This area clearly incorporates 9 types of construction problems into the cadres and does not act as a prominent problem.

On October 7, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of Guizhou Province that in order to further implement the responsibility for building construction safety production and site dust control, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Guizhou Province Construction safety production and site dust control do not take the role of not as a prominent problem (provisional) (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), clearly categorizing the 9 types of construction problems into the cadres do not take the role of outstanding problems.

Notice, In terms of safety production, is included in the scope of remediation, including late reports, false reports, and reported accidents, resulting in adverse social impacts and consequences; accident emergency rescue disposal is not timely, Caused by adverse social impacts and consequences; the production safety responsibility accidents were not temporarily suspended, the construction enterprise safety production license was revoked or the accident investigation report and the approval of the case were not imposed, resulting in adverse social impacts and consequences.

Guiyang is under construction

The major safety hazards found in inspections, inspections, and inspections have not been ordered to be rectified, rectified, or punished, resulting in the occurrence of larger and above safety production liability accidents; the safety of reporting or reporting to enterprises and the masses Hidden dangers have not been investigated in time, resulting in large and above safety production liability accidents; the safety hazard problems found in the supervision and inspection of higher authorities or the law enforcement proposals issued have not been promptly urged to rectify or investigate according to law, resulting in larger and above Safety production liability accidents will also be included in the scope of remediation.

In the area of ​​dust control at the construction site, serious problems of dust pollution caused by strong feedback from the masses or feedback from the higher authorities, not investigated or dealt with in a long period of time, and the treatment is not effective; Inadequate supervision, resulting in environmental pollution or adverse social impact; not in accordance with the provisions of the rectification of the site of the site of serious dust pollution problems will be included in the scope of remediation.


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What are the methods for designing the bay window in the bedroom?

The bedroom is the place where we spend most of our lives, so its decoration is also very important The bedroom decoration is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. Currently, the bay window is widely used in home decoration, which is used in many bedrooms. Then bedroom bay window design What are the methods? Bay window What are the design considerations? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

First, what are the methods for designing the bedroom bay window? >

1. Overlap method: If it is a bay window in a small apartment, you can make full use of the space of the bay window to combine some furniture, which can save The footprint of the bedroom. For example, the bay window can be designed as a combination of up and down. Try to design the bay window next to the wall and use the corner area of ​​the bay window.

2. Pattern method: the bedroom bay window can be designed with different patterns to visually enlarge the bedroom space. So you can use some simple small flowers or diamond-shaped wallpaper to decorate the bay window, which can effectively reduce the oppressive feeling of the small bedroom.

Second, Bay window design considerations

1. Countertop selection: under normal circumstances The position of the window is facing south or north, so the countertop of the bay window is not only waterproof, but also resistant to the sun. Many families like to use natural stone to make the countertop of the bay window, and secondly, the tile and laminate floor can also be used. Etc.

2. Storage space: bedroom bay window design can be made up and down structure The bottom of the window can be made into a drawer or a partition, which can increase the storage effect of the living room. Secondly, the wall of the bay window can be designed as a shelf for storing some books or crafts, so that the living room is more Beautiful.

3. Soft design should be coordinated: the soft-box design of the bay window should be integrated with the style of the living room. You can also choose a color or contrasting colors jump with a way, this match can make the room more angry. But this mix to form a transition form to decorate by gray, beige and so on, its effect will be better.

4. Bay window security: The general bay window is rectangular or trapezoidal, it is used on all three sides. The glass is enclosed. Then families with children should strengthen the safety protection of the bay window, and do not let the bay window become the invisible killer of the living room, so we must pay attention to this problem when designing.

Edit summary: Bedroom bay window design method and notes Xiaobian introduced here. Bay window can make our life more comfortable, such as taking a pot of tea and looking at magazines in the afternoon of leisure, it is beautiful to think about it. However, in normal use, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, in order to extend its service life.


