What is the use of stone flooring? okorder

Using heavy calcium carbonate, plant powder, etc. as the main raw materials, after high temperature polymerization, changing the polymer properties, using high-precision equipment for extrusion molding, the main substrate is mainly heavy calcium carbonate, and the surface is specially transferred by thermal transfer. The process produces all kinds of exquisite wood-textured panels, and then is environmentally-friendly and wear-resistant. It is a high-tech new type of stone-wood flooring used for decoration, which is better than wood.

In the paper industry: mainly suitable for cigarette paper, recording paper, printing paper, high whiteness coated paper. In the food industry: mainly in the food processing as a loosening agent and calcium supplements. It is the quality of dairy, meat and noodle products, dairy products and other industries.

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Cold winter floor installation maintenance is stressful okorder

With the arrival of another wave of cold waves, Beijing will once again usher in a low temperature of minus ten degrees Celsius. For Beijing users who have already entered the heating period, whether it is preparing to install the floor or the floor already in use, it is necessary to cope with the temperature difference and humidity change brought by the cold winter, otherwise it will easily cause installation quality problems or cause the floor to shrink and crack. Affecting home life.

Floor installation should adapt to the environment in advance

If you are ready to install the floor, but encountered extreme weather of minus ten degrees Celsius, the owner should pay special attention. Wang Jun, an expert member of the China Forest Products Industry Association and director of the Forest Products Inspection Center (Changchun) of the State Forestry Administration, pointed out that before the floor is installed, it should first be sent to the user’s home in advance to adjust to the environment.

Wang Jun explained that the northern part of the winter is relatively cold, there is no heating equipment in the warehouse where the floor is stored, the lowest temperature in North China is below -10 °C, and the room temperature is around 20 °C. The temperature difference between the two is as high as 30 °C. If the floor is quickly installed after being transported to the user’s home, the floor will be subjected to large stress and deformation due to the large temperature difference. Therefore, it is necessary to transport the floor to the user’s home 24 hours in advance to adapt to the environment. Wang Jun also pointed out that in the harsh winter season, some areas can not fully reach the balance of the floor temperature and room temperature in 24 hours, and it needs to be extended for another 24 hours.

In the actual operation, some owners or floor installers are more anxious. After the floor is transported to the user’s home, the floor will be opened and opened, so that the floor will be in direct contact with the external environment. In order to adapt to the room temperature environment more quickly, but this behavior is not desirable. Wang Jun pointed out that on the surface, this approach makes the floor adapt to the environment very quickly, but in fact, in the cold winter, the temperature of the floor is extremely low, and the surface of the floor will quickly form condensed water after opening the bag, while the back of the floor The board paint is very small, it is very easy to absorb water, causing the floor to be upturned. ‘This way, the installation will be more difficult. ‘Even if the installation master can install the floor, due to the upturning effect of the floor, there is a gap between the floor and the ground. When people walk around the floor, it is easy to produce noise, which affects the installation quality and normal life later.

There is a possibility of cracking and cracking during the heating period.

Beijing is in the heating period, the air is getting more and more dry, and most of the floor will have more or less shrinkage. However, Wang Jun pointed out that some of the shirring is small, and the gap will become smaller and return to normal in the case of humidity recovery, so don’t worry. However, if the indoor environment is too dry for a long time or the moisture content of the floor itself is too large, it will cause some floor sag to be too large, which will not only affect the appearance and use, but also will not return it to normal. In addition, the geothermal temperature is too high, and the ability to withstand the floor will also cause the solid wood floor to crack. According to the Jinghua Times reporter, due to the environmental quality of the floor, if the dealer has informed in advance how to maintain, the responsibility is borne by the user.

Proper regulation of indoor temperature and humidity

How to avoid the floor changes caused by the environment? Wang Jun said that the best way is to ensure that the humidity in the room is between 40% and 60%. You can put a few more water in the room or use a humidifier to increase the humidity of the room. In addition, mopping the floor with a wet rag or mop one or two days helps to maintain the humidity of the floor. ‘But be careful to use a wringed rag that does not drip, otherwise it will cause the solid wood floor to deform. ‘

Experts said that the adjustment of indoor humidity mainly depends on human maintenance. If the floor is installed and does not stay, the owner needs to check it out often, and consider using tools such as smart humidifier to keep the humidity above 40%. Of course, the humidity can reach 50%-60% better. Due to the outdoor drying, the owner does not have to consider window ventilation to avoid causing the indoor humidity to drop.

If the living room is geothermally heated, the geothermal water supply temperature should not exceed 60 ° C, the temperature of the cement floor should not exceed 42 ° C, the surface temperature of the floor should be controlled between 25 ° C and 28 ° C, the temperature is too high and easy Causes problems with the floor.

In the heating season, if the solid wood furniture purchased by your family appears to be deformed or cracked in winter, it is not necessarily the reason for buying inferior products. According to experts, this situation may be related to the fact that the moisture content of wood is not consistent with Beijing, but the indoor environment is too dry and may be the culprit.

Experts reminded that we must pay attention to the control of air humidity, in the environment of such a dry winter, it is best to use a humidifier. Consumers using humidifiers should be equipped with a hygrometer in a room with more solid wood furniture to turn the humidifier on or off in time according to changes in humidity. In addition, the humidifier should be placed as far as possible from the solid wood furniture, so as to prevent the wood from being wet or unevenly affected, causing cracking and deformation.

