Wood floor purchase: teach you three strokes save time and effort

Many people like to use the floor to decorate the ground. Because the texture of the wooden floor is very beautiful and the touch is excellent, it is a highly decorative and environmentally friendly building material. However, the wood flooring market is mixed, and it is necessary to pay attention to certain skills in order to complete the purchase of wood flooring. Today, I will teach three tricks to buy and let everyone say goodbye to ‘how to choose wooden floors’.

1, how to choose the wooden floor to determine the size of the wooden floor

To solve the problem of ‘how to choose the wooden floor’, we should first determine the size of the floor to be laid, because only the size Suitable, the decoration effect will be good. However, due to the different specifications of the material of the wooden floor, the standard size of the solid wood floor is: 910mm × 120mm × 18mm; the size of the solid wood composite floor is: 910mm × 127mm × 15mm, 1210mm × 167mm × 15mm, 1200mm ×150mm×15mm, etc., the mainstream thickness of wood flooring is 15mm; and the mainstream thickness of laminate flooring is generally 12mm.

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Specialized wooden floor decoration

2, how to buy more than the wooden floor to see more touches

In the formal purchase of wood flooring, we must look more and more touch. ‘See’ in addition to the use of the naked eye Look at whether the surface texture is clear, whether the paint layer is too thick, whether the color is healthy, but also pay attention to the knot. In the wood floor, especially the solid wood floor can not avoid the knot, everyone is thinking about ‘how to choose the wooden floor’ Try to choose the right amount of live wood flooring. In addition, in order to avoid being fooled when buying wood flooring, we must ask the merchant for a certificate of inspection and review it carefully. The reason why we need to ‘touch’ is because it is quality. Wood flooring, the feel is very good, clear and cool, very comfortable.

3, how to buy wood flooring, pay attention to purchase

There are two ways to buy wood flooring First, go directly to the building materials market, and first buy online. No matter which way you choose to buy, you must guarantee it. If you want to save money on building materials, you can only run a few stores to compare it. You can’t buy inferior wood flooring in order to save money. In fact, online shopping is relatively cheap and labor-saving. However, many people are always uneasy about not being able to touch the real thing. In fact, you can choose to buy on some reputable home improvement online.

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Purchasing the wooden floor correctly, making life more comfortable

The question of how to choose the wooden floor is for everyone here. It is. Remind everyone, in general, the size of the wooden floor should be short and not too long, should be narrow and not wide, because if the floor is too long and too wide, it is prone to warping deformation and cracking, because its dry shrinkage and humidity increase is relatively large. I wish everyone a good choice for wood flooring!

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Please note! Floor distributors rely on accessories to make a profit.

Ms. Zhang recently ordered a composite floor in a building materials market. She bought a few nails and insecticides and other floor accessories. The purchase of skirting and moisture-proof mats has not been purchased. After investigation, it was found that some dealers selling the floor itself could not get too much profit, and they relied on selling accessories to make profits.

Ms. Zhang complained that although the merchant presented a solid wood baseboard and moisture-proof floor mat, she also needed to buy floor nails, keel nails, insect repellent, flat buckle, large right angle and other accessories. Calculated there are more than 1,000 yuan. ‘Don’t look at the price of the floor is cheap, and the seven seven eight eight-eighth accessories are not cheap. ‘In this regard, some people in the industry said that the floor accessories have all-inclusive price, half-price, single calculation three sales methods, some dealers sell the floor itself can not get too much profit, they rely on selling accessories to make a profit.

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Sales of floor accessories are tricky

The price of the laminate flooring ordered by Ms. Zhang is 40 yuan per square meter including the installation fee. The dealer promises to give a mat. And the foot line nails, but other skirtings, side buckles, flat buckles, glass glue and other accessories need to be purchased separately, Ms. Zhang has no choice but to spend more than 1,000 yuan at the dealer to buy all kinds of accessories. Ms. Zhang depressed Yes, she later deliberately compared the skirtings sold by other merchants and found that the price was cheaper than the one she bought, but the quality was better.

