What kind of wallpaper is good How to choose wallpaper when decorating

What kind of wallpaper is good? Wallpaper is the product that will be used in home decoration nowadays, because the wallpaper is very beautiful, and there are a lot of colors for different people to choose. The wallpaper on the home will be very neat and looks very fashionable. So what is the wallpaper like? How to choose wallpaper when decorating? This is a question that everyone will care about. First of all, plastic wallpaper. This is a common wallpaper on the market. Most of the surface materials used are polyvinyl chloride (or polyethylene), also known as pvc wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is divided into many types, each of which is divided into several varieties, each of which is subdivided into a variety of colors. Generally, paper is used as a substrate, plastic pvc paste resin is coated, and then printed and embossed. Generally, there are several types of flat printing, light printing, monochrome embossing, and printing embossing. The wallpaper is relatively inexpensive, has a wide range of uses, is durable, but is environmentally friendly. We must choose carefully this point. Secondly, the straw wallpaper, this wallpaper feels like the previous hay weaving, such a wallpaper is very simple, like returning to nature. It would be very pleasant to paste such a wallpaper in the home. This kind of wallpaper is like a rural style. It is very happy to see the landscape like the pastoral after returning home from work. This will forget the troubles of the day, such a wallpaper is very good. I hope everyone can look at this wallpaper. Third, wood fiber wallpaper. For a new generation of classic and practical high-end wallpapers, the wood fine fiber surface or polyester extracted from the tree species is not harmful to the body, the environmental protection performance is very good, and it is also very resistant to corrosion and moisture. When you are dirty, you can take a brush directly, there will be no scratches, and the breathability is very good. This is why many people choose wood fiber wallpaper.

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What is imitation wood flooring? How about? Advantages and disadvantages analysis

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1. What is imitation wood flooring?

Imitated solid wood flooring refers to solid wood flooring The reinforced floor made of size, thickness, pattern, etc. Because the base material of the imitation solid wood floor and the reinforced floor is the same as the MDF, the imitation wood floor is actually an extension of the reinforced floor or the reinforced floor. In the 1980s, the thickness of the laminate floor originating in Europe was 8 mm, and the size was generally 190*1200 mm.

Imitation wood floor was named after the pattern is close to the solid wood floor. The imitation wood floor imitated the solid wood floor. The thick, imitation solid wood floor surface is evenly pressed with a layer of anti-wear agent, which has strong wear resistance and hardness, can simulate various wood pattern and color, strong stability, convenient paving and simple maintenance.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of imitation wood flooring

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Advantages of imitation wood flooring

1, imitation wood flooring is better than wood flooring The abrasion resistance of conventional imitation wood flooring can reach 4000–10000 rpm or more;

2, good protection, imitation solid wood flooring is more resistant to impact, fire, corrosion and durability than solid wood flooring; /P>

3, good stability, imitation wood flooring will not produce problems such as solid wood flooring, which are often prone to thermal expansion and contraction, structural instability;

4, diverse and economical The imitation solid wood floor is rich in color, and is coordinated and unified in different decoration styles, fully satisfying the user’s individualization, the price is much lower than the solid wood floor, and it is an economical type of floor;

5, convenient installation and cost saving. The imitation solid wood floor installation method is simple, and the suspension pavement method is generally adopted. Generally 40–80m2 area of ​​the room is installed with laminate flooring. A installer only takes 6-9 hours, the installation time of the solid wood floor is about 4-6 times that of the imitation solid wood floor installation, and the sanitary and maintenance and solid wood Compared with the floor, it can save half of the time;

6, good flatness, imitation solid wood floor feels comfortable and flexible, assembling gaps and flatness is difficult to compare with other types of flooring;

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Chongqing’s popular attractions have a new angle. Ordovician and other scenic spots are faster.

In the past two days, Chongqing Liziba misplaced filming “ the new game of swallowing light rails has been screened, and the tourists who took the video are standing on the new viewing platform of Liziba, in order to borrow this new angle. .

Since the Golden Week of the National Day, the upgrade of the Chongqing Red Star attraction has brought some new perspectives and gameplay. There is a different short video on the Chongqing Red Star attraction, such as Li Ziba & ldquo Swallowing light rails, such as the Wansheng Ordovician scenic spot was “stunned by the screaming man.”

After Chongqing became a red spot on May 1 this year, various scenic spots have upgraded their files, and the richer gameplay and more suitable participation methods have become the key points for upgrading.

Red spots have added new angles

The Liziba observation deck has recently been beaten up on the vibrato, the misplaced shooting method, the swallowing light rail, the mineral water Bottled light rail, lifted light rail, and some couples played with the heart of the “light rail” through the heart, and some also installed a video of the light rail on the phone, and then with the light rail that will soon wear the building to a “meeting.”

