Wall tiling mistakes Wall tiling considerations

Tiles are an indispensable building material in home decoration, some people will be on the wall Tiles are made because the tiles are easy to clean and beautiful. There are many types of tiles on the market today, and some owners neglect the construction techniques in pursuit of aesthetics, thus deviating from the tile layout specifications. So, what are the misunderstandings of wall tiles? What are the precautions for wall tiles? Let’s tell you about it. !

Walk of wall tiling

1. Misunderstanding of wall tiling: wall covering with large-size tiles The effect is good. When paving the wall tiles, the tiles should be selected according to the size of the house. Although the overall effect of large-size tile laying is better, it is very gas-filled, and the seams are small. However, if the small-sized house adopts the modern minimalist style, it is not suitable, so the size of the used space will be neglected, resulting in waste. Beautiful.

2. Misunderstanding of wall tiling: the smaller the seamless brick, the more beautiful it is. Many people think that when laying tiles, The smaller the gap, the better, so the overall effect will be better. However, if the gap is too small when paving, the resistance of the tile to the environment will be deteriorated. Because the tiles are crushed when subjected to temperature changes, reducing their service life. The size of the seamless brick joint should be about 1-1.5mm, not less than 1mm, and the special effect can also widen the gap to 5mm.

3. Misunderstanding of wall tiling: neglecting product performance, some consumers do not use the tiling when laying tiles. The glazed wall tiles will be laid on the ground, so the savings are not good. Because the performance of different tiles is different, such as the water absorption rate of the floor tiles and the water absorption rate of the wall tiles are different, the floor tiles are low, and the wall tiles are high. Their flexural strength is also different, and the anti-freezing properties of interior wall tiles and exterior wall tiles are also different. Therefore, it should be noted that ordinary glazed floor tiles can not be used as wall tiles, and exterior wall tiles can be used as interior wall tiles, but interior wall tiles can never be used as exterior wall tiles.

Precautions for wall tiling

1. When choosing a tile, choose the kind of roundness around, you can’t have burrs, The color is even and shiny, and there is no color difference tile. Also, the material for tiling should also be selected from adhesives with strong adhesion.

2. If it is tiled in the kitchen and bathroom, be sure to choose Buy non-slip, durable, strong, easy to clean tiles. When laying tiles, the gap should not be too large. Choose a good quality brand.

3. When choosing tiles, you should choose according to your own decoration style. Different styles choose different tiles.

4. Paving tilesWhen you want to determine the way of arranging bricks according to the form of paving, tiles with directional patterns should be laid in the direction shown.

Article summary: Because there are many types of wall tiles on the market, there is often no choice in purchasing, consumers can not calm Choose cheap ceramic tiles. There were some misunderstandings when laying wall tiles, which led to the appearance of renovations. You can avoid these problems by understanding the above misunderstandings of wall tiles and precautions for wall tiling.

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The new trend of sanitary design “design of dry and wet separation”

The traditional one-piece toilet design often combines the shower area with the toilet and basin area, although It is convenient to use, but the damp air stays in the bathroom for a long time, which is easy to cause air pollution and cleaning problems.

So, in order to improve the quality of people’s lives, the design concept of wet and dry separation is gradually becoming popular.

Dividing the shower area and other functional areas will not only keep the bathroom space dry and hygienic, but also maintain the clean and beautiful environment of the bathroom as a whole.

But, after doing the wet and dry separation, can you really meet the needs of the family? Are you sure that the design of these functions can accommodate several people at the same time?

Bathroom New

We are common The bathroom is often integrated into the toilet area, wash basin, bathroom (including bath and shower) and washing machine, called four style.

Of course, Some households have a small bathroom area, they will consider moving the washing machine to the balcony or kitchen, and even in the principle of not wasting every inch of space, it is common to stuff it in the locker.

In this way, the “four old” becomes “three”, which is what we call three .

The main method of wet separation is to use a partition to separate the bathroom from other parts. After leaving a certain position for the bath, all others are handed over to the toilet, washstand and locker.

Meet the basic requirements of dry and wet zone division, it seems reasonable and perfect. However, even with such an integrated layout, the bathroom can only accommodate one person under normal circumstances.

Especially in the morning, when children go to school, when adults are rushing to work, the queues in the toilets are still common.

Have you ever experienced a scene like this: Through the shower After the full house of water vapor, the ground does not slip, even the locker has become wet and answer; when you are anxious to go to the toilet, some people are there to wash clothes; you are immersed in the comfortable atmosphere of the bath, Someone shouted outside the bathroom……


If you have two or three bathrooms in your home, the situation will be much less. In fact, not every family can There are such conditions.

So, how can we find a more effective solution in the current situation of only one bathroom?

Our wet and dry compared to Japan’s “four-separation” It seems to be weak.~~~

The design method for improving their quality of life by N steps is–each function is independent and separated from each other by partition.

three Separation


washbasin in the middle,

The bathroom and toilet are on either side.



The washstand is separate from the bathroom,

The bathroom and toilet are designed side by side after partitioning.

Clean, bath and toilet are completely separated,

effectively solves the embarrassing situation of bathroom use.

The partition material is not limited to a certain form,

Glass, cement and white walls can be used.

Considering the necessary storage issues,

And fully exploit the possibility of using space,

We can make a fuss on the wall,

Smartly “Stealing out” some storage space.

Using the background wall behind the toilet,

Create a built-in closet.

Add wooden partitions

Setting the wall

When the bathroom is neat and tidy,

also defines a clear walking line.

The most frequently used washstand is placed in the middle,

Bathing, toilets scattered to both sides,

Ensure maximum efficiency.

The basin between the toilet and the bath,

not just for The function of washing your face and washing your hands.

Add a towel bar, wooden partition,

All can bring convenience to washing,

does not affect the activities of the bathroom.

Of course, if you are worried about water droplets splashing,

Stealing from the wall Space is also a good choice.

Local lighting needs can be more diverse,

Remove the same chandeliers.

Invisible light strip design,

The whole bathroom will be taller in an instant.

If the washstand is long, you may wish to consider double Basin,

Or add a locker that can accommodate different needs.

double basin

The bath room still maintains a separate space state,

But the partition wall not only plays a single role,

Make full use of the distortion space to complete the storage,

Towels and clothes for bathing have been placed Where.