Nothing else, the public Ms. Zhang also Encountered the same thing, she spent 3,900 yuan to buy a composite floor, but bought a 25 yuan / m baseboard, 150 yuan / root of the bead, plus installation costs, etc., spent more than 1,900 yuan. ‘Almost I quickly caught up with half the price of the floor. I didn’t ask for the price of the accessories when I bought the floor. Now I can only eat dumb. ‘

The reporter visited a number of building materials markets to see that ordinary laminate flooring costs as little as tens of yuan per square meter, and solid wood flooring costs hundreds of yuan per square meter. Some dealers implement all-inclusive prices, including quotes. Floor prices, skirtings, buckles and other accessories costs, as well as installation costs. Some dealers implement a half-package price, that is, the installation is free, the accessories are separately charged. There are some floor dealers, only the price of the floor, Accessories and installation fees are subject to additional charges.

‘Three-point floor, seven-point installation, accessories and accessories are just as important.’ Zhang Wei, the person in charge of a flooring brand in Tangshan, told the reporter that many well-known flooring brands are now clearly priced, and different materials have different price points, consumers can choose. ‘Although the whole package price for consumers It is more convenient, but consumers are not easy to control the material and quality of the accessories. ‘

Mr. Zhang said that some laminate flooring price is 80 yuan / square meter, perhaps distribution Chamber of Commerce tells consumers The accessories such as skirting line and beading are worth 10 yuan per square meter, but the accessories used in practice are only worth a few dollars. ‘Sometimes the quality of the gifts is not worrying, and some will appear in a year or so. Quality problems. ‘Manager Zhang revealed that the profit of insecticides in floor accessories is relatively large, and the cost price is 5 yuan for insecticides, and some dealers can offer up to 45 yuan.

In the interview, the reporter found that many consumers are very concerned about the quality of the floor, especially the environmental protection and health indicators when purchasing the floor, but the quality of the accessories such as the baseboard and buckle is not too concerned. Some consumers even think that it is not necessary to be too true. ‘Some floor dealers are using the psychology of consumers to play tricks. Consumers will take home low-priced and inferior accessories when they are not careful. It is easy to have quality problems, and pollution is not negligible. aspect. ‘Manager Zhang told reporters.

‘By the way of tying inferior accessories, has become a common tactic of some floor vendors. ‘Zhang Wei manager reminded that some inferior quality floors that are unqualified and not environmentally friendly will often produce ‘all-inclusive price’, not only sell fake floor, but also sell high-quality, unqualified accessories together, plus The installation technology is very easy to cause pollution to the indoor environment. Consumers should try to buy well-known brands with good reputation, pay attention to accessories and workmanship.

Care must be taken to purchase accessories.

Remind that the floor is finished only after installation. Nowadays, there are certain misunderstandings in the traditional concept of consumers. The specific performance is ‘six heavy six light’: heavy price, light weight, light and light appearance, heavy fashion, light and wearable, heavy purchase, light laying, heavy friends’ opinions Re-committed to light text. Consumers are advised to carefully consider the cost performance of the product when purchasing the floor. At the same time, according to their own habits, choose different floor products with different wear resistance, do not re-purchase light laying. In addition, do not trust the dealer’s verbal promotion and commitment at the time of sale, should require the merchant to issue a written certificate.

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How to prevent deformation of the wooden floor surface?

(1) The moisture content of the surface wood flooring is high or low. When it is too high, the wooden floor will lose moisture in the dry air, and the cross section will shrink, and warp deformation will occur. When the wooden floor is laid down, the moisture of the air will be absorbed and the arch will be generated. (2) The fine stone concrete or thermal insulation material laid between the wooden joists is not dry. After the floor is laid, it absorbs moisture and then drums and deforms. 600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171301877.jpg”>

