DIY: 5 steps to install wood flooring yourself okorder

Required materials: wooden floor, concave strip, edged kapok, trimming strip

Basic tools: utility knife, saw table, awl


1. The horizontal level difference of the indoor ground plane where the floor is to be laid should not be too large, and it should not be laid in a humid and watery area.

2, the entire block of fast-flooring area is large, the bottom should have EVA moisture-proof anti-slip foam cotton, along the wall space to apply the edge of foam cotton to tighten.

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DIY construction:

1. If the bottom clearance is higher than the floor, it can be laid from the door; if the bottom clearance is small, the door should be freely opened beforehand. Start from the entry point.

2. Spread the entire floor and insert it directly into the concave strip. Use a small wooden board and a hammer to tighten it.

3. The whole floor is too large, and the utility knife is used to cut from the seam according to the size. The cutting of the floor is also to use the existing concave and convex grooves to cut the whole floor into suitable size pieces.

4, Wall and The gap between the floors can be directly filled with the edged foam cotton to make it flat.

5. Finally, the four sides of the floor and the corner of the wall can be decorated with side strips, and the laying work can be completed.

Maintenance Tips:

The surface of the board should be cleaned to avoid static electricity. Use a semi-dry cloth to wipe the dust. Do not wipe it directly with a damp cloth.

The floor is important for house decoration. Part, if you don’t trust the construction team’s work, you You can do it yourself. This is not a joke, because there is a kind of quick-laying solid wood flooring specially designed for people who like diy. The only requirement is to be careful, so it is not necessarily done by professional builders. Poor.

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Ju Hai Group Cheng Jie: Speech to create a miracle okorder

Every great leader is a first-rate speaker.

On August 28, 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, Martin · Luther & Middot; Kim “I have a dream, proposing to change racial discrimination and realize the state of American freedom.”

On June 22, 1941, Churchill shouted in a speech during the crucial period of World War II, never surrendering, and became the catalyst for the British people to unite and fight against fascism and win the victory of World War II.

“ Living is to change the world! On June 12, 2005, Steve Jobs gave a speech at the Stanford University graduation ceremony, which brought Apple back to life and won countless fans around the world.

A word for you!

In the phrase, see your extraordinary life;

A word breaks and leads you to a wonderful journey.

Cheng Jie, the chairman of Juhai Group, has created a miracle after another from a daily salary of five yuan to a billionaire.

He believes that a true leader is not only to command a thousand troops, but also to help, influence and achieve more lives from the bottom of his heart, in order to achieve greater dreams and creation. More great achievements.

Cheng Jie

Chairman of Shanghai Juhai Group

Shanghai Strategic Consultant of the Commander Group

Founder of Shanghai Juhai Chengjie Charity Foundation

Chairman of Sichuan Zenxin Zen Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

National Youth Sichuan Merchants Executive President of the Joint Club

He walked in 125 cities and traveled more than 3,800 lectures, with more than a million listeners. He has successfully held 266 sessions of the “Single Language” seminar, helping 150,000 entrepreneurs to enhance their leadership, public speaking ability, and multiply leadership energy.

He determined to donate 101 Hope Primary Schools with his life and energy. He has successfully donated 9 of them.

His original “Ten Laws of Life Wisdom” has affected the fate of tens of millions of people and determined to influence and achieve the lives and lives of 500 million people.

Since I have chosen a distant place, I will only care about the wind and rain.

In front of Cheng Jie, the manners are decent and calm, and the dark-skinned shirts are matched with dark trousers, which is more than the peers. Low-key maturity. When he bowed his head, he was quite flustered, but when he spoke, he immediately exuded the charm of the orator, and he was arrogant, methodical, and extremely strong sense of field control and power.

No one is born to be a speaker.

Like many boys, Cheng Jie of childhood has had a martial arts dream of justice and whiteness wins snow; from a young infiltration, he loves reading and writing, and his works are published to many media including provincial publications. Although he was born in a poor farmhouse in Daliangshan, Sichuan, he tried his best to mobilize his business mind and take the initiative to take on family responsibilities: selling popsicles, selling mushrooms, making homemade washing powder, planting fruit trees & hellip; …

When I was a teenager, I especially liked Wang Guozhen. He once read a poem called “Love Life” over and over again: I don’t think about whether I can succeed / since I chose a distant place, I will only care about the wind and rain & <…

< In order to face the vagueness of the face, the 19-year-old, with a cash of 560 yuan, set foot on the train to Mianyang, Sichuan. When he left, he confidently said to his father: I will not be a farmer for a lifetime! After a few bumps, he entered the Changhong Group and became an ordinary worker.

Because he has always loved reading and working, Cheng Jie began to sell books. This will not only allow you to read books for free, but also increase your income. The most important thing is to improve your ability to connect with the world.

In the wind and rain, the book stall is two years. Saving money for the rest of the money, plus family support, Cheng Jie has a 43 square meter bookstore in Mianyang.

Chengjie of the bookstore

Cheng Jie decisively left Changhong. I can’t stay in the past, every day, he wants to be a better self.

He wants to make money, but making money is not the first. For any thing, he sets two standards: first, whether there is growth value is the primary purpose, and second, look at the present with a strategic perspective of ten years.

Many people think that speech requires talent, and a person who is not good at words can’t be a speaker. But Cheng Jie will tell you with personal experience, this is not the case.

From a farmer’s youth, ordinary assembly line workers, book sellers to bookstore owners, Cheng Jie gradually realized the charm of the speech, he stepped on the foundation for the future through self-understanding and learning. .

On July 18, 2003, there was a dazzling sunshine that awakened Cheng Jie, who is still in chaos.

He remembers this accidental day and engraves it in his life.

