Kitchen technology at Milan European Kitchen Show

Gatto Demonstrates a cooktop made of innovative materials that is ideal for kitchen preparation. Only small circles of the size indicate that this is a cooktop. A pot of water can boil quickly on it. A flat surface also makes cleaning easier.

Induction cooker with a more traditional look, like this from Asko Induction Cooker, which contains new features, such as an alcove burner, It allows you to cook in a wok and provide heat around the bowl-shaped pan. This is for those who like to cook at home.

You are no longer limited to the size of the burner. This cooktop model from Siemens provides flexibility and pot size through the sensing area. Regardless of whether you place a pot or pan of any size on the cooktop, its surface will detect the position and size of the pan.

This retractable induction cooktop surface can hold a small pot and a larger pan.

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Secret hidden behind Murphy Gate

Give a secret door to the house, which was disguised as an open shelf. It is placed between a built-in seat corner and the stairs, and if you push the shelf away, a casual space will be displayed.
A loft apartment in London was refurbished by architect Alexander Martin. It also has a secret door. It is hidden behind a small bookcase and slides out to showcase the study area. The system is original and tells us an interesting way to hide a home office and keep the functionality independent.
Who would doubt what would be behind the entire wall covering the bookshelf? The bookshelf designed by architect Consuelo Jorge is so special that it offers a surprise element. This is a space in Brazil. Designed for an art collector, it has three Murphy doors that can be opened at the same time to show a secret room.

It is easy to disguise a door as a bookshelf. When there is a wall covering the bookshelf, a door can be more easily integrated and less likely to be suspected. This home is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and the interior is fun.
Airbnb works with The Bold Collective when creating their new office in Sydney, Australia. This is a comfortable and welcoming office that looks and feels more like a home. It has a comfortable seating area, meeting space and comfortable benches, and the meeting room is hidden behind the Murphy door.
When you enter this apartment in Slovakia, everything is beautiful and beautiful, except for one thing: the bedroom is gone. This is not because it is missing or somehow integrated into a multi-purpose space, but it is hidden and the door is invisible. Look carefully at the left side of the bookcase and everything will be revealed.

This Vietnamese house is bigger than it looks. If you analyze a large bookcase wall, you will find that it has an unnecessarily large frame, and there is a space below that should not normally be there. This can only mean one thing: this is a secret door. It leads to the room and also serves as a home office.
When you deal with a large space, it is easy to hide a room, but a small house? A lot of things are possible when you are smart and creative. When Project.DWG ~ Architecture designed the Dutch KLM, they brought surprises. The house is situated on a 55-square-meter piece of land, but this does not stop it from being full of surprises, including the secret corner next to the stairs.
Building your own home is exhausting, but it is also fun and exciting. Architect Jesse Bennett and interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo created the Planchonella house. This is a house with lots of interesting features, including a secret space hidden behind the Murphy door.

Building a house on a very small land in Antwerp, Belgium. They want a simple interior with clean forms, classic and stylish furniture and mostly neutral colours. At the same time, they added a secret space behind the bookshelf.
Utz Design knows a little about custom furniture and understands that it can be optimized to meet a variety of spatial configurations and needs. They designed this cool bookcase wall with a built-in hidden door.
In order to successfully integrate the secret room with Murphy Gate into a home, this detail must be built from the beginning, although it can sometimes adapt to the existing layout. Nick Mehl Architecture has done a great job here. The secret bookcase door reveals a narrow corridor to the left of the stairs.

Use Murphy Gate for one of their projects. They cleverly concealed the kitchen of this home and separated it from the living room without making it look mainstream and boring.
It’s easy to hide the secret door on the wall, just use the geometric design. The door becomes part of the pattern, and as MurphyMears Architects showed us here, the shelf is optional. This is the Zaguan House, a single-family home located in Houston, Texas.

There is a secret room with a secret door in the basement that sounds a bit creepy. Just Basements showed us a beautiful design that can change everything. Don’t you like this irregularly shaped door? It is perfectly hidden on the wall.

A secret door can be an interesting option when you want to hide a guest bathroom or bathroom. Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects designed the home. This small washroom is located under the stairs and the door is subtly concealed as a simple wall.
When you see such a wall is obvious, it hides. You only know what is going to happen, especially if you play some games in your life. What you see here is a dark door disguised as a wall. This is Mikhail Fortune added to the London house and updated it.
The secret door is disguised as a shelf is cool, it is hard to find, even if the entire house has only a bookcase, imagine this design strategy is used in the library. The house used to be a barn, transformed by the Seilern Architects studio, a magical and mysterious home.

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Portuguese Dream Tree House

Saperlipopette Les ArchitectesandMartial MarquetWorked together to design this huge dreamy tree house, which has the length of a wall, next to a house in Portugal.
Because there is no tree on this land, the designer must innovate. They choose to connect the concrete wall around the yard with the neighboring trees. The lodge was built on the wall instead of the tree, providing a panoramic view.
in The lodge was built with the help of an architect, local craftsman and neighbors. Its design consists of a ladder, a cornered cabin, a seat and a platform.