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The diatom mud industry has a rapid rise

In recent years, with the rapid development of the coatings industry, the development momentum of diatom mud is also strong and powerful, and more and more new brands are rising. Although the development of the diatom mud market is favored by many people, not everyone can get a piece of it. Many diatom mud companies have encountered some development bottlenecks. In fact, some of the diatom mud companies that have gone ahead have actually come out of a ready-made experience. Why don’t we learn from the successful experiences of these companies and use less detours?

First, take advantage of the power of the web

Today, the Internet has become indispensable for people’s lives and work. Important tools, the huge consumer group of netizens have also caused widespread concern among businesses, and diatom mud companies are paying more and more attention to the power of the network. So, how should diatom mud companies play the great power of the network?

First of all, with the rapid and wide-ranging communication effect of the Internet, use the network to do brand promotion work, so that enterprises can quickly expand their popularity and the number is good. Secondly, the combination of online sales and traditional store sales allows network sales to drain terminal stores, complement the limitations and deficiencies of traditional channels, and complement each other.

Second, do a good job in holiday marketing, promotion and promotion of brand

Now, holiday marketing has become a popular trend in the market, using good holiday marketing can be short-term Expand terminal sales and promote brand communication. Holiday marketing has become a common method of diatom mud. In order to create a variety of products, it will attract discounts and special offers during the holidays, and introduce some gifts and lottery to attract consumers’ attention.

But for this method commonly used by many companies, if diatom mud companies want to stand out from the crowd promotion activities, they should actively innovate on the basis of traditional marketing methods such as discounts and promotions, highlighting products. The highlights and advantages, the highlights will be maximized, or the use of the vertical and horizontal cross-strategy, and the relevant industries to work together to engage in holiday marketing, such as participating in a series of alliance activities, in order to truly dominate the holiday market, and then drive consumers to actively consume.

Third, brand building is the only way to go

As more and more companies join and market competition becomes increasingly fierce, China’s diatom mud The industry has a rapid rise. Nowadays, the diatom mud market has shifted from the development stage of quantitative expansion to the competition stage of quality and brand. The main brand benefit has become one of the most effective competitive means for enterprises.

At this stage, although many diatom mud enterprises are getting bigger and bigger in production scale, the production capacity and brand efficiency are still not getting stronger and stronger. Throughout the development path of world-renowned enterprises, if a company can focus on the brand image, the brand image has its own distinctive characteristics, uniformity and stability, and at the same time contains a profound brand culture, which can reflect the pursuit of the company. And the spiritual realm, then it can be said that such a company must be able to achieve sustainable development.

Looking at the diatom mud industry, shouting the slogan of “making a brand”, but there are not many companies that really do branding, and those companies that are already at the forefront of development are all very important to brand building. Valued companies. Therefore, increasing brand building is the only way for the development of diatom mud enterprises. Diatom mud companies should learn from the successful experiences of other companies and build their own brands based on their own situation.


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Changes in the furniture industry under the turmoil of real estate

As the downstream industry of real estate, the furniture industry is directly affected by the real estate market. In particular, the current real estate market is in the implementation stage of a number of new policies, which will cause a huge change for the entire furniture industry.

Status: Suppressing upgrades

Some of the real estate market since 2018 The policy continues to be implemented in depth, and the policy of new housing hardcover housing is beginning to be implemented in an orderly manner. Some cities continue to strengthen regulation and control, suppress restrictions on purchases, increase the scope of restrictions on purchases, limit sales, increase the proportion of down payment, and buy houses by lot.

At the same time, the new policy emphasizes the implementation of the development of the housing leasing market, especially long-term leasing, protects the legitimate rights and interests of leasing stakeholders, and supports the development of specialized and institutionalized housing leasing companies, which is simply said in the market. Rent and sell with the same rights.”

The gradual implementation of the housing policy, such as hardcover houses, purchase restrictions, long-term leases, and other housing policies, the market impact has begun, and the transformation of the furniture industry has been upgraded to a critical period, and the changes have become more apparent. The industry is closer to the consumer market and the industry landscape will be re-divided.

Of course, the impact of changes in the real estate market on the furniture industry is lagging behind, and the impact of real estate regulation on the furniture industry is not as serious as it might be.

