What are the reasons the Internet industry hard landing

Industrial Digital is a core value of the industry of the future, and the Internet industry is realized in the form of digital transformation and the only way. 2018, around the Internet industry, giant action again and again. The size of one trillion yuan huge market cake is attracting more players into the office. Data show that China currently has 269 industrial internet platform products, has exceeded the total number of other countries; Internet industry before the industrial alliance members has been increased to 400 942. This concept was put forward in 2012 will finally ushered in the hot year in 2018. Factories and enterprises are trying through automation and robotics, combined with networking, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology to help achieve high production line flexibility and efficiency. According to McKinsey Global Institute predicted CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 2030, digital technology will transform and create 10% to 45% of industry revenue in China. Digital industrial, exciting situation seems to be emerging. But a few years of practice, the Internet industry has given rise to landing a variety of problems, GE and other industrial giants for profit considerations even begin to peel, sell industrial Internet-related businesses Control Engineering Copyright , the cloud is still a lot willingness domestic enterprises is not high. Internet industry towards digital stage, there has been a bottleneck. Everywhere the government boost, boost technology is accelerating the development of the Internet industry. Is presenting a huge market space, a cloud on the territory of “Running” is also being kicked off the industrial field. GE, Siemens, ABB and other global industrial giants are stepping up industrial layout cloud platform. The world’s first cloud platform Predix industry by the US General Electric Company (GE) officially opened in 2015, the second platform MindSphere is based on the German company Siemens Industry 4.0 concept is established, open in April 2016. ABB’s Ability to industry is beginning to sink terminal. In addition, Amazon to build things AWSIoT cloud platform, one of the top manufacturers and Infosys together KUKA robot software platform for the development of industrial enterprise 4.0 solutions, but also can not ignore the major industrial cloud platform. On the surface, the world’s industrial giants are flocking to the cloud platform for industry, behind the excitement, is wanted out of a field of industry in the Internet of ThingsAmbitions of big chess. The associated layout, and even dates back to several years ago. Large industrial groups of electrification and automation strength of natural Needless to say, but within the enterprise software and hardware boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, software industry through the acquisition of companies, integration into the existing business, complete digital map of gradually forming. GE estimated that by 2020, global-scale industrial Internet market will reach $ 225 billion, of which $ 125 billion from software and $ 100 billion from the software platform and operating system, much higher than the consumer Internet market size of $ 90 billion. This means that the value of the Internet industry will soon exceed the consumer Internet has brought unprecedented development efficiency and innovation in the field of industrial enterprises. From past experience has shown that GE is in power, renewable energy, aviation, oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical and mining industry, the Internet industry has great market potential. However, the US local time on December 13, 2018, GE announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell part of the general-purpose digital (GEDigital) business, and the remaining business will be composed of an independent company. This marks GE finally began to gradually fade Immelt ambitions for the company’s digital transformation, vision software business is getting less ambitious. GE said in a statement, private equity firm Silver Lake has agreed to acquire a majority stake ServiceMax general-purpose digital department’s, but did not disclose terms of the transaction. Two years ago, in the software market ambitious GE had spent $ 915 million acquisition of ServiceMax. ServiceMax helps companies develop software inventory management and deployment of service technicians. After completion of the transaction, GE will hold ServiceMax10% stake. GE also said that the company will set up a company focused on industrial new things software company. The new company will be fully vested GE, but will operate at a separate business. Universal Digital CEO Bill Ruhr (BillRuh) said that as part of this business restructuring, he will leave the company. GE Industrial Internet business, its concept and platform to launch five years, but the Internet-based remote maintenance equipment mainly within the company. Now it seems that the lack of Applied Ecology of the GE digital services is one flaw, which is a direct result of the important reasons for its poor sales. GE’s large internal sales manager, said the company over the pursuit of Internet practice, such that Predix sales represent enormous pressure assessment is almost mission impossible. Shao Peng, president of the Haisai Mo Electric Co. said, including some well-known companies, including, Intelligent Manufacturing maturity of domestic discrete manufacturing companies still have not a small gap from outstanding foreign companies. From another dimension, too. Core intelligent production line of discrete manufacturing, not what we have seen all kinds of manufacturing equipment, but will integrate hardware and software and algorithms play the best production utility. To the chemical industry, for example, compared to the degree of digitization of the European chemical industry, digital maturity of China’s chemical industry is not high, most Chinese chemical industry is still in the early stages of the application of digital technology. For them, the digital transformation means stop, in the case of environmental pressures and highlights the market cycle fluctuations, seize the time for production is the company most concerned about. Profit model is not clear when a new pattern is shaped, to find the next drive to the industrial automation market, the best scenario is an important starting point landing data analysis, which for the manufacturing sector is accelerating the upgrading of China will obviously have a huge demand. However, a flourishing industry, and vigorously promote the country’s market demand for the Internet industry is long-term sustainability of the ultimate driving force in addition. Internet industry in full swing, but industry sources familiar with the industrial site was very calm. Shao Peng believes that there is a huge difference between industrial and commercial scene scene, the primary requirements for intelligent industrial site production line is stable and reliable. IT just intelligent tools, Know-How is still in the industry itself, each vertical industry sectors have their applications Know-How, these are the industrial sector has accumulated decades of valuable experience. Industrial real Internet connection, based on the “operational management” level of planning and design, is the first application to solve the local problem of demand, is a network for the user to create “value” constituted. To fit the flow properties of the most in-depth digital transformation of the chemical industry, for example. Chemical companies cut digital phase compared to discrete devices based machinery industry has inherent advantages. However, due to various factors, China’s domestic chemical companies generally face lower digitization of degree. In the digital transformation process CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Wanhua chemical and other chemical companies early large-scale capital investment in a short timeWe can really make progress in the building of hardware. But in the subsequent digital construction in Control Engineering Copyright , people used to follow the existing hardware infrastructure construction experience, resulting in a wrong idea of ​​some restrictive digital construction. Some people think that chemical companies digital construction sector is only a matter of information, leading to the degree of business sector participation is not high; some people think that first built up again, side by side after the change, which can easily lead to the construction of information systems failure. From the landing practical point of view , the development of industry Internet address four key issues in order to fundamentally: First, the system integrator has to face funding “two accounting models” to bring pressure , but also to meet the high demand for professionals in the team, multi-domain “all out” development path will bring a heavy burden. Second, the direction of platform issues. Universal platform for the industry due to the limited depth extent, the market supply and demand do not match, the next focus of industry-specific business class platform, scene class platform will become an important entry point for the development of enterprise manufacturing intelligence. Third, the revenue model problem. Has yet to explore a viable market-oriented business model, there are difficult to form benign economic growth model. Fourth, the cloud will of business problems. There are still a lot of companies do not have the will of the cloud, enterprises need to know why the cloud, on which cloud to help companies settled a breakdown of cost reduction and efficiency. In addition, in the process of implementing digital transformation, the main problem faced by companies from return on investment (ROI) can not be defined and clearly worried “a sieve”, especially for cost-sensitive specialty chemicals company, in balance of resources into equipment modification, development, situation of new plant construction and digital construction, often in the traditional, predictable decision-making projects easier, and aspects of the digital transition is difficult to judge. Short-term Haze match for intellectual development, the pace of the digital industry continues to heat up manufacturing. Future, the depth of focus of the sub-sector system integrators are expected to carry the banner of industrial development, the concept and reality of habits and modes of production still takes a long time to change.

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