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Green prototype building that looks like a giant tree

This sustainable building is located in Malaga, Spain.
Building built in2015Year, the floor area is 618square meter. The main goal of the project is sustainable development, which is why the building is designed like a huge tree with windows
Certified by the Spanish Green Building Council, This project uses a variety of sustainable design strategies. They include passive heating and cooling to reduce overall energy consumption. The outer shell of the building has an extra insulation design.
Other sustainable design strategies include rainwater harvesting systems, solar energy, efficient lighting and the use of recyclable materials. In addition, a unique feature of the building is its green appearance.
With this Another issue related to the project is its minimization of the impact on the community. To ensure this, the architect and the designer came up with a friendly and beautiful solution. The building was raised, which also allowed the team to design support. Columns of concrete branches and trunks.
The vertical garden is decorated with the outer shell of the building. Provides a fresh and beautiful view.

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Unique apartment building with large porthole windows

There is a big difference between a house and an apartment. Each has its own special characteristics, and the layout in each case is usually different. The house is also usually better connected to the surrounding environment and has a better view. For Cinqua Apartments, BKK Architects tried and managed to create a hybrid project. This is an apartment that looks a lot like a collection of personal homes that are placed together.

This new and curious apartment is located on the outskirts of Melbourne in an architectural residential area with art deco houses. The design of the building is a modern reinterpretation of the type of local housing, and the idea behind it is to integrate single-family homes into a collective and create a comfortable apartment with a clear identity and a lot of personality.

The project was completed in 2017 with a total structure of 5,800 square meters. The building is situated on a steep slope, allowing most of it to be under sight and hidden on the road. Materials used include weathered bricks, metal and wood, and a large amount of glass.

The street facade of the building is constructed as a square with six large porthole windows marking the surface. These windows are a defining feature of the design, they are aesthetically pleasing and are designed to connect the apartment to the surrounding environment.

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German village house

Located on a quiet street in the southern village of Stuttgart, Germany, E20_House is a crystal-shaped house. The concrete house facing the street has simple windows to ensure privacy. The two short sides of the house have a dramatic roof line that slopes down, giving the geometric house a sculptural feel. The rest of the house has large sliding glass doors that provide a view of the surroundings while allowing light to enter the room.
A staircase leads from the entrance to the main floor and looks very spacious due to the height of the ceiling.
Inside is a minimalist palette with light oak, concrete and white surfaces. The change in the height of the ceiling of the room constantly creates visual interest.

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Modern handmade furniture

Klein Agency is a new design studio that launched the first collection of furniture. Combining precision technology with imperfect natural materials,Klein Home Collection 01 The streamlined simplicity is the best. The laser-cut steel is matched with the natural wood that has been copied. Naturally dyed leather adds a warm feel to the icy matt black powder coated steel or transparent steel. The collection is rude and consists of several pieces of residential furniture, from lounge chairs to bar stools to coffee tables.

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An old coal mine becomes a double room hotel

Look for a completely unique experience that lets you share with your partner? Stay at the modern minimalist hotel KRANE on an old coal crane in the harbour of Nordhavn, Copenhagen. Owner Klaus Kastbjerg and architect ArcsMøller from Arcgency have transformed the crane to make it a multi-sensory experience for anyone. In addition, the raised cranes can see a panoramic view of the city, the port and the sky, which are different from other hotels.

KRANE also provides meeting rooms for anyone who wants to rent. The space with enclosed glass features light wooden floors and black furniture.

The interior is completely black to avoid distraction. The black floors, ceilings and walls are covered with Douglas planks, which are filled with a special “boulder” oil surface.

They use the upscale Danish brand to decorate the hotel, all of which are black.

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New York’s interactive showroom

Studio-Tag Recently opened an interactive showroom in New York to guide the creative process of designers. Focus on business, hotel and corporate interiors, showroom selection13A fresh and affordable international and local manufacturer.
combines years of experience in construction, architecture, interior design, space planning and furniture selection and integrates them.
team and designer from the very beginning The conceptual phase of collaboration provides each client with a customized plan. Their goal is to make the showroom a collaborative workspace while also allowing it to be a vivid case study.
Customers have a wide selection of products available. From artwork, acoustic paneling, lighting, curtains, carpets, architectural glass, steel solutions to custom European furniture, each product is displayed in 6200 square feet in the showroom.

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Tattu is a restaurant inspired by body art and its history and meticulous details

Tattu is a restaurant inspired by body art and its history and meticulous details. Located in Manchester, England, the restaurant has a contemporary design based on the original concept developed by the owner and designer Edwin Pickett. It offers Chinese cuisine in three areas, one is a restaurant, one is a bar, and one is a private area.
Printing Press is a bar and restaurant combination that is part of the George Hotel in Edinburgh, UK. It was designed by Goddard Littlefair and can accommodate up to 92 people. Its interior is defined by a variety of materials such as eucalyptus, brass, ceramic, leather, velvet, glass and marble, an unusual and rich combination.
You can find The Refinery restaurant in London. This is the perfect destination for tourists and locals. Here you can enjoy bars, restaurants and outdoor terraces, developed by Fusion Design and Architecture. They use simple materials and surfaces to give the restaurant a real and inviting look.

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