Beautiful German Lynn Park Community

The transformation of industrial areas into downtown areas has been a problem, but the “Park Linne” project in Germany has succeeded as a model for this problem. Villa area 50 new apartments ranging in size from 65 to 187 square meters and 64 parking spaces in the underground parking lot. Elegant city villas, classic townhouses, stylish lofts, and stylish city apartments are embedded in a unique landscape. The concept of urban planning is based on a well-balanced streetscape and a identifiable detached residential urban image. The space is an amazing order from the depth and height of the building. Towards the south, the imaging sequence of the square along the axis develops, which further emphasizes the positioning of the tree’s groups.

There are protrusions and grooves in the bright colors of different alternating stickers to give the building a classic, modern look . The entrance section is fitted with wooden doors as well as slate and visual structure throughout the orchestra. In addition, the main purpose is to extend down to the first floor of the window, the veranda and the roof terrace to determine the building. Carefully formulated the details of their enrollment to each villa’s personal charm and strengthen the generation of an address.

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