Anti-storm school as a disaster-resistant design in the Philippines

A major natural disaster caused by climate change is becoming an unfortunate certainty in the world. What are the prevention of these events, no single architect can do it, but they can all be prepared. To this end, MAT-TER Architects proposed a new design – the anti-storm school, in order to prevent the typhoon Haiyan that caused severe blows last year. The design is designed to better withstand the power of the storm and is compact, serving as a school and a community emergency shelter.

The main structure is bamboo, which will raise the structural grid of concrete above the ground. This will allow passive heat dissipation as well as prevent flooding. The floor plan itself will rely on bamboo module classrooms, offices, courtyards and other spaces of varying size to create a rugged structure. As an architect statement: “We believe that the convergence of simple interconnected systems will create a more flexible architecture and learning environment that provides a better sense of unity. ” All structural systems will be constructed with lightweight skin. Most of these systems support the roof and are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, avoiding the single fluid form of strong wind damage.

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Dutch bus stop transfer station

Lysbeth LYVR, founder of LYVR Design, participated in the construction of the station in the parking area of ​​Groningen and took over the project of the local government to improve the construction of the building this year. The base is located on the south side of the A7 road near the junction of Groningen and Drenthe. This park-and-ride area can accommodate up to 600 cars and bicycles, offering a variety of options for changing to rural and city buses.

The waiting room is located on the edge of the car park and busway and provides direct access to Groningen’s Central Station. The waiting area is a partially enclosed public space consisting of a square and a building with waiting facilities.
The triangular square is characterized by a pattern of lily leaves extending into the building. The huge lily leaves refer to the countryside of the ditch, where the building is located. The square was slightly raised. Disabled people can enter the square via the ramp, and the blind road is integrated into the road.
The main structure of the building is a three-sided sawed concrete shell. Its shape is completely free of right angles, but consists of a circle, an arc and a sphere. Inside is a triangular metal core that includes a handicapped bathroom, utility room and driver’s lounge. The central core is also part of the main structure and is an independent structure.

The shape of the building is striking in the nearby landscape, like a sculpture. The open design creates a safe public place. Lighting also plays an important role. The recessed part is partially filled with glass members, and a selection of three different colors means that the buses come together from the three directions. At the same time, these glass walls also played a role in wind and rain. In the evening, the building lights up in several ways, either directly or indirectly, so it looks like a colorful lighthouse. The round concrete seat in the room provides a sheltered shelter for passengers. The bus schedule can be seen through the integrated digital information system both indoors and outdoors in the waiting room.

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Aluminum louver uses sun tracking control

Horizontal aluminum louvered slats have a recycled aluminum content of up to 95%. There are four top rail options (CD, CL, CE, H2), while supporting manual operation of the slip clutch gripper, as well as full motorization, utilizing advanced sun tracking control. The blinds also received the GREENGUARD indoor air quality certification.

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The Future Academy of Karolinska Institute

In Sweden, architects renovated a building that was not used by Karolinska College, making it a bright, airy space that provides space for learning and socializing. In the future learning environment Solna is flexible, meeting the needs and providing space for eating, meeting and learning. Inside, you will find a warm feeling, like a comfortable sofa, a variety of work areas, a house like a booth and a lush forest filled with fresh oxygen to satisfy the children who are eager to learn.

Karolinska Institute is one of the largest and most prestigious medical schools in Europe. Innovate the facilities of the Academy by reshaping the underutilized space between the Becherius Halls. Bright, open spaces are now used as a home away from home, for teachers and staff. “Our idea is to create a second home and provide ample ideas about their meetings, exchange ideas, learn from each other, and we want to feel like going home. ” Architect Eva Falk said this.

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The lamp is completely made of branches and reflects nature.

How can we better integrate ourselves with nature? Now we have found a very good way. Floris has succeeded in this, grafting the beauty and light of a tree. Create a light bracket by stripping the bark and then creating a shadow. Branch, then divide into three parts to build the various components. The light truly reflects nature and challenges the concept of separation between the outside world and the inner world.

Table lamp” width=”630″ height=”516″ />

With the stripping design, a branch is naturally converted into a floor lamp.

