seoul.

Kerry’s visit to China is his second trip to Beijing since he took office. Psaki said that Kerry will send a message to Chinese officials, that is, the United States is committed to seeking a positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship with China, and welcomes China’s peaceful and prosperous rise, while playing an active role in international affairs. . In addition, Kerry will also discuss the North Korean issue with Chinese officials and emphasize the importance of cooperation between China and the United States in the field of climate change and clean energy.

During his stay in Seoul, Kerry will “explore how to expand US-ROK cooperation in regional and international affairs, while continuing to work closely with the North Korea issue. During the visit to Jakarta, Kerry will co-chair the joint committee meeting under the US-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership with Indonesian officials.

The US State Department said that during his visit to Abu Dhabi, Kerry would discuss with local officials important issues concerning bilateral relations. Kerry has been on the stage for more than a year, and has been criticized for putting most of his time in promoting the Middle East peace process; this runs counter to Obama’s rebalancing strategy of “returning to Asia”.

In October last year, Obama was absent from the APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, and the US-Asian Summit and East Asia Summit in Brunei due to the US government’s budget crisis. Presented by Kride. This has once again challenged the United States’ commitment to shift its strategic focus to Asia.

In December last year, US Vice President Biden also visited Japan, China and South Korea. However, Kerry wants to change the views of most Asian people and believes that the US strategy of returning to Asia is notorious and has to redouble its efforts.

Because Kerry is visiting Asia in the context of the downturn in East Asia, Japan’s itinerary does not include Japan’s attention. Tokyo diplomats worry that Kerry’s trip to Japan will be a big blow to Tokyo’s diplomacy. Especially after the incident of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in December last year, Kerry’s move seems to reflect dissatisfaction with Japan.

However, on the 7th of this month, Kerry met with visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Manda in Washington. He reiterated that the United States will fulfill its 1960 treaty obligations and safeguard the security of its allies. He also indicated that the US does not recognize or accept China’s air defense identification zone in the East China Sea, nor does it intend to change the way it operates in the region.

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Australian Navy Indian Ocean seized 353 kilograms of heroin worth more than 700 million Australian dollars

Australian Navy Indian Ocean seized 353 kilograms of heroin worth more than 700 million Australian dollars

The speedboat of the Melbourne frigate intercepted the suspicious vessel and the Navy personnel seized more than 300 kilograms of heroin after boarding the ship.

BEIJING, Feb. 9 (Xinhuanet) — According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao on the 9th, the Australian Navy seized and destroyed 353 kilograms of heroin when it performed its mission outside Tanzania, with an estimated market value of more than 700 million Australian dollars. About RMB 3.8 billion). The authorities believe that terrorist organizations smuggle these drugs and use the proceeds to finance terrorism.

The Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Melbourne frigate is currently carrying out its mission to combat terrorism and promote peace and security in the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.

On Wednesday, the navy of the frigate boarded a ship for inspection and found a suspicious item. The test results showed that the items showed a positive heroin response. The naval personnel destroyed all the drugs afterwards.

Australian Brigadier General Bates said the move was a heavy blow to terrorist network funding activities.

Bates said in the statement: “The action of Melbourne once again shows how strong Australia’s commitment is to the Indian Ocean region and to combat international terrorism and violent extremism. ”

The statement also said: “During the action with the joint forces at sea, Melbourne successfully stopped the pirate attack and successfully launched a drug seizure operation four times, winning 23.8 kilograms of ice and this time. 353 kilograms of heroin … … in action, which has struck a network of terrorist organizations that depend on the income of smuggled drugs to make a living. & rdquo;

The Joint Maritime Force is a multinational naval cooperation system whose purpose is to maintain the security, stability and prosperity of international waters in the Middle East and Indian Ocean regions where piracy is rampant.

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High salary to Chinese enterprises Laos youth set off to learn Chinese

Original title: High-paying Laos youths in Chinese-funded enterprises set off to learn Chinese boom, February 11th, according to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, as China’s economic influence grows Laos, a neighboring country, has also begun to set off a Chinese-speaking craze. Local youths enrolled in Chinese classes in order to be able to go to work for Chinese-funded enterprises in the future and earn higher incomes.

In a simple private school in the capital of Vientiane, Laotian youth Ratada (19) and 10 students took Chinese lessons to learn Chinese and history.

Although he gave himself a Chinese name “李潘达”, Latada is not Chinese and has never been to China. What he knows about China is mainly Chinese TV dramas broadcasted by TV stations, as well as what local relatives who have studied in China have seen and heard in the local area.

Latada said: “My understanding of China is that it has many luxury buildings. Universities in China are better, and wages for working are higher. ” He is actively learning Chinese like many Lao youths who have Chinese classes, and hopes to go to work in Chinese companies in the future.

Ratada is currently pursuing an international economics and trade course at Suzhou University in Laos, which is the first institution of higher learning that China has opened overseas. He believes that more Chinese companies will come to Laos for investment in the future. “If I can speak Chinese, it will be much easier to be employed in a Chinese company in the future. ”

Chinese companies have invested heavily in this 6.5 million but economically backward country in recent years, bringing many jobs to local people.

