Dome house combined with passive solar design

Environmentally designed to maximize passive solar energy, although there is no option for rotation. But the so-called “Pearl”, the outstanding feature of the elegant dome house structure is its integrated solar panels that can be adjusted to optimize energy recovery at different angles to additional shades through seasonal changes.

The photo tells the way of using the principle of solar energy. Facing south (or north), with automatic ventilation system, enjoy the winter sun, let light enter the window sill of every room, while the white steel roof reflects the sunlight. Some additional energy-saving solutions, not to be seen as obvious designs, can have a layer of air and cork beads in the roof shell, and the outer wall is a heating system designed to compress the ground heat and wood. There is also a rainwater storage tank at the bottom of the north. The dome shape is protected from strong winds and wild weather and arch shapes are also resistant to earthquakes. The wood is FSC certified and the interior layout is fully customizable. This way you can make the most complete 180 degree view from the main residential area.

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Australia’s woven fabric using digital printing technology

There are a lot of furniture and household items, and the materials are also varied. There are plastic, wood, fabric, metal, and a variety of materials to make people dazzled.

The fabric can make a lot of household items, such as sheets, sheets, cushions, pillows, sofas, chairs, etc. . Recently, Australia has introduced a new woven fabric using digital printing technology. The surface of the woven fabric has colorful flowers, light blue ocean, beautiful rainbow, flexible and lovely animals, cute cartoon images, etc. Wait, very beautiful.

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The curved roof makes you feel confused

Each building has its own personality and its roof is one of its main features. This means that the roof is very important for your dream home. You may wonder why you should choose a curved roof for your home. Very simple: curved roofs maximize the available indoor living space and more aesthetics.

This impressive building was designed by Zhaha · Hadid, which seems to be a Perfect local cultural activities, this irregularly shaped building has become a tourist attraction, and the undulating wall surface is in front of tourists, and it rises majesticly, inspiring a nation’s optimism in the future. The architectural style is reflected in every area, including libraries, museums and a 1000-seat auditorium.

People think that the sky is the limit, McBride Charles · Shui On Architect has different opinions, so They built a cloud-like house, and he also gave us a valuable lesson: your head is not necessarily a bad thing in the cloud. The hotel is located in Melbourne, Australia.

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Country cottages keep you away from the city喧嚣

Every time we think of work, responsibilities or bills, we all need a refuge, a magical place where we can spend leisure time peacefully and quietly. Where can you enjoy the wealth of nature?
The lucky owners of this lovely cottage are very proud, even though they originally planned to build a bigger house. They contacted TKP Architect Peter, which is the result of their work. The results are impressive and the boss realizes that this is exactly what they need.

This small house has a special charm and a perfect look. Although looking spacious from the outside, the interior photos reveal a completely different story. The cabin has a 500 square foot single room and a loft to sleep. Because the space is not so generous, they can’t use the normal stairs, so they prefer to take the stairs to the second floor. I personally think this idea is very useful and interesting.
Make sure there is everything the guests need, they choose to add a Murphy bed to the nearby fireplace. Behind the glass fireplace is a small bathroom with a sink in the shower door. Basically, you have everything you need here.

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Swedish Vasastan apartment interior design

This apartment in Vasastan, Sweden has a typical Scandinavian style with spacious rooms and a whole decor. The walls are white, which is also the dominant color throughout the room. The apartment has recently been renovated and now has more features and a better internal structure.

Overall, it has a modern feel. The room is spacious and the living area is an open space that also includes a kitchen. In addition to the public areas, the apartment includes two comfortable bedrooms with large windows facing the yard. In fact, the entire apartment has large windows that allow a lot of natural light to enter into a bright and airy environment.
The white walls are beautifully complemented by pine and oak parquet. This is a classic combination, simple, elegant and versatile. The apartment also includes panelled doors that match the entire minimalist décor. It has enough storage space between the two closets. As for furniture, it maintains a modern and minimalist style.

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Zurich’s gorgeous corner modern sculpture

Zurich Switzerland L3P Architects designed an innovative home, a challenge to build a home on a steep hillside, using sculpture-like steel, concrete and glass on a large scale Known as the Rebberg Dielsdorf house, this is interdisciplinary.

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Suitable for houses built in areas lacking natural vegetation

As house prices rise, urban houses become more crowded and people begin to build houses around the city. If there is no natural vegetation around the house, only yellow sand and mud, how can we design an unexpected and beautiful building?

Harry · Sedler and his colleagues designed a suburb that is surrounded by trees and landscapes. Built house. The design of the house adopts a single color contrast of black and white, highlighting the characteristics of the house. The cement brick used is light gray, the walls are also painted light gray, and only one of them is dark green contrast color. The concrete-built courtyard is also light gray. The house was built with a high-enclosure façade, and the lower part of the façade was replaced with a hollow design to facilitate ventilation.

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Chicago’s new Ashley furniture retail store is about to open

Chicago will open a new furniture retail store, the full name of the Ashley Furniture Retail Store, which sells tables, chairs, sofas, desks, office chairs, wicker chairs, wardrobes, cabinets, and dressings. Taiwan and so on. The entire store covers an area of ​​454,525 square feet and includes a furniture showroom, distribution center, office and more. The furniture showroom can display some valuable, unique and popular furniture for people to enjoy; the distribution center is to deliver the furniture purchased by people; the office is to handle some other business.
Kurt &middot, head of Ashley Furniture Retail Store; Haines said: “The Ashley Furniture Retail Store will create affordable furniture for everyone, and there will be big discounts on the opening day. One-third of the products can be discounted, welcome to visit our store. ”

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Scottish housing estate attracts young buyers

The sale of homes in Scotland may herald a new generation of owners as they become more affordable. Some homes are now priced at a million-pound mark on the market, and housing includes the possibility of agriculture, housing, sports and renewable energy for potential landowners.
Property owners no longer have to live together for generations, and may be homemade personal spaces or entrepreneurs from all over the world. These smaller, more affordable estates have paved the way for the current market, new owners in the highlands and islands.
Many people like to challenge. As the owner of a Scottish manor, most people think it is important to have a Scottish natural heritage. While property management is expensive, small-scale estates are often affordable and can be used for extra income and exercise through the holidays. Most housing estates require a certain amount of investment to develop to generate revenue and maintain good performance.

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London’s very popular penthouse

If you are confused about how to get a good apartment in London and surrounding cities, then you have only one option, buy a one-bedroom apartment in London. London apartments seem to be very popular. This may be due to location and conditions.

This is a London apartment, this time a penthouse luxury apartment. Located in a nice area, it has a modern and very attractive design. Simple and elegant, all rooms have an appealing feel and this should be a real home.
So if you are looking for a place to stay in London, remember this rooftop apartment. Spacious and nice looking. The living room is the largest room and is very well decorated. The white smooth floor is a very nice detail. The white walls and white ceilings have a very elegant and unified image.

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