Liziba light rail wears the floor, which can be regarded as the top three of the popular red spots in Chongqing. After the upgrade, the viewing platform opened in August allows the viewing angle of the Liziba light rail to be worn. With an excellent 33 degrees, visitors can play a variety of new tricks — — previously used on the sidewalk less than one meter wide, the wrong angle can not be found.

Hongyadong is the most popular scenic spot in Chongqing. Before the National Day, the number of toilets was increased and the number of elevators increased. , enable intelligent devices, such as face recognition, new access control system, full-site wifi, etc., but still make Hongyadong crowded during the Golden Week. Currently, Yuzhong District is expanding in the Daijiaxiang area, using trails here. Open up the upper and lower half of the city, reflecting the characteristics of the mountain city and the cliff, and let the Hongyadong area expand, the current project is underway.

The Yangtze River Cableway is also one of the three major red spots in Chongqing. Recently, the Yangtze River Cableway is in the direction of Xinjie. A new viewing platform has been opened, and the Yangtze River Cableway taken here has a perfect angle. Although Chongqing has not officially announced this viewing platform, it has already been discovered by foreign tourists, and the scenery is invincible, and it can avoid the crowds and lenses that you are robbing.

The increase in the Ordovician new project

In contrast, the Ordovician scenic spot outside the main city of Chongqing is more comprehensive for the upgrade of the scenic spot.

The Ordovician scenic spot has been on fire for about a year. After the Chongqing tourism blowout in May this year, the Ordovician scenic spot will completely cover the cliffs and open up a new cliff project center, which will be the Ordovician The cliff line has been extended, and six cliff projects such as a leaping machine, screaming, volley flying, and a 21-meter cliff swing are here. The cliffs are used to increase the visual impact. These large-scale amusement projects have been given new scenes. After that, the irritating feeling brought by people is also geometrically multiplied. It is no wonder that so many people send videos and play a less horrible thing. “The screams are also shaking.

Here you will talk about the new 21m cliff swing. The Ordovician scenic spot is full of eyeballs on the cliff swing, from the initial 4m swing, 8m swing to the later 18m swing, with a 6m swing added, and the cliff swing has climbed to 7th floor. The height of 21 meters, the rising height of the swing, has become a new flow cannonball on the vibrato, and has become a must-have item for tourists.

In addition, the scenic area has added the first 360-degree rotating pendulum in the southwest. This large pendulum not only has a 360-degree rotation, but also a 360-degree vertical rotation, and then a big courage. The circle is also a big one.

The upgrade of the Ordovician scenic area is far more than this. The dinosaur ice and snow world and the dream ice sculpture kingdom are planned to open this month. Skiing, snowing and playing ice sculptures will be carried out, and the winter season of the scenic spot will be completely upgraded. The traditional off-season of the mountainous scenic spot may become the peak season. In addition, the high-altitude bungee jumping, the rocket bungee jumping, and the gantry flying armor will explode. The project of the table has brought the thrill of the scenic spot to a higher level. At that time, even those who have visited the Ordovician scenic spot at the beginning of this year will return to this scenic spot and will find that more than half of the fresh projects have never been played, even within a day. It is difficult to finish all the projects in the scenic area, which will enable visitors to return to the desire of the network red scenic spot within one year. With the temperament of Changhong, the key is to make the locals full of interest, which is all the red scenic spots in Chongqing. Medium is unique.

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What are the common problems with solid wood flooring?

1. Insects: The reason is related to the selection of flooring. In order to prevent insects, the first is to purchase the floor produced by the steaming process of the dry kiln. Although the price is relatively expensive, all the eggs in the wood have been killed. Second, the keel is carefully selected, and there are insects or bark. , no need to.

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Li Xingchang: On the road to transformation and upgrading of Chinese hardwood furniture

Executive Chairman of the Traditional Furniture Committee of China Furniture Association, Director of Zhongshan Taixing Furniture Co., Ltd. Chang Li Xingchang

& ldquo; The road is long and tidy, I will go up and down, explore and innovate to become the current Chinese hardwood furniture enterprises to seek new ways, open up new patterns, open up new fields, set sail in a new era An important guiding mode of thinking. The development of the new normal economy, the limitation of timber resources, and the impact of the information revolution have made contemporary Chinese-style hardwood furniture face a major test, and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is imminent. In the entire home market, the competition in 2017 was extremely hot. Modern furniture companies such as Hao Laike, Sophia, Shangpin Home Furnishing, etc., were all listed on the market, and quickly occupied and divided the market. However, Chinese hardwood furniture companies are still exploring the way of development, tangling the direction of transformation and upgrading, and urging the entire Chinese home furnishing industry to seize the opportunity in this trend of home improvement and miss out on great opportunities. Where should Chinese Chinese hardwood furniture go? This is a problem that we must ponder and explore in the whole industry. The four words are summarized as follows: Chinese hardwood furniture must continue to inherit the original traditional furniture culture, and keep pace with the times. Advance with the times to promote the innovation of Chinese hardwood furniture, which will drive the development of the whole industry!