First, the Chinese furniture industry is still in the growth stage, and will continue to rise steadily for a long time to come. At present, the rigid demand for both the housing market and furniture is still very large, and furniture companies are more affected by the property market regulation policy in terms of product and business models.

Second, high-end products are less affected by regulation, and as the country increases the construction of affordable housing and the rapid development of new urbanization, the market demand for low-end furniture will gradually increase. . However, the domestic furniture industry is currently in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. The industry is accelerating the reshuffle, and real estate regulation has a direct or indirect impact on the entire industry.

Impact: Adjusting Product Structure

First of all, the most direct is the change of products on the market and the adjustment of the structure of furniture products. Whether it is the housing market or the consumers of furniture, there is a new class of power – the new middle class.

In fact, the housing market regulation has little effect on high-end consumer groups, and the demand for high-end brand furniture for high-end villa clubs will not decrease. On the contrary, the new middle class has relatively limited spending power, but it has higher requirements for quality of life, and more emphasis on lifestyle and quality of life. As a result, many companies have identified this group of consumers as high-end consumer groups. It is mainly based on medium and high-end, and it is true.

In addition, smart furniture and multi-functional furniture are receiving more and more attention. High-end smart furniture is a kind of consumer pursuit of modern life. It has a sense of science and technology, a sense of the times, and has the convenience and comfort of life. The future is bound to be the most bright development direction of the furniture industry.

The same multi-functional furniture, especially the furniture with storage function, will also have a great market. For the first-tier cities, small-sized houses are mainly used, how to use a very limited space to install furniture and obtain space comfort. Enjoyment is a product service that many custom furniture companies are researching and focusing on. Therefore, in the current stage of solid wood furniture, a large number of panel furniture appeared in the furniture market and quickly expanded market share, and panel furniture began to return to life.

Impact: Adjusting the business model

Secondly, it is the impact on the business model. On the one hand, the gradual implementation of the hardcover housing policy, the channel for furniture companies And have a direct impact on sales strategy. In the past, furniture companies mainly served dealers. Now they mainly set up engineering departments for real estate developers, directly cooperate with real estate companies, or cooperate with real estate dealers to cooperate with real estate developers. In the past, various enthusiasm and welfare for dealers were reduced. Most of the time.

It is very obvious that the hardcover room has a certain impact on the cabinet market. The hardcover room is not able to reach the level of the baggage in every place, but as the standard kitchen cabinet of the hardcover room, it is often given priority. Equipped. Therefore, the earliest kitchen cabinet enterprises in the custom furniture industry will also feel the chill of the hardcover room first.

On the other hand, the implementation of the policy of renting and selling the second-hand housing and rental housing will inevitably lead to the emergence of new consumption power, especially the demand for furniture in the long-term rental market, which will form a new small purchaser. There will also be new demands for furniture replacement and service life, especially for panel furniture that is likely to grow even more.

Impact: Real estate business interception furniture sales

In addition, the gradual implementation of the new real estate policy, real estate companies began to enter the furniture industry, housing enterprises directly set up furniture production base Or form a cooperative alliance with large furniture brand enterprises, which is the source market interception of furniture consumption, which has a great impact on furniture sales.

Real estate companies are looking for partners that are mainly large companies, can guarantee supply and stable quality products, and even have a longer payment cycle, which may lead to more and more large enterprises Large, the furniture industry is increasingly concentrated in the future industry landscape.

The housing market is in turmoil, the new policy is gradually implemented, and the impact on the furniture industry begins to appear. The impact has many aspects. Furniture companies need to follow the national policy and constantly adjust their market according to market conditions and their own advantages. Positioning, product structure and business model further stimulate the potential market and make the market more comfortable.

In fact, for furniture companies, the implementation of the housing market new policy, the deepening of the industry transformation and upgrading, can be described as both dilemmas and opportunities. Whether the products of the enterprise conform to the mainstream trend of the market, whether the business model conforms to the new consumption habits, whether the development of brand building keeps up, the production capacity and product quality meet the market requirements, etc.The key is related to the survival and development of enterprises.