The New York Times reported that Chinese schools are springing up in towns close to the Chinese border in Laos and are popular with locals. Now even government schools have started Chinese courses to meet the needs of students. Local government officials have also asked their children to enroll in Chinese classes or to take Chinese courses at school, so as not to miss the opportunity.

The longest-running Chinese language school in Vientiane is the 1st Huadu School. The number of new students in the school has increased over the past few years, and there are currently about 2,400 students from kindergarten to college, an increase of 10% from a year ago. The school has 160 teachers, 29 of whom are from China. The salaries of these Chinese teachers are paid by the Chinese government. However, due to the limited number of teachers and places, many local students are not allowed to enter. Only 1-2% of the Lao population is Chinese, and most do not understand Chinese.

In Laos, China’s economic influence can be felt everywhere.

Chinese-funded enterprises set up factories in the area and build dams on the Mekong River. They also plan to launch a high-speed railway plan connecting Vientiane to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. In addition, a number of special economic zones have emerged in the Laos border area. Capital companies go to invest. Sanjiang Chinatown, which is close to the Capital Airport, is run by Chinese people and is filled with goods from China, from food, clothing to furniture.

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Britain will give parents the right to remove the principal and promote education reform

Original title: Britain will give parents the right to remove the principal to promote education reform

ChinaNet February 11th According to the British “Guardian” website reported on February 9, according to Labour Party Chairman Ed &middot Miliband will introduce a public service reform program, parents will be given a team of experts to promote the development of schools and teachers with poor performance.

This improvement team, independent of the UK Office of Education Standards, has the right to develop school improvement programs, promote more in-depth exchanges and cooperation between schools, and even remove school principals with poor grades. The team has the right to intervene in colleges, free schools and community schools.

Ed · Miliband’s reforms for schools, hospitals, and local governments are relatively “quiet & rsquo;,” but on Monday, he said he wanted to lead a new human right. Public service culture.

Ed · Miliband will propose four reforms:

Parents will have the opportunity to quickly improve their school.

Provide public service users with access to and control information, including health records and school grades.

Provide a three- or five-year budget for the City Council to shift focus to prevention.

Provide public service users with the right to communicate, share, and build social networks with other users. He also wants to give users the right to track their cases, such as crime reports, just as private sector customers track their online shopping orders.

Ed · Miliband plans to provide parents with a mechanism to force child school improvement. He didn’t know how many parents needed to trigger an improvement team visit, but he said the number should be large.

Ed · Miliband will propose: “Although the government promised to share rights, the government actually concentrated its rights in Whitehall and tried to manage it in Whitehall without leaving home. Thousands of schools. This simply does not work, and the result is that some schools have not been supervised to & rdquo;.

He said: “When parents are very worried about whether they are free schools, colleges or local schools, they don’t have to wait anxiously for someone in Whitehall to intervene. On the contrary, every school will have parents convening an improvement team.

Remedial actions should include drafting a campus standard plan for areas that currently require serious concern; working with agents in other schools; introducing extracurricular teaching and leadership expertise; and changing staff or school leaders.

Ed · Miliband believes: “The Labor government will face enormous financial challenges and they must cut spending.” That’s why every pound we spend should be spent in that flower, and, in another way, we can do more with less.

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The Philippines has also arrested 26 Chinese citizens. The Chinese Embassy has made representations.

Xinhuanet Manila, February 11 (Reporter Zhao Jiemin) A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines confirmed on the 11th that the Philippine Immigration Bureau arrested illegal stagnation, illegal employment and illegal business in the 999 shopping mall in Manila on the same day. Detained 26 Chinese citizens.

Zhang Hua, spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, said that after receiving the report, the consular counselor and the insured official immediately went to the site to visit the detained Chinese citizens and made representations to the Philippines. Immediately release the formalities to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

He said that the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines will closely follow the case and provide relevant consular protection and services to the detainees.

Recently, the Philippine Immigration Bureau has repeatedly arrested Chinese citizens in the Chinese area of ​​the Philippine Capital for the same reason. On January 15 this year, immigration officials arrested 28 Chinese citizens and Chinese in a shopping mall in Pasay, Metro Manila, and took them to the Immigration Bureau to verify their residency status. The next day, 12 people were released.

On December 11, last year, the Philippine Immigration Bureau arrested 77 Chinese citizens on two illegal shopping malls in Chinatown, Manila. After the Chinese Embassy and local Chinese business organizations jointly negotiated with the Philippine Immigration Bureau, 72 people were released.

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The US capital Washington was hit by heavy rain, and the first emergency flood warning was issued in history.

local time 2019 On July 8, the United States, Washington, the local floods caused by heavy rain, the streets were flooded. IC map

Due to heavy rains, on July 8, local time, the National Weather Service issued the first flood emergency warning in the history of the capital Washington and surrounding areas.

According to US media reports, the rainfall at Reagan National Airport in Washington had reached 3.3 inches per hour (about 83.82 mm). According to the Washington Post, this is equivalent to one month of rainfall in an hour. The probability of such heavy rainfall in any year is less than 1%. This is also the first time in the Washington area to issue an emergency warning of flooding, which began in 2011 and was set for the most serious “life threatening” and “special danger” events.