(3) Unpaved moisture barrier or floor for four weekends Ventilation holes, the internal moisture can not be discharged in time after the surface layer is laid. (4) The material floor is opened at the end of the gap or the gap is too small. After the moisture is expanded, the surface layer board is drummed and deformed. Deformation, the following points should be strictly implemented during the construction of wooden floors: (1) Control the moisture content of the wooden floor, the moisture content should not exceed 12%. (2) Fine stone concrete or thermal insulation materials poured between wooden joists, The floor must be dried before it can be laid. (3) Reasonably set the vent hole. The wooden joist should be connected to the hole of the floor, connected to the vent hole of the floor surface layer, and the vent hole of the floor surface layer should be no less than two places, and the vent hole of the skirting board There shall be no less than two places on each side, and the vent hole shall be kept open to facilitate air circulation. (4) The lower floor of the wooden floor (ie the wool floor), the joint of the board shall be properly opened, generally 2 to 5 mm, and the surface shall be planed. Adjacent plate joints should Open, four weeks from the wall about 10 ~ 15mm. (5) should be a gap left between the wooden 1Omm surface layer and the wall, skirting board or the sealing material of the skirting strip.

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The New Year’s work is seriously lacking. The floor enterprises need to prescribe the right medicine.

Insufficient professional talents Many flooring companies face a difficult situation.

It is reported that due to the late Spring Festival this year, the job search period has been shortened accordingly. In order to meet the balance of supply and demand after the holiday, the Changsha area has held several job fairs after the New Year. Compared with previous years, the number of furniture companies such as flooring has increased significantly, and the number of jobs in mobile internet, marketing promotion, and e-commerce has also increased significantly.

The author visited the major talent market in Changsha and learned that compared with previous years, the biggest feature of recruiting after the holiday this year is that electric businessmen are the most sought-after, almost every family Grab. However, for furniture manufacturers such as Changsha’s flooring, general workers are still “just needed” for corporate recruitment. In this regard, many responsible persons of flooring companies complain that talent vacancies are very large, especially in the mobile Internet and e-commerce professionals are even more difficult. Moreover, from the current status quo of the industry, furniture manufacturing companies such as flooring have been delayed compared to previous years, and the operating rate is generally insufficient.

In the face of talent shortage, the floor enterprises need to prescribe the right medicine

In recent years, with the improvement of rural conditions, many outings Workers left before the end of the year and did not return to the city where they used to work. The tide of leaving the job before the year will lead to a shortage of labor in the years to come; some professional talents are generally not familiar with the furniture industry such as flooring, and they are considered to be ‘dirty and tired’. Graduates with less professional ability expressed their desire for the development of the flooring industry.

Therefore, in this case, the floor company should try to retain the employees with the intention to leave the company before the year; on the other hand, it must change the image of the company and show the company to the professionals. Culture and appropriate treatment, attracting talents with good conditions, floor companies can make a better future through everyone’s concerted efforts.

Release date: 2015/3/7 16:12:46

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Four strokes of dehumidification book to learn the secrets of floor maintenance

With the continuous improvement of material life, people pay more and more attention to decoration, from the previous laying of ceramic tiles to the laying of wooden flooring. Wood floor maintenance is skillful. After 10 years of maintenance, the wooden floor is still bright and beautiful. On the contrary, it will lose its brilliance in a few years. Let’s take a look at the dehumidification of the wooden floor!

1. The method of removing moisture from peppers

Applicable space: The living room faces the uncomfortable return to the South, Guangzhou folks have always had a tradition of.

moisture-proof practices: one is to place dried peppers, can absorb a certain amount of water, but must always replace the new dried pepper. The other is to place a reliable quality gun, because there is sulfur in the gun, which can not only dehumidify but also remove insects.

Tips: Although the ‘earth side’ effect is good, but the guns have security problems, the public should be more careful when using. In addition, you can also burn a pot of fire in the room to increase the temperature inside the room, so that the water vapor can not condense, thus reducing the indoor humidity.

Second, the newspaper anti-mildew method

Applicable space: the bedroom is wet, the clothes in the closet are often moldy, what should I do?

