Latex gloves lamps floating on the lake

More than 1,000 expanded and illuminated latex gloves, installed by the Spanish lighting designer Luzinterruptus on the surface of the French lake. Created a multidisciplinary art festival, 700 pairs of gas-filled gloves and autonomous LED lights combined with lamps that float on the water.
With such a dark water, in fact, it is completely forbidden to get in the water, we think it is almost our responsibility, think that it is very strange and sinister to recall in its depths. The tragic scene, the scene of the sinking body, the gloves being tied together, floating or going to sink, depends on one’s life experience.

The designer said: “We believe that everything here looks so impeccable perfect In such a natural and pastoral environment, we add more beauty to our light, so that’s why we choose to target mysterious and dark designs. ”

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Design of Danish architect and designer – ARNE JACOBSEN

Arne JacobsenBe a Danish architect and designer, he is best known for his simple and sleek chair design .

GreenPre Propchair isJacobsenfor Arko Oy Helsinkidesigned, the number is very small, never the version. This makes people think of Joe ColomboDesigned a limited number of lights, at about the same time, which makes people wonder who inspires who.

JacobsenMost popular design One Eggchairs can be found in most modern houses. This chair has been redesigned with many colors and fabrics.
It also inspired similar designs that can be found in home stores such as IKEA.

Jacobsen Design textiles too, like the one on the left. The wallpaper on the right is made by Scandinavian DesignerBorastapeterDeveloped , usedJacobsenpattern.

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Cute Loch Ness Monster

When you cook a pot of hot soup next time, why not use this cute ladle? The Loch Ness Monster Ladle has the appearance of a mysterious Loch Ness Monster, but this guy has short, thick legs so he can stand on his own. It is owned by a modern storeAnimi CausaOtotoDesign, unfortunately, This blue-green stalk is not sold until February. This ingenious product is priced at 15.99US dollars.

As the website points out, Believe it or not, the Loch Ness Monster will appear in the deep pot! Dive into your favorite soup or stand by for a while, and a legendary time in the kitchen will appear.

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Scandinavian inspired wood and leather chair

Alfredo ZertucheSLWThe chair has a unique angle and beautiful craftsmanship. After studying the old Danish woodworking and furniture design, he decided to focus on three main features: low profile, design and material selection, manufacturing processes and technology. To create a sturdy chair,ZertucheUse traditional Mexican harness methods to build seats and Backrest, hand-stitched thick leather and strapped to the frame.

Once the initial SLWAfter the chair is completed,Zertuche Starting a series of 25A different seat and back option.

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9-year-old girl spends free time building a small shelter for the homeless

one9year The name is Hailey FordThe girl is working hard to build an environmentally friendly small house. In her hometown of Bremerton, Washington, she saw a name called EdwardHomelessness Afterwards, Haileyand her mother decided to buy him a sandwich. For this little girl, this is not enough. She wants to find a way to continue to provide food for those in need. So, the little girl started building a garden called Hailey’s Harvest.

Inspiration behind the gardenHaileyStarting to build a mobile shelter for the homeless in her community. The planned shelter will have solar panels and recycled insulation. HaileyThe plan is expected to open this shelter later this year.

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San Francisco’s house was remodeled in 1941

ArchitectRyan Leidner took over a remodeling San Francisco1941 Year of the house project. The footprint of the house must remain the same, due to strict zoning restrictions, which means they cannot add a deck.

Because of these restrictions, the living room and kitchen area on the top floor is designed to be an outdoor space with floor-to-ceiling glass doors Sliding to both sides makes the room feel completely open. The glass railings bring an open feel that makes you think on the open platform.
The new kitchen features white composite plywood cabinets with quartz countertops that maintain a minimalist style that won’t disturb the view.
The top floor used to separate the living room and kitchen is removed to make the space more open.
The downstairs is also reconfigured, now includes A new master suite.

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Interesting products from DENOE BCN DESIGN

Denoe BCN Design is a design duo, by industrial designerNoéand graphics and interior designersMaria José Composition, their work is inspired by everyday objects.

Fylis an easy-to-use chair with colored outlines around the curved metal.

Pennxero is a modular storage system that uses a pencil instead of a hook to hang your item.

Gipsyis a very simple no The back bar stool, it is light and colored.

Zeenis a fun rocking chair with a built-in magazine corner on the seat compartment.

NuusInspiration from Roots And the ropes, they are tightly tied together.

Pyois a fun birdcage-shaped lamp.

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ARTIFOX standing desk 01

last last yeardigital+analog After the table, furniture studioArtifoxWith a slender version of the table back, this is designed for those who like to stand and use a laptop to work.

ArtifoxStanding desk01Solved one of our biggest complaints about stand-up desks: aesthetics. It combines wood, aluminum hardware, powder coated steel, leather and rare earth magnets. The table is suitable for any home office, with adjustable height and several tissue characteristics.
Standing desk01can be based on users Customized for your left or right hand, you can choose slate black or powder white as the surface color, wood with maple or walnut. More details about the table can be found at the most ArtifoxView on the website.

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San Francisco Bathroom Renovation

Chris BrighamShared the bathroom renovation of the beautiful new San Francisco home, which he and the designer ArchitectsFidel ArchuletaCooperative.

Chris I met at the store where he worked Fidal. After they got to know each other,ChrisInviteFidalHelps deal with some of his small bathroom problems. We are all about large designs/Building projects are of interest, so we think this is an opportunity to turn things we don’t like into one complete Cooperative transformation,”Chrissaid .
The old bathroom was not terrible, but it did not exactly matchChrisDesign aesthetics with his wife.

ChrisThere is a background in furniture and graphic design, so this project is full of more challenges.FidalThe background is based on the construction aspect, they must find a compromise to ensure that everything is moving toward The way they are designed. Finally Chrisnot only got a great bathroom, but more satisfied with this is his own design:From the ideas and drawings between us to the bathroom that really built our imagination, this is really great. I always Try to learn how to do new and different things, so it is a good learning opportunity,FidelTeach me a lot about architecture, this is something I didn’t know before. /span>.

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a table perfect for cats

Shape is simple and elegant,HammockThe table is made of three materials——vine, glass And stainless steel. The woven rattan frame is just under the glass table top. Although you can display a range of items on the pergolas, such as magazines, decorations or books, this location seems to be more suitable for your cat friends. As the photo shows, the cat can perfectly lie under the table.

HammockTable is made by JapanKoichi FutatsumataStudio Design, this It is a company specializing in product and item design. You can do it at E&Y1572US dollars to buy this table.
This reminds us of LYCSCA Table, a fun and practical Wooden table, designed for people and cats.

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