Dangdang travels “Bai Fumei” Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Liaoning Conference

The future has come, you Can’t come.

—— “Dangdang Travel”

Shuangxing Middle Road, Xinglongtai District, Panjin City

No. 77 Xinyu Poly Hotel

October 31, 2017 13:00

Getting There

1. Panjin Railway Station (High Speed ​​Rail Station) take bus No. 8 to Liaoyou High Station and get off and walk 156 meters to the hotel.

Panjin Railway Station (High-speed Railway Station) take Bus No. 21 to Shuimo Tsinghua Station and walk 670 meters to the hotel Panjin Railway Station (high-speed railway station) to take a taxi for 15 yuan.

2. About 200 yuan for a taxi at Panjin North Station

3. Direct navigation to Panjin Xinyu by car

Meet Panjin

Company Profile

Zhejiang Zhuoji

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd., 2017 6 On the 28th of the month, it was established in Singapore Science and Technology Park in Jianggan District, Hangzhou, with a registered capital of 80 million and legal representative Lin Tongbing. Under the umbrella of Shanghai Mouth Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., responsible for operation, promotion and management, “Dangdang Travel APP and “Small Honey Life Circle Smart Life Interactive Platform” is a collection car development, production, sales, service, logistics, operation and Maintenance in one integrated frontier technology company.

Since its establishment, Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. has started to recruit regional agents nationwide from the National Operations Management Center established in Hangzhou, and is responsible for the promotion of O2O shared trams and offline markets. , management and maintenance, has signed hundreds of regional agents. Through the precise locking of the target customers, it has laid a solid foundation for the accurate delivery of O2O shared trams, creating a smart life interactive platform that belongs to you and me; Xiaomi Ecosphere, and sharing the tram mobile client through O2O, let more People benefit from ‘share economy & rsquo;, and ultimately achieve co-creation, sharing, and win-win.

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. uses advanced mobile internet technology to enable intelligent distribution of logistics, logistics and data, effectively and effectively integrates the Internet, regional network and sales network to make the three networks one. “Dangdang travel and “Little Honey Life Circle” really become a platform for intelligent life interactions linking each other. Let “Dangdang travel and “Little Honey Life Circle” become a unique entrepreneurial platform in the era of mobile Internet + sharing economy.

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. will become a bright pearl of high-tech industry, shining brightly and showing her proud style. Xiaomi Life Motorcycle National Recruitment Agent WeChat: MY97559159

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What is the Chu Chu push? What is the Chuchu push official website?

Chu Chu pushes the major team V letter: QQ9968134

On December 5th, 2017, after a year of development preparation and small-scale testing, the Chu Chu push APP officially appeared to the public. As a black horse of social e-commerce, Chu Chu pushes to detonate the whole industry once it is launched. It is favored by the world’s top investment institutions. Tencent strategic investment shares. After Softbank invested in Alibaba, the only investment in the e-commerce field is optimistic. The development prospects are bound to grow into the next Alibaba.

The global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship platform Chu Chu push, once launched, has sprung up all the way, all the way to the eye, and was enthusiastic by entrepreneurs. Recently, Chu Chu pushes out heavy news —— issued a recruitment order for entrepreneurs in the whole society: million annual salary recruitment sales director! Tens of annual salary recruitment sales general manager!

Become a Chu Chu push VIP shopping guide After that, you get the permission to recommend others to become VIP shopping guides. After others register with your invitation code to become a VIP shopping guide, you will receive a reward of 100 yuan.

In addition, the products that are pushed in Chuchu have a commission of 20%-80%, which means that you recommend the product to other people. After the other people buy, you can get the price of the product 20%- 80% reward.

As long as the user downloads the Chu Chu push app through the link you share, any product that he purchases through the APP in the future will give you a settlement commission, which is a once-and-for-all business.

You don’t have to worry about pushing a single item, tens of thousands of high-quality brands, and millions of selected items, all of which are the daily necessities of the general public. In terms of price, we cut down agents at all levels and remove intermediate links, which is cheaper than offline supermarkets and other platforms.

Chu Chu pushes the advantage show: six advantages to protect the escort!

1, the capital crocodile joint attack: Tencent strategic investment, following the soft silver in Alibaba, the only e-commerce investment , Lenovo, GGV, the new Tianyu top investment stocks, C round financing valuation of 10 billion.

2, business model subversive innovation, mass entrepreneurs earnest platform: no need to stock, no delivery, no after-sales, ultra-low threshold, ultra-high income, real consumption is to make money, share is profit, Move your fingers and enter the moon.

3, the first platform of intelligent platform: powerful system support, the ultimate convenience, the industry’s top product promotion experience.

4, big brands, rich categories: 5000 high-quality brands, 300,000 selected goods, the world’s top buyers, first-hand supply, genuine protection, sales commission up to 20%-80%.

5, Imagine seven-star shopping protection: all goods support 9 days no reason to return, to achieve the protection left to you, the risk left to me. This shopping concept.

6, the top team in the industry: professional team, rich experience, core executives from Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other well-known Internet companies and top micro-business brand traders.