Dampproof practice: long-term open The door of the closet can be ventilated and mildewed, but there is also a lot of dust. If you put a newspaper on the bottom of the closet, you can even put a newspaper on the inside of the closet. The newspaper absorbs moisture and achieves mildew resistance, and the ink on the newspaper can also deworm.

Tips: Newspapers should avoid direct contact with clothing to prevent ink stains.

Third, lime moisture absorption method

Applicable space: kitchen, bedroom lime is a simple and easy to do moisture absorption agent.

moisture-proof practices: 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. Put the lime in a wooden box and cover it when the weather is not wet. When the weather is wet, open the cover and do not open the large window to keep the indoor air dry and pleasant.

Tips: For the average family, buy 5 to 10 kilograms of lime, in a wooden box or carton, put it under the closet or in the corner of the house, but be careful not to let the children at home take it. .

Fourth, salt bar mopping method

Applicable space: kitchen, bathroom kitchen.

moisture-proof practices: salt bar is also a good dehumidifier, although there is no industrial salt snow melting and ice, so salt is more than enough to deal with the dampness of the home.

Tips: use hot water and salt to mopping the floor, this method can accelerate the evaporation of water.

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The difference and imbalance between the North and South ceramics market, let’s take a look!

For the past, the ceramic brands in the South have always advocated dealers to join the agency system; the northern ceramic brands like direct sales, which led to the habit of the current North and South ceramic market. Although the entire Internet has been realized, the difference in sales channels between the North and the South has been diluted, but the impact is still there.

There are differences in consumption, business and marketing thinking in the North and South. This is the consumption habits, geographical characteristics and business practices of the North and the South. The differences between the way and the marketing thinking have caused the differences today. After years of development, the ceramic market is constantly changing. Each independent enterprise must plan its own planning, positioning, and development prospects to talk about sustainable development. Otherwise, it will be an unbalanced regional market imbalance.

Consumer culture in the north and south

There are differences between the east and the west of China. In terms of character and culture, the south is soft and the north is just right; in industrial development, the north is dominated by heavy industry, the southern light industry is more developed; the northern military and political activities are active, the southern economy and culture are developed; the southern language is complex, north The language is relatively simple. The idioms of Nancao North, Nanrou Beigang and Nantianbei are not unfounded, and the differences between the north and the south are manifested in various aspects. Geographical factors are important reasons that cannot be ignored.

There are differences in consumption perceptions, business practices and marketing thinking in the North and South. People in the ceramic industry are deeply touched. For example, northerners like to look at wall tiles first, then buy floor tiles. Southerners like to look at the floor tiles first, then buy wall tiles. Consumers are accustomed to different consumption areas, which inevitably determine the difference in their consumption patterns.

Northern consumption habits: direct

Some ceramic bosses say that northerners do not like to see the types of products, prefer to see the effect and grade of the paving; care about the price, think & ldquo; expensive It is not necessarily good when buying bricks. When you buy bricks, you are not willing to run at home. You are more willing to listen to the opinions of sales staff and make comprehensive considerations. It is determined that a brick will be used all the time; the signing is quick, but more consideration.

Southern consumption habits: euphemism

Southerners’ spending habits are more euphemistic, prefer to visit multiple stores for comprehensive comparison; focus on brands, and believe that “you have valuable benefits” Relative to the cost performance, pay more attention to quality and service; the paving effect is willing to let the clerk design; willing to try bricks of many brands; signing more concerns, need to carefully clear.

Differences and imbalances between the North and the South

The marketing channels of ceramic tiles mainly constitute two modes: one is the agency system that emerged in the 1990s; the other is the direct mode that was implemented in 2000.

Although the entire Internet has been realized, the differences in sales channels between the North and the South have faded. However, in the past, the ceramic brands in the South have always advocated dealers to join the agency system; the northern ceramic brands prefer direct sales, which led to the habit of the development of the current north and south ceramics market.