Seeing that the cold wave is coming, some owners will use some auxiliary heating tools, such as air-conditioning heaters, electric heaters, hot oil heaters, etc., but experts remind that heating equipment such as heating and kerosene are too close. Will deform the furniture. The contents of the kettle, tea stove and other items placed on the solid wood furniture will make it ‘scald’. If you place a hot metal container on a solid wood dining table, be sure to add a heat insulation pad, etc. It is best to keep the solid wood furniture away from heat.

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Li Xingchang: On the road to transformation and upgrading of Chinese hardwood furniture okorder

Executive Chairman of the Traditional Furniture Committee of China Furniture Association, Director of Zhongshan Taixing Furniture Co., Ltd. Chang Li Xingchang

& ldquo; The road is long and tidy, I will go up and down, explore and innovate to become the current Chinese hardwood furniture enterprises to seek new ways, open up new patterns, open up new fields, set sail in a new era An important guiding mode of thinking. The development of the new normal economy, the limitation of timber resources, and the impact of the information revolution have made contemporary Chinese-style hardwood furniture face a major test, and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is imminent. In the entire home market, the competition in 2017 was extremely hot. Modern furniture companies such as Hao Laike, Sophia, Shangpin Home Furnishing, etc., were all listed on the market, and quickly occupied and divided the market. However, Chinese hardwood furniture companies are still exploring the way of development, tangling the direction of transformation and upgrading, and urging the entire Chinese home furnishing industry to seize the opportunity in this trend of home improvement and miss out on great opportunities. Where should Chinese Chinese hardwood furniture go? This is a problem that we must ponder and explore in the whole industry. The four words are summarized as follows: Chinese hardwood furniture must continue to inherit the original traditional furniture culture, and keep pace with the times. Advance with the times to promote the innovation of Chinese hardwood furniture, which will drive the development of the whole industry!


(1) Inheritance & ldquo;Artisan Spirit

Chinese Tradition Chinese hardwood furniture has a long history and brilliant achievements, which is inseparable from the wisdom and sweat of traditional craftsmen. The cultural heritage and humanistic connotation of Chinese hardwood furniture are extremely profound and are an important core component of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese-style hardwood furniture will continue to inherit the current and future development, and the spirit of the craftsman will be refined, special, excellent, and specialized in Chinese hardwood furniture, and let the Chinese hardwood furniture “shen” and “shen” The soul can be passed down! Chinese hardwood furniture should pay attention to the inheritance of craftsmanship, but also pay attention to the return of culture, so that Chinese hardwood furniture should be raised to the craftsmanship!

Silk 翎 雕 </

(2) Inheritance & ldquo;Quality Spirit

The Chinese hardwood furniture market has appeared. The whole industry and enterprises have begun to lose their direction. They cannot grasp the core and key points. Through the sale and promotion, they achieved the goal of “going away”, but they smashed their own signs and ruined the enterprise. The development has also caused chaos in the entire Chinese hardwood furniture market.

Since ancient times, consumers have been pursuing nothing more than “good quality and low price. Enterprises must work hard at “good quality” and “low price”. “Insufficient price is affected by the macro-control of the market. Of course, the whole price trend may also appear.” This is a comprehensive judgment based on the establishment of the market and its own conditions. It is not difficult to make decisions.

How is “the beauty of the company is undecided,” but the market and consumers’ rules of survival of the fittest will definitely determine the qualitative change of the company’s products. In addition to the real material, we must also guarantee the quality of the product. The quality system of the whole product will be another trump card for the Chinese hardwood furniture enterprises in the market. What is quality, not only the quality of Chinese hardwood furniture itself, but also the recognition that the entire marketing and after-sales service are the core components of product quality. Keep in mind that although consumers are not experts, consumers are “selling homes, and shop around is the power of consumers. Product quality is the life of an enterprise. Together with culture, it constitutes the future development of traditional Chinese furniture. Enterprises and industries must pay great attention. The control of product quality is not a business, an organization or an institution. It is an unshirkable mission of people from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of Chinese-style hardwood furniture. Enterprises must be responsible to consumers, be responsible for themselves, be responsible for the market, be responsible for Chinese traditional culture, and be responsible for the future development of Chinese-style hardwood furniture. Consumers are waiting to see the Chinese furniture market, companies must find ways to build their purchasing confidence, so that consumers feel the purchase of Chinese-style hardwood furniture “good quality, while enjoying a one-stop quality service.

Appreciation of large-color rosewood furniture

(3) Inheritance & ldquo; Cultural Core

Chinese traditional furniture culture and Chinese culture are in the same line. Chinese hardwood furniture culture plays an important role in Chinese furniture history and Chinese history! Chinese traditional culture in furniture The inheritance and transmission of products are intuitively expressed as the application of traditional Chinese elements in furniture products. The elements of this culture give a more intuitive and stronger Chinese atmosphere, and its reasonable interpretation is also a place where Chinese modern hardwood furniture needs to be passed down. In the process of transforming traditional elements, we must not only pay attention to the inheritance of the charm, but also fully consider the use, environment and aesthetic characteristics of modern people, so as to carry out the continuation, decomposition and reorganization of elements, and to simplify. It is necessary to understand and respect the traditional elements that have the cultural context, to continue and interpret the essence and connotation of the traditional culture, and to avoid the elements of different eras and different styles. The design of Chinese hardwood furniture emphasizes the embodiment of spiritual charm, and the product revealsThe gentleness, the rich atmosphere or the elegant art is the metaphorical expression of the Chinese element in the product. The Chinese element is interpreted in the product. It can only be interpreted as an indescribable Chinese aesthetic, but also a Chinese culture. The temperament of implied and unobtrusive in the bones. Therefore, the product design of modern Chinese hardwood furniture is more based on the deep understanding of traditional decorative culture. The design is not only the shape, but also the “wind and bone”, which is the innovation and design to be passed down.