In the transformation of the furniture industry in recent years, many old and large enterprises have disappeared. Some of the leading industry leaders are withdrawing from the market, some are in the critical stage of transformation, and some enterprises have begun to undergo comprehensive transformation. Single product development to the overall home, from finished furniture to full house customization, the development of physical store brands by e-commerce brands and so on. Enterprises have their own analysis of the current situation, so that we can clearly understand the situation and follow the trend.

From the perspective of the operation of some furniture companies in recent years, some of them are very confused and do not know the direction; others are actively trying to change, innovate and adjust strategic planning.

Change: Breakthrough in Branding

One is a breakthrough in branding, and real estate companies are more willing to work with big brands, of course Dealers are also more willing to cooperate with big brand companies, both products and services are more secure. Consumers’ trust in branded products is undoubtedly higher. In the past, furniture brands were mostly industrial brands, and the public outside the furniture industry did not understand. Today’s customization, experience consumption and new consumption habits and consumption methods make enterprises pay more attention to brand building.

Change: Strengthening the ability to customize services

Second, product richness and customized service capabilities are strengthened. The main service targets of furniture companies are transferred by dealers. For dealers + consumers, they need stronger service capabilities. Whether it is a limited purchase or a hardcover house, it does not have a big impact on the furniture market. Instead, it has increased the occupancy rate of new properties, which is more beneficial for some brand companies and their dealers.

The market has not shrunk, but consumer demand and consumption patterns and habits are changing, and companies and distributors are vying for model houses and customized services. The industry and the outside world have reached a consensus on the inevitable development trend of the whole house customization service. Consumers basically see the effect after the renovation before or before the decoration, then for the enterprise, in the case of not being able to transform the whole house customization service, only Product category richness and marketing efforts, and cooperation with more home businesses to ensure home one-stop service capabilities, is the best policy.

Change: online and offline combination

The third is the adjustment of channel construction. Focus on the combination of physical storefronts and online stores. In the physical storefront, in addition to the store-in-store brand stores in professional hypermarkets, large companies are more active in building brand-independent store systems, including independent brand stores, community brand experience stores, and model house experience stores.

At the same time, it is combined with online, especially in the exhibition. Almost all brand furniture companies are constantly trying on virtual display. In marketing, in addition to strengthening the construction of these channels, and at the same time building the engineering department of the company, it is responsible for cooperating with real estate, doing hotel, club customization projects, and baggage check-in business.

In addition, there is also a big increase in production. Whether it is custom or cooperation with real estate companies, it requires strong production capacity. Facing the housing market turmoil, furniture companies must do a good job in production. It is understood that furniture companies generally invest a lot in production equipment, especially in some enterprises to transform and customize, install new imported equipment, achieve intelligent manufacturing in a small scope, ensure production capacity, ensure product quality stability, and basically meet environmental protection requirements. At the same time, in order to better connect with real estate, better serve the market and reduce costs, furniture companies began to move forward and set up production bases in the market.

The regulation of real estate does not really affect the furniture industry – although it seems that some measures of furniture companies are to deal with the implementation of the new real estate policy, but more importantly because of the needs of the market.


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People sitting on the toilet are more likely to think about life?

Everyone can’t leave the toilet every day. Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in the toilet every day?

Do you have a toilet complex?

A US survey found that people spend an average of 35 minutes a day in the bathroom, and now People entering the toilet will never be empty, mobile phones, newspapers, magazines are necessary for toilets, and many people like to think about life on the toilet, sitting for a long time are not willing to leave, this behavior is referred to as “the toilet complex.”

A person with a “toilet complex” will go to the toilet to steal a lazy job when the work is tired When you are in a bad mood, it is comfortable to sit on the toilet for a while; when the brain is messy, once you sit on the toilet, you can’t help thinking about life and sorting out your ideas. Even Taiwanese singer Wu Kequn said at the media meeting: “My biggest inspirational distribution center is the toilet. When I sit on the toilet, I am very inspired. Many songs are written in the toilet.”