Southern marketing is more euphemistic and savvy. It is launched in the country. It not only can quickly expand brand awareness, but also products can get stable output on dealers. There will be no backlog of goods. Happening. Northern marketing is less flexible, prefers traditional offline direct sales stores, and retains the habit of self-production and self-sale, so many brands in the north are well-known in the local area, and rarely promote nationally.

It is not just a sales channel, but the South is also in an advantageous position on a technical level. Initially, the ceramic tile technology in Italy, Spain and other countries was first introduced into the mainland by the coast of the southeastern region. The south relied on geographical advantages to gain further economic and technological leadership.

In the “National City Young Index Report” released by QQ Big Data, “the young cities in the TOP20 list are in addition to Beijing, Xi’an and Zhengzhou, and the other 17 are all southern cities. It can be said that in the competition of the young index, the southern region won the victory and the northern region was defeated. As of 2015, 87.83% of the inter-provincial floating population was concentrated in six provinces and cities in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing and Fujian. In addition to the capital Beijing, the rest are all in the southern provinces, while the cross-provincial floating population of Guangdong Province accounts for one-third of the national total. The strong attraction of the foreign population makes the economic development of the southern region better and better.

And in recent years, environmental protection, Foshan, as a frontier of economic opening, has basically completed environmental protection several years ago. However, Shandong, Hebei and other regions have just begun. Within two years, Linyi small and medium-sized enterprises closed 377, moved 140, signed 54 relocation agreements, and broke 1,163 power outages. “According to the plan, 2577 & lsquo; three no & rsquo; enterprises will be closed next month. Beijing and Tianjin closed 623, moved 265, and destroyed 4263. According to this year’s plan, all three companies will be closed in October.

Various reasons have led to the uneven development of ceramic brands in the north and south; Mona Lisa, New Pearl, Dongpeng, Nobel … … in the south; looking at the North, there is a unified, Lion King , Crown, Fore … … Although they are old brands, they have not been selected into the top ten ceramic brands.

This does not mean that the quality of the tiles of the northern brands is not good, but that the southern region has already stepped into the top ten. Just like the “star effect, the end of the draft game, everyone may remember the first and second place for a long time, the third place itself is very low visibility, if you do not fit the hype yourself, increase the screen activity, it will gradually Forgotten by people. The northern brand has always been in a fixed sales state, with strength, but not famous.

The company has no brand effect. How to live? The brand effect is very important, involving 80% of the company’s economic resources. When the economy comesThe source is gone, and many companies are starting to think of other ways.

According to industry insiders, many northern ceramic companies have given up on relying on brand out, but have turned their targets to other companies. In the process of visiting the company, I learned that many middle and low-end products of large southern brands will be OEMs, and many of them are enterprises in the north.

From a national perspective, Guangdong Foshan and Shanghai have many brands, good quality, great influence, higher sales, and even a shortage of supply. Therefore, Zibo and other places will appear to the southern manufacturers to OEM, not only to ease the imbalance between supply and demand in the market, but also bring economics to the enterprise.

Differences need to be gradually faded

Compared with the two models of dealer agency and direct sales, direct sales are more direct and effective for brand distribution channel management. Therefore, in the process of development, southern ceramic enterprises are gradually learning the direct sales model in the north and improving their distribution channels. Ceramic companies in the north are also following the big picture and gradually improving the distribution system.

After years of development, the city of Tao is constantly changing. Brands that might have been suitable for distribution agents are now more suitable for Internet direct sales or store development. Enterprises should be responsive, take the initiative to master the channels that are beneficial to the company, and strive for advantages in the changing market.

Companies such as Dongpeng, Nobel, and New Pearl in the Southern Market have already launched large-scale direct sales stores across the country. In order to meet the supply demand of the market, each city has set up 4-8. Outlet Stores. In the northern market, Shandong Zibo is also preparing to get rid of the current traditional direct selling market and want to create a new retail model for ceramic e-commerce.

The differences between the North and South markets still exist, but they can complement each other and gradually eliminate the differences. The southern market has a large market share, but production is limited. The market share in the northern market is small, but production is guaranteed.