Stylish new Chinese furniture design

2 innovation

(1) Innovation “home concept”

The so-called innovative “home concept is to take the whole house custom route, the whole house customization is the trend of the times, but also It will be the mainstream of the future home improvement market. In the tide of industrial transformation and upgrading, the design-oriented furniture customization, the rapid development of private customization, and the pursuit of high-quality personalized home life, promote the whole house customization model to become the mainstream of today and the future. Home customization is the trend of the industry. Economic development and cultural prosperity have increased consumer demand for customized home products. In addition, the integration of the big home industry is accelerating, and furniture customization and even home customization reflects the integration trend of the entire home industry. Consumer demand for one-stop shopping has spawned an accelerated combination of furniture and home. The whole house customization, which covers the entire soft-packing process and even extends to hard-wearing, is actually a result of the high integration of the home furnishing industry. Whole house customization can solve this problem through individualized and professional matching of the whole house. Chinese hardwood furniture companies must overcome the difficulties and fully open customized development routes that meet the diverse needs of consumers!

One-stop whole house customization experience

(2) Innovation & Lifestyle; Lifestyles With the rapid development of economy and technology, consumers are The demand for material conditions is getting higher and higher, and the demand for personalization and intelligence has become the main trend of current home decoration. In this way, intelligent whole-house customization has emerged as the times require, and has become the focus of market attention. As a traditional furniture industry, we must dare to break through, actively respond to the trend of the times, carry out transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and create a smart lifestyle! “Smart & middot; New Chinese-style overall home is a perfect combination of modern intelligent technology system and new Chinese style. The concept of the consumer first, in the spirit of the consumer’s interests, with a serious, responsible, honest attitude, from the actual needs of consumers, the heart of the service, the heart of the smart home system design and solutions for consumers To enable consumers to truly enjoy the “good quality and low price products and services, to save worry, save trouble, save time, effort, and save money, to design personalized, intelligent, user-friendly, energy-saving and environmental protection for consumers. Type of “Smart Home.” Let everyone’s lifestyle become smarter and simpler. This is an important idea and direction for the development of Chinese-style hardwood furniture enterprises in the future!

Intelligent Home Life

(3)Innovation<;Marketing Mode

Focus on e-commerce platform marketing and new media Promote and promote the combination of online and offline. Under the background of the global economic and cultural integration, human beings have entered a modern society with digital information technology as the core, and constantly promote the information construction and information management of enterprises, and carry out a “revolutionary demand”. It is imperative that advancing with the times is the constant norm of development. The marketing channels of the traditional furniture industry are also trying to change in line with the development of the times. WeChat marketing, Weibo marketing, e-commerce and other marketing methods have gradually been accepted by Chinese hardwood furniture companies. Although it is not bound by the characteristics of its own industry, it has not been as good as electronic communication devices such as mobile phones and computers. However, we have to believe that the Internet revolution is irreversible. The traditional furniture has begun to try the e-commerce road is a very positive. s begin. Enterprises must adapt to the call of the times and keep pace with the development of the times. Of course, this is not the basis for us to lose traditional culture. It is to effectively spread the traditional Chinese traditional hardwood furniture culture with the help of new media, and at the same time promote the healthy long-term development of enterprises.

E-commerce platform

(4) Innovation & ldquo;Corporate Management

The lag of the traditional furniture industry is largely due to the obsolescence of the enterprise management model, and enterprises must open the era of information and networked office. For the future whole house customization of Chinese hardwood furniture, enterprises should develop and use 3D cloud panoramic experience home decoration software, combined with VR virtual technology, let consumers participate in their entire home decoration, and increase participation. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce advanced production equipment in production, enter the industry 4.0 era, and create a first-class production line, thereby shortening the production cycle and improving production efficiency. Promote the process of enterprise integration and integration, and realize enterprise management and production management of informationization, digitization and network. (Source: First Furniture Network)

Industry 4.0 Times

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What is rubber flooring? How to clean and maintain the rubber floor? okorder

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021744491437.jpg”>

What is rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is natural rubber, synthetic rubber and Floor made of polymer materials of other ingredients. Styrene, benzene, butadiene rubber is synthetic rubber, which is a product of petroleum. Natural rubber refers to rubber extracted from artificially cultivated rubber trees. Rubber flooring is environmentally friendly flooring. Because all materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and polymer environmentally friendly materials. Rubber flooring is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other components of polymer materials.