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Snow Tower reveals the fabulous Lofoten Opera Hotel

Architectural company Snowhta has launched a theatre hotel that will display the rock across the Lofoten Islands in Norway. It is expected to be completed later this year and the Lofoten Opera Hotel will be located on either side of the mountain. The new low-rise structure will cycle through a central courtyard but across the south and west.

“The spectacular scenery and the feeling of being the ‘middle’ element is the primary construction of the building&&quo; Snow Hertha said in a statement. “In a unified building, captured in a circular motion, the composite layer of natural, cultural, and land quality is transformed into a local character. ”

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Type C residence in Bangalore, India

This C-type home is located in Bangalore, India, and looks like a C-shaped overall.

The site measures 60 feet and is 40 feet wide. The long side faces the road and there is no scenery at all. The walls of existing buildings on the side are side by side to the boundary of the house.
Normally, the design of the home and the front yard of the adjacent house have the function of the view of the park. How to increase the space for daily activities in this house. Then, our solution is to design a C-shaped house that allows the plug to be inserted into the built-in space, looking for a double-height courtyard living space view, thereby maximizing the use of borders, expanding the space scheme, ie living room, dining room and bedroom, Courtyard on both sides. Push to the perimeter of the service area. This not only realizes the internal space, but also expands the space of the line of sight.
The vision of the yard is that the composite wall has a dual purpose, both to cut off the outside, as well as to provide the background, from the courtyard, rather than the platonic solid sculpture.
The height of the house is designed as a whole object with a crystal-like sensibility. As soon as the house is approached, the composite wall is red oxidized, the upper part of the ground looks almost like a constructed earth, and the opening on the front outer wall is a crystal-like opening.

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The easy to use toilets are all selected, after reading these little whites

We all know that when we decorate, we buy materials while we are constructing them, so when we understand the decoration, we will definitely find this order to understand. In the last issue of Xiaobian, I introduced you how to paint the paint. I interspersed in this issue to talk about the purchase of bathroom products. How can I buy a good toilet? What do we need to know to buy a toilet? Drainage method, flushing method, brand, price, whether to choose a smart toilet, etc., let’s start with the following!
The toilet that is easy to use depends on the choice of this Raiders.” Choose the difference “

First, the toilet is a good split or a good one

Toilet purchase
When buying a toilet, many people can’t tell what One-piece toilet, what is a split toilet?

Smart toilet
Synchronous: The one-piece toilet connects the water tank to the toilet, and people can have water flow by simply pressing the button Come out, the amount of water is too much, easy to wash, the installation of the connected toilet is relatively simple, but the price is higher, the length is longer than the split toilet. The one-piece toilet is also called siphon type, and the siphon type is also divided into two types, siphon jet type (mild noise); siphon spiral type (quick, thorough, low smell, low noise). The general appearance of the Siamese is better.

Separate: The water tank is separated from the base, and the toilet needs to be bolted to link the toilet to the water tank. The split toilet is cheaper, the installation is a bit more troublesome, and the water tank is prone to damage. The split type toilet is also called the straight type, and has a large impulse, but the noise is also large, but it is not easy to block. If the toilet paper can be directly put into the toilet, there is no need to set a paper basket next to the toilet. The split toilet has strong punching force and smooth water, which is the advantage of the split toilet.

Although some toilets are said to be one-piece, they are actually fired separately. The last process is spliced ​​together and then glazed. This can be touched by hand if the sides are smooth and free of unevenness. It is one-piece firing, and if there is bump connection, it is separate.

In addition to the traditional split and one-piece toilets, there are wall-mounted toilets to reduce the crowded space. It is especially suitable for wall-mounted toilets. Wall-mounted toilets also have the advantage of Convenient for hygiene, the bottom is suspended.

Second, the toilet is straight or the siphon is good

The toilet is much easier to use. Because the flushing pipe of the straight flush toilet is simple, the pipe is thick, the path is short, the momentum of the water flow is large, and it is particularly easy to flush down the large dirt, so it is not necessary to fear that it will block, which saves a lot of heart. In terms of water saving, it also saves more water than siphon.

The toilet
Another point is that the siphon-type toilet has a high water level. Every time it is convenient, it will worry that the water will splash on the body, which is unsanitary. The straight-through water storage surface is small, so it should be hygienic.