Fans will launch their fingers to realize their dreams at the touch of a button

Global social e-commerce public entrepreneurs preferred platform & mdash; Chu Chutong, is the opportunity to earn the first bucket of gold on your entrepreneurial road. Chu Chu pushed by Tencent’s strategic investment, moving his fingers in WeChat, you can make money by doing business, there is no more reliable endorsement than this. Advertising can be spent on money, spokespersons can spend money, and fame can spend money on speculation. These are all replicable. Only investment relationships are truly unique and hard power.

For everyone who is interested in starting a business, starting from 0 to 1 is really a very difficult process! Today, you can use the platform to achieve your dreams and achieve your career. Take off.

Chu Chu pushes the advantage show: six advantages to escort!

1. Capital Alligator joint attack: Tencent strategic investment, after Softbank in Alibaba, the only e-commerce investment, Lenovo, GGV, the new Tianyu top investment stocks, C round financing valuation of 10 billion.

2. Business model subversive innovation, mass entrepreneurship and profitable platform: no need to stock, no delivery, no after-sales, ultra-low threshold, super high income, real consumption is to make money, share is profit, Move your fingers and enter the moon.

3. The first platform of the intelligent platform: powerful system support, the ultimate convenience, the industry’s top product promotion experience.

4. The big names are gathered, and the categories are rich: 5000 high-quality brands, 300,000 selected products, top-selling buyers all over the world, primary sources, genuine guarantees, sales commissions as high as 20%-80%.

5. Imagine seven-star shopping protection: all goods support 9 days no reason to return, to achieve the protection left to you, the risk left to me. This shopping concept. 6. Top team in the industry: professional team, rich experience, core executives from Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other well-known Internet companies and top micro-business brand traders.

Fans will launch their fingers to realize their dreams at the touch of a button

Global social e-commerce public entrepreneurs preferred platform & mdash; Chu Chutong, is the opportunity to earn the first bucket of gold on your entrepreneurial road. Chu Chu pushed by Tencent’s strategic investment, moving his fingers in WeChat, you can make money by doing business, there is no more reliable endorsement than this. Advertising can be spent on money, spokespersons can spend money, and fame can spend money on speculation. These are all replicable. Only investment relationships are truly unique and hard power.

For everyone who is interested in starting a business, starting from 0 to 1 is really a very difficult process! Today, you can use the platform to achieve your dreams and achieve your career. Take off.

楚楚推||- Boge takes you to millions of years

Chu Chu pushes the official website blog


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It’s enough to move the paradise home.

First, the European pastoral sofa

The sofa made of fabric with great comfort has a high-quality feel, in the moment of touch I was captured by the sofa. Placed in the living room is very suitable, simple the pastoral style has no simple feeling, giving a luxurious European style. With a simple coffee table, the countryside is full of style.

The idyllic rustic style, wooden floor hangers, solid wood manufacturing in the room, with the smallest footprint, bring the family the greatest practical value.

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Must-read for joining: three major developments in the overall wardrobe industry

There is potential for competition. With the rise of the overall wardrobe joining industry, people are paying more and more attention to the brand, and the fierce competition in the industry is getting more and more hot. Home furnishing brands are flocking in, and the fancy is the strong demand market behind the Chinese wardrobe market.

The four-industry concentration area of ​​the whole wardrobe, the unbranded system is gradually formed

From the current development of the overall wardrobe industry, The overall wardrobe enterprises that started earlier were mainly concentrated in the four regions of Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, headed by Guangdong, and represented Sofia, Hao Laike, and suitable residence. However, due to the origin of the overall wardrobe and the differences in the domestic market, the wardrobe industry is still in the stage of individual melee, and has not yet established its own brand system. These representative companies also have obvious differences in brand planning, and there is no sign of brand clustering.

The cabinets set off the first round of cross-border craze, and the cross-line heat increased.

After more than ten years of development, in addition to the overall wardrobe brand, other industries have also entered. The typical ones are the kitchen appliances, cabinets and sliding doors. The representative companies include Ou Lin, Ou Pai and Piano. For the cross-border wardrobes of foreign companies, it is the kitchen cabinet industry that set off the first round of cross-border tides.

Customized home development steadily, pan-home enterprises have triggered a second revolution in the industry

With the entry of kitchen, electric cabinets, cabinets and other whole wardrobe edge industries, the cross-border phenomenon in the home industry has become increasingly evident. The considerable prospects of the overall wardrobe industry and favorable market environment have enabled more marginal industries to enter. From this year’s Guangzhou Construction Expo, we are able to see the popularity of the pan-home industry in the overall wardrobe industry. With the expansion and development of the industry, it is not only the related industries that have attracted in. The United States has such an “unrelated industry”. It is foreseeable that a fierce battle between a new size and a new and old brand is about to start, and the end of this war is undoubtedly a new brand structure and a larger market space.

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Chu Chu pushes the partner to consult Xu, Chu Chu pushes to find Xu teacher

Chu Chu pushes the advantage show: six advantages to escort!

