Holiday villa with Mediterranean view okorder

Building for a family looking for a holiday home,Cool Blue Villa is a Mediterranean villa, occupants Provided privacy. 123DVDesign, villa with low-key walls and appearance.

The owner is eager for a seaside house, which leads to the conceptual design of the house surrounded by water. The central area of ​​the outdoor is the swimming pool, which has a transparent corner. There is a water passage on one side of the pool that extends to the side of the living room.
The glass staircase provides a view of the sea. The custom kitchen island is made of sturdy Corian with a dramatic polygonal shape.
The house is equipped with a system that allows all high-tech equipment to be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

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A pair of compact housing in downtown Raleigh okorder

Raleigh Architects designed a pair of urban housing that is close to each other, located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, and they share A central courtyard. The compact house is located in an area with strict zoning laws, and the size of the land is limited, so sharing the land helps to maximize the outdoor space of the residents.

Houses are constructed of simple building materials——Concrete metal wrapped The exterior wood stud walls and wood floors, the house has two cantilever roof structure. The cantilever beam of the second layer obscures the entrance area. Although the house shares some similar elements, they all maintain their own look and feel, a bit like fraternal twins, which is their goal.
The house uses a low-maintenance rusted steel panel as the exterior. The two-story living space is connected to the steel staircase and creates a central patio that is filled with light. 554The house is covered with a special Slate roof tile.

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Calibre 32 stool okorder

Calibre 32is a Richard Yasmine Designed stools inspired by time and ancient Lebanese civilization.

The design of the chair refers to ancient architecture and traditional tiles, combining shapes, patterns, structures, materials and colors. One.
by 32A combination of different elements, the stool consists of many different sizes of wood chips, using the old joinery to form the bottom and top. The design concept of the stool encourages people of different religions, communities, mindsets and doctrines to unite.

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New work from ELENA SALMISTRARO okorder

Product DesignerElena Salmistrarolaunch a new collection full of interesting whimsical items , is 2015Designed by Milan Design Week. From fun animal ceramics to elegant marble and glass vases, the collection includes tabletop decorations and modern trolleys. The soft colors make the work look quite fresh, with smooth organic shapes and smooth curves.

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An amazing residence embedded in a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea okorder

embedded on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea,Casa Brutaleis a residential concept that allows you to live on the edge. This project is made up of OPACreated, its sleek, modern design is hidden in almost the entire unit of rock. Therefore, it does not have much impact on the surrounding environment.
Casa Brutale
are visible from the outside, two of which are their surface swimming pools and a set of steps. A short slope takes you to the main living space, which has a huge glass curtain wall that gives you an unforgettable view, even from the bed. In order to avoid being distracted by the beautiful natural environment, the decoration uses a cool concrete surface.

natural plays an important role in the home. The front glass and the roof of the house are the source of natural light. The skylight actually acts as a glass bottom pool that allows swimmers to see the underside. It also produces a unique effect if you are in space. The sun goes through the water, the liquid diffuses the light, and the dazzling pattern is reflected to Casa Brutale on the floor and walls. You will feel that you are on the bottom of the sea.

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Sustainable bamboo house in Bali okorder

2010Year, Elora HardyLeave her successful career in New York and return to her childhood home in Bali, where she decided to build a bamboo house To make a living. In the past five years, Elora and her team revolutionized bamboo architecture, which they believe is not yet fully utilized and is an ideal renewable resource. This group of talented artists has created several extraordinary bamboo houses in Indonesia. When I first saw these structures at the Green Building School six years ago, I just thought it all makes sense. It grows around us. It is powerful. It is elegant. It is earthquake resistant. What can we do with it next? ”Elora said.

EloraInspired by the use of bamboo by her fatherJohn Hardy. For me, the key is to develop the possibilities of bamboo, architecture and high-end design. I like to use craftsmanship to create creative and beautiful things, which can develop and save a new skill. , ”Elora said.

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Old wooden house becomes an architect’s cabin okorder

An old wooden house in Montmorillon, Chamonix, France, at ChevallierArchitect will It was in a bad condition before the renovation. After studying the structure of the log house, the architects found that they could not modify or expand the structure, so they had to optimize in the existing space.

Because the project reflects the architect’s vision for the future, they chose bold contemporary lines during the construction process, high quality Material and environmentally friendly options.
The house is covered with a permeable wall panel, giving it an indoor /Outdoor appearance. Rusty elements are also incorporated into the surface, adding to the earthy look.
The same material is used on the roof——It is laid on the waterproof layer to create a protective layer.

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Superreal painting okorder

ArtistPatrick Kramercreated ultra-realistic paintings about everyday life, from flowers and landscapes to floating Women in midair. 33 The old Utah artist spent countless hours carefully drawing every part of his work. In fact, his work is so real, you might think that you are seeing a photo.
We will be at My Modern Shopsells eight of his works, with three main themes—— fish, brushes and cameras.
One ​​of our favorite works is Existential Confrontation, goldfish swim in a glass bowl and face to face with a fish-shaped biscuit. This fun piece is just One of the many happy works of the artist. You can visit his website to view more amazing works or visitMy Modern ShoChoose to buy.

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Mixed rural and modern ranch houses okorder

Ranch HouseWashington, United StatesMethow Valley. This residential project was directed by the architect Finne. The initial goal was to design a sustainable structure. The architect managed to use different techniques to complete it.

They use local materials, water-saving plumbing fixtures and radiant concrete slabs for heating. In addition, the house makes full use of natural light and also benefits from natural ventilation.
The house is built on a prairie to the east and consists of two large blocks. One is a two-story bedroom that is grounded, and the other is a raised living area that is supported by bare steel columns.

Enter inside to see a spacious living room with a fireplace, a comfortable sofa and grey Upholstered armchair.

The living area also has a comfortable bench placed in the window. The cleverly hidden drawers under the long bench provide extra storage, while the thick and comfortable cushions and pillows add comfort.

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Scandinavian design table okorder

Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, natural handling and materials, and elegant modernity. These adjectives apply to Danish companiesNordic AppealDesigned works.

byMaria-Louisa RosendalandMartin Bay at 2010Founded, they first started making a multi-purpose woodWall Desk Accessories, available from Convert a standing desk into a shelf on a desk.

knobs embody the futuristic design, such as thisiPad Wall Mount.

this small curved woodeniMac & Displayframe conforms to the human body The height of engineering while providing extra storage space.

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