The shower gel and shampoo accompany the bathing process,

So it is best to cut an alcove on the wall,

easy to take

If you want to experience the double feeling of shower and bath,

I can follow suit Japanese-style bathing form,

Of course, the premise is,

Your home has enough bathroom space~~~

Modern people pay attention to convenience and effectiveness ,

Designed with a combination of washing machine and washbasin,

You can wash off the dirty clothes directly.

What we call dry and wet separation may solve some practical problems, but the usage rate I didn’t get real play.

Is still worried about grabbing the toilet,

Bathroom wisdom from Japan,

We are all worth learning!

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Why does SAKURA cherry blossom make a call to DeGola K for “Shaking a sister”?

To say the hottest social moment Platform, it must be the vibrato app, and the most popular events of the whole netizens are the 618-year-old promotion. On June 4th, when “Duoyueyijie” Dyula K sent a dance video showing the theme of SAKURA cherry blossom “Shake 618”, the netizens immediately blasted the pot. “Sakura cherry blossoms planted what grass, let small Is the sister calling?”

mentioning Dyula K, the singer er, no one knows, no one knows. Its representative healing smile and cute sweet dance convey a full positive energy. It has created a miracle of 30 million fans to break through 10 million, and became the first dance goddess of vibrato.

It is the sister of Dyula K, who is comparable to the first-line star. It is said that the work schedule has been scheduled until the end of this year. The media waiting for interviews or inviting her to participate in variety shows has already been counted. More insiders broke the news, Dyula K is very picky about the cooperative brand, there is no spiritual fit, it will not pick up. Therefore, when the “Sakura Shake 618” dance video was issued, it caused a lot of commotion, and the number of praises within 2 days exceeded 300,000, and the number of comments exceeded 10,000.

Video, Dyula K stands on the SAKURA cherry blossom 618 theme Under the KT board, dancing lively and cheerful dance, the signature smile from time to time, makes people feel more pleasant. In the end, she compared her hand with a love, giving a sweet blow, as if a pink bubble appeared all over her body.

Immediately afterwards, the well-known talents of the giants, the Twinkle, the long-mouthed baba, etc., all spontaneously participated in the theme activity of the SAKURA cherry blossom 618. A few vibrating people, or funny, or sexy, deductive life. Under the leadership of several people, many of them have created the same video spontaneously, and they quickly picked up the #樱花 cherry 618# boom. At this time, SAKURA Sakura officially launched the event: June 4-18, as long as you pay attention to the cherry blossom official vibrating number SAKURA4001666668, you can participate in the #樱花 cherry 618# challenge. Choose a video of the singer, shoot the same video and post it, like the 300 and screenshots or the top 100 of the official @ 樱花 樱花, you can get a beautiful gift from the SAKURA cherry blossom.

(Giant, Rice Twinkle, long-mouthed baby video screenshot)

When fans are fascinated by the charm of the people, everyone I am also curious, what magical power does SAKURA cherry blossom have, and can Dakula K’s “shaking a sister” and many vibrating people spontaneously participate in this activity? In fact, in the 618-year big promotion, the SAKURA cherry blossoms seem to be “not doing business”, but in fact it is unique.

618 big promotion as the middle of the saleDuring the outbreak of the sale, all major brands are scrambling to promote their products. Not only contracted various advertising spaces for subways, buses, and elevators, but also invited big coffees such as Yang Mi and Peng Yuxi to help them drink. In this promotional battle, the SAKURA cherry blossoms are like a clear stream – calling on everyone to pay attention to the way of life, “Shake 618”.

In its propaganda poster, with rich psychedelic colors, pleasing dancers, dynamic notes and fans who are more gestures than rock, just a glance, the mind will naturally sound the dynamic music that makes people shake their heads. Super appeal, it seems to lead the spectators to live together and enjoy life, while the products on the side have become a foil.

Unexpectedly, this is not true of SAKURA Sakura However, it happened to poke the current G-spots that young people love to play and release stress, and made an efficient communication with the young people. While winning the good feelings, the traffic has also been naturally introduced into the SAKURA cherry blossom promotion platform.

From this point of view, SAKURA cherry blossoms seized the key words of “burning” and “life” and played a beautiful marketing campaign. It accurately grasps the psychological needs of young people, truly extracts different live scenes in life, transmits positive energy, and evokes a strong resonance of the audience, and uses the vibrating sound challenge to be a popular interactive form of young people and cooperates with high-quality videos. The content spread, allowing the volume to expand rapidly.

SAKURA Sakura’s trick was surprisingly successful, and it was praised by the industry: “The young people got the world, the spread of the #樱花 cherry 618# challenge, not only shows the SAKURA cherry blossoms and the young people’s play together ‘The ability to make SAKURA cherry blossoms become ‘Time ICON’.”

Sakura Sakura General Manager Zhang Yongzheng also said: “Compared with pure promotion, SAKURA cherry blossoms pay more attention to the collision of consumers in the soul. In this In the next year, in the middle of the promotion, SAKURA Sakura uses high-quality products, unprecedented policies and fun activities to bring you a feast.”

The so-called, the highest marketing is the lifestyle leader, SAKURA This cherry blossom is “not doing business”, it is exactly ” “Burning Love passed brand appeal.


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2018 ceramic industry development direction

At the end of the year, the annual meeting of major companies in the ceramic industry will be held one after another, summing up the results and planning the future. In the past 2017, for the ceramic industry, it seems to be two days. Some well-known enterprises have double-digit annual growth rates, and they have built new factories and expanded production capacity. At the same time, many ceramic factories have been shut down and eliminated under the unprecedented environmental protection pressure. In the ceramics industry, the process of shuffling has been significantly accelerated due to the coexistence of consumption upgrades and competition, environmental protection and price increases.

The pointer for 2018 has moved slowly. In the new year, how will the ceramic industry develop? Some people say that people who listen to the wind can distinguish their tracks in the wind, listen to their true laws, and follow the wind. Followers of the wind, used to live in the midst of the sound, imitating its appearance, moving with the wind. Whether it is listening to the wind or following the wind, it is a matter of discerning the wind.