For the entire ceramic industry, complete and feasible industrial planning cannot be missed. The region cannot limit the development of the market, but each independent enterprise must plan its own planning, positioning and development prospects. Only to talk about sustainable development, otherwise it is an infinite regional market imbalance. (Source: Caisi 360, author Zhang Jie)

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Floor companies enter the online shopping market with their own conditions

B2B website marketing promotion has become an important means of promotion for many foreign trade export enterprises. If the floor enterprises use their e-commerce platform to flow to the national or even global markets at a very fast speed, the floor regionalization pattern will not be attacked. broken.

In the network era, the geographical limitations of the floor are not a problem.

E-commerce has a broader environment: people are not limited by time, are not limited by space, and are not subject to traditional shopping. Many restrictions can be traded online anytime and anywhere; at the same time, the market space is broader: one merchant can face consumers around the world, and one consumer can shop at any merchant in the world; faster circulation and low price: electronic Business reduces the intermediate links of commodity circulation, saves a lot of expenses, and thus greatly reduces the cost of goods circulation and transactions; more in line with the requirements of the times.

Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing fashion, paying attention to personality, paying attention to the shopping environment, and shopping online, which can reflect the personalized shopping process. Especially with the influence of modern networks on people’s lives, e-commerce almost extends its reach to people’s private life. If there is an e-commerce platform on the Internet, it is equivalent to opening the store to the customer’s bedroom. This absolute possession of the terminal market will undoubtedly greatly stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase and reach a purchase contract. In this process, companies and consumers are not geographically restricted. The e-commerce transaction completely broke through the geographical limitations and paved the way to the whole country.

Floor industry, the combination of e-commerce and self is the way to survive

Although the furniture industry has entered the online shopping market soon, there are many furniture companies who are striving to fight for this new piece of online marketing. . It is understood that today’s online furniture e-commerce sites are divided into three categories: the first category is based on the store established by the physical store furniture store; the second category is that they have manufacturers and have a certain well-known brand, set up a furniture online store, a The aspect is to promote the brand, on the other hand, to increase a sales channel; the third category is that there is neither a physical store nor a brand of its own, to establish a website platform independently, and to establish mutual cooperation and cooperation with some furniture brands to sell online.

Experts said that for the e-commerce model of online sales, many home furnishing companies have their own unique understanding and experience. In most people’s view, online marketing has a certain market space, which can be compared with tradition. Marketing channels form an effective complement. Network and physical stores are important complementary relationships. E-commerce cannot simply look at how many furniture is sold online. The main purpose is to hope that the network can help the physical stores to promote the physical stores.

Release date: 2011/11/18 11:03:57

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The flooring industry is misunderstood. Sustainable environmental protection is facing strong challenges.

In 2011, it was designated as the International Year of Forests. In this year and day, which is quite different for the flooring industry, the World Flooring Conference was held in Shanghai. Sustainability has become a hot topic in the industry at this conference. It is not only applicable to the protection of forests, but also to the future development of China’s flooring industry.

Is the flooring industry really ‘misunderstood’?

‘Forests have been on Earth for 380 million years, but do we really understand trees? At the World Flooring Conference, Jim Gould, president of the American Institute of Ground Materials Research, broadcasted such a video, with a variety of beautiful forest images that alternated and flashed, and this rarely mentioned problem was thrown at the beginning of the film. This short film called Forest and People was specially filmed by the United Nations to promote the 2011 International Year of Forests. At a annual event in the flooring industry, where raw materials are supplied to deforestation, it seems that some of the short films on forest protection topics are out of date.