600){this.width= 600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021744491438.jpg”>

Natural rubber refers to rubber extracted from artificially cultivated rubber trees. Butylbenzene, high benzene, and butadiene rubber are synthetic rubbers and are products of petroleum. Because all materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and polymer materials, rubber flooring is also an environmentally friendly floor. Scientific maintenance methods keep the rubber floor clean and bright, and can greatly extend the life of the floor. Daily cleaning and maintenance of rubber floor should pay attention to four prevention and maintenance: a waterproof: rubber floor is easy to drum or warp when soaked, usually pay attention to waterproof. In and out of the bathroom, the water room should try to avoid spilling water on the ground. If it is accidentally spilled, immediately notify the cleaning staff to wipe it clean. Second, anti-corrosion: the rubber floor will leave scar after corrosion, affecting the appearance. In general, you should avoid causing acid and alkaline substances to spill on the ground. If it is accidentally spilled, it should be wiped clean immediately. Three anti-scratch: rubber floor is a kind of soft surface object, it is extremely difficult to repair after scratching. Avoid dragging objects such as tables and stools on the ground, even in cartons, wooden cases, etc., which can easily scratch the ground. Four anti-burning: The rubber floor turns yellow and hard after being fired, which not only affects the appearance but also is easy to break, so it should avoid the cigarette butts and other contact with the ground. One raise: timely maintenance. Rubber flooring should be kept clean, beautiful, durable, and should be well maintained and waxed in the long term. Generally, wax is used once a quarter, and it is operated by professional maintenance personnel to avoid stepping on the wax before it is dried. After waxing, it is forbidden to use 84 liquid, decontamination powder, washing powder, etc. to clean the ground. If it is smudged, use a neutral detergent to clean and wipe it clean.

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A wide variety of floor heating floors, five tips to help you identify the authenticity okorder

The flooring industry can be described as a wide variety of products. In the face of a wide range of goods, the owners of the first time can not start, and the floor heating floor is popular in the market. In the face of the essential items for home decoration, we are choosing What should I pay attention to?

At present, the flooring on the market mainly includes laminate flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring and pvc flooring. Cork flooring, then, what kind of floor is most suitable for floor heating?

1. Floor heating is transmitted to the surface through the heat source of the ground, and the air is heated by the radiation process. Then only the concrete and the floor decoration layer that hinder the heat transfer, the thermal conductivity of the concrete is 0.8~1.4W/(m?k), and the thermal conductivity of the horizontal stripes of the wooden floor is 0.070~0.233W/(m?k) is a poor conductor. Then, in order to achieve the effect, the wooden floor must be reduced in thickness.

The purpose of ground heating is to meet the indoor design temperature. The design temperature of the ground required by the national ground radiant heating technical specification JGJ1402-2004 is 24-28 °C.

The thickness of 12 ~ 16mm floor is suitable for floor heating, such as the special needs of the design can only increase the water temperature of the floor heating pipe, which will reduce the service life of the floor heating system. If the temperature difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the floor is too thick, the telescopic inconsistency will deform the floor for a long time.

2, the ground temperature of the floor is about 30 ° C. When the amount of formaldehyde released at 20 ° C is about 10 times that of 15 ° C, it should be a large value at 30 ° C. The harm of formaldehyde to the human body is the common knowledge of everyone. Why is formaldehyde used in the floor? Because formaldehyde is the cheapest and most suitable for all kinds of gels and paints, the manufacturers only want to reduce costs. The current chemical technology has been able to produce formaldehyde-free products, but at a higher price. The national floor standard stipulates that the E1 level is ≤1.5mg/L, which is the rule in the ordinary floor. The floor heating floor should be formaldehyde-free to ensure the health of the consumer, but it is not impossible. Because there are also a small amount of formaldehyde in natural logs, there will be a small amount of formaldehyde, leather, and water in the new clothes, but their content is small and will not cause harm to the human body.

3, the current floor covering method in China is mainly suspended, this method is to lay a layer of floor mats on the ground and then lay the floor on it to solve the sound of floor and ground slamming. The suspension method will produce an air layer on the ground, and the heat transfer performance of the air is very poor, only 0.01919w. k/m, but the suspension method is significantly better than the keel installation, which is more closely connected to the ground than the keel installation.

4, the thermal expansion rate of solid wood flooring is about 1%, this value is in the case of solid wood floor moisture content of less than 15%. The higher the water content, the greater the shrinkage rate, so a large expansion joint is left at the wall when paving. The thermal expansion rate of the industry standard 5.2 is 0.3-0.4%. The expansion stress of the floor heating floor should be released inside. The floor heating special floor does not need to reserve expansion joints when paving.

5, the surface temperature of the ground heating is around 30 ° C, is a challenge for any wooden floor. Will it be deformed at this temperature? To achieve long-term deformation at this temperature, there must be a scientific theoretical basis. The interior of the floor should be balanced and reasonable, so that it will not be deformed only when the texture of the wood is criss-crossed, and it has to be multi-layered and criss-crossed. Only multi-layer solid wood can meet this requirement.

6, the expansion of the floor paint is different from the expansion of the wood. The paint is small, the wood is large, and it will be more obvious under high temperature conditions until it cracks and falls off. The adhesion of the paint is critical, and the thicker the paint, the worse the adhesion will be.

Based on the above problems, the real floor heating floor should be:

1, the thickness of the floor heating floor is preferably 12 ~ 16mm.

2, its products must be formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly products.

3, in order to achieve a better heat transfer effect, the floor heating floor should ensure as little clearance as possible on the ground.

4, the size of the floor heating floor should not be too large, the smaller the size, the better the stability, and it is best to be a multi-layer solid wood product, this floor does not have to be stretched when paving The seams are heated by the expansion and contraction forces to cancel each other inside the floor. 5. The paint on the surface of the floor enters the interior of the wood by intrusion. It is wear-resistant and will not crack due to high temperature. This immersion technology was developed in Japan in the past two years and is also the experience gained through years of use. This technology has been widely applied to the field of floor heating floor.

