Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise Log Branch board to see how the rise of China Intelligent Manufacturing

Branch board focused cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation capability , but how to select the real strength, really do technology companies still face enormous challenges. What intelligent manufacturing companies landing Kechuang key point is? Branch set up the board will have a “hard science and technology,” the small and medium sized manufacturing companies to provide intelligent kind of support? It’s about the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry overall.
Branch board provides the establishment of a favorable opportunity Branch board of intelligent manufacturing development is a multi-level capital structure of an important part of November 5, 2018, the first on the China International Import Expo President Xi Jinping first proposed the establishment of Kechuang board, only about five months for implementation measures Kechuang board, management practices, monitoring and acceptance rules file in turn issued. As of June 17, 2019, the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed a total of 123 Kechuang board accepted the company, of which 102 have been inquiries, one was aborted (Nine robots). 3 has been submitted for registration, for the day-Technology, Anji technology and biological microchip. 3 Kechuang board Municipal Council has, for the micro-nano Rui Chong, Chong Huaxing source of light and blessing of shares.
June 13, 2019, at the 11th Lujiazui Forum opening ceremony, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Kechuang board officially open board. Compared planning program in 2000 to 2009, the official opening of the GEM board, Kechuang board propulsion efficiency and speed than expected. Branch set up panels to provide high-quality new SME financing to stimulate the vitality of enterprises for the development of the technology industry has injected fresh blood. It is more inclusive of the profitability of listed companies and enterprise scale, contribute some quality “hard technology” to solve SMEs’ financing difficulties, financing your “problem. Branch board is to improve the capital market-based system, the establishment Kechuang enterprises and capital market more direct and effective contact of an important step. Among them, Kechuang board set 50 million threshold can be reduced to some extent, market liquidity, and further optimize the structure of investors, thus creating a good environment for the development of long-term corporate behavior. Triple power-refoulement, intelligent manufacturing favored intelligent manufacturing is based on the generation of information technology throughout all aspects of design, production, management, services and other manufacturing activities, with information from depth perception, wisdom, self-optimizing decisions, precise control functions such as self-executing advanced manufacturing process, the general term for systems and modes. In the 123 companies in the Shanghai Stock Exchange has accepted, as a high-end smart manufacturing equipmentAn important branch, occupies a large proportion of corporate acceptance. As the six technology areas Kechuang board clear support of an important branch, the development of intelligent dual power produced by the policy-oriented transformation of the environment and industry driven. First, policy-oriented intelligent manufacturing boost integration and development. Branch board the Shanghai Stock Exchange given priority support list, with “national standards Intelligent Manufacturing System Construction Guide (2018 edition)” of the previously released “Industrial development of the Internet Action Plan (2018-2020 years)” “2018 industrial quality on doing notification brand building “and other policies have a greater degree of overlap, these industries had a key state to support the development of the industry, Kechuang board also provides a convenient channel for the development of the field.
Second, the transformation of the manufacturing sector has laid a solid foundation for the development of intelligent manufacturing. China is in an important time window manufacturing transformation and upgrading, the degree of aging of the population has been increasing, rising labor costs, plus stimulate consumption upgrade, the urgency of intelligent manufacturing transformation is improving. Launched Kechuang board, intelligent manufacturing will become an important contribution to the force. Finally, intelligent manufacturing companies existing financing channels for a single, setting up Kechuang board will provide strong financial support. Intelligent manufacturing industry fund is the company’s main means of financing, investment and financing from the number of cases of the past three years, basically showing a trend of declining year by year. From the field segments, the largest number of digital content, digital consumer, machine, digital life, digital financial, technical services and spare parts and other seven major areas of investment and financing cases. Branch set up the board will have a “hard technology” intelligent manufacturing small and medium sized companies to provide strong financial support. Kechuang board intelligent manufacturing companies accept Analysis of the situation as of June 17, 2019, 123 have been accepted in the enterprise, from the registration point of view, the largest number of enterprises in Beijing, a total of 26. Followed by Jiangsu enterprises, 21. The number of registered enterprises in Shanghai is 18. Guangdong to 17 the number of companies ranked fourth in the region standings. Zhejiang Province, 13 enterprises were entertained. The total number above the five companies reached 95, accounting for 77% of the total number of accepted business. By Industry Branch board of classification, it can be divided into six major categories and 19 categories segments. Can be divided into six categories according to the new generation of information technology industry, biological industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new materials industry, related services and energy-saving environmental protection industry, which is currently several companies were 52, 30, 18, 16, 2 and 5. 19 broken down by category, can be divided into the computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing, software and information technology services, special equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing segments such as 19 categories of business accepted distribution as shown in Figure 3.