JimGould is not persuading listeners to give up their industry, but to advise entrepreneurs in the flooring industry, ‘If we want to grow in this industry, we must educate consumers around the world: if we manage deforestation well, the floor The industry is actually good for the world. Every producer and seller of wood needs to do his job and change the misunderstanding of consumers. ‘

The chairman of Nature Floor, Yan Xuebin, said that as a boss of the timber industry, he was always asked how many trees the company had cut. In fact, flooring manufacturers have replanted trees as a common means of floor marketing. Yan Xuebin said, ‘Every time I cut a tree, I promise to plant ten trees. Cutting trees and planting trees is not a contradiction. What needs to be considered is how to source legal timber globally to achieve more environmentally friendly goals. ‘

Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, also defends the low carbonity of the floor. ‘Afforestation is to absorb carbon dioxide to release oxygen, but if the wood is not used, it will eventually return to the atmosphere if it rots. . Therefore, it is necessary to use wood in large quantities, store carbon in wood products, and let the carbon delay the release time. Under the premise that the amount of growth exceeds the amount of use, it is not only one-sided emphasis on forest protection. ‘

Sustained development faces strong demand

’13 years ago, China was only an importer of laminate flooring, and now it has become the largest producer of laminate flooring. Although great success has been achieved, past successes do not represent future success. ‘This is a warning from Thomas Baert, Senior Development Consultant, China International Flooring Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition.

In the face of this kind warning, ‘reflection’ has become the word repeatedly mentioned by many speakers at the floor conference. And the challenge is everywhere. Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, listed the factors that are not conducive to the development of the industry, such as shortage of timber, rising prices, rising production costs such as manpower, tightening of real estate and financial policies, and upgrading of wood quality requirements. He concluded that it is no longer feasible to rely on the growth of resource consumption and capital accumulation.

Leading companies in the industry are also aware of this. Weng Shaobin, president of Shengxiang Group, said that China’s flooring companies are labor-intensive from product production, marketing to after-sales service. He once made a calculation. If the icon is to achieve sales of 3 to 4 billion yuan, the company needs to invest more than 10,000 people including production personnel, sales personnel and installation service personnel. Weng Shaobin believes that such high labor intensity is sustainable in the flooring industry and worth considering.

The road to transformation is not smooth, and the domestic flooring industry is fortunate that they have an increasingly large domestic consumer market compared to their foreign counterparts. During the ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ period, there will be 2.4 billion cubic meters of new buildings and 42 billion cubic meters of old buildings. This has great potential for the flooring industry, which has a 30% market share in floor coverings, Ye Kelin said.

Release date: 2011/12/12 10:33:48

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Let the family have more face, living room floor maintenance knowledge

In the home environment, the living room is the place where people gather the most and use the most. Therefore, the floor maintenance of the living room is also very important. Curing the floor is an important step in floor maintenance, but how to maintain it? What kind of maintenance is scientific and reasonable maintenance?

600){this.width=600}” Align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021813041605.jpg”>

First, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the floor.

The daily cleaning of the floor plays an important role in the service life of the floor. In daily use, it is strictly forbidden to use harmful chemicals to clean the floor, such as: dusting agent with unknown ingredients. In daily cleaning, the moisture content should be less than 30%. Wet cloth to clean the surface, if the floor is stained, such as: vinegar, salt, oil, etc. contaminated floor, you can use Golden Eagle Iger special cleaning supplies, do not use gasoline cleaning. Perhaps, you are most concerned about the indoor temperature and humidity problems, Xianyang Sheng Like the floor experts suggest that: indoor temperature is maintained at 16 ° C ~ 24 ° C, indoor relative humidity ≤ 40%, should take humidification measures; indoor relative humidity ≥ 100% should be ventilated and dehumidified, the best air humidity is 40c / o ~ Between 70c/o.

Second, professional floor maintenance is essential. /P>

The floor is affected by various natural and human factors, and should be regularly maintained. Therefore, we propose the slogan ‘The floor is a living body and needs timely maintenance’. Aige floor maintenance experts pointed out: In order to maintain the original color and texture of the floor, the life of the floor is improved, and maintenance should be carried out regularly. Generally speaking, after the installation of the solid wood floor is completed, it must be maintained once, and must be used. Professional matching skin care products. For different materials and different surface floors, the maintenance products for maintenance are not the same. For the oil floor, Golden Eagle Iger has pure natural skin care products extracted from plants such as soybeans and coconuts. The ideal cleaning and maintenance product for the floor. This product is also environmentally friendly and can be used on all untreated wood to maximize the protection of the wood surface, to thoroughly clean the surface of the woodwork, and to clean the painted floor.