In 2018, ceramic companies will face even greater challenges, whether it is expansion Mergers, expansion of the map, or upgrading, seeking development, or painful baptism, difficult to move forward, under the general trend of industry reshuffle, how to distinguish the wind, especially important. Tao Wei.com recently interviewed some insiders and compiled some 2018 trend views put forward by some guests in public, and shared them here.

Yin Hong, deputy secretary general of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association: China’s ceramic tile production is negative growth in 2018

The overall economic situation in 2018 should be quite good, But China’s ceramic tile production must be negative growth. The society is undergoing transformation. From high-speed growth to high-quality development, the brand has become the direction of industry and social development.

2018 Tile Product Trends: 1. Ceramic slabs and large-size tiles. 2, modern antique bricks, black and white gray for the mainstream color, after the industrial flavor. 3. Terrazzo bricks. 4, embossed bricks (or called mold bricks, three-dimensional bricks) a large area popular, the performance is very delicate and meticulous. 5, tiles, display and application increased a lot, the performance techniques are more diverse. 6, tile product functionalization.

He Xinming, Chairman of Dongpeng Holding: The building ceramic industry will step into A new era

The future development trend of the ceramics industry can be summarized For the five key words: green, brand concentration, intelligent manufacturing, consumption upgrades, channel fission. Faced with these five major trends, I believe that there are five ways to deal with it: repairing the dead, practicing internal strength, unique advantages, persisting in innovation, and developing the group.

Overall, the ceramic industry that has experienced “savage growth” for 30 years It will gradually enter a new era. A series of “new things” such as environmental protection, Internet, new retail, and intelligent manufacturing are coming to us. It is an opportunity or a challenge. The key is whether we are ready.

He Yitao Group Chairman and General Manager He Gan: 2019 Modern Antique The market will enter a period of rapid growth

In 2018, green development will become a trend. The capital market will be the driving force of the industry. The application of big data will be deepened in the industry. The new retail and smart store logic will be basically clear. Spray glaze technology and technology will set off a new wave. The industrialization of indoor assembly will become the direction of industry research. The existing self-contained and large-package channels may bring certain risks to the industry. Thin sheets and foamed tiles will create market heat.

Modern antique products are not yet the highest, because 2017 is a turning point, It will be cultivated from 2018 to 2019, and will enter a period of rapid growth in a market in 2019.

Zhang Yunshu, chairman of Zhang’s business: postmodern style will continue to be popular

Modern antique bricks, or post-industrial style, the whole is gray to the mainstream, and then merge some The combination of black and white ash and unsaturated colors will continue to be popular.

But with the development of trends and process upgrades, this postmodern style Will be more and more diversified, such as the ability to incorporate some gray wood grain, tiles and other elements, showing a light luxury style. Just like our latest series, we use the patented process of electro-optic glaze + glitter powder to make the product feel a sense of luxury. I believe that more innovative elements will be added in the future, and the post-modern wind will enter a new stage.

Wang Guisu, general manager of Guanxing Ceramics Marketing: Industry brand concentration will be higher , optimistic about the brand of the whole category

The brand concentration of the ceramic industry in 2018 will be Higher, the future is big brands, low prices, full style. I am optimistic about the brand of the whole category in the future, and the brand of comprehensive category will have more advantages. Because the terminal channels are highly differentiated: hardcover, assembly, engineering, design, retail, etc., it will be difficult to go through a single channel. Only in all channels have a market share, the brand will have room for development in the future.

SMEs will become more and more difficult to survive in the future because the threshold is getting higher and higher . Whether it is the environmental protection of the production process, the cost pressure, or the multi-channel of the terminal, it will not be easy to deal with, and the pressure will become larger and larger.

Nan Shunzhi, chairman of Jinzunyu Marble Tiles: 2018 is a large board Trends in Marble Tiles

Modern slabs and marble tiles are The current trend. From the development history of ceramic tiles, they are gradually growing from small specifications, and 2018 is the trend year for large-scale marble tiles. Marble tiles are taken from natural marble blueprints. Marble tiles are chosen in many high-end venues. It is a timeless classic in a hundred years, and marble tiles are not limited to style, there are more possibilities in the future.

The ceramic industry must be a brand, and the future is the world of the category, not People are clouded, don’t blindly follow the trend, and the trend of things comes quickly. Making your own benchmark products will not be eliminated by the market. Brand positioning must be clear, brand positioning = crowd positioning, and what kind of people are suitable for their own brand must be clear.

Eagle 2086 Marketing General Manager Chen Fanggen: The ceramic industry can be 2018 Seen from three dimensions

I. Brand: 1. Brand Focusing. 2, personalized brand. Personalized brands look for their own positioning from the niche market, identify their own core characteristics, be a representative category winner, and have their own living space.

Second, channel: 1. Engineering channel. Many first- and second-tier cities require real estate hardcover to reach 70-80%. Real estate developers naturally focus on the brand when they choose to cooperate with customers. Most of the brand growth in 2017 was in engineering channels, and retail channels fell by 30%. 2. Designer channels. Personalized brands will also have room for survival, because there are certain demand for second-room decoration, high-end villas, theme restaurant chains, supermarket chains, etc., but most of them are in the hands of designers. Therefore, future engineering channels and designer channels will be the most important. 3. The installation channel is still a transitional channel, not very mature. 4, e-commerce channel can not be used as the main channel, can only assist brand promotion, drainage and offline customers who want to understand the brand.

Three, products: large board, modern style will prevail, homogenization also It will become more and more obvious. Winning in the futureThe point is that products, teams, channels, services, and brand promotion are systematically developed. The future is full of flowers. As people’s needs become more diverse, the categories of products will be subdivided and the styles presented will be more and more.

Shen Litao, General Manager of the Strong Business Modern Business Unit: Modern Style Become a corporate standard

Future modern style will become a corporate Standard, because the modern style includes a wide range of applications such as luxury, industrial style, Nordic style, and new Chinese style.

Products: Marble and wood bricks are timeless classics, the big board is A trend. The attention of wall tiles will be higher and higher, the three-dimensional wall can be made into different processes, and the shaped three-dimensional wall tiles will be more and more rich. Wood bricks will continue to heat up from conventional specifications to 200 x 1800 or even larger. Channels: Channels will be diverted, and the drainage mode of the installation, home improvement, engineering, and e-commerce channels will be offline. Terminal: Standardize the terminal, establish a flash store, and cater to the trend.