Toilet purchase
Therefore, if the family is small, it is better to choose the toilet. It has a small footprint and is simple and convenient to use. If the water pipes in your home are filled with traps, you should choose a flush toilet. Otherwise, you will know that the toilet is blocked and your heart is blocked.

Smart toilet
Three, wall row toilet and floor drain toilet which is better

The difference between wall toilet and floor drain toilet: The biggest difference between the two is drainage The installation of pipes and water tanks is different. The wall-mounted toilets are also called wall-mounted toilets. They are directly suspended on the wall space and make reasonable use of the wall space. The floor space is small and the bathroom space is saved. The floor drain toilet is a traditional toilet placed directly on the ground. The floor drain toilet has a hole distance of 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, and there is no need to pre-bury the water tank, etc., as long as the center of the sewer is finished after the tile is finished. The distance is one of the above three.

Why is the wall-mounted toilet slowly replacing the toilet: The wall-to-ceiling toilet is to move the toilet pipe to the wall. When purchasing the wall-mounted toilet, there will be a pre-water tank, which is first pre-buried. After the tiles are placed, the ceramic pieces are installed. Wall-row toilets are more and more popular with modern young white-collar workers. It also has some advantages:

1, small footprint, toilets that will occupy the place and Parts such as water tanks are hidden in the wall, very clean and tidy, giving a stylish sense of exquisiteness.

2, the noise is small, because the water tank is installed in the wall to block the noise when flushing.

3, more convenient to clean, is the first choice for people with cleanliness, can be cleaned in 360 degrees without dead ends.

4, easy to shift, can be completed without the use of a shifter, more convenient than the floor-standing toilet.

But there are some inevitable shortcomings: it is very inconvenient to repair the problems in the later stage. It is necessary to cut the wall and the gravity is much smaller than that of the floor drain.

Toilet purchase
Fourth, how to choose the size of the toilet

1, look at the hole spacing

1). The key is the problem of toilet water distance. The toilet water distance, also called the hole distance of the toilet, refers to the horizontal distance from the center of the water pipe to the wall after tiling. The toilet is mainly divided into a floor type and a wall type (wall type). At present, the floor type toilet is more commonly used. Different from the wall row type, the floor-mounted toilet does not need to embed the water tank and other things, only the horizontal distance from the center of the water hole to the wall after the brick is finished after the brick is finished;

2). The general hole spacing is now 300mm, 350mm, 400mm and 450mm, the more common is 300mm and 400mm. Because the drainage method of the floor-mounted toilet is not the pre-buried pipe in the wall, the drainage of the toilet is downward, so the measurement of the hole pitch is very heavy.Want. The measurement hole pitch must be accurate. If the hole pitch is 300mm, the 350mm water distance can not be installed.

3). How to measure the hole pitch? In fact, the measurement method is relatively simple, and the measuring tool selects a general tape measure. First determine the center of the drain hole and measure the straight line distance from the center to the wall. The distance obtained should pay attention to the thickness of the tile. For example, some manufacturers toilets display 400mm, generally only 380mm, manufacturers will reserve 20mm tiling thickness for consumers to adjust.

Smart toilet
2, size of the doorkeeper

The installation position of some toilets is close to the bathroom door, and the size of the door should be considered during installation. Go in, if the water distance of the toilet is enough, but it is too close to the door, it will be encountered when opening the door. This requires on-site measurement. Generally, this is the case. The common treatment method is to slap one part of the door and build a part on the other side to make the door avoid the toilet; or change the water hole of the toilet, but this kind of treatment will put the layer The height will increase and the whole bathroom will be very depressed.

V. How to distinguish between good and bad toilets

1. Weight determination

In fact, we can judge the quality of the toilet by weight. A good quality toilet, the weight is relatively large, usually around 100 kg; and the quality of the toilet, it is relatively light, generally only about 50 kg. Then, we can measure the weight of the water tank cover to roughly judge its quality.

2. The number of sewage outlets

The quality of the toilet is not the better the sewage outlet. On the contrary, the toilet with only one sewage outlet is better.

