Can also have such a window design, yes, heartbeat

Want to change the monotonous wall, in addition to hand-painted, photo wall, decorative painting… These methods can also be used to divide the wall and active space through the narrow window setting. A lot of space, a well-conceived rectangular window, gives the interior not only the light, but also the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor. The following small series will bring you narrow and long window design, let’s appreciate it together!

case 1: Vertical illumination

Location: Bathroom side
Visual effect: long and narrow The small glass window opens on a clean white wall and is very lined. This small window not only allows light to penetrate, but also divides the original monotonous wall, so the bathroom has changed a little. The long and narrow design echoes the indoor multi-square design elements and has the same style.

Where the corner: the end of the corridor

Visual effects: occupy most of the wall area, rectangular glass windows Let the outdoor light and the scenery soak the room while stretching the overall visual perception. The wide and long glass windows are clean and clear, and the small stools at the window are just right, so small places are suitable for being in a daze.

The corner: the side of the stairs

Visual effects: Duplex or LOFT home, more stairs, stairs The lighting is also one of the places to consider in the home improvement. The longitudinal rectangular window matches the longitudinal staircase to maintain visual consistency. The transparent light also solves the daylight problem in the stairwell, making every small space bright.
case 2: Viewing the landscape in the horizontal direction
The corner of the bathroom: the side of the bathroom, across the wet and dry area
Visual effect: long glass window cross-bathroom wet and dry area, horizontal design Meet the indoor specifications, do not waste a little space but let the outside atmosphere introduce into the room. The horizontal glass window is lively on the wall and has a more transparent visual sense.
Location: One side of the shower room
Visual effect: It is still in the bathroom. The wall of the shower room is set on the side of the wall. The three walls are simply treated. The corner setting makes the space more light. . The narrow glass window is easy to catch people’s attention, and the first sight into the bathroom will be deeply attracted.
The corner: white wall middle
visual effect: If the wall is too monotonous and does not like to put some miscellaneous decorations on the wall, then pull a small seam on the wall Let’s just make a small window with a long direction. The whole glass window is like the eyes on the wall, taking you to see the strange scenery outside the house.

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