1. Capital crocodile joint attack: Tencent investment, following Softbank in Alibaba, the only e-commerce investment, Lenovo, GGV, The new Tianyu top investment stocks, C round financing valuation of tens of billions.

2. Business model subversive innovation, mass entrepreneurship and profitable platform: no need to stock, no delivery, no after-sales, ultra-low threshold, super high income, real consumption is to make money, share is profit, Move your fingers and enter the moon.

3. The first platform of the intelligent platform: powerful system support, the ultimate convenience, the industry’s top product promotion experience.

4. The big names are gathered, and the categories are rich: 5000 high-quality brands, 300,000 selected products, top-selling buyers all over the world, primary sources, genuine guarantees, sales commissions as high as 20%-80%.

5. Imagine seven-star shopping protection: all goods support 9 days no reason to return, to achieve the protection left to you, the risk left to me. This shopping concept.

6. Top team in the industry: professional team, rich experience, core executives from Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other well-known Internet companies and top micro-business brand traders.

Ultra-strong brand supply chain

Chuchu pushes platform to connect with 5000+ famous brand suppliers worldwide, and optimizes more than 300,000 of the most cost-effective primary sources, eliminating intermediate links and directly The billion-level advertising fee will be given to customers and VIP shopping guides, realizing zero-distance docking between factory goods and customers, and no middlemen will make a difference.

Based on the massive goods on Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong selects the advantageous products that benefit from social communication, forming a leading platform for social e-commerce goods collection, and relying on Chuchu Street for many years of customer service and after-sales service. Industry-leading service capabilities such as quality assurance, escort the user’s promotion and purchase experience. Chu Chu push, is a social e-commerce platform to promote Chu Chutong goods, through strong technology research and development capabilities, community operation capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion experience, to create a business through the promotion of goods, create a community to obtain rich income platform. Excellent VIP shopping guides sign directly with the company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonuses. It is not a dream to enter the million in a year.

VIPVIP Shopping Guide VIP Shopping Guide

VIP Shopping Guide

299 yuan of self-selected products in the mall to become a VIP shopping guide

Effective VIP (Mall Inside the consumer rebate accumulated more than 10 yuan)

1, entrepreneurship package commission: recommend a member reward 100 yuan (WeChat cash withdrawal seconds)

2, sales commission: enjoy shopping 20 %-80% commission, self-purchase to save money, promote to make money

Upgrade Director

VIP shopping guide direct push 10 people + team total number of people reached 60 (sales commission accumulated more than 10 yuan) You can be promoted to the director

1. Basic salary: This part of the income is reflected in the company’s OA system. The monthly salary is issued on the 5th of the next month.

2. Entrepreneurship package commission: Recommend a member Reward 150 yuan

4, Director’s Entrepreneurship Package Commission: Everyone else invites a VIP to get 50 yuan

5. Sales commission: enjoy 20%-80% commission for shopping, from Buy money, promote money.

6. Team Management Award: The monthly per capita income of the team is greater than 2,000 yuan, which rewards 20% of the total sales commissions of all VIPs in the team. More than 1000 yuan less than 2000 yuan, reward 16%. Less than 1000 yuan, reward 12%

7. Bole bonus: train a sales director, reward director monthly team management bonus income 10%, long-term effective

Tencent strategic investment e-commerce platform, Global social e-commerce platform, the preferred platform for mass entrepreneurship! It is also a shopping or online shopping. Do you choose to be a consumer or a consumer?

Save yourself and save money, save 20%–80%

Sharing money, earning 20%–80%

Whether it is office workers, treasure moms, student families, freelancers, as long as you have a entrepreneurial heart, you can achieve Dreams

[Chu Chu push] Tencent E-commerce platform welcomes you!!!

2018 absolute power mode!

Strategic investment by Tencent! The Chu Chu push, Chu Chu Street, Chu Chu Tong belong to a company! The company has strong background! 2000 technical team! Absolutely safe and long-lasting platform! The second Taobao e-commerce!

Just 299 shopping to become VIP , share one earn 100, share 10 people team to 60 people, take the umbrella team to see everyone 50, low investment and high return!

WeChat Counting seconds to

Registering Chu Chu to ask referees to ask for registration QR code

Chu Chu push, earn every day, free to download APP to become a VIP member! Let’s make money makers together Download the Chu Chu push app together!

Chu Chu push||-Boge brings you millions of years

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Can the water filter “total number of colonies” be used as a product quality indicator?

Water purifiers & ldquo; The total number of colonies has been a hot topic in the industry. Since January 2016, the rescue of bottled water has been eliminated, and the total number of colonies and bacteria, yeast and other bacteria have been removed. This topic has recently been mentioned by people. So in the end, the water purifier “Can the total number of colonies be used as a product quality indicator?”

The science work is not in place. “Talk about the color change” p>

mentioning “bacteria, most people are ignorant, and even” Talk about the color change. In fact, the bacteria are not so terrible, then the concept of the total number of colonies needs to be considered.

