Bathtub maintenance, separate material and operate

How to maintain the bathtub? Ask for advice! In fact, this is also a problem that many people will encounter in their daily lives. Today we will focus on it.

  Bathtub should be divided into materials for maintenance

  The maintenance of the bathtub is similar to our skin care. Different skin types are suitable for different products and maintenance. The way is different. The bathtubs on the market mainly include: the current bathtub materials on the market mainly include: acrylic, cast iron, wood and steel.

  Acrylic Bathtub Care Tips

   Acrylic Bathtubs are very common in the market, this material bathtub is not expensive It is easy to shape, light in weight, and has a good surface finish and good thermal insulation. It is especially suitable for cold places in winter. But the acrylic material is not so hard, and it is easy to scratch if it hits a sharp object.

   Once the acrylic bathtub is used daily, it should be carefully cleaned to prevent dirt from remaining in the bathtub. Even if you don’t use it every day, you should always wipe it. If it sticks to dirty things, it will not be cleaned up. When cleaning, be sure to avoid using steel balls, which are easy to scratch. It is recommended to use neutral detergent. Some organic solvents can easily burn the bathtub, causing surface softening and cracking. If there are some small scratches, you can use different types of sandpaper, add water and polish, it will not look out.

  Cast iron bathtub maintenance techniques

   cast iron bathtub, as the name suggests, the main material is cast iron, so this bathtub is generally heavy. Durable. In order to make it smooth and beautiful, the surface is covered with enamel. Cast iron bathtubs are generally more expensive and require more maintenance.

  Share a few tips for the maintenance of cast iron bathtubs: First, it is best to use special detergents, right There is no harm on the surface of the bathtub, and it saves time and effort to remove scale and soap residue. Secondly, you can refer to the method of glass cleaning, wipe with a newspaper, and the surface is smooth and non-staining. Third, if there are stubborn stains on the surface, you can soak the rag In white vinegar, put it on the stain and put it on for one night. On the next day, use a soda powder and vinegar to make a paste. Then use a shoe brush to wipe out the “special detergent” and clean it with water.

 Steel Bathtub Maintenance Tips

  Steel Bathtub is also made of enamel on the surface of the steel plate. The characteristics of grinding, heat resistance and pressure resistance, moderate price and high cost performance have been favored by many families. For daily maintenance of this bathtub, it is recommended to wipe with a soft dry cloth. If there is a slight stain, gently wipe it with a soft cloth or sea surface. If the rag is too rough, the surface will be tarnished. The steel bathtub is a bit more critical. It is best not to put iron objects because it is easy to rust.

  Wood tub maintenance tips

   The wooden bathtub is best to choose hardwood such as cedar. The density of the wood is high and it is not easy to absorb water and deform. The most important thing about wooden bathtubs is moisture protection, which is also an effective way to reduce the mildew and bacteria in the bathtub. Therefore, the material of wood is especially important. Every time the wooden bathtub is used up, it can be gently brushed with a brown brush. Because there are many wooden gaps, it is not clean enough to wipe with a rag. Wash it out with water, but don’t expose it to the sun. In the bathtub, the wood is prone to moisture loss and cracking. Wash and dry, and occasionally sun-sterilized.

  The above is the maintenance method for different material bathtubs. It is recommended that netizens can learn more about the material of the employer’s bathtub home and carry out bathtub maintenance according to different materials. Extend the life of the bathtub by effective maintenance.


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