intelligent manufacturing companies accept Analysis of the geographical distribution of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing its important branch. As of June 19, 2019, Branch smart board received a total of 20 manufacturing companies. (See Table 4)
In general distribution, Kechuang board accepted intelligent manufacturing company accumulates mainly in the eastern coastal areas of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Grand Bay Area , especially in Guangdong Province Jiangsu Province and the most prominent. Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province, the number of three companies are in the forefront of the country, the overall development of the region is relatively leader. From the provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) point of view, Kechuang board intelligent Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Zhejiang and Hubei has a number of manufacturing companies accepting the top five, the number of firms have more than two; there is distributed in central and western regions of Shaanxi Province and Hubei Province , Northeast China, Heilongjiang Province has distributed the remaining provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) have not yet accepted Kechuang board intelligent manufacturing enterprises. Intelligent Manufacturing accept financial position Analysis of the Branch board has accepted 20 intelligent manufacturing enterprises, 85% of businesses accepting 2018 revenues of less than 10 billion yuan, higher revenues Kechuang board accept enterprises as Beijing stones and Bo public century Technology Co., Ltd. Precision Technology Co., Ltd. CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 2018 operating income reached 3.051 billion yuan and 2.518 billion yuan, much higher than other accepted companies. Among them, Beijing Century Technology Co., Ltd. stone in intelligent cleaning robots and other intelligent hardware design, development, production and sales of major products for millet customized brand “Mi intelligent cleaning robot”, as well as its own brand of “intelligent cleaning robot rock” and ” smart small tile cleaning robot. ” The company’s “smart meter home cleaning robot ‘and’ intelligent cleaning robot rock ‘high market share in 2018 is mainly due to the company’s high revenue. The main products Seiko Technology Co., Ltd. Bo public include automation equipment, sanitary products and core components of the product controlEngineering Network Copyright , in which the automation equipment revenue accounted for about 75% of sanitary ware and parts accounted for about 25% of revenue. The company’s operating income mainly relies on Apple’s (Apple’s 2018 accounted for 47.21% of revenue).
on the return on equity point of view, return on equity 20 admissibility of enterprises is generally higher, but significantly polarized, 20 companies accepted ROE median of 24.3%. Among them, the highest ROE stone is Beijing Century Technology Co., Ltd., the company’s net capital gains rate as high as 62.15%. Hangzhou is the lowest first Pro-D Technology Co., Ltd., the company’s net assets yield 2.07%. It is noteworthy that, in accepting 20 companies, the level of net assets rate of return and the value of the company’s patent and R & D investment level of no significant correlation. Therefore, the admissibility of enterprises currently low ROE does not represent the company’s future profitability is weak. Six key points of intelligent manufacturing companies landing Kechuang board for the moment, the focus Kechuang plate cutting-edge technology, sustained innovation capability in the right direction. But how to select real strength, real science and technology enterprises are still doing great challenge is how strict implementation of R & D investment, research and development results, and other indicators, to ensure that the selected technology is really doing business, rather than storytelling enterprise.
Fortunately, these indicators or key point is clear, this is the Shanghai Stock Exchange raised the recommended guidelines, “6 if”: whether to master the core technology with independent intellectual property rights, the availability of efficient R & D system, whether it has market recognition of R & D results, whether the relative competitive advantage, whether the conditions have technological achievements into an effective operating results, whether to serve the economic development of high quality and innovation-driven development strategy, sustainable development strategy, civil-military integration of national strategic development strategy. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing enterprises should closely around the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and emerging industries development needs, strengthen the core technology reserve capacity.
At the same time, Kechuang board for financing ability of listed companies also made new demands, intelligent manufacturing technology has a long development cycle, high investment costs, cost recovery and slow characteristics, so the community is financing most innovative small and medium enterprises are facing the core issue. Intelligent manufacturing companies should do a solid job basic work and social capital of securities companies, investment institutions such as docking, expand financing channels pluralistic society CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , enhancing financing capacity.

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