In fact, bacteria contain both beneficial and neutral bacteria, while covering harmful bacteria. For example, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, etc. are beneficial bacteria, which are included in our milk yoghurt. Harmful bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, bacillary dysentery, etc., are collectively referred to as “pathogenic bacteria.” Then there are neutral bacteria, which are both unhelpful and harmless bacteria, and there is nothing to worry about. At present, there are few beneficial bacteria in the water and few harmful bacteria. For example, neutral bacteria that enter the water by air are neither beneficial nor harmful to the human body and will not adversely affect human health.

Western countries have a very loose total of colonies

Industry experts have pointed out that according to relevant US standards, the total number of colonies is only a technical evaluation index, not a product quality indicator.

The total number of colonies in drinking water in the United States is no more than 500 per milliliter, while in China it is only 100, much tighter than the United States! If there is a water purifier produced by a company, the effluent quality Other indicators are all qualified, and they are very good. The total number of colonies that come out of the water is more than 200. It is not qualified according to Chinese standards, but it is qualified according to American standards, and it is very good.

If the total number of colonies is too low, it must be over-sterilized, and the disinfection by-products are “three-way (carcinogenic, mutagenic, and metamorphic), and the damage is much greater.

Domestic water purifiers should be combined with internal control and key detection

Regarding how to treat the total number of colonies and the possible over-standard bacteria in the water, the parties also gave their opinions. .

& ldquo; In fact, look back, before the bottled water, bottled water and water purifiers were unqualified, a large part of the reason is because & lsquo; the total number of colonies exceeded rsquo; and was fined. An industry insider said, “Since the packaged water (bottled water, bottled water) has canceled this monitoring indicator, the water purifier should also be released, only need to grasp several key bacterial indicators such as E. coli. It is no longer necessary to continue to implement the total number of colonies.

An industry expert also believes that according to the newly released “Food Safety Law,” the total number of colonies is only an internal evaluation indicator of purification efficiency in the production process, not as a product quality indicator. The production process must be strengthened.

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Smart homes integrate into life Enjoy the fun of living!

Based on the big data analysis platform, the intelligent speaker can analyze the daily travel, hobbies, eating habits and other data of the consumers, and then feed back to the speakers, thus cultivating the speakers into a daily assistant who understands the users. Throughout the development of intelligent connection of speakers, from wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers to WIFI speakers, there is no music playback as a selling point. After adding voice interaction and intelligent interconnection, the speaker can play various roles such as assistants and network terminal devices.

For life, human beings always have a lot of explorations, and our living standards and lifestyles have improved!

The 1.0 era&ltquo;Use it: Before the 1990s, people Resolving the “satisfaction of living”; 2.0 era “Cohabitation: a well-off society, meeting basic living needs, but community support is also relatively simple;

3.0 era “Enjoy the home: enter the taste Have the pursuit of armored living, integrate the intelligent system into life and enjoy the unprecedented living pleasure!

& ldquo; One card access control system

Through one card, one library, one post To achieve integration between various systems. To achieve the new community era, the keyless, Hengda Yujing Peninsula uses a card access control lobby entrance, elevators, entrance doors, etc., instead of simple door lock tools, is a faster, more convenient, safe, reliable, high efficiency High-grade modern management methods.

360°Community Security System

Emergency Rescue System: includes various sensing alarms such as gas and smoke, and sets an emergency help button in each household. The help information can be transmitted to the property. Department; community security system: CCTV monitoring in the community, perimeter security and alarm system, electronic patrol, infrared curtains on the first and second floors of the residential and sub-top windows, and TV monitoring at the main entrance of the building.

Infrared detection, intelligent sensing alarm

The living room is equipped with an infrared detector, which detects the movement of the human body through infrared and microwave, and realizes intelligent sensor alarm. The property will come to the door at the first time. View. And an emergency button is set in the bedroom to facilitate the owner’s fastest alarm when an emergency occurs. After receiving the alarm, the Jinbi property personnel will arrive at the first time to provide the most timely assistance to the owners.

No need to get up, lighting is in control

The main bedroom is equipped with a dual-control switch that controls lighting in both directions. Both the door and the bed can be controlled at will, and the lights can be turned off when the hand is raised at night, eliminating the trouble of the owner getting up and closing the switch light.

Vehicle Management, Scientific and Safe Parking Environment

Advanced Vehicle Automatic Management System, which recognizes vehicle information through intelligent camera, and completes effective, scientific and safe access to vehicles, parking and recording. The managed multimedia integrated management system strives to create a safe and comfortable parking environment for the residents.

Visual intercom, you can see the rest assured

The family has specially installed video intercom system, fully automatic intelligent operating system, adding one-click help function, anti-interference ability Strong, effectively improve the safety and convenience of home, and build a worry-free community by building an efficient and integrated management system.

Minsheng Green, wholeheartedly for you

The fresh air removal system is an independent air treatment system. The fresh air is filtered by the fresh air ventilator inside. Purify, leave a piece of purity and let the house breathe smoothly. PM2.5 has a filtration efficiency of 99.7%, which makes your home clean, fresh and healthy all day.