Why can so many people find inspiration and think about life on the toilet? This is well-founded! Biologists have found that when a person’s body is bent and full of tension, the energy is most concentrated, the mind is most active, and the toilet is almost like this, so they feel more inspiration on the toilet. And when people think about the small toilet space, they don’t have to worry about someone breaking in and interrupting their ideas, which makes them feel more secure.

Able to think about life and have to look at the “toilet”

The bathroom represents the private space of everyone, and the person is alone in the bathroom. Time is a good way to decompress, in which you can think independently, let your mind be active, stimulate creativity, etc., but everything needs to be done. Although the toilet is good, you can’t rely on it for a long time. After all, life still has life. A lot of good things are waiting for you to feel it!


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Do not underestimate the wire in the bathroom renovation

Renovation requires certain techniques and means. Although we are very simple when we watch the decoration master, it is not necessarily true. Many people ignore the design of small details and finally let themselves eat. A big loss. Take the bathroom in the house. Many friends don’t know the shower line in the bathroom. This line is very important for our safety. If there is no such thing in your bathroom, you are very It is possible to suffer a big loss.
For those who pay more attention to life, when they are decorating the bathroom, they will find a small box inside the bathroom. There is a wire in the small box. This wire plays a very big role. Its professional name is called the equipotential terminal. Putting it in its own bathroom is equivalent to giving us a safety protection. You don’t have to worry about electric shock when taking a bath. We all know that the bathroom is a very humid place. Even if the floor drain of our bathroom is well done, there will still be a lot of water vapor in the bathroom. At this time we need to install this equipotential terminal, which gives us a good protection. effect. Some friends will install a water heater in the bathroom. The water heater is connected to some of its metal pipes and connected to its own shower. So equipotential terminals are a must! This will ensure that we will not be charged when we take a bath, and will not bring danger to our lives. Therefore, when installing, we must install this thing so that the safety of the family can be guaranteed and there will be no accidents. occur. The safety of electricity in the bathroom is very important to us, so we must pay attention to the design of these small details, which will bring a good guarantee to our life. Do not underestimate this wire, it is possible Because of a small mistake, it brings you a very serious danger, so be sure to do it well.

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Under the trend of full decoration Where is the way out for the bathroom industry?

With the advancement of society and the improvement of consumption levels, the fully renovated houses have gradually become the development of the residential industry. Trend. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places have issued relevant regulations on the full renovation of the property market. In fact, the full renovation of commercial housing is basically an international practice, and it is strongly promoted to fully renovate the house, not only for the purpose of connecting with the international, but also for sustainable development, energy conservation and environmental protection.

China will gradually cancel the rough house in the future. Shanghai is expected to be around 2 to 3 years. What are the impacts on Shanghai interior decoration design, Shanghai building materials and Shanghai interior decoration materials including sanitary ware? Where is the way out?

Direct purchase object changes

Improve the entry barrier for your business

Sanitary ware has become an important aspect of decoration, consumers are willing to invest a lot of energy, time and money, Seek the most satisfactory sanitary ware for your own home. With the advent of the era of full renovation of the property market, consumers will gradually change the way they choose sanitary ware. From the original independent choice, supervision and installation, and self-solving after-sales problems, to the developer responsible for all procedures, consumers can save A lot of heart. Therefore, the purchaser of sanitary ware will be transformed from a single consumer to a real estate developer or a decoration company, which also raises the barrier to entry for sanitary ware manufacturers.

Consider enterprise capacity, management and logistics packages

Strongly weak will be eliminated

Order sales, mass production, unified installation, and after-sales service are no longer individuals, but companies. This is bound to have a certain impact on sanitary ware manufacturers. That is to say, the main body of both buyers and sellers is the enterprise, and the disparity in power is not so great. Developers and decoration companies will have more say in the installation and service of sanitary ware to protect the interests of buyers. Therefore, this is a big test for the sanitary ware manufacturing enterprises. The customer’s upgrade has higher requirements for the enterprise, which invisibly raises the threshold. Enterprises with weak strength or bad reputation will be eliminated in this situation. Accelerate the industry “shuffle”.