The so-called floor heating floor of the market, should be called heat-resistant floor, there is a certain difference from the floor heating floor, should be carefully selected, do not listen to the business to blow the stick.

Summary: With the above analysis of the floor heating floor and the precautions when purchasing, I believe that even the owners of the first renovation will have a lot of thoughts, then look at the real purchase. More comparisons, I believe that there will be less renovation regrets, more renovation experience.

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The wooden floor has just been laid in half. okorder

Recently, Mr. Chen told the Yinchuan Industrial and Commercial Bureau Xingqing Second Branch Bureau of Investment and Industry and Commerce that the wooden flooring he ordered at the Great Wall Decoration Materials Market did not match the samples in the store.

Mr. Chen ordered a wooden floor worth 14,000 yuan. After half of the shop, he found that the wooden floor did not match the store sample. The yellow color turned into a red coffee. There was photo evidence, but it was unsuccessful to negotiate with the merchant. Recently, the staff of the Industrial and Commercial Office and the merchants went to Mr. Chen’s home to check the wooden floor. There is indeed a fact that it does not match the original sample. In the end, the merchants listened to the advice of the law enforcement personnel of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and gave a return processing to Mr. Chen

Release date: 2014/12/18 12:02:54

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Five coups to help you easily get the maintenance of cork flooring okorder

More and more families use cork flooring in the decoration, but how to maintain the cork flooring has always been a headache for the owners. The following five tricks will help you easily manage the cork flooring.

First, if there is wear and tear in some places after three or five years of use, it can be partially compensated, that is, the coating is re-applied at the local part. The method is very simple, and the sand is cleaned with sandpaper at the worn place to remove the surface. Remove the dirt, then wipe it off with a dry soft cloth, repaint the coating, or apply a polyester film to the area.

Second, the surface of the painted cork flooring is the same as the solid wood floor, usually a floor wax can be used once every six months, the surface of the cork flooring with resin wear layer is as simple as the composite floor care.

Third, difficult to clean the place with a special cleaning agent can be removed.

Fourth, to prevent heat damage. Do not place hot objects such as hot water cups directly on the floor to avoid scalding the surface paint film. At the same time, it should be avoided to expose the sun to the floor for a long time, so as to prevent premature cracking and aging after the paint film is exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time.

Fifth, the floor can be installed on the floor after 24 hours of installation, to minimize the movement of people on it within 24 hours. When leaving home, please close the window, door, especially the faucet, so as not to let the rain or drip soak the floor.

In addition, the cork floor can be made into different patterns by different colors of different tree species. For example, there will be various patterns on the NBA court. In addition, cork flooring can also be used as wall decoration or cork wallboard, so pay attention to the following three points for the maintenance of this cork floor:

1. Use vacuum cleaner, tweezers, semi-dry The rag can be

2. The local smudge can be wiped with an eraser, and it can not be removed with a sharp tool.

3. If it is a waxed wallboard, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth

The maintenance of cork flooring is easier than other wooden floors. It is recommended to place a foot pad at the door to reduce the abrasion of the sand on the floor. Avoid strong impact on the floor, carry furniture to lift, and can not directly drag, furniture legs need to pad. As long as you pay attention to these problems on a daily basis, you can easily get the maintenance of cork flooring.

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It is a long-term way for flooring companies to strive for excellence. okorder

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of urbanization, the division of the flooring market has become more and more meticulous, and some new flooring companies have taken this opportunity to obtain a larger development space. In the context of increasingly market differentiation, the flooring industry has also ushered in more intense market competition.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021757421540.jpg”>

The confrontation between new and old brands: the flooring company strives for perfection Is a long-term road

New flooring companies impact the traditional market pattern

White-hot market competition for the entire industry On the one hand, these emerging enterprises have brought fresh vitality to the flooring industry, and on the other hand, they have brought certain impacts on the development of established companies in the flooring industry. As a new wave, new enterprises are coming to the forefront, while the old companies are How to compete with the later companies, keep the market, and develop steadily?

Despite the vitality of the new business, the market space, the number of consumers and the resources are still not as good as the established companies. The first group army that wants to truly enter the industry still needs to spend a lot of time to instill the brand image into consumers. After the rise of the floor enterprises, some old brands believe that the rise of new flooring companies for the development of the flooring industry It’s a good thing. The marketing channels are constantly expanding. Other enterprises injected by foreign capital also bring the marketing management model of foreign companies to the industry. These advantages are worth learning in the whole industry.

Perfecting itself can stand out in the market

As the saying goes: After the waves of the Yangtze River push forward waves, the former waves die on the beach. This sentence is not comprehensive, the reason is that ‘front waves’ are not The company wants to survive for a long time. In addition to maintaining its existing market, it is still seeking more development under stable conditions. It is reported that some flooring companies are still in the competition of many old brands. When it comes to the impact of new businesses, they can stand out from the crowd. Then, how do these flooring companies maintain the market and develop steadily.

First of all, this part of the flooring company pays great attention to the products. Quality, as well as service reputation. In addition to excellent product quality, service reputation is also an important way to maintain the market. Floor companies develop a comprehensive set of pre-sales, after-sales and sales service systems that are full of humanity, and also establish Sales and service networks throughout the country, unified store operation and service specifications. Improve customer service service files, strengthen return visits and tracking of customers, and protect customers’ consumer rights. Only by truly benefiting from consumers can we maximize the occupation. Market.