(1) Inheritance & ldquo;Artisan Spirit

Chinese Tradition Chinese hardwood furniture has a long history and brilliant achievements, which is inseparable from the wisdom and sweat of traditional craftsmen. The cultural heritage and humanistic connotation of Chinese hardwood furniture are extremely profound and are an important core component of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese-style hardwood furniture will continue to inherit the current and future development, and the spirit of the craftsman will be refined, special, excellent, and specialized in Chinese hardwood furniture, and let the Chinese hardwood furniture “shen” and “shen” The soul can be passed down! Chinese hardwood furniture should pay attention to the inheritance of craftsmanship, but also pay attention to the return of culture, so that Chinese hardwood furniture should be raised to the craftsmanship!

Silk 翎 雕 </

(2) Inheritance & ldquo;Quality Spirit

The Chinese hardwood furniture market has appeared. The whole industry and enterprises have begun to lose their direction. They cannot grasp the core and key points. Through the sale and promotion, they achieved the goal of “going away”, but they smashed their own signs and ruined the enterprise. The development has also caused chaos in the entire Chinese hardwood furniture market.

Since ancient times, consumers have been pursuing nothing more than “good quality and low price. Enterprises must work hard at “good quality” and “low price”. “Insufficient price is affected by the macro-control of the market. Of course, the whole price trend may also appear.” This is a comprehensive judgment based on the establishment of the market and its own conditions. It is not difficult to make decisions.

How is “the beauty of the company is undecided,” but the market and consumers’ rules of survival of the fittest will definitely determine the qualitative change of the company’s products. In addition to the real material, we must also guarantee the quality of the product. The quality system of the whole product will be another trump card for the Chinese hardwood furniture enterprises in the market. What is quality, not only the quality of Chinese hardwood furniture itself, but also the recognition that the entire marketing and after-sales service are the core components of product quality. Keep in mind that although consumers are not experts, consumers are “selling homes, and shop around is the power of consumers. Product quality is the life of an enterprise. Together with culture, it constitutes the future development of traditional Chinese furniture. Enterprises and industries must pay great attention. The control of product quality is not a business, an organization or an institution. It is an unshirkable mission of people from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of Chinese-style hardwood furniture. Enterprises must be responsible to consumers, be responsible for themselves, be responsible for the market, be responsible for Chinese traditional culture, and be responsible for the future development of Chinese-style hardwood furniture. Consumers are waiting to see the Chinese furniture market, companies must find ways to build their purchasing confidence, so that consumers feel the purchase of Chinese-style hardwood furniture “good quality, while enjoying a one-stop quality service.

Appreciation of large-color rosewood furniture

(3) Inheritance & ldquo; Cultural Core

Chinese traditional furniture culture and Chinese culture are in the same line. Chinese hardwood furniture culture plays an important role in Chinese furniture history and Chinese history! Chinese traditional culture in furniture The inheritance and transmission of products are intuitively expressed as the application of traditional Chinese elements in furniture products. The elements of this culture give a more intuitive and stronger Chinese atmosphere, and its reasonable interpretation is also a place where Chinese modern hardwood furniture needs to be passed down. In the process of transforming traditional elements, we must not only pay attention to the inheritance of the charm, but also fully consider the use, environment and aesthetic characteristics of modern people, so as to carry out the continuation, decomposition and reorganization of elements, and to simplify. It is necessary to understand and respect the traditional elements that have the cultural context, to continue and interpret the essence and connotation of the traditional culture, and to avoid the elements of different eras and different styles. The design of Chinese hardwood furniture emphasizes the embodiment of spiritual charm, and the product revealsThe gentleness, the rich atmosphere or the elegant art is the metaphorical expression of the Chinese element in the product. The Chinese element is interpreted in the product. It can only be interpreted as an indescribable Chinese aesthetic, but also a Chinese culture. The temperament of implied and unobtrusive in the bones. Therefore, the product design of modern Chinese hardwood furniture is more based on the deep understanding of traditional decorative culture. The design is not only the shape, but also the “wind and bone”, which is the innovation and design to be passed down.