Third, the basic premise of using the floor.

Good floor needs good maintenance, this is like a good car needs maintenance The same reason. The floor must be officially used after 48 hours of installation, such as: placing furniture, cleaning the floor, etc. It is recommended that the floor be cleaned and maintained after 48 hours of installation to improve physical properties. In time to stay, the room must be ventilated every day. This is the preliminary work before the formal use, which plays an important role in the future maintenance of the floor.

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The new energy efficiency standard for refrigerators will be implemented, and the new standard products will save 40% of electricity.

From October 1st, the newly revised “Home refrigerator power consumption limit value and energy efficiency rating” mandatory performance national standard will be formally implemented.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the market and saw that the eager merchants have posted the 2015 new standard, and some of the inventory products with lower energy efficiency ratings are ready to be reduced during the National Day.

“The old level rises “The new level of power saving 40%

It is understood that the new version of “Household electricity refrigerator power consumption limit The value and energy efficiency rating have been revised as early as last year and will be officially implemented on October 1 this year. This indicates that the 2008 edition of the energy efficiency standards for more than seven years will be withdrawn from the historical arena.

Introduction to the industry said that the new standard was introduced, the main purpose is to “saving electricity and saving money, low consumption environmental protection, all kinds of home appliances overall To develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, the energy efficiency standards of the old version of the refrigerator are slightly lower than the international standards. After this revision, the new national standard has already exceeded the international standard. The new standard still divides the energy efficiency rating into five levels, of which the first-level product is the most energy-efficient, and the old-level power consumption is reduced by 40% to reach the new level. Some analysts predict that after the implementation of the new standard, more than 20% of high-energy-consuming products in the market will be eliminated, and the overall energy efficiency of refrigerators will increase by about 10%. In addition, the new standard has expanded its scope to include traditional products such as refrigerators, freezers and freezers, as well as innovative products such as wine coolers, horizontal refrigerated freezers.

“The new level will increase by about 1,000 yuan

The sales monitoring data for the first half of this year shows that the retail volume of first-class energy-efficient refrigerators has accounted for 96% of all commodities. . However, after the implementation of the new national standard, about 80% of the products will be “from the moment”; the old level is “new”. In order to meet the new first-class standards, many factories need to update their equipment and need technical research and development, which will increase production costs. Therefore, compared with the “old-class products,” Or it will rise by 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan. However, this part of the price will also be recovered in the long-term use of residents by saving electricity. The insiders also suggested that in fact, the new two-level refrigerators are in line with households, and there is no need to pursue a new level.

Yesterday, consumers who are purchasing refrigerators in a home appliance chain store said that refrigerators need to be plugged in 24 hours, which is the electricity used in the home. Large customers will consider purchasing more energy-saving electricity. product.

Inventory products face price cuts

The reporter saw in some appliance stores that some impatient businesses have posted the 2015 new national standard. A brand promoter said that the manufacturer produced new models in accordance with the new standards in the first half of this year. Although it was officially implemented on October 1, it gave consumers a choice.

In addition, in the store, there are also some old models ready to cut prices during the holiday season. Another well-known brand sales staff told reporters that from October 1st to 7th, there will be 7 consecutive days of profit-sharing activities, many products not only directly cut prices, but also give extra gifts. According to the overall deployment of the headquarters, most of the participating activities are old stocks, and new products are also reduced in price, but the magnitude is relatively small.

Industry reminds consumers that even after October 1, the old and new standards will mix and match for a long time, because businesses need to digest inventory. Therefore, when consumers purchase goods, they should pay attention to distinguish between old and new versions. The new version of the refrigerator energy efficiency label also adds a two-dimensional code. Using the mobile phone to scan, you can know the information about the product record and other public information.

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