Catastrophic blizzard in the southern United States Multi-state into a state of emergency (Figure)

In the southern United States, a catastrophic blizzard is entering a state of emergency (Figure)

On the 12th, the southern United States once again ushered in a new round of “catastrophic” blizzards, and many states entered a state of emergency.

This round of blizzard has claimed at least 6 lives.

China News Service, February 13th Comprehensive report, the southern United States on the 12th once again ushered in a new round of “catastrophic” blizzard, taking at least six lives. Obama has signed an urgent order instructing federal relief workers to provide support to the Georgia state government. Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Mississippi also declared a state of emergency.

In addition, heavy snow, freezing rain and ice that may have set a record on the road have caused thousands of households to lose power and affect commuting traffic in the morning.

US National Weather Service meteorologist Roger Edwards said the storm extended from eastern Texas to South and North Carolina and could extend to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the evening of the 13th.

The National Weather Service of Peachtree City, Georgia, pointed out that the rain, snow and thick ice caused by the blizzard that hit the southern United States were “unprecedented”. Weather Bureau official Lin En said that the blizzard “may have catastrophic consequences”, thick snow may cause large trees and poles to fall.

According to the weather bureau’s forecast, the midnight blizzard will move from eastern Texas to the states of central Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic. On the morning of the 13th, New England will also be hit by heavy snow.

On the 11th, Georgiana had 5 to 15 centimeters of snow. The Bureau of Meteorology predicts that the state will have 15 to 25 cm of snowfall on the 13th. Another meteorologist, Darby, said that it is not snow that is more worrying but ice. It is estimated that there may be 0.6 to 2 cm of ice in Georgia and Atlanta.

Many areas in Georgia are expected to have 0.6 to 2 cents of ice on the ground, including the Atlanta metropolitan area. Ice accumulation in some areas may be as thick as 2.5 cm.

According to, which tracks flight status, more than 2,700 flights were cancelled in the United States on the morning of the 12th, with hundreds of flights delayed.

It is reported that the last time the southern United States encountered a strong ice storm was in January 2000. At that time, ice accretion was 1.3 cm in some areas, causing 350,000 people to lose power.

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