Stylish new Chinese furniture design

2 innovation

(1) Innovation “home concept”

The so-called innovative “home concept is to take the whole house custom route, the whole house customization is the trend of the times, but also It will be the mainstream of the future home improvement market. In the tide of industrial transformation and upgrading, the design-oriented furniture customization, the rapid development of private customization, and the pursuit of high-quality personalized home life, promote the whole house customization model to become the mainstream of today and the future. Home customization is the trend of the industry. Economic development and cultural prosperity have increased consumer demand for customized home products. In addition, the integration of the big home industry is accelerating, and furniture customization and even home customization reflects the integration trend of the entire home industry. Consumer demand for one-stop shopping has spawned an accelerated combination of furniture and home. The whole house customization, which covers the entire soft-packing process and even extends to hard-wearing, is actually a result of the high integration of the home furnishing industry. Whole house customization can solve this problem through individualized and professional matching of the whole house. Chinese hardwood furniture companies must overcome the difficulties and fully open customized development routes that meet the diverse needs of consumers!

One-stop whole house customization experience

(2) Innovation & Lifestyle; Lifestyles With the rapid development of economy and technology, consumers are The demand for material conditions is getting higher and higher, and the demand for personalization and intelligence has become the main trend of current home decoration. In this way, intelligent whole-house customization has emerged as the times require, and has become the focus of market attention. As a traditional furniture industry, we must dare to break through, actively respond to the trend of the times, carry out transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and create a smart lifestyle! “Smart & middot; New Chinese-style overall home is a perfect combination of modern intelligent technology system and new Chinese style. The concept of the consumer first, in the spirit of the consumer’s interests, with a serious, responsible, honest attitude, from the actual needs of consumers, the heart of the service, the heart of the smart home system design and solutions for consumers To enable consumers to truly enjoy the “good quality and low price products and services, to save worry, save trouble, save time, effort, and save money, to design personalized, intelligent, user-friendly, energy-saving and environmental protection for consumers. Type of “Smart Home.” Let everyone’s lifestyle become smarter and simpler. This is an important idea and direction for the development of Chinese-style hardwood furniture enterprises in the future!

Intelligent Home Life

(3)Innovation<;Marketing Mode

Focus on e-commerce platform marketing and new media Promote and promote the combination of online and offline. Under the background of the global economic and cultural integration, human beings have entered a modern society with digital information technology as the core, and constantly promote the information construction and information management of enterprises, and carry out a “revolutionary demand”. It is imperative that advancing with the times is the constant norm of development. The marketing channels of the traditional furniture industry are also trying to change in line with the development of the times. WeChat marketing, Weibo marketing, e-commerce and other marketing methods have gradually been accepted by Chinese hardwood furniture companies. Although it is not bound by the characteristics of its own industry, it has not been as good as electronic communication devices such as mobile phones and computers. However, we have to believe that the Internet revolution is irreversible. The traditional furniture has begun to try the e-commerce road is a very positive. s begin. Enterprises must adapt to the call of the times and keep pace with the development of the times. Of course, this is not the basis for us to lose traditional culture. It is to effectively spread the traditional Chinese traditional hardwood furniture culture with the help of new media, and at the same time promote the healthy long-term development of enterprises.

E-commerce platform

(4) Innovation & ldquo;Corporate Management

The lag of the traditional furniture industry is largely due to the obsolescence of the enterprise management model, and enterprises must open the era of information and networked office. For the future whole house customization of Chinese hardwood furniture, enterprises should develop and use 3D cloud panoramic experience home decoration software, combined with VR virtual technology, let consumers participate in their entire home decoration, and increase participation. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce advanced production equipment in production, enter the industry 4.0 era, and create a first-class production line, thereby shortening the production cycle and improving production efficiency. Promote the process of enterprise integration and integration, and realize enterprise management and production management of informationization, digitization and network. (Source: First Furniture Network)

Industry 4.0 Times

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How to inspect the brand before joining the wardrobe, learn to be closer to success!

If you already want to join the wardrobe, then the choice of wardrobe brand is particularly important. If you choose well, it is equivalent to standing on the shoulders of giants, it is easier to make money, then how to inspect the brand before we join the wardrobe ?

How do investors look at the wardrobe to join the brand? Xiaobian proposes the following suggestions:

1. Through the official website, community forums, industry portals, etc. to understand the brand’s core value system, cultural concept, popularity, social influence, brand-owned enterprises’ business performance, entrepreneurial development experience, awards, honorary certificates, etc. Develop legal qualifications and license procedures for chain franchise business.

2, through the keyword search, query the brand in the development of the wardrobe to join the chain process, whether there are bad records and relatively objective and fair user reviews. If there are bad information such as “Play Karate”, “Cheats defrauding money”, and after-sales service, be careful, beware of the next one you are cheated.

