Industrial robot so fire, 20W how to fill the talent gap?

With the development of intelligent manufacturing “Made in China 2025” was launched in 2015, put forward in the plan, make intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of information technology and industrialization, the depth of integration. The industrial robot is considered to be the main starting point, as a basis for take-off and concern.
“as the key support of advanced manufacturing equipment, industrial robots affects every aspect of human life, has become an important symbol to measure a country’s scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level.” – Chinese Academy of Sciences: Han Jie, just as the industrial countries have proposed the robotics industry strategy: If Germany’s “industry 4.0” US “advanced manufacturing partnership Program” China “made in China 2025” industrial robot industry is being ushered in development opportunities explosive ……
Ministry of industry organization the development of robot technology roadmap and the robot industry “thirteen five” plan, by 2020, the industrial robot density will reach every million employees use more than 100 units. From this can be seen Control Engineering Copyright , China’s industrial robot market, there are at least seven times more growth in the next decade, China’s industrial robots can not see the ceiling of the industry. However, at this stage of the robot but there is lack of technical personnel, and huge market demand serious lack of coordination. Market decide what kind of engineers demand in recent years, as industrial robot technology is highly integrated, complex application environments, more professional operation and maintenance of high-end equipment, with a multi-level talent needs. Divided into R & D engineers, system design and application engineers, commissioning engineers and operators and maintenance personnel four levels.
corresponds to the professional level distribution, industrial employment direction of the robot industrial robots are divided into professional R & D and production enterprises, industrial robots and industrial robot systems integrators enterprise applications. ◆ In the industrial robot R & D and production enterprises R & D department is the main gathering area R & D engineers to master the core knowledge of technology and promote industrial development of robot technology. ◆ The industrial robot applications business and industrial robot systems integrators to debug the needs of a large number of engineers and operators and maintenance personnel, working in the production line to ensure the normal operation of equipment and simple fine-tuning. ◆ while industrial robot R & D and production companies need a lot of training technicians and understand certain professional knowledge of sales staff. Although domestic enterprises and research machineStructure and increase the robotics research body research direction of talent introduction and training efforts, on the basis of hardware and technology has made significant improvement, but on-site commissioning, operation and maintenance training efforts run applications such as personnel management is still lacking. A clear question before us CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the implementation of industrial robot technology in China, the biggest bottleneck is not encounter a shortage of technology, but a serious lack of application of talent. Industry is fire, there are 20 million people applied talent gap, according to statistics show that in 2020 industrial robot of installed capacity will reach 100 million units, robotic applications talent gap of about 20 million people, and is still 20 to 30% per year % growth rate. At present, China’s above-scale enterprises in manufacturing professional and technical personnel accounting for less than 10% of the total number of human resources, especially over the size of the equipment manufacturing business professionals with graduate degrees among highly skilled personnel accounted for only 2% of the total. On the one hand the scarcity of highly skilled personnel itself, on the other hand, a number of highly skilled personnel is low willingness to join the front-line positions. Engineering graduates a vocational college Wang told Xiao Bian Control Engineering Copyright , many students prefer to wear a suit and tie to run sales, they were reluctant when workers into the workshop, although they think workers now “can earn”, but the future of “dead.” Development of industrial robots national planning Yiba “Strengthening of qualified personnel” as one of six major measures to safeguard the development of the robotics industry.
At this stage, there are three main robot-related personnel Source: 1, the introduction of industrial robots professional and technical personnel to the company body corporate entities related teaching and training personnel;
2, business and professional vocational training institutions contract training, training after the agency theory and practical operation of training, research and development base robot sent a robot body or company internship orientation talents to the enterprise; 3, graduates from professional mechanical and electrical integration technology, electrical automation technology and other major institutions. But we need professional training to achieve after the initial induction into the enterprise requirements Control Engineering Copyright , but also to work after a certain number of years in order to truly meet the needs of such positions.
2018 National Robotics Engineering professional enrollment plan Statistics
In the opinion of entrepreneurs controlEngineering Network Copyright , businesses are problems that do not match talent, industrial robotics even worse. On the one hand is the difficult employment, on the other hand is difficult to recruit people. Many college students high academic qualifications, all very good, but to the actual position of “not useful”, hoping to solve the problem of industrial robots in the training of engineers. Therefore, the strengthening of qualified personnel is imminent, it is not only about Chinese intelligence process, but also to the development of the global robotics industry. Analysis of the industry, faced with talent shortage, need to jointly promote the development and application of training and talent of our robot governments, businesses, educational institutions, industry organizations and other third parties. And other enterprises and institutions should establish good relations of cooperation, investment funds increase investment in education and practical efforts. The domestic industrial robots, but also need to solve the problem of personnel training, so that the real China, “Chi-made.” Lay with the war, integration of production and education is the key to sum up, schools in some areas provided for this purpose robot related professional early, “Robotics Engineering” professional into a popular, in fact, professional setting is also with the development of the times and when both progress, changes in the professional establishment of a reflection of the trend of social development. Today, the “Robotics Engineering” professional become popular, it is proof of this idea. Ministry of Education announced the 2017 annual general undergraduate colleges and universities specializing in filing and approval of the results showed that the most “hot” are related to the IT professional. Among them, 250 colleges and universities added, “Data Science and Big Data Technology”, the new “Robotics Engineering” professional 60 colleges and universities. In areas of central and western training center for robotic applications engineers and a number of government research institutes and universities, research institutions build has also appeared in the government-led, school-enterprise linkage robot applications on personnel training methods have been active and effective exploration and practice .

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