TE Con ​​nectivity new double-wall heat-shrinkable tubing: meet the harsh environment of the battery or power cord to the terminal applications

A global leader in the field of sensors connected to TE Con ​​nectivity (TE) has introduced BATTU heat shrink tubing. The product is a double-walled flame design CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , for industrial and commercial vehicles, construction equipment and generators in the battery pack or the power supply line to the terminal application. BATTU heat shrink tubing with a flame retardant hot melt thermoplastic sleeve is made of a polyolefin, may provide superior performance, casing shrinkage ratio of about 2 in harsh environments: 1, the cable terminal designed for application customization can be applied quickly and reduce application costs. “Harness requirements should manufacturers and equipment manufacturers and we need to reduce the cost of application applied to the battery cable or the cable shrink other power cable terminal connection sleeve Copyright Control Engineering , and to ensure that can provide reliable protection in harsh environments. “Jing Lu TE Con ​​nectivity heat shrink tubing, senior product manager mentioned,” in response to this demand, our team developed a BATTU heat-shrinkable tubing, material, shrink ratio aspect, size, and the cut length were optimized so as to achieve a more rapid application, and provides excellent electrical isolation, mechanical protection, flame retardancy and moisture resistance. “
TE Connectivity Release new double-wall heat shrinkable sleeve
TE bATTU product family includes three heat shrink tubing sizes from 12.7mm to 25.4mm (inner diameter before shrinkage) is applied to 16mm2-120 mm2 [6 AWG to 4/0 AWG] typical cable sizes . The length and specific requirements of the intended application desired pipe size, TE customized relatively short pre-cut tube (32mm to 102mm), and a 1.22 m long tube. BATTU full recovery temperature of heat-shrinkable tubing 135 ° C, can be operated at a temperature of -40 ° C to 130 ° C, and meet the flame retardant requirements of IS06722, UL listed (File No. E85381). The product rated voltage of 600V, the minimum dielectric strength of 19 Copyright Control Engineering , 700V / mm. BATTU thermal casing corrosion can be prevented and the sheath being bent, with a liquid-resistant GM. It may be a thermoplastic inner plasticAdhered to the surface of various substrates, including plastic, metal and rubber, and isolated from water vapor. To help provide easy to identify coding, BATTU heat shrink tubing available in four standard colors: black CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , red, yellow and orange. The heat shrink tubing may be heated using a variety of different types of tool mounting: basic hot air gun, suitable for mass production to the environment, with the furnace conveyor. In addition to BATTU heat shrink tubing, TE provides a wealth of thermal management products, to meet the different commercial and industrial applications. Single wall sleeve has flexibility, space savings, mechanical protection, resistance to chemicals, corrosion, etc.; the inner wall of the double-walled sleeve is coated with adhesive or sealant, can be effectively isolated from moisture; synthetic rubber sleeve can be applied flexibly at different temperatures Copyright control Engineering , having wear resistance, and other properties of chemicals corrosive liquid; heavy casing products for the most demanding environments. Price: Available on request Stock: Yes Delivery: 4 weeks ARO

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