3. Visit the wardrobe franchise store of the same brand in the local area, or directly experience the brand’s service process, charging standards, and single store management level as a consumer. At the same time, visit other brands of wardrobe franchise stores or wardrobe industry people, personally experience the service of other wardrobes to join the brand, from which to analyze the position of the wardrobe brand that intends to join in the industry, the advantages and disadvantages in the industry, market competitiveness, feel the pain brand power. The first-class wardrobe franchise brand will have a high reputation, reputation and good social image.

4, wardrobe investors before deciding to join a wardrobe to join the brand, sign a cooperation agreement, it is best to personally visit the door to understand the office environment, team quality, management practices of the wardrobe to join the brand. Generally, there are strong wardrobes to join the brand, there will be regular and legitimate enterprises, good office conditions, high-quality team, first-class production equipment.

5, fully understand the investment, site selection requirements, decoration style, required staffing, basic personnel requirements, team management norms, single store system construction, and related headquarters can be given. Support, equipment and facilities after-sales maintenance service, etc., in order to be able to lift the worries of the wardrobe franchise.

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What is a network floor? Teach you to identify the true and false network floor!

Network floor is a floor specially designed to adapt to modern office and easy network wiring. Also known as wiring floor,

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due to the network floor itself Its characteristics make it overcome the shortcomings of the existing floor cable solutions, and it is well adapted to the requirements of fast network changes, multiple access ports, high and low writing floors, anti-static, and flame retardant requirements. Therefore, it is very suitable for large office buildings. , computer room, intelligent building, securities hall, government agencies, financial institutions, scientific research institutions, broadcasting centers, post and telecommunications, communication sites, telecommunications teaching, advertising printing, conference centers, media production, commercial websites, electric power, etc., its application It will certainly promote the further development of high-tech technology.

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Business Leaders Annual Meeting Guest | Jiang Xiaobai Chairman Tao Shiquan “Liquor Subversive”

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Participant Series Report 16

Jiang Xiaobai Chairman Tao Shiquan has confirmed Participate in the “New Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. From January 24th to 25th, 2018, he will wait and see what kind of “wonderful words” in the theme round table forum of new consumption, new scenes and new experiences.

Tao Shiquan was a child of a large population from a young age. From the elementary school to the junior high school, I took the first place in the exam. When I was in junior high school, I occupied the first place in the grade for a long time, until I was sent to the key high school.

This is a child who is not very embarrassed. He began to rebel in adolescence, and he loved to play basketball and his class began to fall. After the college entrance examination, he was admitted to Liaoning University of Science and Technology. The only surprise was that he took the first place in the county as a science student. He said that he could start to feel the joy that his talents bring to himself.

This kind of thinking that seeks to lead to pleasure has always dominated the entire university career. “My major is mechanical engineering. I can expect to see the situation after graduation. Everyone is a rising channel, from technicians, deputy engineers, to senior engineers, wages from 1000, 2000 to 5000 … … these are Can be calculated. For me, anything that I can calculate will quickly lose interest. I don’t like to be like others.

Therefore, since he entered the university, he made up his mind to learn to put him in the second place and to shift his energy to other aspects. Writing, taking part in student work, becoming a literary youth, student leader, and organization-sized activities, he quickly became a man of the school.

I will lead the business with a big brother

In 2000, most people still wondered why OICQ was a penguin, or when they thought about how to make a cool online name. Tao Shiquan started the Internet cafe in the school. At that time, the computer was still very rare and expensive. He went to Sanhao Street in Shenyang to buy a lot of parts, assembled his own computer, installed programs and software, and even managed the LAN. He was not a computer professional, but he personally installed a computer.

The Internet cafe opened smoothly, charging 10 yuan an hour, and the business is hot. Tao Shiquan shouted for help from his brothers and friends, and arranged for them to pay and pay. Recalling that period of time, Tao Shiquan joked: “With the brothers mixed and mixed, there is really a feeling of being a big brother.

In addition to opening the Internet cafe, he also runs a film festival, a guitar training class, and a ballroom dance training class. When he graduated from college, he earned 50,000 yuan by doing business and married several peers. street. His talent in business is unmistakable.

As a vice president of the student union of the school, and published a lot of articles, the ability to express organizational skills is very good, Tao Shiquan was recommended by the school as a civil servant or to a large state-owned enterprise, but he resolutely gave up. He knows what he wants, how to get there, “ Whether something is right or not is not what others think, but lies in your own ideas.

After graduation, he entered a well-known private enterprise in China. When I first entered the workplace, I graduated for three months, and the salary rose from 850 yuan to 8,600 yuan. Then, in two and a half years, I got the position of the general manager of the branch, with an annual salary of hundreds of thousands. At that time, he was only 26 years old. When he joined the branch, the younger sister at the front desk was older than him. Although he is young, he is calm and has excellent performance. His 120 people are very convinced.