Despite the increasing pressure on the flooring market, it is not entirely a bad thing for flooring companies. In the cruel test of survival of the fittest, companies only keep up with the times. In order to understand the market, make timely adjustments, and constantly improve yourself, in order to stand out in the fiercely competitive market.

Release date: 2014/12/25 17:10:15

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From the beginning to the beginning of the pattern, I read the history of the development of smart bathroom for four years. okorder

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As China enters the quality era More and more consumers are willing to pay for quality, and are gradually becoming the main force of consumption. The market demand for smart sanitary ware will be released more. But like all industries, smart sanitary ware will face fierce competition in the near future. The quality of products and the scale of enterprises will become the key factors in the competition.

This article describes in detail from several aspects the changes in the smart bathroom industry during 2015-2018, from barbaric growth to the industry leader; from retreat to pragmatism, return to product essence; The standard of product to quality life; domestic brand leadership, highlighting China’s self-confidence; quality, innovation, scale are the key to winning the future.

From the 15 years of wind, 16 years of eruption, 17 years of precipitation, to 18 years of squatting, after 4 years of polishing, the smart bathroom industry has left a group of powerful enterprises. . Before the wind started, the enterprises in the hard state of the industry, the vast majority of the wind has become the leader in the industry. Those enterprises lacking the strength of support, although they saw the vent, but ultimately failed to “over the corner.”

During the past four years, the entire industrial chain of the sanitary industry has undergone earth-shaking changes from product development to terminal sales. The same is true for smart sanitary wares. It has reached a new watershed: “The Matthew effect begins. It became clear that capital, talent, technology, channels, and even the ecological chain are accelerating to move closer to head manufacturers — they can develop and produce better products and provide better services to consumers.

1. From barbaric growth to industry leader

In 2015, “the smart bathroom industry began to re-emerge after the spring breeze of smart toilets was blown up in China. With the new situation of comprehensive layout, large and small enterprises in the sanitary industry, manufacturers specialized in research and development of smart covers, and cross-border home appliance enterprises have seized the vents and accelerated their entry.

Strictly speaking, the current leading brands of smart bathroom in China, Hengjie, Jiumu, etc., have been involved in smart bathroom before, but the real outbreak began in 2015. In this year, Hengjie quickly accepted the best enterprise in China’s domestic intelligent R&D production —— Shenzhen Bodian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiumu took the lead in the market to launch the smart toilet cover. Activities and increased investment in research and development; Huida accelerated cooperation with Shenzhen Megmeet; Wrigley is also making efforts. The situation of the domestic brand in the world is burying the foreshadowing.

At the other end, smart manufacturing companies represented by Zhejiang are also taking the lead. From 2015 to 2016, there are more than 20 companies in Taizhou, Zhejiang, which are engaged in the production of smart toilets. There are 9 enterprises and more than 300 related spare parts manufacturers. In 2016, the new smart bathroom brands in China began to emerge, as if overnight, there were dozens or even hundreds of smart bathroom brands. Hardware companies, shower room companies, accessory companies, cross-border enterprises, etc., through the self-built team to set up factories, OEM cooperation and other methods continue to flood in, trying to share a huge market.

For a time, the flowers bloom. According to the data released by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association’s Intelligent Sanitary Ware Professional Committee, as of the end of 2015, there were nearly 200 production and operation enterprises in the domestic smart toilet industry, with a total output of 3.4 million units, up 35.5% from the 2.45 million units in 2014. In the year, the market share of smart sanitary ware has reached 6 million units. In the following years, the production and sales volume of domestic smart sanitary wares were in a state of doubling growth. According to Jingdong’s data, the sales of smart bathroom products of Jingdong Mall increased by 120% in 2016, and the year-on-year growth rate in 2017 reached 80%.

Unfortunately, flowers are not necessarily spring. In the past four years, especially in 15 and 16 years, the whole industry of smart sanitary ware has been in a state of extensive development, and the output and market scale have expanded rapidly. There are almost no rules and standards in the whole market. However, after 17 years of operation, driven by consumption upgrading and quality awareness, industry standards and market rules began to be established and improved, and the entire market gradually entered a relatively benign development stage. Due to the needs of its own development, coupled with the market’s forced efforts, the sanitary ware enterprises began to shift from focusing on growth to focusing on product optimization and quality improvement.

After four years, the gap has gradually opened, and the barbaric growth has come to an end, and the industry leader has surfaced. Domestic brands have formed a formation based on Hengjie and Jiumu, Huida, Wrigley, etc.; foreign brands, TOTO and Panasonic are representatives; professional intelligent manufacturers are represented by Hier Kang, Ben Jiebao and Yihe. Cross-border entrants, Haier’s defending is more prominent. Hengjie and Jiu Mu are one of the few companies that have mastered the design, research and development, production, sales and service of smart products, and have opened up the entire industrial chain of smart products.

The vent is retreating, but the gap continues to widen. The leading enterprises that have gathered the advantages of products, channels, brands and capitals are continuing to increase their yards on smart sanitary wares, investing huge sums of money and expanding the production scale of smart sanitary ware products.

2, from retreat to pragmatism, return to the essence of the product

Lei Jun said: “Standing on the wind, the pigs can fly. This sentence is used to describe the early smart bathroom market, but it is appropriate. In 2015, in order to seize the market, many companies are rapidly launching new products, with a variety of functions, music playback, news broadcasts, etc., which are collected on smart toilets, but the basic flushing and flushing functions of smart toilets are in the pastOut of the new is ignored. The company retreated, and the company that ignored the essence of the product returned to the original point and was even eliminated.

