Giant beachhead new outlet, the world of things usher in a golden age of development

Since Professor Kevin Ashton first proposed the concept of things, to 2008 to receive national attention, and have been offering based on the correlation of this national networking policy. While China in 2009 opened a milestone in the development of things, it is listed as one of the five major emerging strategic industries. Things break trillion market size, China is the world’s largest market after nearly 20 years of development, today, things are no longer lofty concepts, as NB-IoT deployment growing, cloud computing, and intelligent edge artificial intelligence technology a wide range of applications, and promote the networking industry presents vigorous development trend, China’s Internet of things industry scale has exceeded 1 trillion in 2018 up to 1.2 trillion yuan industrial scale. China will be one of the world’s largest Internet of Things market, China’s three major operators Things connections 760 million worldwide in more than half the size, and will soon grant licenses 5G, things will inevitably bring a higher level, also let all things Internet possible. Global operators are hoping to snatch the transformation of Things application end market in the era of big connection, such as for industrial, educational, medical, automotive and networking applications such as smart home scenarios seek opportunities. Statistics show that by 2020, there will be more than 65% of enterprises will deploy things. In the next few years, things as the information technology industry’s largest outlet, allows operators to obtain sustainable development capacity rising, but also supports a larger scale of things landing mission. In addition, according to IDC given show, in 2022, China accounted for a quarter of the global market of more things, surpassing the United States as the largest market of things.
landing networking applications, cloud services growth momentum with the release of several ten billion devices connected to the network, but also to promote the interconnection of all things towards mobile Internet, and cloud computing, intelligence and artificial intelligence at the edge of innovative technology for all things Internet and ultimately to intelligent things, the arrival of a new social wisdom. This shift will bring the world’s tens of trillions of dollars of market opportunities, bringing all walks of life to actively transition to networked objects. Things to bring scientific and technological revolution sweeping the globe, senior adviser of things Yangjian Yong pointed out that, as the future direction of development of information technology, whether technology companies are also traditional companies are betting, in order to seek new growth points, but cloud computing as the Internet of Things internet massive data generated provides powerful calculation process CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , isThe key was the development of things. Things deployment growing, in this era of great connection, is bound to generate huge amounts of data, then require cloud services platform for intelligent data analysis and use of data is expected to create more new business opportunities. Based on the mass of things connected devices, providing software vendors and platform combination will be one of the largest beneficiaries for each sector of Things cloud platform came into being, and then activate the data value. Amazon, Microsoft, BAT and other Internet players to compete for cloud services involved in the Internet of Things market. All things Internet generated huge amounts of data, how the data is to clarify, dig out the value is more important, at this point, Amazon, Microsoft and BAT is the core of the cloud service provider to get through the clouds, end, side, especially these tech giants have blessed in AI capabilities Advantage. Microsoft, Amazon and Google cloud services are things the United States a major supplier of domestic BAT and Huawei also benefit from the competitive cloud services based on the technology giant cloud of Things applications have become ubiquitous. Amazon is a global cloud service provider leader in networking direction of the object, AWS IoT services can easily and securely connect the device to the cloud, in the industrial Things scene, the machine, cloud computing, data analysis and people link up to help customers optimization of industrial operations, and improve productivity and efficiency CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , it can be said, AWS cloud services become the world’s critical infrastructure. Microsoft’s cloud, AI and IoT help the global digital transformation, Azure data infrastructure around the world, in addition, to provide ease of use networked objects, such as Azure IoT services to help manufacturers and other industrial implementation 4.0 and 5 billion investment in the next few years things dollars to support innovation. While the establishment of artificial intelligence laboratory and things in China, bringing innovation and wisdom of things. Things popularity of cloud computing as an infrastructure, cloud services market will further release the potential of 2019 players will continue to overweight cloud computing, in order to grab market opportunities. Amazon and Microsoft in the form of global duopoly situation in the country is contending competition, and the competition will become increasingly fierce, especially in BAT have increased efforts to promote more industry into the cloud services, snatch track of things. In the May 30, 2019 in Guangzhou, Baidu and cloud-summit, Baidu announced that its intelligent cloud platform Heavenly things new upgrade , and integration in the cloud edge, space-time insight and data intelligence three major areas released a breath 9 Dah Sing products. In the industrial floor applications to ABC + X to accelerate industrial transformation smart, intelligent, general manager of Baidu cloud Yin Shiming said: intelligent industrial era is about to fully come CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , ABC technology integrated into industry trends. In the field of fusion cloud edge, converged infrastructure through the cloud side, Baidu can make intelligent cloud deployment time intelligent model of quality control, shortened from days to minutes, you can also remotely update the model to solve quality control problems in flexible manufacturing scene. Baidu intelligent cloud product director Zhou Baoyu introduction of things in the summit site. In the summit site, also saw Baidu and Shenzhen Bi-City Technology to explore a new business model intelligence community, namely the use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology platform enabling intelligence community, for the community to provide more accurate service users. It should be noted that the Country Garden in cooperation with Baidu intelligent cloud technology in the small town of Huizhou Tonghu, want to build smart city benchmark. Now we use ultra-160 + scenario, “smart” applications everywhere. In the manufacturing area, Baidu intelligent cloud platform through its Heavenly Things, effectively increasing the production efficiency of an automobile production line. Such as collecting the automotive industry, large system provided by Baidu intelligent Skylight work of Things platform, analysis, model distribution and other basic tools, his understanding of the industry into the IoT data, the establishment of a production line product paint model and application in painting step. Drag the original paint becomes fixed shift demand shovel blade paint, the paint can be reduced down time of 120 minutes per week shovel, each production line may be increased and therefore production vehicle week 80, the maintenance cost is reduced by 38% the production line, and really help customers solve difficult manufacturing problems. Prior to this, Tencent in Kunming held ahead of a size of the global digital ecosystem of the General Assembly, also saw Tencent cloud + AI enabling industry-wide digital revolution. In addition, after following the establishment of new industries and wisdom of the cloud business group last year to enhance cloud services strategy, and actively embrace the Internet industry, for the first time showed off the cloud + AI report card, has landed hundreds of industry applications, has covered education, retail, industrial, Chief financial, medical and other industries. Due to the wide landing, help and efficiency, Tencent AI release industrial value, Yao Xing, vice president of Tencent further pointed out that solid technical research capabilities, mass should beWith scenes and rich partner ecosystem CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , constitute the landing Tencent accelerate AI applications industry, “three-stage rocket.” It has established artificial intelligence (AI Lab- Shenzhen Tencent and Seattle, excellent map, WechatAI), with cutting-edge technology (robotics, quantum computing, 5G, etc.) based on two laboratory matrix to build future-oriented technology engine that lets efficient drive technology innovation industrial development, unlock more digital scene. Things to benefit from the booming cloud service vendor revenue grew rapidly, IDC’s latest report shows Baidu intelligent cloud revenue growth over 410%, into the first camp. Tencent cloud service also doubled the rate of growth to 2018, an increase of more than 100 percent to 9.1 billion yuan, the latest quarterly, mainly due to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products to enhance and expand the product range, increase the number of paying customers, in conjunction with IDC on China public cloud IaaS vendors share accounting point of view, Tencent cloud market share on the rise. This year will be more intense competition for each player around the cloud, but in my opinion, a flower does not make spring, spring is a riot of color, especially operators, chip and cloud service providers and other industry chain active promotion, networking and deployment in all sectors more and more cases, the scale will also be increasing, it indicates that the global things usher in a golden age of development.

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