Old taste, he wants to create a new world of Chinese wine

In the course of his career, he often compares Chinese wine industry with foreign wine industry and thinks about it. The difference. In life, he is constantly observing: Why do people go to the bar, go to the ktv to drink beer, do not drink white wine?

& ldquo; Maybe young people will think that liquor is more soil, but what is the reason for this soil? If it is the reason for brand tonality, it is necessary to change it. I thought a long time ago, why can’t Chinese liquor try to open the young market? I think this direction is certain.

From the idea to the making, Jiang Xiaobai, from financing to buying wineries, from research market to market, Tao Shiquan spent only half a year before and after. The first generation of Jiang Xiaobai dialect was born, personalized packaging and vivid and interesting quotations quickly attracted the attention of consumers and quickly had a large number of fans. For the first time, many people know that white wine can be so young and individual.

It’s a surprise and fun to play

Jiang Xiaobai always brings surprises to consumers. Co-published a number of songs with young musicians, such as “I am Jiang Xiaobai 2016”, “Come in Chongqing” in 2017, “Hello Chongqing”, etc., and quickly became popular as soon as it was launched; “Youth Art Support Program; “All things grow, “See Meng World” and many other youth art exhibitions; in 2016, Jiang Xiaobai’s YOLO music scene will be held; in addition to the continuous innovation of wine bottle packaging, various Wenchuang surrounding areas have become quite It is sought after by young people; the next page will be the animation of Jiang Xiaobai’s image, “I am another one in Jiang Xiaobai’s world”, which is expected to be in the market in 2017 ……

Tao Shiquan said: “Fun and fun is what we have been pursuing. I often talk about a logic, that is, to satisfy the function, you can enjoy romance.

This is also his thinking of doing business. Different from the serious and regular atmosphere of the company, Jiang Xiaobai’s employees spontaneously organized the team, basketball club, skate club, billiard club … … everyone often gathers together on weekdays, and Tao Shiquan often participates with them. Kind of competition. There is also a billiard room in the office area. The work is bothersome and the head is pasted. You can temporarily throw it to the side, play two rounds of billiards and come back.

“ Who said that you must wear business attire, is a good company in a high-end office building? That is a prejudice. In his view, the function of the company is to help people get things done together, in addition to being romantic and rebellious.

“ Just like I think that our company should become very literary, it can’t be a purely utilitarian organization at any time. But to be a company, first of all it must be utilitarian. You have to be able to turn it into an efficient organization. Otherwise, you can talk about your feelings and only burn money without making money. That is nonsense. How can you qualify to talk about literature and romance? /p>

Rational Madness

Jiang Xiaobai’s annual sales growth has remained at 100%, which is a shocking chin speed. It also allows Tao Shiquan to be sold by CCTV, “Sales and Markets.” “The magazine and other institutions awarded the title of “Crazy Trailblazer.”

He also feels crazy, but that’s a kind of “rational madness:” “All I am not willing to try the adventures that I can’t control. In terms of risk, he said that he is a particularly conservative person.

Like the roller coaster and bungee jumping behaviors, he is not willing to try, and feels not at all irritating. “Don’t break the rope, the roller coaster will suddenly stop, even if only one in ten thousand of these things happen, but it does not happen completely uncontrollable to me. But if it is a bicycle, it will be different. Many people think that driving a car is dangerous. In fact, it has professionally trained driving skills. In the closed track, you control it to command it, and to judge and manipulate the feeling accurately. Even if there is an objective danger, most of the cases are still in the situation. In your control, as long as you can control it, it is safe.

Pull away from the tradition until it is completely detached

Liquor is a traditional Chinese wine, and it is not surprising to make it a time-changing change for better inheritance and development. But surprisingly, Tao Shiquan said: “I hope Jiang Xiaobai and the tradition continue to open the distance until completely detached.

This sounds incredible, but according to Tao Shiquan’s style of not taking the usual path, there must be articles in it. If not, he explained: “There is no contradiction between the two. What we have to do is to drink better, and the Chinese wine that can be accepted by everyone is to be made into the “new world” of Chinese wine. And internationalization.

Jiangji Winery can be said to be an important step for Jiang Xiaobai to create a new world of Chinese wine. In the past ten years, Tao Shiquan went to Germany, France, Italy and other countries to inspect the wineries, and sprouted the idea of ​​introducing the concept of foreign wineries and country clubs into the country.

In recent years, Jiang Xiaobai has acquired a century-old winery in Chongqing Jiangjin, and expanded the farms and wineries in Baijin Town of Jiangjin, gradually building a complete industrial chain from upstream raw material supply to downstream brewing production. This is not all. What Tao Shiquan wants to do is a Chinese-style winery with a humanistic, natural and experiential experience.