Warm foot and cool top, humanized relaxation experience

The floor heating of the full-end brand is adopted, the indoor surface temperature is even, and the room temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, giving the foot warmth. Cool comfort and add a switch to adjust the room temperature independently. Heng strives to create the best quality and most humanized relaxation experience for buyers. (Source: China Security Exhibition Network)

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From bedding to personalized customization, Mousse leads a new trend of healthy sleep

The industry is always driven by the times.

Since 2015, due to the impact of Internet +, China’s manufacturing industry has fallen into an unprecedented blindness. China’s manufacturing industry experienced four major transformations after the reform and opening up in 1978. During these four transformations, from the country that made the button to the present, China’s manufacturing industry has cost advantages, scale advantages, institutional advantages, etc. The three major advantages are gradually lost. This has prompted Chinese manufacturing to gain diversification by acquiring new capabilities, acquiring new tools, and acquiring new business models.

In this environment, Chinese manufacturing has ushered in five years of gold. Since its establishment in 2004, Muse has quickly become the first brand of high-end bedding with healthy sleep as its positioning in just 10 years. This is inseparable from Mousse’s strategy of always practicing the customer center. Adhering to the mission of “making people sleep better, Mousse has always been committed to creating the ultimate product and service experience for consumers, and spreading healthy sleep culture through different latitudes, and has harvested a large number of powders beyond the expectations of customers.

As a successful model of diversified development, Mousse Bedding has opened up a path of its own, leading a new trend of healthy sleep.

Cross-border integration, the first healthy sleep system

The so-called healthy sleep system is the first of its kind. It is an ergonomic design of the five parts of the skeleton, mattress, pillow, bedding and custom tester, combined with the integration and innovation of the world’s top mattresses.

Mousse redefines the soft bed industry by tailoring a personal, healthy sleep system. Different from the standard, comfort and versatility of traditional soft beds, Mousse’s healthy sleep system emphasizes different people, tailor-made, one bed and one world.

In order to continue to provide customers with the ultimate product experience, Mousse continues to integrate the world’s top design resources, manufacturing resources, research and development resources, and achieve continuous innovation and rapid iteration of the healthy sleep system.

In the first and second generation of healthy sleep systems of Musi, the creation of spring mattresses, row skeletons and mattresses opened up a new understanding of mattresses in China. With the advancement of technology and the continuous development of mousse, Mousse’s private custom mattresses came into being.

In the third generation of the mattress, the Mousse T5 intelligent healthy sleep system integrates ergonomics, sleep environment and intelligent technology to make sleep enter the intelligent structure of the human body. Regulate the times. The fully automatic electric intelligent row skeleton, automatic adjustment air pressure mattress, gel micro-environment adjustment, and bedding micro-environment adjustment four systems make the sleep truly form a system concept; it not only goes further in technology content, At the same time, it is pursuing a “tailored” sleep service.

Developed to the fourth generation, the tailoring stage of the mattress is more complete. By one-minute full-body scanning, 24 accurate body data can be obtained, and then based on the result, in 50 modules. Among the thousands of product combinations, tailor-made personal sleep systems. At the same time of continuous private ordering, coupled with the creation of a 360-degree three-dimensional sleep environment, in the past advantages, it is surrounded by six eyes and ears to create a perfect sleeping environment.

Now, Mousse is beginning to attack smart sleep. Launched the fifth generation of healthy sleep system & mdash; — TS smart health sleep system, called the black technology of sleep, it can quickly and accurately obtain human body data, and deep match with the background database to create a bed and two sense of sleep customization Experience; while Mousse’s Sleep Share smart mattress technology can not only automatically test the specific reasons for your poor sleep, but also realize the interactive consultation between the person and the bed, and also adjust the bed through the controller to lead the home industry. Smart fashion.

Mousse is building the world’s most advanced smart manufacturing base. On the road of global resource integration, Mousse has never stopped. Since the innovative introduction of 3D materials in 2007 to create a fully washable mattress, in 2017, Mousse and Toyota Group introduced a new material space resin ball material to lead the bedding again. A disruptive revolution in industry materials.

Culture + products to create the first brand of healthy sleep

Good brand culture is also an indispensable condition for companies to implement brand strategy. Brand culture refers to the combination of corporate culture and consumer culture reflected by the brand. It is the judgment of the brand value formed by the joint action of enterprises and consumers.

With the continuous upgrading of consumption, the needs of customers have surpassed the products themselves and continue to extend to the spiritual level. So the highest level of marketing is the marketing of values. Mousse sells not bedding, but a healthy sleep, a healthy lifestyle and a life philosophy.

Therefore, Mousse has been passing a variety of IP activities to convey a healthy sleep culture from different latitudes, advocating “good dreamers & middot”; enjoy extraordinary values ​​and achieve resonance with the target consumer group.