From 2015 to 2018, the smart bathroom industry has achieved a transition from weak to strong, and the product is the biggest variable in this transition. Thanks to the adherence of domestic mainstream sanitary ware enterprises to product quality and technological innovation, the development of the domestic smart sanitary ware industry has reached a new height, and the first-class sanitary ware brand outside the United States. In the past four years, there are many conclusions about the product, but the following points cannot be ignored.

Quality has improved dramatically. In 2015, the pass rate of smart toilets was only 60%; in 2016, the pass rate rose to 82.4%; in 2017, 91 batches of smart toilets, the pass rate reached 91.2%, 2018, the latest The national pass rate reached 94.3%. In the past three years, the pass rate of smart toilets has increased from 60% to 94.3%, an increase of more than 30%.

Another testimony, CCTV’s financial channel “Consumer Claims” column has evaluated the performance of smart toilets, such as cleanliness, safety and comfort, which are closely related to consumers. The intelligent toilet of the bathroom brand, the evaluation results show that whether it is cleanliness, safety or comfort, domestic smart toilets are not worse than foreign brands, and some functions are better than foreign brands.

The standard is gradually improved. For a long time, the smart bathroom industry lacks an overall product standard, resulting in uneven product quality in the market, which has largely restricted the healthy development of the industry. In September 2018, GB/T 34549-2017 “Sanitary Ware Smart Toilet” national standard was officially implemented, and the development of smart sanitary ware has a stricter standard. In addition, the publication of associations and group standards such as “Smart Toilet Cover and Base Package Size” has also promoted the development of research and development companies to other subdivision levels.

Product formation series. In the past four years, each company has launched a variety of smart bathroom products, mainstream companies have formed a series, iterative upgrades, such as Hengjie’s intelligent dual Q series, Jiu Mu’s G5 smart toilet, G6 clean toilet and so on.

Features are based on utility. For technological innovation, major companies have also explored many times. For example, the dispute between heat and heat storage has finally formed a situation of coexistence, but hot flushing has gradually been adopted by more enterprises due to healthier and more hygienic features. That is, hot products occupy the mainstream of the market. In the process, many new technologies and new functions have been applied to smart toilets by enterprises. Even some of them seem to be very good, and the technology that is very tasteless is also appearing on smart toilets. Long-distance, about smart toilets, consumers are still most concerned about heating, cleaning, flushing for the three most practical basic functions, some companies that have detoured, and returned to the basic point of the product.

The design is more user-friendly. With the increase of the popularity rate, consumers’ awareness of smart toilets is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for humanized practical experience functions are getting higher and higher, which makes the smart toilet industry more and more focused on the humanization of products. design. This is also accepted by more and more companies, such as Hengjie’s intelligent dual Q series, its one-button knob, smart flip cover and other functions are designed with the consumer experience in mind.

3, Standard from small products to quality life

At the end of 2017, iResearch released a “2017 China Smart Bathroom Online Market Insight Report, its Data show that from January to September 2017, smart toilet sales accounted for 13.5%, smart toilet lids accounted for 19.7%, and ordinary toilets accounted for 66.9%. In addition, data from third-party survey companies show that the installed rate of smart toilets in new homes in China has increased from 3% three years ago to 20% in 2017.

The practitioners in the sanitary industry have a very obvious feeling in recent years: more and more people are consulting smart toilets, and there are friends around them and relatives who are far away from home. The penetration of smart toilets into consumers is broader and deeper than imagined. After the Spring Festival in 2018, Alibaba released a “2018 Chinese New Year’s Vulgar Report”, which mentioned that smart toilets began to appear in rural consumers’ shopping carts.

The penetration rate is improving and smart toilets are moving towards ordinary families. From the demand side, in recent years, as China’s economic growth has entered a period of sharp adjustment, more and more consumers are beginning to focus on quality of life, and they are more willing to obtain equivalent products and services through reasonable prices. The smart bathroom market is also reflected in the best. Driven by consumption upgrades and health awareness, smart toilets have gradually become standard products for bathrooms.

On the basis of satisfying the daily needs of consumers, the intelligent toilet has a user-friendly functional design such as hot thermostat, one-button knob, automatic sensing, etc., allowing consumers to experience the quality of the bathroom. life. According to some surveys, more than one-third of households with two or more bathrooms in the home have smart toilets installed in each bathroom. In the choice of smart toilets, they also completely get rid of the simple price logic, but pay more attention to product performance, service and word of mouth.

On the other hand, from the perspective of the supply side, the concerns placed before the consumers before 2015, product quality, product prices, after-sales service, etc., have undergone qualitative changes. For example, the price of smart toilets is no longer high. The intelligent one machine of 3000-4000 yuan can be seen everywhere in the market. Even the mainstream sanitary ware brands have launched smart products with more affordable prices. Especially for the entry of Xiaomi, the price of the smart cover was killed to 799 yuan.

The watershed of after-sales service was also opened in 2016. In this year, Hengjie took the lead in action and announced that the warranty period for the whole machine of smart toilet products was extended to six years, and the intelligent toilet improved the quality of after-sales service.The watershed. Subsequently, a number of domestic and foreign brands also announced the extension of the warranty period of smart products, ranging from 6 years to as little as 5 years, while the previous smart toilet warranty period was only 2-3 years. At this point, consumers have the most worry about the smart toilet, have a reassurance.