Enjoy Contradictions and Contrast

Many people know that Jiang Xiaobai’s brand ability is very strong, marketing is doing very well, but often overlooking its product quality is actually very good. Take the technical level, there are a total of 6 national jury members of professional winemaking technology in Chongqing, Jiang Xiaobai accounted for 3; Jiang Xiaobai accounted for 7 of the 10 provincial judges in Chongqing. Not to mention that in the past few years, there has never been a quality accident.

For Jiang Xiaobai, there is a place where grievances are caused. Brands and marketing are easily perceived, but they hide the competitiveness of the product itself. “We are just not used to shouting in the media every day how good it is in technology. If our quality can raise 20%, we are willing to invest 200%.

Tao Shiquan, who has always been very clear about what he wants, has many contradictory and contrasting ideas in these respects.

“ In marketing, I hope to do light, production is heavy, this is a contrast; I am a very patient and acute, I hope that all the company’s business operations are extremely fast, but I hope that we can expect to achieve long-term value with great stability and patience; I hope that the company’s strategy and tactics are calm, but hope that the team is active, innovative and even rebellious; I am extremely deliberate about process control, but The final result is rather arbitrary.

The reason for this is that he sums it up in one sentence: “I hope that the results we bring to others are greater than our expression.”

When the interview came to an end, I asked Tao Shiquan, if time goes back to what he wanted to do ten years ago.

He did not hesitate to answer: “It should be these things, although it is not necessarily the industry, but it will be fresh and fresh.” I don’t like being like everyone else. Once I find out who I am studying, or who I am, I will lose interest immediately. I can only be myself. Jiang Xiaobai can only be Jiang Xiaobai. Cannot copy or copy.

Author: Zhu Yajie

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Upgraded version of the Ordovician cliffs open to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chongqing, these scenic spots

Mid-Autumn Festival Red Chongqing Tourism, in addition to the super net red spot Hongyadong, what can you shoot to indicate that Chongqing has been different?

In fact, Chongqing as a network red city, there are too many Places are worth visiting for check-in. Instead of going to Hongyadong to queue up and squeezing into the mobile phone, there is no signal. It is better to go to the Ordovician scenic spot just after the upgrade, and you can experience the 8D Sky City in Chongqing and the authentic local culture. The unique Mid-Autumn Festival journey makes you like to screen your circle of friends.

The new cliff project is open

The Ordovician Scenic Area feels the ultimate version of the Sky City

The various angles of Chongqing Hongjing District have been photographed on the vibrato. Is there any network of red scenic spots that there is still a big wave that has not been photographed, so that you will be on fire at once △ 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友 友You may have seen it on the vibrato, but on September 19th, cliff projects, high-altitude flying, cliff screaming, glass ladders and other cliff projects, as well as the first 360-degree pendulum in the southwest, pirate ships and other thrilling The project is all open, you are the early adopter of the upgraded Ordovician!

The Ordovician scenic spot is popular with the high-altitude project, and the newly opened projects on the cliffside are placed in other amusements. The field is highly scary, and it is super-stunned in the Ordovician, because your visual height will be superimposed on the cliff 300 meters below the foot, &ldquo Jumping machine seconds change “jumping machine, and “flying at high altitude is equivalent to throwing you out of the cliff, think about it is scary, when taking pictures to shoot video, be sure to take a cliff shot!

Individual projects are more intimidating than collective projects. The Ordovician 21-meter cliff swing raises the swing height to a staggering 7-story building. Due to the higher terrain, the visual difference in short video is even more terrifying.

The cliff ladder opened by the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a role for the role of the darling. It is equivalent to climbing on the cliff outside the cliff. There are also a number of cliff projects on the side. If you don’t have the courage, don’t go.

The above projects, because they are brand new, are easy to shoot instantly.

The traditional project of the Ordovician Scenic Area is also worth playing, such as creating the Guinness Book of World Records. The sky veranda, the bridge deck is made of glass, and the outer pick reaches 69.6 meters. Although it is scary, there is indeed a kind of pleasure on the top of the board. It is rated by the foreign media and is the world’s nine high-altitude The step by step of the project was shocking. The tourists jumped between the hollow platforms on the cliffs of more than 200 meters. Each platform was separated by 0.8 meters. The upgraded version next to it was even 1.5 meters away. Even so, the nets that will play Still gathered here, the gameplay of the brain opening is endless.

The Ordovician Scenic Area is 2 hours drive from the main city of Chongqing. Any travel agency or mom-like travel app has a way to let you go. Mid-Autumn Festival is just as good as the weather, more items on the cliff side, line up As time goes by, the scenic spot has become more fun, and you can definitely go from early to late this day.

