Baolei financing, technical bottlenecks and other issues, a thousand wounds bustling behind the robot industry one hundred bruise

In recent years, the investment industry’s outlet after another, no one to share the economic retail from VR to artificial intelligence, from, the outlet come and go. 2018 related to the real economy sector is the direction many institutional investors and technology giants focus, which a growing number of investors and investment institutions to focus attention to the intelligent manufacturing, especially robotics industry. Business financing now say that, in fact, in the robotics industry, too much money is “sick.”
stand on the outlet, pigs fly?
2018 This year, the circle of industrial robots lively unabated. Collaboration robot pioneer Rethink Robotics collapse, robot town construction in full swing, the Sino-US trade war would not affect the robot and other business topics, triggering another round of discussions. Both in terms of sales or market scale, industrial robots can be said has entered a rapid development period. From 2016 to now, China’s robot industry capital boom has burned now, but its essence has been behind dangerous! Capital blitz CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 5-year growth in the scale of financing a few times in 2018, the capital market is still not diminished the enthusiasm of the robot, the robot industry and the continuation of last year’s leveraged buyout boom. According to incomplete statistics, in 2018 the number of investment projects the robotics industry is expected to exceed 2017 158 projects with a total amount exceeded 20 billion mark.
[2014–2018 robot financing in comparison chart] [Source] Internet robot online finishing
compared to the scale of financing 2017,2016,2015,2014 years of 20 billion yuan, 5.033 billion yuan, 3.31 billion yuan, 698 million yuan, five-year financing growth in the number of times, in the overall trend of rapid growth. A round of financing accounted for the majority of the capital optimistic about the prospects for the industry capital is pouring in the entire robotics industry, but from this year’s data, the industrial robot industry is still focused on venture capital financing case early in the project, which the angel round, round A project financing of the majority.
[2018] distribution of industrial robots financing
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domestic venture capital financing industrial robot industry mostly concentrated frontOf rounds, wherein all of the 2018 financing case angel round and A / A + proportion of wheels and Pre-A, respectively 50%, 12% and 14%, B round of financing accounts for only 10%, C wheel case number D round of financing is only 1, showing that domestic industrial robot industry though hot CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but still in the early. List of industrial robot business financing from the investment business point of view, in 2018 industrial robots key investment enterprise software robots to Beijing, Luo Shi robot, a very intellectual Kerry, the Xinjiang science and technology, its financing were 137 million yuan, 160 million yuan, 1.5 billion dollars and 100 million yuan; the main investor robot company ABB, Warburg Pincus capital, capital and other volcanic rock.
[2018] financing situation of industrial robots

[Source] Internet robot online finishing
2018 distribution of industrial robots financing amount from the amount of investment distribution, the amount of financing through the single the number reached seven billion business, accounting for 13.95%, which has a more than 500 million yuan, accounting for the largest single financing amount is within the range (1000-5000) million, accounting for 46%.
[2018] the distribution of the amount of financing of industrial robots
[Source] Internet robot online finishing
Capital is a double edged sword, to avoid being “kidnapped” industrial robot industry is actually part of a steady growth, and has own clear direction of development of the industry, it reflects the manufacturing sector generally follow the “technology – products – market – income” one-way linear conduction operation logic, linked by technology and market influence to promote industrial deep-seated leaps and bounds. So sought after by many institutional investors is not surprising.
2018 industrial robots start-ups this year, in fact, have an urgent need to support capital, in the previous article [Winter is the reason has to | this year how the Chinese industrial robots? ] Been expounded, industrial robots and automation integrators enterprise core orders (new energy automobile pharmaceutical 3C) general downturn this year, only to get financing, supply enterprise’s own hematopoietic capacity to ensure profitability, but also to reduce R & D investment pressure to consolidate business advantage in future competition. The faceRisk Pro is obvious, a large amount of capital invested in promoting the rapid expansion of the scale of the robotics industry, it also brings a feather! It has the entire ecosystem of industrial robots industry began to be subversive. Part of the robot itself is not much profit enterprise products to talk about, but by virtue of the current capital market sought after by venture outlet continue to receive funding, so some companies began to fight prices, fight the sale, into a price war in the Red Sea, the short supply business financing can be hematopoietic ability, but in the long run not only core competitiveness of enterprises early exit. Capital is just icing on the cake for all robots enterprises, the core competitiveness is the key! Why Rethink existence for 10 years Control Engineering Copyright , fell to the collaborative robots increasingly become a trend today? As of October 3, 2018, Rethink A total of eight round -E round of financing, totaling $ 130 million. The Rethink E round of financing in the last $ 18 million in August 2017 is a private investment company Bezos Bezos Expeditions investment.
[Rethink 2018 Nian 10 Yue 3 announced the closure]
Rethink driven by capital market activity climaxes: DHL company bought Rethink Robotics, specializing in the next generation of human-computer interaction related logistics involved in the problem; in China, Rethink actively expand the market, 2016– 2017, its main agents took part in the China International industry Fair and other exhibitions, and seize the typical several areas of industry and education customers through the media propaganda that Rethink robot collaboration the concept is well known for many users. However, the use of these meets the customer’s needs is not known. Even Rethink the company’s products are based on good technology, but mediocre feedback on the market. This is the way in which technology, customer needs and organizational structure is a problem in the process of operation are encountered. So Rethink expected sales did not meet the requirements set by the original, the company’s business increasingly difficult, so that in October 3 this year, was forced to announce to close. In China, I still remember the first start domestic service robot manufacturers, the first was “Chinese Certified Robot,” the robot products, the certificate number “001” Bao Tong robot do? Once in serviceRobot prestigious industry but due to funding strand breaks suddenly closed down in July this year, Wang Ming traders fled the United States is also high.
[Source Internet Tong Bao robot]
Tong Po’s collapse was due to the product just to be inadequate, the other is funded entirely relying on the investment side, too subject to capital, capital changes its impact too large . After shrinking capital, Bao Tong robot could not withstand external risks, the company’s rapid demise. 2019 investment is not “fool” Some investors see the dividend policy and capital subsidies, at the robotics industry to switch reached directly from the Internet industry. Many of the capital with a very strong mark on the Internet thinking logically, they pay more attention to whether the team dressed, story logic is reasonable, the company’s ability to explosive growth. “The best is two to three years will be able to market valuation level is followed.” Institutional investors continue to overweight Control Engineering Copyright , arbitrage is completed after a subsequent disk access to enter, the investment cycle is reduced to a minimum . Completely contrary to the law of development of industrial robots in the industry, leading to malicious competition to snatch the market, not difficult to determine the bubble has generated a lot of capital.
Although the capital burned very busy, but the common factor of the domestic industrial robots are still intractable ills CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , only has the core technology and market is the last word, the investor’s money is not to business playing ducks and drakes. Under capital feast, not everyone is a winner! In fact, there are many high-tech company is asset-heavy companies, a large number of equipment investment needs plenty of funding. The large amount of funds used robot business is not so easy to imagine financing. Most of robotics company would like to achieve short-term profit is the main reason very difficult, so from the point of view of the financial industry, robot industry market prospects, but technology is not particularly mature, especially the business model is not perfect. So financing is not large. But those non-financial institutions, particularly silver funds and brokerage firms in this industry seem overvalued, leading the entire Chinese industry robots appear financing difficulties and the high valuation of the phenomenon of coexistence. The high valuations, many companies may abandon robot technology and sound business models and instead to speculation by capital. Consequences undoubtedly fall into the high-end production capacity, low excess capacity among dilemma.

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