Unique apartment building with large porthole windows okorder

There is a big difference between a house and an apartment. Each has its own special characteristics, and the layout in each case is usually different. The house is also usually better connected to the surrounding environment and has a better view. For Cinqua Apartments, BKK Architects tried and managed to create a hybrid project. This is an apartment that looks a lot like a collection of personal homes that are placed together.

This new and curious apartment is located on the outskirts of Melbourne in an architectural residential area with art deco houses. The design of the building is a modern reinterpretation of the type of local housing, and the idea behind it is to integrate single-family homes into a collective and create a comfortable apartment with a clear identity and a lot of personality.

The project was completed in 2017 with a total structure of 5,800 square meters. The building is situated on a steep slope, allowing most of it to be under sight and hidden on the road. Materials used include weathered bricks, metal and wood, and a large amount of glass.

The street facade of the building is constructed as a square with six large porthole windows marking the surface. These windows are a defining feature of the design, they are aesthetically pleasing and are designed to connect the apartment to the surrounding environment.

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Resort on the canal okorder

The Lagoon House is located at the main canal entrance to the Pacific Harbour on Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia, and was designed by Robin Payne to reflect its subtropical location. Customers want every room to have a water feature and a 5-star resort feel.

This home is built around an artificial lagoon and adds a barrier between the house and the park in the west. The second floor cantilever provides sun protection for the living room on the ground floor.

Rooms have a private terrace that reaches the edge of the lagoon water and offers a view of the lush tropical environment.

The open floor plan connects the living room, kitchen and entertainment area, surrounded by a frameless sliding glass wall that disappears and connects to the outside.

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New Zealand house with seamless indoor and outdoor transition okorder

This house is located in Puhoi, New Zealand. It connects to the surroundings and welcomes the outdoors in a very natural way.

This is a house with a very open structure. But when you look at the house from a certain angle, you can’t say that. One of the lower façades is almost completely enclosed and plated with galvanized steel. The rest is wood, and the contrast between these materials is emphasized in a harmonious way.

On the opposite side, the façade is open, so the living space feels more like an outdoor area than a closed structure. This makes the transition between the interior and the outdoor deck very smooth and almost seamless. In fact, the use of large amounts of wood inside and outside the house helps to ensure overall cohesion.

In the house, the social area is located in an open space, and the sleeping area occupies the upper level. Architects want interior design to be very light and simple, so they use locally sourced wood to combine with a simple white surface to create the casual atmosphere they think of.

The bedroom suite is comfortable and open. Wood and matching floors, sloping ceilings create a warm and intimate atmosphere, while large windows have rich natural light and vibrant colours. Like the rest of the house, the tones of materials, finishes and colors are simple, but the decorations are not monotonous. The bed hanging from the ceiling and the windows and the skylight is ensured.

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The photographer’s home and studio are integrated okorder

Mixing work with personal life is rarely successful unless you are really serious and the whole thing is planned in a clear and detailed way. For photographers from Japan, he did quite well, but it took a lot of time. In 2017, FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects completed a structure that can be used both as a residence and as a work area and gallery.

This house is located on a country road and is connected to a nearby property. The built section is small and L-shaped, so the design of the house is handled by a solid, street-facing facade made of concrete and galvanized steel. It ensures the privacy of the limits and limits the exposure of some key areas.

The layout is simple, but not as straight as the design of the house. This is partly because of the mixed nature of the home, both as a residence and as a studio and gallery. These two functions are not separated, but are juxtaposed to each other and seamlessly blended with each other.

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Melbourne’s 1960 warehouse became a family home okorder

Zen Architects was hired to turn this 1960 Melbourne warehouse into a comfortable home. One of the main goals of the project is to retain as many original buildings as possible while reusing materials as much as possible. This route not only saves costs but also makes the environment better.
When retrofitting, they were able to maintain the outer shell of the building, reusing lighting fixtures, sprinkler system piping, doors, skeleton exterior walls and roofing sheets. The project includes the addition of a north courtyard that brings sunlight to the interior and provides heat during the winter months. The movable shutters open to allow for cross ventilation.
Concrete slabs are also retained, which is too difficult to remove and replace.
The raised deck unifies the courtyard and the open interior living space while adding natural elements to the industrial space.

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Beach house with new century now expanding okorder

d+k house is located in the northern suburbs of Sydney. This private beach home requires more space to enhance the connection with the outside while respecting the original home. The goal of the architect is to increase the efficiency of the family and to improve its environmental conditions through modernization and integration of sustainable elements.
The layout is flipped and the living area is placed on the ground so they can be connected to the outdoors. The private space was relocated to the upper floor, adding privacy and enjoying the view of the new green roof.
Light-colored textured bricks are the main material in the room, with white ceilings. The color scheme remains simple, allowing the owner’s artwork to become the focal point of each space.
Because of the climate, they are able to design a green roof that helps keep the interior cool. High windows also help with temperature control.

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The 18th century mansion was transformed into a modern hotel okorder

Design studio Grzywinski+Pons recently remodeled an 18th-century Georgian building, creating this new modern 72-room hotel with a soft palette.
In the grey sandstone building, Grzywinski+Pons retains the details of the existing doors and windows, but creates a more open floor plan. Different areas of the hotel, such as cafes and lounge areas, are visually isolated using brass tubes or light yellow panels.
The studio chose a tropical soft colour, with natural light and plenty of greenery, combining the materials and texture of the entire hotel. All of this creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The studio also created most of the furniture and equipment, combining wicker chairs, brass tables, simple pendants and more.

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New work from Los Angeles designers okorder

Leah Ring in Los Angeles has just launched her new work.
The Vacation table is a table made of acrylic that gives you a dream holiday without even leaving your house.

The Aura mirror has a semi-precious stone base made of obsidian, basalt, calcite and fluorite.
The Tubular magazine rack has a playful bold curve with a matte black lacquered surface and a leather sling that takes it to a higher level.
The design of the Just Cant shelf is inspired by the movement of Memphis, with geometric shapes and bright blue.
Stacks benches are a modern version of meditation stones with velvet mats that can be removed or reconfigured into various positions.

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Inspired by gardening tools, the Tobia collection brings a little magic to the outdoors. okorder

Inspired by gardening tools, the Tobia collection brings a little magic to the outdoors, as if the forgotten old garden has returned to life. This is a wonderful way to mix the exterior lighting fixtures with the essence of the environment.
The Norma M series reminds us of some stories about Beast and the Beast. Everything in the castle has life. They may look like simple desk lamps, but they can be displayed in many ways, including on the floor or hanging from the ceiling.

Sisma lights have some very interesting places. On the one hand, they have such an oversized lamp bone made of welded metal sheets, and several small Edison bulbs are arbitrarily hung at different heights.

The design of the Ti Vedo lamp is very flexible and cute, although in some cases it may seem a bit horrible. The eyes of these owls are light bulbs, they will look directly at you. The luminaires are designed for the interior and they look fascinating on the table. They are made of white ceramic.

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Sculpture of Milan Design Week 2017 okorder

Artist and sculptor Halima Cassell hand-carved a series of geometric bowls inspired by Islamic architecture.

The British-born artist Heike Brachlow studied blown glass technology in New Zealand as a core part of his work. These amazing sculptures are made of stained glass.
Jim Shepherd’s interlocking geometric wooden form is hand-crafted, exploring materials, patterns, colors and forms.

These 3D printed sculptures are from Michael Eden and are made of high quality nylon with a soft mineral coating.

Sam Baron tableware has been collected from many countries for many years, and materials and technology offer almost unlimited possibilities.

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