Croft House’s 2017 Furniture Collection

Located in the bustling area of ​​downtown Los Angeles, Croft House is a manufacturer and retailer of handmade furniture. They started to restore antique furniture in 2009, and the business quickly flourished into a complete service production studio and retail store.
Croft House now brings their collection of 2017. They are known for their ability to reuse materials and create exquisite furniture at an affordable price point. Every piece is modern and timeless, suitable for any space. Furniture can be personalized to suit the needs of the user, and their portfolio includes sofas, tables, bookshelves, cabinets, beds, bookcases and more.

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Adelaide Zoo has a green roof and lots of living walls

Sometimes, a green decoration is almost a must. The Adelaide Zoo has a green roof and lots of living walls, and even a great entrance, similar to a green box. The new entrance is designed by a project managed by Hassell. A green roof suspended at the entrance allows these zoos to better study and observe certain types of wildlife.
Palo Santo is a boutique hotel located in Buenos Aires, designed by MarioCito. It was built at the address of a printing factory and was the first to be built using the LEED rating system. The most important part of the project is energy saving. To highlight this function, the architect covered the building with a vertical garden.
Located in San Francisco, SafeHouse has been the headquarters of Cafe Gratitude, known for its green landmarks, due to its lush vertical gardens. The living murals were created by plant artists Amanda Goldberg and Brandon Pruett. They chose to use drought-resistant plants.

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The latest lighting design of the Paris Home Furnishings Expo

PendeenThe chandelier is a large copper fixture that covers the trenches with grooves on the surface. The two suspension arms support the luminaire and look amazing.

Pierre- Marie Couturier is an interior designer whose composing collection contains Baroque style luminaires.

Lodge The chandelier has a spherical style and is suitable for a variety of interior styles.

The interior of these lights is more dramatic. The metal surface emphasizes the cast metal pattern.

AndersLights have a kind of leisure The feeling is that it is made of banana stem fiber layers. Since each lamp is handmade, they all have different appearances.

Soren Lights have The copper frame, when the lamp is lit, the inner frame can be seen through the lampshade made of banana stem fiber.

Denmark Design CompanyNormanncreated these A practical bell light with four neutral colors and a small, medium or large version. Like a chameleon, this adaptable design is suitable for any style of home decoration.

Vancouver, CanadaMolo DesignExploring the research and manufacturing space of materials. Their Cloud SoftlightThe lights create a undulating and soft form of light. The lights are of different sizes and the interior is LEDLights.

Luna RossaThe chandelier has a hemispherical lampshade and a hand-made rusted appearance. Inside is a white lacquer and an invisible light source: the light is diffused inside the lampshade, a small white steel circle The top is hiddenLEDring.

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New works of the 2017 Architectural Design Exhibition

Robert Sukrachand brings a unique piece to the 2017 Architectural Design Show.
The first is the new Volume Mirror folio. This set of mirrors is different from any mirror we have ever seen. With 3D geometry, these sculptural objects deviate from the typical features of the mirror. They are made of stained glass and hardwood frames.
Robert also brought a new coffee table and wall table. They all have eye-catching color combinations that make them look like graphic art, not furniture. The new coffee tables can be nested together and rotated.

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Excellent design of international contemporary furniture in 2016

Jamie HarrisShow these milky glass blown pendants that look like they are melting.

These cloud-like paper devices are from molo design, they move gently as the airflow changes.

Phloemstudio show Cascade Clubchairs with soft curves and leather or wool blends The cushion of the fabric.

IN.SEKlaunched a new lighting series. The new chandelier mixes concrete and wood elements.

Lighting DesignerRosie Li brilliantlyand furniture manufacturerVOLKShared the same booth, their collections seamlessly blended together.

MellowSofa fromOcéane Delain, designed to allow the user to adjust the stiffness of the sofa through the rope grid below, while also changing the appearance of the surface.

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A loft apartment with a mix of French beauty and country charm

One ​​big problem with loft apartments is the lack of natural light. Architects and designers deal with this problem in a variety of ways.
This apartment is at 2013The year was refurbished, the main purpose was to open the apartment and let more natural light enter, making it look more spacious and bright.
Some spaces are connected to form an open floor plan, all functions can communicate with each other. A central corridor connects all Personal space. Although it is narrow, it looks and feels bright and open.
The kitchen is minimalist and discreet, to life The area is open. A small kitchen island bar separates two areas.
The beam is a beautiful feature that adds a touch of the village to the apartment and seamlessly blends old and new elements in a very pleasant way. Brick walls have similar functions, but do not significantly affect the decoration of the country.

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Book Keeper is designed to let you store and organize your favorite books

Book Keeper is designed to let you store and organize your favorite books. It has a simple and sculptural design that easily blends into a variety of upholstery and spaces, whether industrial, rustic, modern or traditional.
This is another impressive magazine rack with sculptural forms and clean geometric structures. It allows users to store books and magazines in different angles and in a variety of ways.
Magazine racks don’t need to stand out in obvious ways, just by more subtle special means such as a lovely combination of curved wire and leather.
This is actually a very good magazine rack design choice. Its compact design fits it, making it both practical and stylish. Two handles make it easy to carry around.

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The wooden frame of the Charlot ottoman is completely hidden in fabric and cushions.

The wooden frame of the Charlot ottoman is completely hidden in the fabric and cushions. This gives them a very comfortable and cute look, making them a lovely seating unit that fits the rest area and other settings.

Small ottomans are versatile and practical. They can be integrated into any room in the house, as a temporary seating area, a comfortable corner or an alternative coffee table, or even a bedside lamp.

A leather Ottoman is also a decoration you might want to consider if you want to give it a more friendly and comfortable look. Textures, patterns and colors bring an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere.

The ottoman is available in a variety of forms, shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Some tops have removable trays that allow them to be great tables. Some low ottomans are used as footrests, usually combined with lounge chairs or sofas.

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Charming apartment in the colourful buildings of Ibiza

Tropical areas usually have blue and green tones, but this building includes all the colors of the rainbow. Designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, the Las Boas building is a city jungle with an unparalleled view of the towns of Formentera and Ibiza. It is mainly used as a residential area, but Creamhotel adds an island vacation rental package to the building, which means you can stay in this tropical paradise with bright colors the next time you visit Ibiza.
2 and 2 bedroom apartments offer all the amenities of a regular hotel such as swimming pool and public areas, spa and fitness center, free WIFI and cable TV. You can open the sliding window of the living room and enjoy the view from the window.

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The Tel Aviv apartment was remodeled in 1950

Interior DesignerMayan Ish Shalomand Michal TchwellaCo-renovation of this second-floor apartment . Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, 1950Annual apartment has 67square meter(721square feet), is divided into many small spaces that lack natural light.

There are windows in front and behind the apartment, which is the only vent in the entire room. To create a more circulated environment, a window is built into the center of the kitchen. The windows not only help to circulate air, but also allow light to pass through and provide a view from the window.
The medium-sized interior is kept clean and simple, and all surfaces are painted white to help reflect light.
The extra bedroom is placed behind the glass wall and the additional curtains provide privacy. They can Keep it open for natural light to flow in, making the interior feel more open.

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