Future assembly + quick loading must be the trend to achieve a real bag opening. The main competition in the future is professionalism and detail. The opportunities and challenges of today’s ceramic enterprises coexist, and the future tests are not only hardware but also software. Hardware is product + design, software is system + team.

Jin Yatao Brand General Manager Zhu Junguang: 2018 will be a transformation The era

2018 ceramic industry will be an era of transformation. Whether it is product change, channel creation, and all aspects of the process of brand renewal, 2018 is a challenging year for ceramic companies, so we are well prepared in advance.

Pu Yong Ceramics General Manager Yong Yongchang: Industry polarization is more obvious, Jiangxi will become the hardest hit by price wars

2018, terminal Will continue to shuffle. The traditional wholesaler market has been further compressed and even partially eliminated. The product will develop to the process differentiation, with modern antique bricks as the typical example. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, it is the profit status of Xishan at sunset. The differentiation is the export to find new profit points. In terms of brand trends, several giants have further sunk, and the market share has been eroded by the pressure of Mount Tai, and the polarization is more obvious.

Jiangxi will become the country’s first and second regional OEM industry center. Because the price is cheap, it will become a cooperative production base for many sinking brands or middle and low-end positioning brands. Most of the production equipment, manpower and materials resources of most enterprises in the park are located in the middle and low-end, which is difficult to change in three or two years, so it will soon become the hardest hit in the price war.

Wu Hansheng, Chairman of Foshan Yuantai Ceramics Chemical Co., Ltd.: Antique Glaze , satin glaze, functional glaze products will be more explosive

The leading products of glazed tiles in 2018 should still be dominated by bright products. However, because of the increasingly fierce competition in light products and the meager profits, some innovative leading manufacturers will slowly give up high-gloss products and turn to do more. Antique glaze, satin glaze for profit margins, and some market for functional glaze products.

All antique new products in 2018 will show an expansion. The market for fully polished glaze products will shrink somewhat. In 2018, some manufacturers of large-scale antique bricks will use the adjustment of product specifications to encroach on the market of ceramic tiles. Under such a trend, the 2018 high-light products will give a part of the market to the antique system products, including satin glaze and some functional glaze, carved glaze, etc., will be a larger outbreak.

A supplier in Sichuan: Jiajiang Jiantao maintains a low growth and is more competitive

In 2018, the southwestern region will continue to maintain a low level of growth, and high-end products will have higher growth. And mid-to-low-end products are likely to remain at the 2017 level or slightly down.

In 2018, the competition for building ceramic products in the southwest region is more intense. Especially in the middle and low-end shares, the profit of products will further decline, and the stronger and weaker are stronger. Some small-sized and poorly-equipped enterprises will It will be eliminated, and some enterprises with poor management and heavy burden will be reorganized. The market share of Sichuan Jiajiang Jiantao will be significantly reduced due to the development of surrounding ceramic enterprises.

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Soft fit with choice of carpet

  Indispensable Craft Carpet
   The soft-packed effect of the decorative carpet has been paid more and more attention and has become a new fashion trend. Choosing a rug that fits perfectly into the style of the room can add a finishing touch. Of course, in addition to the important decorative value of the carpet, the carpet also has aesthetic appreciation value and unique collection value, such as a precious Persian handmade carpet can be handed down.

  Selection of soft-fitted carpets
  (1) The function of the carpet in the home environment

   The carpet has a strong color and soft texture, which gives people a quiet and comfortable life experience. The value has greatly surpassed the ground paving effect. The carpet not only allows people to sit barefoot in the winter, but also effectively Planning the interface space, some carpets even become stools, tables and walls, decorations under the gallery, in addition to the carpet has other important functions:

  1.The carpet can capture and absorb the dust particles floating in the air through the surface fluff, which can effectively improve the indoor air quality;

  2. The carpet has a tightly ventilated structure that absorbs all kinds of noise and can isolate sound waves in time to achieve sound insulation;

  3. Carpet is a soft material that is not easy to slip or bump, especially suitable for families with children and the elderly at home;

  4. Today’s carpet patterns, colors, styles are increasingly rich and diverse, helping designers to interpret the style.

  Selection of Bedding/Carpet with Soft Design
<br   (2) Types of carpets
   1. According to the carpet material can be divided into: pure wool carpet, leather carpet, chemical fiber carpet, rattan carpet, plastic rubber carpet.

  Pure wool rugs: High-grade wool rugs are hand-woven from natural fibers and have no static electricity. The advantage of not being easy to vacuum, due to the fineness of the hair, it can be quickly restored to its original shape after being pressed; the pure wool carpet has a beautiful pattern and elegant color.

  Leather rug: generally refers to the leather carpet of the fur, such as cowhide, horse skin, sheepskin, etc. The leather rug can make the space more luxurious and add a romantic color to the living room. The leather rug is also valuable because of its high price. In particular, the engraved rug with the pattern on the carpet can preserve the value.

   chemical fiber carpet: divided into nylon, polypropylene, polyester and acrylic, nylon carpet pattern, color Similar to pure wool, the characteristics of strong abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and mildew resistance are most popular in the market, but the disadvantages are poor flame retardancy and antistatic property.

   vine carpet: a rustic style, a material with a sense of simplicity and coolness It is used to echo the beautifully curved furniture, fabric sofa or rattan coffee table. The effect is very good, especially suitable for the rural, Southeast Asia, Mediterranean and other natural styles. Plastic rubber carpet: It is also a very common and commonly used one. It is waterproof, non-slip and easy to clean. It is usually placed in shopping malls, hotels, housing gates and bathroom rooms.

  Selection of soft-fitted carpets

  (3) carpet selection for home environment
   When choosing a carpet, the designer must start with the overall effect of the interior decoration, paying attention to the environment, decoration, color effect, furniture style, wall material, lighting style, etc. In terms of carpet technology, materials, shapes, color patterns, etc.,

  1. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the space location of the carpet laying, considering the functionality of the carpet and the comfort of the foot, as well as anti-static, wear-resistant, flame-proof, anti-fouling and other factors, should pay attention to the function of the indoor space when purchasing the carpet. Sex:

  1Put a carpet in the middle of the living room to draw the distance between the guest and the host, add wealth Elegant atmosphere;

  2 laying a carpet under the dining table to enhance the dining area and living room space Divide;

  3 lay a long strip of carpet in front of the bed with stretching space The effect is easy for the owner to get into bed;

  4A rectangular chemical fiber carpet in the children’s room, It is convenient for children to play, and the family enjoys family fun;

  5 laying a carpet under the study desk and chair , can add a book of flavor;

  6 in the kitchen and bathroom is mainly for non-slip.