World Sleep Day, World Day, Global Healthy Sleep Culture Tour, Double 11 Muse Global Brand Day … … Mousse combines different time nodes to promote healthy sleep culture through activities. Let consumers recognize the importance of sleep and the way they sleep healthy. In addition, Mousse led the drafting of the “China Software Bed Country Industry Standards and the domestic “China Sleeper White Paper”, which promoted the rapid development of domestic sleep culture.

When making a brand, in addition to doing the best in product and experience,More important is the marketing of core values. Therefore, Mousse launched the “Instructor’s series of inspirational short films, and invited Pan Shiyi, Li Yundi, Zheng Zhi, Li Kaifu and other big coffees, hoping to convey a dream of building a dream by advocating the spirit of the dreamer. Values, which cause social resonance, resonate with the target audience of the high-end class.

Dreamers are not just building their dreams, but also building dreams for others. As a global health sleep resource integrator, Mousse has been deeply cultivating in the field of building dreams, building a dream of healthy sleep for consumers.

At present, Mousse has more than 3,000 stores around the world. Can achieve such a result, Musi complied with the “Internet + market environment, adhere to the Chinese manufacturing industry, pay attention to its own brand building and business model re-determination.

The beginning of the next five years of gold is the rise of the middle class, which is for Chinese manufacturing. The better opportunity, behind this opportunity lies in the company’s continuous innovation, including innovation in products, technology and business models, as well as innovation in brand building.

Every business has a personality, every business model can achieve a business, the success of a business model, and there may be new business models. But the foothold of the business model is still to build a basic product. With this basic product experience, the whole model can continue. And Mousse, embarked on his own path of transformation and innovation.

Author: Ouyang into

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How does Tongyuan Photography Group master machine make it?

All relationships are marital relationships, and companies and consumers are no exception. So, in today’s age of equality and care, and the relationship between love and care, innovation is also intimate, sexy, and unique. It’s long-lasting ……

cough, in fact, innovation also has skill based. Just like looking for a girlfriend, if you can’t poke the G point of the consumer, it doesn’t matter if the brain is bigger. Conversely, once you find the right direction, you can become a champion even in an unobtrusive niche market.

Some companies only let the dog ropes expand and contract within 5 meters, and they were worshipped by the shovel officers. They praised the liberation of the dog students and even put the business on Putin’s head.

There is also a photography company that is not as committed to standardizing as taking pictures to make it into a streamline. It is nothing to do with training for photographers. As a result, the turnover of one day can be compared to a villa. The customer’s photo was also sent to the cover of “Portrait” magazine, and the photographer also won the international award.

—— The point is, how can I poke the G point of the consumer?

1. It is said that the pain point is solved, but my technique is most comfortable

(Fleich’s dog leash, a small innovation that makes the shovel and the dog want to stop)

A shovel officer, if you can walk a dog with a leash when you walk the dog, it can be said that it is very cultivated.

But neither the shovel and the dog, do not like this rope. The reason is very simple, people are tired, the dog is hurting, obviously want to give the dog a little freedom, but also afraid that it is lost, the whole process, the owner and the dog are extremely tangled.

At this time, the German company Fleisch knew everything. It produced a retractable leash. This kind of leash can be extended up to 5 meters, that is, in an open place, the dog can play freely with you 5 meters away. This is really a deduction. “Let me open and grasp my perfect state.”

It can be said that Fleisch has achieved the ultimate in a leash. It uses the raw materials supplied by the suppliers of BMW car seat belts, wear resistance and corrosion resistance against 500 kg of tensile force, and the laboratory test normally stretches 20,000 times to raise the hair, but it will not break.

Today, this durable traction rope has been exported to more than 100 countries, accounting for approximately 70% of the global market. Not only did the stars love it, but even Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin used Fleet as the daily equipment of the dog.

Innovation, not only to get the pain point of the customer, but also to know what method to use to solve the pain point, the customer is most comfortable.

2. My sense of existence lies in developing new poses that you don’t know

(Poc ski helmet, safe and stylish innovation has become the true love of skiers)

Most of the time, consumers don’t know what he wants. What you have to do at this time is to help him recognize himself.

Few people can enjoy skiing and think that skiers may need a ski helmet. But Swedish industrial designer Stefan · Itterborn thought of it and turned it into reality.

Ipotone founded Poc, in order to minimize the damage caused by sports, he consulted Dr. Kreis &middot, the medical doctor, who was in Three limbs were paralyzed in a diving accident, and all of this was devoted to spinal cord injury research.

The combination of designer and medical doctors makes the ski helmet produced by Poc safe and stylish. At present, Poc helmets have been sold in more than 30 countries around the world, becoming an X artifact for skiers.

The so-called creation demand is to let consumers see their other side.

(Yeti reefer, even thieves rely on it to get rich!)

Yeti’s founder, the Sides brothers, found that more and more people like outdoor sports such as hunting and fishing, but they lack a refrigerator that can save loot. As a result, they modified the ordinary reefer to meet the needs of outdoor scenes.

This durable and expensive outdoor reefer has annual sales of nearly $500 million. It has become a symbol of social status in the eyes of outdoor enthusiasts. Even thieves earned by stealing Yeti reefer. Less money.