3. Glaze smoothness

From the glaze inside the toilet, you can also roughly determine the quality of the toilet. The toilet of good quality has a smooth surface and a smooth color. In addition, we can also touch the inner wall of the sewage outlet. The smoother the quality, the higher the quality. On the contrary, if it is very rough, the quality will be very poor. After a long time of use, it will be easily damaged.

4.Drainage opening caliber

The inner wall is made of glazed toilet. During the process of use, it is basically not stained, and the sewage discharge capacity is also very good. Not easy to block. Then when we buy the toilet, we can measure the size of the lower drain, not too small, at least to reach into a palm.

5.Water tank

You can also judge the quality of the toilet through the water tank of the toilet. On the one hand, if the sound of the water tank is large when pumping water, then the quality is poor; on the other hand, you can also add a small amount of blue ink to the water tank, and then observe whether there is blue water flowing out of the toilet. In this way, it is also possible to detect whether the toilet is leaking.

Toilet purchase
6. Determination of water quality

The quality of the toilet water parts has a relatively large impact on its service life, so we When purchasing a toilet, also check the quality of the water.

Judgment method: Press the button at the water tank to hear what the sound is. If it is a crisp sound, it means that the quality is no problem.

7. Flushing method

The flushing method used by the toilet is different, and the effect is different. Therefore, when purchasing the toilet, you should consider your own. In actual situations, choose the flushing method that suits you.

Six, toilet online buy or physical store to buy?

Seven, domestic toilet what brand is good

smart toilet
eight, toilet Shopping Tips

First of all, we must know that the toilet is basically divided into a joint and a split. The one-piece toilet has a barrel shape, which has low space requirements, beautiful appearance and high price. Split toilets are more traditional, but they are very popular and cheaper.

Secondly, whether the water is smooth or not is very important for the selection of toilets. There are two types of flushing methods, flushing and siphoning. The flushing type directly discharges the dirt by means of the impulse, and the disadvantage is that the flushing sound is louder. The principle of the siphonic toilet is to use the flushing water to form a siphon in the sewage pipe to discharge the dirt, and the noise is small in use. The siphon type is already the mainstream in the market because the flush is cleaner and the noise is smaller.

The appearance is the first element of the purchase item, of course, the appearance mentioned here does not refer to the value of the face. It refers to the smoothness of the glaze. The glazed surface of the toilet should be smooth and smooth, and the color should be saturated and beautiful. After checking the appearance, you should also touch the toilet’s water outlet as smooth as the appearance to avoid blockage.


The better toilet is able to reach the position of all-ceramic because the temperature is controlled in the firing, so it will feel heavy in the hand. When you buy, you can pick up the water tank cover with both hands and compare the weight.

Toilet purchase

In the era of rising living standards, the experience of going to the toilet has become very important. Smart toilets have many more intimate experiences, but at a higher price, choosing a good smart toilet has become one of the main topics in the renovation of new homes. If you really want a pleasant toilet experience, try Ina New Sai Tiansi fully automatic smart toilet, automatic opening and closing function to free your hands. Warm water wash, let you experience the refreshing bathing. The most suitable for “lazy cancer” patients is the water net technology, which can clean stubborn stains on the surface of the material with a simple rinse.
<brIX, smart toilet purchase

1, smart toilet is easy to use?

2, smart toilet how to choose

Smart toilet
electricity safety: smart toilets can only be used when the power is on, and the water frequency between the bathrooms is high, so the safety of electricity must be taken seriously. When purchasing, you can consult whether there are protective devices such as plug leakage protection, water-free power-off protection, water temperature, air temperature, and sitting temperature overheat protection to ensure daily safety.

Energy consumption: Every function of the smart toilet needs to use electricity, so whether it is energy-saving or not is also required. For example, smart toilets have both instant and heat storage modes. The two are more energy-consuming than the heat storage type. That is, the hot type is used to make the water temperature higher, while the heat storage type needs to maintain the water temperature.

Function: Basically, the functions provided by each brand of smart toilets are similar, seat heating, hip wash, women’s wash, automatic induction flip, warm air drying and so on. So, what we need to consult is the detailed design of these functions. For example, there are several ways to automatically flip the cover. There are several temperature positions for the thermostatic seat. Is the hip wash and the women’s wash the same nozzle? The drying time is How long… Learn more about the features that are more granular.