Marketing ideas need to be adjusted appropriately

In the market environment dominated by individual consumers, the marketing idea is mainly to impress consumption The group itself is the mainstay, but in the era of full decoration, it is also necessary to consider the direct purchasers (that is, developers and decoration companies), how to make them satisfied and worry-free in the whole process, in order to maintain the interests of such large customers. Once a good reputation is established, the cooperation between the two parties will continue for a long time.

Sanitary ware manufacturing companies are relatively peace of mind

Save management costs

The whole renovation project has high requirements due to the large amount of engineering. Therefore, the company’s large-scale “order production” needs to get rid of The production and sales decoration mode of “home improvement” loose orders, from the aspects of design, production, delivery and installation, after-sales service, etc., scale saving management costs.

Industry regulation needs to be strengthened

Currently, due to sanitary ware The industry is in the development stage, and the effective implementation of norms and standards also has room for strengthening, which leads to problems in some cases, so there are often problems that are difficult to solve. Due to the concentration of engineering, technical requirements and management requirements, and the wide coverage involved, the full renovation requires stronger supervision.

In short, full renovation is an inevitable trend in the further development of the residential industry, on domestic sanitary ware The impact of the sanitary ware market will be far-reaching and lasting, and the way out for the sanitary ware industry lies in understanding the impact of policies on the market, responding in a timely manner, adjusting its own business and development strategies, using changes, turning impacts into opportunities, and embarking on a market-adapted market. Road to Success.


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Which brand of thermal insulation curtain is good How to choose thermal insulation curtain

Insulation curtains can play a role in heat insulation in summer and warm in winter. . This kind of heat insulation curtain adopts the digital segmentation technology of special heat insulation material, which utilizes the weaving and warp knitting perfect weaving technology and the finished curtain processing technology to make the summer heat insulation and winter heat preservation technology to the extreme. Next, we will introduce you to insulation curtains which brand is good and how to buy insulation curtains.

Which brand of hot curtains is good


Malek was founded in 1982, Molyk as a thermal insulation curtain ten One of the big brands, after years of development, has become a decorative cloth enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The insulated curtains produced also have a unique style.

2, Bujuyige

Buju Yige was founded in 1995. It is a chain company with an early start in China, and its marketing ability continues to rank among the best in the domestic industry. The brand has very The big advantage, but also the brand of thermal insulation curtains that have been favored by consumers all the time.

3, Vosges

Vosday is a first-line brand, and Vosges insulation curtains have national-level technical centers and national-level laboratories, which occupy a clear technical competitive advantage in the industry and are relatively well-known in China. A brand.

How to choose insulated curtains

1. When buying insulated curtains, be sure to choose heat insulation and good shading effect. This will not only meet the shading requirements of daily life, but also not affect the rest.

2, see the material of the heat insulation curtain, the general insulation curtain The material is polyester, mainly because the polyester has good shading and heat insulation effect, and is non-toxic and tasteless. Therefore, when purchasing insulated curtains, it is best to choose polyester material.

3, look at the details of the insulation curtain, first look at how the connection, if there is extra thread at the junction or obvious stitching marks , then the quality of this insulation curtain is not very good, buy carefully. In addition, the place to pay attention to is the softness of the heat-insulating curtains, comfortable and soft.Hot curtains generally have better quality.

Edit summary: About Insulation Curtains Which brand is good and how to buy Insulation Curtains is introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Want to know more relevant knowledge can pay attention to Qijiawang information.

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How much is a set of automatic curtains?

Curtain knows that in addition to blocking the sun, it can also decorate the space, now the more More and more consumers like to buy automatic curtains, which are more convenient and safer than traditional curtains. The following small series will introduce you to How much is the automatic curtain set and the features of the automatic curtains.