Being a business is the same as falling in love: To give consumers what they want, TA doesn’t necessarily die; help TA find the true self, you are the true child of the TA heart (female).

3. If you want to say it, you have to find the depth

(Winter Hall Special dishwasher, deep service, and the overbearing president’s momentum)

Sometimes, consumers want to fish, you not only need to provide fishing rods, but also like the overbearing president, do the whole contracting fish Preparation of the pond.

Winterholt is a company that provides commercial dishwasher systems for hotels and restaurants, and currently has a 20% share of the global hospitality, restaurant and dishwasher segment.

Winterholt’s success lies in its positioning as “providing clean hotel and restaurant service providers, not just dishwasher manufacturers. Its extension services include the provision of water treatment systems, private label detergents and product repair services.

In-depth services shape the uniqueness of Winterholt, making it a leader in the industry.

(LeCroy is not only packaging, but also services)

Swedish Tetra Pak The company was one of the first companies to offer packaging for liquid milk. Now, domestic companies such as Yili, Mengniu, Guangming, Want Want, and Yinlu are their customers.

Tetra Pak’s killer is to extend the service chain for customers, from the customer’s plant design to sales strategy, Tetra Pak is actively involved. Even in the sales process, if the customer encounters a problem that cannot be solved, Tetra Pak will also fund the assistance of downstream customers. In Tetra Pak’s view, only the rapid growth of customer sales can help it boost the sales of packaging materials.

In China, in order to grow with customers, Tetra Pak also cooperates with customers to carry out brand promotion. In the advertisements for which the main expenses are incurred, the customers are placed in a prominent position.

This gives you more in-depth services than you want, helping Tetra Pak win customer loyalty.

Now Tetra Pak has a global net income of more than 10 billion euros a year. Although its strength can make it into the world’s top 500, but it is not flustered to provide deep services to customers.

4. Your professional look is the most sexy

(Masters of the fragrance industry) From the door of Givaudan, you say the second, who dares to say the first)

What is a professional? Not only the production of products, but also “production talent.”

Like the Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter story, not only produces magic, but also produces the most powerful magician, of course the champion of the magic industry.

Givaudan is the world’s largest supplier of fragrances and fragrances, and the first fragrance company to have a fragrance school.

This Hogwarts in the scented world chooses to receive 5 new students every 18 months. Each student must pass at least three years of study to become a junior perfumer.

The school has also established a new fragrance training standard that allows the perfumer to systematically learn the entire olfactory lineage, and has developed a library of more than 1,200 olfactory sensations.

Givaudan’s Fragrance School hopes to use the knowledge, passion and professionalism passed down from generation to generation to inspire and motivate future perfume masters & mdash; — masters are from your door, you say second, Who dares to say first?

(Ordinary studios can’t be made up) Strong professional temperament attracts customers)

There are also companies in the Hogwarts route in China, such as Tongyuan Photography Group.

In the same direction, there are good photographers to make good works. Xu Zhong, chairman of Tongyuan, personally developed a curriculum for children’s photography aesthetics. He did not talk about technology and aesthetics, and created a “thinking photographer” instead of letting the photographer master the photography method.

I don’t speak enough. Please, “Chinese people like the master of photography ten masters, Achen, come to cultivate. They don’t learn photography at first, but learn to paint first. Also introduced international photography courses, invited international masters to lecture. The list includes Kelly · Brown (a famous female photographer who won the most children’s photography award in the International Photography Awards WPPI), Parisian Chinese fashion photographer KK… …

and good photographers, too There is a lot of room for innovation and space. The hardware space is the studio, they specialize in serving the pregnant mother’s “Florola photography studio and the service of children’s cloud stores, guests will feel comfortable and happy as soon as they enter, — what is the difference with other studios?”

The overall look is not much different, but the details are a lot of attention: for example, the toilet door is 1.5 times the normal size, the pregnant mother will feel extra spacious when entering and leaving; the makeup remover The lavatory, all raised 15 cm higher than the normal height, and made into the above counter basin, just to let the pregnant mother wash her face, neither the stomach nor the water can be sprinkled on the body; The whole process is in a relatively closed small studio, you can enjoy the private space, the guests also play better; clothing, props are purchased from the global first-line children’s wear brand, and even there are many super fashion big names such as LV and Chanel …… /p>

And the space of the software is the innovation of the model, providing the photographer with space for creation. For example, the central kitchen mode separates the store from the studio. The studio also finds the design background of the oil painting department. Not only do the guests enjoy a higher studio, but the photographer can also have more room to play.

Another example is “Cloud Mode”, which makes the photography team Amoeba, and the small team one-on-one customized service guests, so that photographers can better understand the character and characteristics of the small guests, and the photos are taken. It is not a processed product like a line, but a piece of art that can participate in international competitions.

Then to the recent “Global”, let the photography team and the guests travel together, basically the same as the fashion film shooting method.