From Zhongsi Road to the Second Factory

最Chongqing’s most beautiful street and small art and fresh

There are several good places in Zhongsi Road. One is the most beautiful avenue surrounded by Huanghuashu. This is the most beautiful road that many Chongqing people think. Those who climb the rock are not knowing. Their roots are how to absorb nutrients, which is also the city tree in Chongqing.

In addition, the newly opened Zengjiayan Academy not only has the taste of the old time, but sits on the balcony of the bookstore and overlooks the invincible river view of the city.

Once the Zengjiayan Academy came out, you can immediately take the No. 2 line of the track. From the perspective of the car, feel the Liziba track and walk through the building, and go to the new viewing platform of Liziba to shoot the video that everyone has to shoot. The difference is that the viewing platform has just been built and your shooting angle is even more beautiful.

Then, you can continue to take the second line, get off at the Futuguan stop and walk to the Wenchuang Base of the Eilean No. 2 Factory. This is a small and fresh punching place in the art. “From your world.” “A lot of shots are taken here.

Feel the modern Chongqing

Go to Nanshan to eat the half-mountain hot pot to enjoy the night view

In addition to the 8D magical urban characteristics, the night view of Chongqing is also a must, 100 meters of fragrance The Chongqing hot pot is more coveted. If you are blowing the autumn wind, you can eat the hot pot and watch the night scene.

Many places in Chongqing can enjoy the night view, but if you want to make a good choice, it is not Nanshan. Located in Nanshan, Chongqing, a tree viewing platform, overlooking the main city landscape across the river, in the cool breeze, the entire Chongqing night view, especially suitable for taking pictures.

Nanshan is also famous for its hot pot street. Hot pot street in the garden “Hot pot mountain, gazebo, cloister, under the tree, the smell of butter filled the whole hill, the diners are endless, very spectacular, imagine, blowing the mountain wind, eating hot pot, enjoying the night view Is there a more authentic Chongqing experience than this? At this time, you can take a row of horror comments in a circle of friends.

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Analysis: Will the future gold industry really be a water purifier?

Water purifiers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many investors have seen the business opportunities. However, there are also many people who are hesitant and have doubts. How long will the water purifier industry be hot? Will the future gold industry really be a water purifier? The small-scale editors who have been engaged in the water purifier industry for many years will give you a simple analysis. .

Now people’s living standards have improved. They are no longer limited to eating and drinking, but also paying attention to quality, health, quality and enjoyment. Everyone does not want to make fun of their own health, take their own body as a filter, for such a sales demand point, office purifiers, household water purifiers. It is a good thing to spend money to buy health, so I am afraid I can’t buy it. Imagine if we drink drinking water containing toxins every day, then how long can our life and health be guaranteed? According to relevant information, 80% of the world’s diseases are caused by long-term drinking water problems. It can be imagined how serious the problem of people’s livelihood is now. We saw the advertisement word Nongfu Spring a little bit sweet on TV every day. I believe that it can only be a beautiful fantasy. As far as the severe water pollution in our country is concerned, the government also strongly supports the development of the water purification equipment industry. This not only brings great convenience to our daily life, but also an epoch-making revolution in technological development. The country’s strong support and external factors of environmental pollution will greatly promote the expansion and development of China’s water purifier market.

The water purifier market is vast, China is the most populous country in the world, and the development of water purifiers in China is still in its infancy. The penetration rate is not high, and it is conceivable how much this potential is. Such a large piece of fat, will someone give up? How can there be no industry can not resist the temptation to join the water purification industry? And the price of water purifier is not comparable to luxury goods, divided into working class. The price of the water purifier is acceptable to everyone. In addition to the activities of the company, the preferential price allows the water purifier to enter the house without the power of blowing.

Any event has two sides, the prospect is big, the competition is naturally large, and it is wise to make a conviction in the water purifier market. Choosing is not an easy task, which is why everyone is so obsessed with the top ten brand rankings of water purifiers. Everyone has a mind, that is brand awareness! Not a consumer vanity, this is a trust token that the business gives to your consumers. Based on and strong, the influence of the brand is the key. But it is not the only brand that rang, and the awareness rate is naturally wide. The brand of a company represents its influence and market share, which is more meaningful than the advertisement of huge investment. We must also adhere to the concept of “winning the world with integrity” to ensure the quality of our products, and constantly carry out research and development of new products to create more high-quality, elegant and fashionable water purifier products for consumers.

In the entire water purification industry market, there is no brand-type enterprise with absolute advantage. The industry pattern has not yet appeared, and the market needs to be shaken. Opportunity to seek points. In terms of market demand potential, its market development prospects are bright. As long as we make products that truly meet the needs of consumers and vigorously explore the water purification industry market, the industry profits will be very substantial. In addition, the country will develop an effective regulation system for the industry, and the water purification industry will develop steadily and healthily.

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