  Selection of Bedding/Carpet with Soft Design

  2. Secondly, the color of the pattern needs to be determined according to the interior style of the living room. Basically, the color and elements of the curtain should be continued. In addition, the personal preference and local customs of the owner should also be considered. According to the style, carpets can be divided into: modern style, oriental style, European style and so on.

  Modern style rug: more geometric, floral, landscape and other patterns, with better abstraction and The living atmosphere is combined with modern furniture in shades and contrasts.

  Oriental style rugs: patterns often have the characteristics of strong decoration, beautiful colors and rich ethnic characteristics. For example, Meilan Zhuju, the old three friends, the five Futu, the safe and auspicious, and other motifs, with patterns of moiré, embossing, bat pattern, etc., this carpet is more compatible with the traditional Chinese Ming and Qing furniture.

   European style rugs: mostly Damascus, Paisley, European curls, animals, architecture, The landscape and other patterns form a strong three-dimensional image, smooth lines, light rhythm, and rich texture. It is very suitable for matching with Western-style furniture, and can create the unique warm mood and extraordinary effect of Western-style families.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Advantages and pain points coexist China’s new home retail presents five major trends

The layman does not understand the insider, the consumer is often in a weak position in the consumption process, especially the home decoration, right Owners who don’t understand the decoration can easily fall into the traps set by the decoration company or the decoration team. Compared with the mature market, this is closely related to China’s still chaotic and unregulated home ecosystem. Let us directly address the pain points of new home retail in the digital age and look forward to a better consumer environment!

The new home retail in the digital age, that is, consumer-centric, with the scene For the entrance, through the composite product service and the integration of contacts to drive the C2B supply chain, to meet consumer demand for the ideal family life, and extended to other related industries.

The current home new retail ecosystem has many pain points

China’s new home retail ecosystem has a large scale and a fast growth rate.

2016, the market size of new home retail brands and service providers in China It is close to 5 trillion yuan, and the growth rate in 2015-2016 is as high as 8%. It is far ahead of the European and American markets in terms of market size and growth rate. At the same time, the network penetration rate of the back-end of China’s new home retail sector is comparable to that of Europe and the United States. In 2016, the penetration rate of back-end home appliances has reached about 20%, slightly higher than the European market (14.9%), which is equivalent to the US market (19.2%). .

Online penetration of front-end home improvement and building materials is not high, currently only About 8%, compared with Europe (9.2%) and the United States (15.4%) have more room for development. However, compared with the mature market, the new home retail ecosystem in China is still chaotic and lacks norms. To avoid being cheated, consumers are forced to spend a lot of time learning about decoration.

For Chinese consumers who don’t love DIY, the biggest pain point is In the long process of consumption, I have to do it myself. For brand owners, one of the most difficult problems is to face the lack of knowledge, the identification of good and bad consumers with limited ability, how to stand out in the industry with low-frequency trading characteristics and mixed market.

New Flooring

The digital home China’s new home retail will show five major trends

Trend One: Standardize the Market – From Non-standard and Chaotic Markets

Going to the standard and quality assurance standards provided by the platform, the national installed service market is mixed, and in 120,000 renovation companies in 2016 Only half have relevant qualifications. The future is bound to move from a non-standard and chaotic market to a regulated market that provides standards and quality assurance by the platform.

As consumers become more concerned about health and environmental protection, brands and channels In addition, we are striving to provide more healthy and safe basic building materials, and home appliances such as air purifiers and fresh air systems that improve environmental quality are also popular. For example, in the environmentally-friendly eco-board of plates, sales in the plate category accounted for 2015. Less than 1% of the rapid increase to 23% in 2016.

We also noticed that many e-commerce platforms will set the threshold for decoration companies. If you have a Class C decoration decoration qualification. In addition, user comments, users askA, the designer’s work display and even the decoration forum, decoration diary and other UGC content and mechanism, making the decoration company’s service quality, price and other information more transparent, the whole process of monitoring and regulating the chaotic decoration service market.

Trend 2: Life Scenes – From Selling Items to Scenes Lifestyle infiltration

currently, building materials, home improvement, furniture, Local brands such as electrical appliances are still selling products, but the transition to lifestyle penetration has begun.

In the process, “lifestyle first” will become the key word for entry That is, brand owners influence consumers by creating and promoting a certain leading life concept, which in turn causes them to pay attention to related products. In terms of lifestyle communication, brand owners often use real and virtual scenes to bring consumers an intuitive experience, and experience becomes the main decision factor for purchase.

Some e-commerce platforms took the lead in doing a lot of useful exploration.

Based on the analysis of sales data, outline the user’s portrait, around Key information such as the type of households, in line with the lifestyle and appeals of the customer group, the online experience store launches scene matching, and embeds the low-frequency home consumption scene into the high-frequency retail scene. For example, the Life Aesthetics Museum jointly developed by Intime and Tmall creates an immersive shopping experience for consumers by setting up real-life scenes such as offline experience zones and scene display zones.

We also saw that some brands and channel vendors such as Red Star Macalline It has been added to the team that uses VR and 3D modeling technology to build virtualized home scenes.

Trend 3: Channel Convergence – From Cross-Channel to Omni-Channel Fusion

Chinese consumers are accustomed to active cross-channel .

In the home appliance industry, 93% of respondents are omni-channel consumers By. From the demand side, there are more and more consumers pursuing omni-channel non-sense shopping experience in 2017. The most fundamental technical support for achieving omnichannel is the Internet of Things and smart home.

We believe that smart home is about to enter the whole network interconnection stage, the Internet platform has the most It may become a unified interface to help achieve the realization of the entire network interconnection. At the same time, smart homes drive future contacts to the home, creating new consumer touches in non-traditional retail scenarios, absorbing all-round consumer life. The store’s Internet of Things technology will also promote the digital acquisition of offline behavior, thus achieving personalized marketing.