With so much thought, the effect that Tongyuan Chairman Xu Zhong wants is that Tongyuan is the mother of nourishing photographers, and the high level of photographers also feeds back the nutrients needed for maternal growth. Mutual nourishment instead of mutual consumption, this is also a kind of enterprise innovation art.

Tongyuan has been encouraging photographers toIncorporating artistic pursuits into commercial photography, it also proposed the concept of “praising life”. It is with such a spiritual core that Tongyuan’s photographers have won numerous awards both at home and abroad. One of the photographers, Zheng Xiangui, claimed that “gold medal harvester” has won 67 domestic and foreign photography contest medals since 2010.

In the WPPI (International Wedding and Portrait Photo Contest) held in the first half of 2017, eight award-winning photographers from around the world, and photographers from the same distance, occupied five seats.

Innovation is not only about poking the G point of the consumer, but more importantly, shaping its own temperament. This is the most attractive.

What kind of company is the champion in the industry? Must BAT be as tall as it is? Of course not, as long as it is a company that pursues excellence in its own field, it can have a championship.

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Hongyue 1+: Solving the chaos in the hydropower industry

Renovation of old buildings, renovation of new homes, and homes have a difficult time to read. Because the matters involved are complicated and wide-ranging, it is inevitable that some aspects will not be considered in the process. Hydropower transformation is the first step in home improvement and is a concealed project. Therefore, the requirements for pipeline products and construction quality are extremely high. The aesthetics of horizontal and vertical laying is the most basic requirement, and safety is the first. Every time you go to the renovation, everyone wants to have a professional, high-quality overall solution that saves time and effort and is reliable. Just right, you need, I am coming! Hongyue 1+, to build a national chain of home improvement service brand, not only products, we pay more attention to services. Online one-click appointment, free on-site measurement, no need to go out to change water and electricity, saving time, effort and worry.

Hongyue 1+ clear price, online online platform, the price is intuitive and transparent, so that consumers can clearly understand the consumption. Hongyue 1+ has a first-line payment mechanism, double insurance for product and construction quality, and the manufacturer pays first to make the construction quality more secure. At the same time, we provide online full range of product support, third-party guarantee for online trading platform, and a big lock for security. It can also provide consumers with convenient water, electricity, heating products and installation services as well as information inquiry and transaction functions. It is convenient and easy to handle.

The current hydropower transformation market is still dominated by guerrillas, and there is a serious lack of protection in terms of construction quality and after-sales. . The one-time construction of the guerrillas is of a worrying quality, which is very unfavorable for the later maintenance and modification. Many of the technical problems of changing hydropower, the guerrillas only rely on intuitive construction, causing damage to the wall structure of the house, and leaving the tail with a tail that is difficult to clean up.

For example, in the circuit transformation, the construction specification of Hongyue 1+ is: the depth of the slot is the wire The pipe diameter is 1.5 times deep, and the groove position is horizontal and vertical. The largest range reduces the damage to the wall, both beautiful and sturdy. When the guerrillas are working, they can arbitrarily groin as much as they want, which not only causes damage to the wall itself, but also has a poor aesthetic appearance.

At the corner of the wall, the Hongyue 1+ is constructed with a professional pipe bender, which ensures horizontal and vertical protection of the wires and makes the maintenance work easier. Contrast the downstream team’s practice, it is easy for the line tube to die, and it is difficult to pull out the wire during maintenance, which increases the difficulty and cost of later maintenance.

In addition, in the detail processing, the line tube is connected to the wire box, and there is a lock nut in the middle. The construction is justified by the connection with the lock nut, which is standardized and safe, and eliminates the safety hazards of home appliances and hydropower for the majority of consumers. The guerrillas cannot accurately grasp the distance between the line pipe and the wire box. If the length of the line pipe is not enough or too long, it will bring difficulties to the later maintenance and repair.

The wire inside the wire is intertwined and ordered to ensure the safety of the wire. Hongyue 1+ increases the contact area of ​​the wires by wire soldering to prevent oxidation, which greatly improves the safety factor of the indoor circuit. The guerrillas’ random construction method makes the contact area of ​​the wires too small, and it is easy to generate electricity and fire, and fires occur.

Try to follow the construction principle that the wires are on and the water pipes are under. This is convenient for maintenance. If there is a problem with the water pipe, it will not affect the circuit and avoid many safety hazards. The construction workers of Hongyue 1+ have professional training, standardized installation and convenient maintenance, which greatly increased the safety of indoor water circuits and excluded hidden dangers at the source. The guerrillas are willing to construct. If the wires are laid under the water pipes, once the water pipes fail, serious problems such as electric shock and short circuit will occur, and the consequences will be disastrous.

Hongyue 1+, conquering users with standards and specifications, using professional and systematic process design and construction, more avoiding the occurrence of missing items, and making the subsequent renovation steps smoother and smoother. Hongyue 1+, national chain, no worries after sale, change water and electricity, shop floor heating, choose Hongyue 1+!

For more details, please visit China Merchants Building Materials Network: http://www.zhaoshangbao. Com/

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