Although the total sales volume of smart toilets has doubled in the past three years, the penetration rate is still very low, and the penetration rate of households in the country is still in single digits, even in first-tier cities such as Beishangguang. Not more than 10%, and in Japan and South Korea, the penetration rate is over 80%. The market potential of China’s smart bathroom is far from being released, and the growth space is still huge.

4, domestic brand leadership, highlighting China’s self-confidence

For a long time, in the Chinese domestic sanitary ware market, foreign brands such as TOTO, Kohler, GROHE and Hansgrohe have been at The first echelon of the brand, still today, remains the same. However, the rise of smart toilets has provided a lane for the surpassing of Chinese sanitary ware brands, and the border is being gradually broken.

In the past four years, China’s smart bathroom industry has risen rapidly, and national brands have gradually gained an overwhelming advantage in the domestic market. Product development has shifted from following to leading. Before 2015, the purchase of smart toilets, TOTO, Kohler is the first choice for most consumers, but after 2015, domestic brands such as Hengjie, Jiumu and Huida became the first choice. Online, at present, the main domestic building materials stores, domestic smart bathroom products have occupied the mainstream position, sales soared; online, 2016 double eleven, Tmall sales top 10 smart toilet brand, domestic brands accounted for 60%, 2018 In the year, the double eleven reached 80%.

In the short period of four years from 2015 to 2018, in the domestic smart bathroom market, domestic brands represented by Hengjie have basically occupied the mainstream of the market. According to the survey data of the “China Household Electrical Appliances Association Intelligent Bathroom Appliances Professional Committee”, in 2017, users have satisfied the smart toilets of brands such as Hengjie, Wrigley, Jiumu, Panasonic, Haier Weiwei, Benjiebao and Jardine. It reached 89.4%.

This phenomenon has even caught the attention of the Japanese media. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun commented that the performance of China’s smart bathroom products has not lost Japanese products, and more and more consumers are more inclined to the Chinese nation. Brand. Professor Yukio Marukawa of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Tokyo talked about the new era of the Chinese economy and the foreign economic strategy, and also listed smart toilets as representative products made in China.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. The Chinese brand and the rise of the Chinese economy are synchronizing. Chinese brands in all fields are in full swing and play an increasingly important role in the big arena of China and the global economy. Following this wave, Chinese sanitary ware brands and China’s smart bathroom products have also begun to appear on the international stage. The Q9 and Qlight products in the Hengjie Smart Dual Q series have won the “IDEA Industrial Design Award” in the United States. On the stage of IF, Haier Weiwei and Xierkang also won the honor. The brand influence of China’s smart bathroom is constantly expanding.

5, quality, innovation, scale are the key to win the future

In 2018, the curtain fell, smart bathroom has also reached a new watershed, head manufacturers are forming. Although in terms of individual companies, the share of each brand in the huge Chinese market is very limited, and everyone has the opportunity, but behind the opportunity requires strong support, including financial strength, innovation ability, brand influence and so on.

But as mentioned above, in the current smart bathroom market, resources are tilting toward the head, capital, channels, technology, and even the ecological chain are moving closer to the head manufacturers — they can develop Produce better products, provide better service to consumers, and have higher cost performance. Just as Hengjie launched this year’s smart new product ——Q3, it has the practical functions that smart toilet should have, and it incorporates Hengjie’s “one-button knob, live water and heat technology, etc., but the price/performance ratio is higher than many products. It is quite popular in the market.

As China enters the quality era, more and more consumers are willing to pay for quality, and are gradually becoming the main force of consumption, the market demand for smart bathroom will be more released. But like all industries, smart sanitary ware will face fierce competition in the near future. The quality of products and the scale of enterprises will become the key factors in the competition.

Of course, the problems lurking in the smart bathroom all the way have become obvious after four years, such as product homogenization, price war of products, etc., but obviously this will not be the future market. Going to the mainstream.

An industry must continue to develop, and innovation is the inexhaustible driving force. Smart toilets are standard in quality life. In addition to practical product features and wonderful experiences, more advanced functions are waiting to be developed. For example, can smart toilets become the entrance to health management and manage people’s health?

In the four years, the first stage of the smart bathroom industry has come to an end, and a new chapter is about to open. In the next stage, where will product innovation go? Who will lead the competition?

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Under such influence, the competition between similar catering products will become “all the way to the end of the game industry, with “How to have the most valuable and distinctive core competitiveness thinking, many restaurants have begun to focus on building and shaping the brand.

In this environment, the author also based on the 2018 catering industry development brand demand and future industry trends, for the current catering brands to sort out the most suitable restaurant design company in 2019.

Shanghai Huahua and China

Huahehua is a unique strategic marketing brand consulting company. Huahua and China are based on the super symbol + super creative core. The top-level design of the brand has created a unique strategy and creative service of the trinity of corporate strategy, product strategy and brand strategy. It has created successful cases in the catering industry such as Haidilao visual brand and Xibei brand.

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Throughout the year, in the accelerated changes of the national economy, mass consumption The contribution of the economic industry continues to increase. As the national income increases and the size of the consumer groups expands, the catering consumption structure tends to be more diversified and characterized. Then, with the expansion of the industry market, the role of brand design in guiding consumers is significant. This is also bound to the trend of catering and brand two industries, I believe that the future of food and beverage is about to enter a new era of brand-based!

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