How much is the automatic curtain set

1, how much is the automatic curtain set, you must know the price of automatic curtains sold in the market now. From a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, like some higher prices, it may reach tens of thousands of yuan, this is still to be priced according to the brand. On the other hand, it depends on the specific effects of your curtains. For example, some electric curtains with remote control and automatic opening and closing double rails are relatively expensive, for example, the price of domestic products will be cheaper.

2, in fact, we must first understand the components of the automatic curtain price, the main part of the electric curtain is the slide rail, switch , controllers, curtains, etc. The price difference of the slide rail is not around 300-400 yuan, its switch price is about 600 yuan, and the low price of curtain fabric is about 1500 yuan. If you choose the imported brand, then its price is even more Taller. In addition, the price of some small accessories is calculated separately, which means that the price of a set of electric curtains is about 1,500 yuan.

Automatic Curtain Features

1, compatibility

Automatic curtains are also smart products, inevitably The product is also a problem that is compatible with other smart homes. To know that this product is currently recognized by everyone, it is obvious that this product is still very compatible, so it is also able to coexist peacefully with other smart homes.

2, remote control

This product has good compatibility, it can also be used at the same time. Mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices to remotely control it, this operation is also very convenient. If you have a day out in the morning and forget to adjust the curtains, you don’t have to worry about it. Just use your mobile phone to control it remotely.

3, no noise

Be aware of the traditional curtains like the ones except manual operation It can be said that its noise is difficult to avoid during operation. You must know that every time you pull the curtain, you can hear a lot of sound. If you use automatic curtains, you can avoid this problem, and it still uses Silent operation, use it will not affect our lives.

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How to change the security door lock How to change the security door lock

Although there are a variety of doors on the market, many families now install doors for the safety of their families and property, in addition to the security door. The anti-theft door lock, so the thief is not so easy to succeed. How much can I change the security door lock? How to change it? And listen to Xiaobian for you.

Although many kinds of doors are sold in the market, many families now guarantee their families. And the security of the property, in addition to the choice of security door, will also install the security door lock on the door, so the thief is not so easy to succeed. How much is the security lock?? How to change it? And listen to Xiaobian for you.

1, change the security door lock How much?

Now, the security door has been widely used in our lives, and the security door is being purchased. The most important thing is the lock, which is generally bad on the anti-theft lock. As for how much money to change the security door lock? According to the variety, brand and labor costs you change, the price on the market is about tens of dollars, not expensive, it is the price that everyone can afford. In fact, we can buy a new lock and return it. If it doesn’t, then just spend some money to find a professional master to help. How do you change the anti-theft door lock? Here are the specific steps.

2, how to change the security door Lock

First, use a Phillips screwdriver to screw down the two screws on the top and bottom of the hand panel and the two sides of the lock burglar Screw, then remove the lock cap.

Secondly, remove the burglar sleeve of the lock cylinder. If you turn the screw off or pull the lock cylinder, you can use a hammer to gently tap around the lock to remove it.

Again, you can start installing a new lock cylinder. Insert the safety pin first, then start to close the handles on both the inner and outer sides. Here you must ensure that the screw holes of the inner and outer handles are aligned before the screws can be rotated.

Then, install the screws of other parts as well. Do not screw the screws too tightly during installation. There is a sense of activity like that. After all are installed, you can try it with the key. If you insert the key and rotate it 360°, it will be used normally. In addition, let’s talk about which brand of anti-theft door locks, so that you often have troubles needing to change locks in the future.

3, which brand of anti-theft Door lock

a, Aideel ADEL

Idiel is a brand in Shenzhen. Its main products are: home security door locks, government agency fingerprint locks, hotel-specific locks, etc. For nearly two decades, I have focused on making anti-theft locks. The product range is perfect, and the craftsmanship is superb, with super strong anti-theft function.

b, gold point atom

Golden Point Atomic Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of fingerprint identification products. It is a pioneer in the field of fingerprint identification applications in China. At present, the products have been sold all over the country, with excellent quality and reasonable price, attracting the attention of many consumers.

Xiaobian conclusion: The above is the right How much is the security lock?, how to change the anti-theft door lock and which brand of anti-theft door lock is good, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to, thank you!


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