Gree win to 25.1 billion gap, with Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu “on the bar” of the?

March 19, 2018 performance in millet phone conference Control Engineering Copyright , millet Group (referred to as: millet) released the fourth quarter 2018 and full year earnings, which quarter revenue of 44.421 billion yuan , an increase of 26.5%; full-year revenue of 174.9 billion yuan, an increase of 52.6%, adjusted profit of 8.6 billion yuan, an increase of 59.5%. One billion gambling regulations conclusion, there is no suspense to win millet Gree earnings news came out, a time Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun had the “billion bet” has been re-dug, the industry once again become the focus of discussion. By Millet (Table I) and Gree (Table II) 2018 earnings data show that, in this “gamble”, the Gree on total revenue, with more than 200 one hundred million Millet win.
(Table I: millet 2018 performance data)
From 2018 performance data, millet, millet annual total business income in 2018 amounted to 174.9 billion yuan, obtained by correlation calculation of 114.6 billion a year earlier compared yuan, an increase of 52.6%; in the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, millet 2018 reached 8.6 billion yuan, compared with 5.4 billion last year, an increase of 59.5%.
(Table II: Gree performance forecast 2018 data)
can be seen from the data in Table II trailer, Gree achieved total revenue 2000-2010 billion yuan the year 2018, and 150 billion yuan a year earlier phase ratio, an increase of about 33%; 2018 annual Gree attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit forecast of 260-270 million, compared to 22.4 billion yuan compared with the same period last year, an increase of 16% –21%. Comprehensive Tables I, II data results, even if the lower limit calculated in accordance with Gree revenue, both in terms of total revenue or shareholder net profit , millet failed to exceed Gree. But CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , on the growth rate, the growth rate is higher than the millet Gree.
intelligent manufacturing trend, two big brothers again, “the bar” is well known as one of the entities Gree manufacturing industry leader in the industrial layout has formed its own system, and has accumulated a deep technicalstrength. In the full swing of the situation “Made in China 2025” Gree “one-stop service” concept, global manufacturing Gree launched many industrial products. Currently in the industry, Gree has industrial core components, the overall technical solutions and new industrial products three core business segments. Among them, Gree widely used compressors, motors, intelligent equipment (servo robots, industrial robots, unmanned automatic production line body, CNC machine tools, etc.) and other industrial products and solutions, not only to Gree own factory automation to a large extent, mechanization and intelligent, but also help the majority of manufacturing companies improved the quality of the plant’s production capacity and guarantee products. And millet, as well-known Internet companies, in manufacturing, although currently there is a certain distance and Gree, but have begun to layout. Prior to the 2018 World Conference on Artificial Intelligence , millet, Chairman Lei Jun said that once, after long consideration, the company will lash millet artificial intelligence the most important strategic and use their strengths, catch up, and to IOT as the entry point, to suit their own development path, to put intelligent manufacturing layout. In the near future, Lei Jun is already publicly announced the test done air conditioning, entered the field of air conditioning Gree’s main business, and that the results from several public millet air conditioning sales point of view, welcomed by users. However, not long ago, Dong Mingzhu has publicly said before, the Internet can not represent the fundamental technology of air conditioning. Miss Dong The answer seems to enter the air conditioning millet point in time just fit, but two big brothers “on the bar” of? But in fact, both the 2018 and millet Gree’s performance who wins the Miss Dong Lei Busi is not another with mutual hate, and behind these discussions focus Control Engineering Copyright , to be sure It is that both sides in the intelligent manufacturing, are looking for the right path, and actively expand market share.

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