To achieve the omnichannel of all stores in the future, retailers need to do the following thing.

Online and offline users have only one ID; online and offline, Same price, unified inventory; whether you buy online or offline channels, you can choose to deliver goods to your door or store; help merchants to manage separate online and offline channel inventory management, reduce operating costs; through the Internet of Things and the cloud The technology concentrates on obtaining offline data, and it is connected with online data for unified processing and analysis.

Trend 4: Segmentation customization – from satisfying most people Basic needs to move toward meeting the improved and personalized needs of the segment

China’s disposable income continued to rise, and consumption upgrades boosted demand for improved demand. The new consumer retailers in the home, “post-80s” and “post-90s” have formed newThe segmentation group, they have certain unique needs, such as the addition of two treasures at home, resulting in the need to add a new set of children’s furniture in a limited home space.

Brands have begun to use digital means faster and more accurately Discover the unique needs of these market segments, launch new products in a timely manner, and work closely with e-commerce platforms to proactively study the most popular product features of the next season and provide timely and effective input for product design.

Today, custom services have extended from the furniture industry to the relatively standardized home appliance industry. For example, Haier has introduced a customized refrigerator that customizes the refrigerator volume, temperature adjustment method, door material and appearance pattern. However, for the niche but has certain common needs, the user asks for the demand on the platform, and the designer recognizes the idea and A number of samples were designed, and then voted by the user. After the technical feasibility verification, the pre-sales were released, and the products were iterated according to user feedback. The sales growth of Haier’s various customized products was as high as 57%.

Trend 5: Solution – From buying a product to a user Solution

Currently, home consumers in China are basically buying The single product, on the one hand, is because the brand and service providers provide consumers with a single category of household products, or simple services + limited products (such as decoration services + building materials); on the other hand, due to a large number of irregularities in the home market The operation, consumers do not dare to let the service provider provide a complete solution.

In the future, with the full range of services from design to softcover Providers of high-quality solutions are emerging, and consumers will enjoy a “what you see is what you get” consumer experience and user solutions. We believe that there are two general ideas for implementing user solutions.

First, upgrade from sales items to sales items + services. In the context of ecological integration, the boundaries of products are also blurred. Brands not only want to gain value from selling products, but also find breakthroughs in products and extensions, such as increasing contact with consumers and providing value-added services. In addition to selling paint, Nippon also provides door-to-door service, creating new value growth points.

Second, upgrade to a full solution. More and more brands are beginning to offer consumers a complete solution to cover multiple aspects of their needs or in a specific scenario. For example, home appliance manufacturers provide smart kitchen solutions to meet the needs of users in the specific scene of the kitchen. The smart kitchen has a range hood and stove ignition automatic association, the central control panel controls the oven switch, temperature and duration, and can realize refrigerator storage management and one-button ordering through the touch screen. It can also download recipes and even do it. When you see the dishes through the screen, whoever knocks on the door and talks remotely, gives an intelligent solution to what needs to be done in the kitchen and what may be encountered.

Brands offer better products for consumers to be more assured

The biggest change in China’s “home economy” in the future lies in consumers The buying experience will move from a multi-channel market that is disorderly and requires a lot of compromises to integrated scenario products and services. The five trends we observe, from the consumer scene experience and segmentation needs, to the purchasing habits of goods and services, the integration of channels and the integration of back-end supply chain, will affect the home market in all aspects. In order to seize the opportunities in the new era of home retail, brand owners need six aspects from their customer image capabilities, product marketing methods, channel delivery methods, product design and development process, supply chain assistance and consumer-oriented agile organization reconstruction. Thinking about it, and finally transforming the home market with customer experience as the first and value chain integration.

Source: Pan Home Headlines


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Conch Cement 2017 Annual Review: Cement “Moutai”

2017 revenue of 75.31 billion yuan increased by 34.65%, and net profit of mothers reached 15.85 billion yuan with an increase of 85.87 %, the net profit of non-returning mothers increased by 83.28% and EPS was 2.99 yuan. According to the profit distribution plan, a cash dividend of 1.2 yuan per share will be distributed in 2017, and the total annual dividend will be 6.359 billion yuan. The dividend distribution rate will increase from 30% to 40.11%. The performance and dividend ratio are in line with expectations, and the performance is close to the guidance limit. We believe that this is an excellent business performance and gives the market a perfect account:

1) Sales volume increased by 6.6%, significantly leading the industry Conch is actually a growth stock in the cement industry;

National cement production in 2015 was slightly lower by 0.2%, but Conch Cement achieved sales of cement and clinker of 295 million tons, up 6.6% year-on-year. Far more than the industry, the market share continues to increase. We believe that while Conch guarantees the core profit area, it is characterized by a short cement transportation radius, further expanding new areas, and continuously expanding new growth points through mergers and acquisitions and market-based shuffling. From 2011 to 2017, the whole country Total cement production increased by approximately 12% and Conch Cement sales nearly doubled; in fact, Conch is the only growth stock in cement.

In the report period, the company acquired Shaanxi Fenghuang Building Materials, increasing the clinker production capacity by 1.8 million tons, cement production capacity by 2.2 million tons, and aggregate capacity of 2 million tons. Further promote the internationalization strategy. During the reporting period, the second phase of the Indonesian Peacock Port Grinding Station was successfully completed and put into operation. The main project of the Indonesian North Su Conch and the Cambodian Battambang Conch has been completed. It is expected to be put into operation in 2018, and the project construction of Lao Luang Prabang Conch will enter. During the peak construction period, the preliminary work of Volga Conch, Laos Vientiane, Myanmar Mandalay and other projects is progressing in an orderly manner.

And at present, we believe that Conch has the comprehensive advantages of unmatched capital and cost layout in the industry, and has the ability to further integrate domestic and foreign leaders. It is not difficult to forecast 400 million tons of sales in the medium and long term;

In other businesses, aggregates and commercial mixes are developing rapidly. Due to the tightening of mine resources and the re-evaluation of mine conch resources, we judge that aggregates may become a profit growth in the future; /p>

2) The improvement of profitability in the context of the industry is not high, and far exceeds the industry, which means a significant improvement in the landscape and the company’s competitiveness;

We estimate the full year of 2017 Price 247 Yuan / ton, an increase of 50 yuan / ton; 87 yuan gross tons, an increase of 23 yuan / ton; t net 48 yuan / ton, an increase of 20 yuan / ton.

