Britain will give parents the right to remove the principal and promote education reform

Original title: Britain will give parents the right to remove the principal to promote education reform

ChinaNet February 11th According to the British “Guardian” website reported on February 9, according to Labour Party Chairman Ed &middot Miliband will introduce a public service reform program, parents will be given a team of experts to promote the development of schools and teachers with poor performance.

This improvement team, independent of the UK Office of Education Standards, has the right to develop school improvement programs, promote more in-depth exchanges and cooperation between schools, and even remove school principals with poor grades. The team has the right to intervene in colleges, free schools and community schools.

Ed · Miliband’s reforms for schools, hospitals, and local governments are relatively “quiet & rsquo;,” but on Monday, he said he wanted to lead a new human right. Public service culture.

Ed · Miliband will propose four reforms:

Parents will have the opportunity to quickly improve their school.

Provide public service users with access to and control information, including health records and school grades.

Provide a three- or five-year budget for the City Council to shift focus to prevention.

Provide public service users with the right to communicate, share, and build social networks with other users. He also wants to give users the right to track their cases, such as crime reports, just as private sector customers track their online shopping orders.

Ed · Miliband plans to provide parents with a mechanism to force child school improvement. He didn’t know how many parents needed to trigger an improvement team visit, but he said the number should be large.

Ed · Miliband will propose: “Although the government promised to share rights, the government actually concentrated its rights in Whitehall and tried to manage it in Whitehall without leaving home. Thousands of schools. This simply does not work, and the result is that some schools have not been supervised to & rdquo;.

He said: “When parents are very worried about whether they are free schools, colleges or local schools, they don’t have to wait anxiously for someone in Whitehall to intervene. On the contrary, every school will have parents convening an improvement team.

Remedial actions should include drafting a campus standard plan for areas that currently require serious concern; working with agents in other schools; introducing extracurricular teaching and leadership expertise; and changing staff or school leaders.

Ed · Miliband believes: “The Labor government will face enormous financial challenges and they must cut spending.” That’s why every pound we spend should be spent in that flower, and, in another way, we can do more with less.

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