Operation: A smart toilet is used by all the young and old, so the smart toilet that is too complicated to operate should not be considered, and it is not practical. In terms of selection operations, you can ask if there is an easy-to-use design. For example, setting a button button, a button can achieve a process of hip washing, drying, flushing, and the like.

Would it be better to buy overseas?

When you buy a smart toilet, many people will think that buying one overseas will be better than domestic. But in fact, this idea is wrong. One is the voltage problem, that is, the domestic 220V voltage needs to be converted to 110V; the other is the water quality problem. In many parts of China, the water quality is hard and it is easy to produce scale. In China, it is more suitable to use sanitary products with filter water purification system. In contrast, many foreign countries may not have water quality problems, and they will not install a filter water purification system.

About the purchase of the toilet, Xiaobian divides it into 9 small parts to tell everyone. After reading it, you should understand what kind of toilet is suitable for you. Finally, Xiaobian makes a summary: whether the toilet is good or good, straight or siphon, floor or wall row; how to choose the size and brand; judge the quality; how to choose the smart toilet, etc. Content.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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New bioplastics challenge traditional plastics

Today, designers are trying to make a wide variety of biological products. This method and the resulting product present some interesting points. For example, the Dutch designer Ahee Huxtra has launched a new deed tax mob, made of bioplastics, called Coleoptera. This new material is denatured from the chemical chitin, which is both heat and water resistant. From the perspective of reuse, it is also conducive to the environment. However, it also clearly retains its original material properties and looks like a combined thermal fusion. Although Huxtra claims that this shape is intentional, pitted and rugged surfaces, the result is that it may limit its function and shape potential of other new substances.
Another example is Nal, which is a fishing tackle rope made of sepia. Sepia ink is clearly 100% natural and biocompatible. But there is a big problem: the ink is too stinky. Although not afraid to destroy his marketing activities, but smells like the atmosphere of hell. But in any case, the ink is a complete biological product and no chemicals are added.
Despite the above limitations of Coleoptera and Nal, the efforts of their designers are commendable. However, they also raised some interesting questions. How can we make customers better accept these items instead of artificially produced plastics? At the same time, should the designer also retain the biological characteristics through various other means, not just by restricting the processing of such crude means?

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DJ police Shibuya became famous

Tokyo does not seem to have a fixed traffic command service, and the Japanese police will use the police whistle in addition to catching the bad guys. 哔”, the general service especially loves to use loudspeakers and repeats hundreds of moral persuasion.
The first time I noticed this incident was to attend the fireworks meeting in the suburbs of Tokyo. Before coming out of the station and breathing fresh air, I have already heard the police broadcast: There are many people at the fireworks meeting, please polite, please walk by, please go to the venue. About five or six kilometers from the station to the venue, they held small loudspeakers, one by one, and repeated similar lines.
The megaphone that the Japanese police like to use is actually not much quieter than the whistle. In particular, police cars and fire trucks drive all the way, and the car whistle sounds plus their live broadcasts. In the execution service, please give way, the white car in front, please lean over, hear someone talking at night, and easily start the brain switch, which is very disturbing.
However, the broadcast dialogue does have its effect. On the 4th of last month, the Japanese football team kicked the night of the World Cup, and the police’s broadcast dredging made great achievements.
In addition to the Shibuya station in previous years, fans gathered to watch the game through the big screen. No matter how the Japanese team won or lost, there were many riots. This night, the Japanese police rarely pulled up the control line and sent the police of the Guangbao Branch to the heights and shouted to the fans: “Whoever wears the Japanese team jersey, you are the twelfth person, please cooperate. ”“Please, like the Japanese team, keep the team spirit and move towards the station. “There was a young man leaning on a car that couldn’t move. The policeman said, “This behavior is going to give a yellow card.” ” even said, “The police do not want to lose temper on this good day.” His shouts cut the hearts of the fans, and the duty film was madly reposted, winning the title of “DJ Police”. The police officer was later awarded the Director’s Award by the Metropolitan Police Department to know that he was the winner of the Police Broadcasting Technology Competition.

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