The average price of Q4 ex-factory was about 281 yuan / ton, up by 52,41 yuan / ton year-on-year; the gross profit of 113 yuan / ton, an increase of 35, 35 yuan / ton year-on-year; Net profit of 67 yuan / ton, an increase of 36, 27 yuan / ton, respectively, the net profit from the 2011 historical best value of 87 yuan still has room for further improvement, and compare other peer cement stocks, can be seen in 2011 The overall industry-wide economy is different. Conch’s net profit level is far ahead of the industry in 2017;

3) Cement “Moutai”, cash Bull type company, further gaps with the industry

From September 2017, Conch entered a net cash position. By the end of 2017, Conch’s interest-bearing liabilities (including long-term and short-term loans, long-term bonds and within one year) Expired bonds totaled 13.98 billion yuan, but cash in hand reached 24.66 billion yuan (an increase of about 9 billion yuan), operating net cash flow was 17.36 billion yuan (free cash flow of about 15 billion);

p style=”text-indent:2em;”>

Total debt ratio Continue to reduce by about 2 percentage points to 24.7%, the financial cost in 2017 is about 200 million yuan, and the estimated financial cost in 2018 is negative; in 2017, the toll and third fee is 23.8 yuan, and in 2018 will further widen the gap with the industry;

Pre- Accounts of 2.14 billion yuan increased by 593 million yuan, which shows that Conch Cement does not buy and pay before delivery, and the actual direct response to the downstream supply and demand is tight; Conch partially through the direct sales channel, 2017 accounts receivable 11.1 billion The increase of 46 yuan, because the company’s income scale has expanded by only 20 billion, direct customers will produce bills (the industry’s inherent model has nothing to do with the company itself), followed by accounting policy changes, in the past can directly endorsement to suppliers directly as bill settlement, The current policy is to remain in the company’s accounts before the actual payment (by a receivables credit account payable, a total of 17 billion).

4) The dividend rate has increased significantly to 40%, and it is natural to expect further in 2018 Enhance

In 2017, the share of Conch’s dividend increased by nearly 10 percentage points to 40.1%, and we noticed that the capital expenditures for 2014-2017 were 92.8, 87, 71, and 6.5 billion, respectively. In 2018, the company’s capital starts to be 6.8 billion, which means that capital expenditure in 2018 is likely to be further reduced than 2017. Net cash-state companies and abundant cash in hand plus 2018 billion free cash flow in 2018. It can be reasonably inferred that 40% of the dividend rate has a significant room for improvement;

5) “Buffett” in the cement industry

Investigation in the Conch secondary market in 2017 The revenue was 1.86 billion yuan, and all of them were cement stocks. The Jiandong Cement and Qingsong Jianhua realized the accurate judgment of the highest point of the stock price, and the history of Shanghai Luozhu also achieved the investment income of cement stocks of 1.8 billion yuan in 2015. There are several rounds of insight into the investment in the cement industry, which is called “Buffett” in the cement industry;

6) Earnings forecast and target price, 200 billion is only a small goal

We believe that the current demand is only late and not absent, Conch’s certainty is far better than other cyclical stocks (including steel and other industries), and The growth of conch is a neglected aspect of the market. The downward trend of capital expenditure and the upward trend of dividend rate make Conch, the leading cement faucet,For cash-type companies, then the ratio of dividends in 2018 is 40-50%, which means that the probability of dividends in 2018 is more than 10 billion, which is enough to support the market value of more than 200 billion conch cement;

p style=”text-indent:2em;”>

From medium to long term logic In view of this, the situation of pollutant discharge permit, environmental protection tax and environmental protection high pressure has not changed. This round of supply and demand led by East China has a longer balance, and most of the regional markets where Conch Cement is located are in good order. We believe that the high probability is expected to see the restoration of the valuation center at the same time as the performance improvement (we think that 12-13 times is neutral and reasonable, and currently only corresponds to 8.7 times PE (according to 20 billion in 2018));

The following picture is our 2018 earnings forecast and scenario assumption. The net profit of the neutral forecast is 20.4 billion yuan. We maintain the medium and long-term market value of 240 billion yuan corresponding to the 46 yuan stock price judgment:

/blockquote> <

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What color is better for office curtains? How to choose office curtains?

The office is the main place for our daily work. We are working hard to fight for our own business, so the color of the curtains is very expensive. Important. Choosing the right office curtains will make our work more passionate, and on the contrary will affect our work mood. Then, What color is used for office curtainsWhat better? How do we choose office curtains? Let’s take a look at the small series!

What color is better for office curtains

1. Blue

What color is better for office curtains? Because I work in the office most of the day, sometimes there are some heavy or trivial tasks, so I can’t avoid it. Some irritability. If the office The curtains are blue, which can make people calmer. Because blue is cool, it represents calm, rational, and refreshing. In such an environment, those irritating feelings will slowly calm down. /span>

2. Milky white

The office is not just a personal workplace, so the color of the curtains is Can’t choose according to the color you like, the color of the curtains should be matched according to the decoration style of the whole office environment. The milky white curtain is a good choice, because it is a wild color, can be coordinated with other colors of the office, and can also give People have a fresh, comfortable feeling that relieves stressful work.

3. Light Green

What color is better for office curtains? Real light green curtains also very good. This kind of curtain color can give people a sense of tranquility. The light green curtains are decorated with some prints and have a rustic style. Imagine working in an idyllic environment, is it more relaxing?

4. Beige

What color is better for office curtains? Beige curtains are also very good. This beige curtain is more visually succinct and beautiful. The key is not easy to stain. Dust, it’s also very clean, and it works well with the entire office.

How to choose office curtains

In the purchase When we look at office curtains, we have to consider its shading. Because the office is a workplace and its environment needs to be relatively quiet and comfortable, the shaded curtains can block the outside sun and protect our privacy. In order to work quietly in the office, the sound insulation is very important. At this time, the curtains in the office can be selected to have sound insulation and sound absorption effects. For example, the curtain material is cotton, and the sound absorption effect of the hemp is better.

Article summary:Office curtainsWhat colorCompared? The above four series are good for everyone. However, when purchasing office curtains, you should also consider the shading and sound insulation effects, in order to have a good work passion, in order to get things done.


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Hundreds of families have suffered serious losses due to the running of this decoration company. Many branches in the country have been “emptied”.

On May 21, 2018, due to the break of the capital chain, the decoration projects of “Apple Decoration Company” and the company’s “mud commune” and “lemon tree decoration” were stagnant. There are hundreds in Beijing. The family suffered serious losses. From the day before yesterday, the company’s employees, material suppliers, construction team chiefs and the loss of the citizens reported to the police.

The valuable electrical appliances on the site were evacuated

Apple Decoration Company is a national home improvement group covering 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. In March of this year, Wuhan Branch was investigated by the local police for suspected contract fraud. Li Qi, the chairman of the company, said that the development of the situation exceeded expectations. In addition to its own operating losses, the branches of the localities successively appeared to have a run on the bank, causing the company’s cash flow to break and collapse.

According to the reporter’s incomplete statistics, the branches in Chongqing, Changsha, Ningbo, Xi’an, Dalian and other places have gone to the building. On Friday, the incident spread to Beijing.

Yesterday, an employee of the “Lemon Tree Decoration” Chaoyang store under Apple Decoration Company told reporters that after the group exposed negative rumors everywhere, Beijing employees were heartbroken. On Friday night, the legal representative of the Beijing branch deliberately came to the store to “stabilize the military heart”. She said that the group has found new financing and the Beijing branch should operate as usual. However, after the employees got off work, the company’s valuable appliances were removed. When I went to work the next day, the unwitting staff found that the company was in a mess, and it was learned that the Beijing branch could not operate. Another engineering staff said that the engineering department is the frontline staff for the renovation of customers, but they are the people who get the latest news. Today, the company is still in arrears with their wages last month.

The owners have paid more than 100,000.

Ms. Meng, who has signed a “one-stop” service with lemon tree decoration, is extremely anxious The renovation contract she provided showed that the industry mainly paid 95% of the construction funds three days before the start of construction. Ms. Wang’s payment ratio was slightly smaller, but it was also as high as 80%. The reporter interviewed many owners and most of them paid 10 The decoration project of about 10,000 yuan, nowadays, the renovation project is stagnant. Some people have just shoveled the wall skin, and some of the home windows and wooden doors have just been removed. Some people have not finished the renovation after paying the money, but they have no choice but to join the rights defense ranks.

Master Xing is a foreman. He told reporters that they were almost at the same time as the owner knew the news of the company’s accident. A number of foreman’s mobile phones have a WeChat screenshot of Chen Rainbow, the general manager of the North China region of the Lemon Tree Decoration Company. She said, “(Headquarters) has always told me that there are investors, there will be financing, but in the end did not wait for this news.” The foremen said that they signed a contract with the company with the construction team, and the platform operated by the company introduced the renovation project, and the platform was drawn at a certain rate. According to the agreement, part of the construction materials, the construction team must be purchased from the platform. But now the platform does not give the foreman money, the foreman can not give workers wages, and there is no money to buy decoration materials.

“Lemon Tree Decoration” Beijing Chaoyang store project statistics show that more than 190 projects started this year, the rest of 2017More than 120 projects. At the scene of rights protection, there are also owners who said that some of the projects started in 2016 have not yet been completed.

The company’s chairman said it takes time

Reporter logs on the official website of “Apple Decoration Company” and sees Chairman Li Qi successively published A number of signed articles. Among them, Li Qi said in an article on May 16th, “If you really want us to pay back, please give us time.” The company will learn lessons and strengthen management. It will take three years to build a family. A home improvement company with an annual net profit of 500 million and a market value of 10 billion yuan pays off the arrears. Li Qi wrote: “This is like a company that the son-run company owes money. Now the debtor finds the family to pay the father, the father of the company. It’s not clear at all. You always have to give your father a little time to sort out debts, understand people and things, take over the company, and pay back the money.


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Interior wall putty construction process inner wall putty use precautions

The interior wall putty has a very large decorative effect, and now people decorate the interior wall decoration not only quality To be good, the beauty is also very important. However, to make a good quality, beautiful wall not only needs good technical workers, but also needs high quality putty powder. The following is a description of the interior wall putty construction process and precautions for the use of interior wall putty.

Wall putty construction process

1, grassroots cleanup

Clean up the dust on the interior wall, use the oil on the wall The degumming agent is completely removed, and the old paint and putty can be cleaned and then washed with water.

2, brush building glue or varnish

Before applying putty, first apply a glue or varnish back cover. This can enhance the adhesion of the putty and the surface of the base layer, and the coating should be uniform and not missing.

3, fill gaps, local scraping putty

Gap putty to fill the gap, wait for the putty to dry, sandpaper flat, dust Sweep. If there is still unevenness in the potholes, you can fill it with putty.

4, wall crack treatment

For cracks in the wall, you can use putty to level, use the emulsion to stick the strip on the crack, and straighten and paste the strip when sticking. In addition, the width of the cloth should be covered when the putty is scraped.

5, full of putty

When scraping putty, it is necessary to scrape back and forth, pay attention to the upper and lower joints, scrape between the two scrapers Net, can’t leave putty. After each time the putty is dried, use sandpaper to polish the light, the line angle should be clear, and the dust should be cleaned after grinding.

Wall putty use precautions

1, for the whole time The wall is beautiful, and the putty powder can be applied many times, so that the wall surface will be more flat.

2. When leveling, if the putty is scraped, it is in a semi-dry state, you can use tools to level it. If it has already been cured, you can use sand cloth to level it.

3, pay attention to waterproof and moisture when saving.

4, the construction temperature of the interior wall putty is above 0 °C, if the putty powder is paste-like, it is best Use within 4-5 hours to avoid excessive deterioration.

5, putty powder can not be used together with other putty, this will cause Chemical reaction and color difference.

Edit summary:About Interior wall putty construction process and Interior wall puttyThe precautions for use are introduced here, I hope to help everyone, I want to know more relevant knowledge can pay attention to Qijiawang information.

(Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Agricultural rock wool