Under the recommendation of a friend, Cheng Jie listened to a professional speech. When the speaker is on the stage, and the audience is full of tears or blood, he seems to see that many years later, the same in the spotlight, the temperament, glamour, and radiance Yourself.

At that moment, the dream of crouching deep in the soul broke out: I want to be a super speaker!

For the money that is hard to raise the bookstore, the business is getting better. For Jay and his family, this is almost a crazy decision.

The bookstore said that it was closed, even if the deposit, rent and store deposits were all overwhelmed. In order to enter an education and trainingSecretary, he even promised not to pay a penny when there is no performance.

But the competition in the education and training industry is fierce, and it is not uncommon for companies to go out. Soon after, the company where Cheng Jie was located was also closed. Cheng Jie did not know how difficult it was to retreat. He took the initiative to contact Mianyang universities and expressed his willingness to give a free speech.

Cheng Jie, a free speaker

From university campus to business, 640 free games The speech was unimaginable to the average person, but Chengjie did it. There is no income, but as a result of more speech opportunities, the level of speech has been improved across the board, and has since made people look at each other.

Compared with many peers, Cheng Jie, who just entered the business, has the lowest academic qualifications, is thin and black, and even speaks Mandarin badly, even with a strong local accent. But it is these congenital deficiencies that gave him the space and power to change.

There is a famous movie called “The King’s Speech”. The prototype of the film is how the British George VI can stutter from a talking room. Under professional counseling, step by step practice can become the trust of the people. king.

Cheng Jie believes that everyone has a gifting talent, and in addition to the efforts of the day after tomorrow, they need to constantly learn the correct methods and methods.

Since then, his demanding and outstanding performance has gradually attracted industry attention.

He talked about a movie “A Generation of Masters”. In order to make a good movie, Wang Jiawei spent five years studying the martial arts of the Republic of China. Without deep and thorough practice, there would be no such excellent works. Being a generation of masters was once a distant dream of Cheng Jie, but today he has become a master of the speech industry.

Balzac said that suffering is the mentor of life; Cheng Jie said that the power of life lies in suffering.

The most worthwhile wealth is called “Love”

Father is in life the most important person.

Recalling the late father, Cheng Jie’s eyes were stunned, and the eyes were occasionally moist when he was emotional, but his face was still a warm smile.

Be kind, learn to pay, and love is boundless. This should be the spiritual wealth that Cheng Jie’s father gave him from childhood. Father always unconditionally supports every decision of Cheng Jie. In his most difficult time, his father never attacked his dreams. He just said faintly, doing well, we are also happy, and when we don’t go down, come home, the house will always be open for you.

The father did not give Cheng Jie a rich family environment, but gave him the initial sense of security, the most powerful trust and support, and also gave Cheng Jie the most solid soul foundation in the pursuit of big love and big dreams in the future.

In August 2005, after 640 speeches were freely delivered in Mianyang, Sichuan, Cheng Jie moved to Nanjing.

On November 15th, 2006, he embarked on a journey to the beach, Shanghai, a distant and mysterious and dreamlike city. From childhood, he was a place of fascination. Ten miles of foreign fields, busy. Here is the birthplace of the hero, the miracle dream workshop. Nowadays, he finally stood in the night of the Huangpu River on the beach! Looking at the dreamy night of the Bund and the shining pearl of the East, Cheng Jie secretly vowed in his heart that he must be in this place where Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Take a trip to the world and get to the world!

When I first arrived in Shanghai, I lived in a small house not far from the Bund. Cheng Jie went to the Bund every morning, regardless of pedestrians or onlookers. , carried out “101 days Huangpujiang speech training. In the face of rolling rivers, the old things are vivid, but the future is clearly visible.

Soon, Cheng Jie was hailed as “the top real combat teacher in Asia”. In 2007, Cheng Jie, 25, has a million annual salary.

Cheng Jie has always reminded himself to warn his disciples that the peak of leadership is self-discipline.

He is very good at using the story of knowing and doing, as an example, rather than simply preaching.

For example, he talked about Wang Shi, carrying a group of people across the desert, asking everyone to eat a plant on the road, said to maintain good physical strength, but most people refused, because the taste is difficult to swallow. That way, some people can’t wait to speed up at the beginning, and hope to arrive as soon as possible, and Wang Shi has always had good physical fitness, not ill, rhythm and orderly. In the end, Wang Shi is finished in a stable state of the body and speed. Many people who are younger and stronger than him can only hope for the back.

However, after becoming the best lecturer, Cheng Jie also had a very happy day. Every day, he slept naturally and was surrounded by flowers and applause. But he has been asking himself, what kind of person do I want to be?

In 2008, there was a Wenchuan earthquake that shocked the country. In order to raise funds, the Xinjiang Charity Federation hosted the “Love & Middot” across the Tianshan Mountains; The organizers did not think that due to the need to take care of their own air tickets and accommodation, only two teachers were present. One is Cheng Jie, and the other is that he realized in this speech that he has also made important contributions to his speech career and life in the future. Professor Peng Qingyi, a republican speaker of the past eighty years.

This talks raised nearly a million yuan for the disaster area. At night, Cheng Jie could not sleep at night. What is the meaning and value of life? He thought for a long time and finally found the answer, that is, the sixth law in the ten methods of life wisdom: the value of life lies in the common life.

This time, the positive value brought about by the psychological reconstruction of the victims has reawakened a dream of Cheng Jieer: “I will succeed in the future, I will have money, I will be in a poor hometown.” Building a Hope Primary School.

And this night, Cheng Jie once againAccurately combing and upgrading this once-unreachable dream: donate 101 Hope Primary Schools with your life and energy.

To realize this dream, you must create enough wealth to own your own business. In October 2008, the team with Chengjie as the core established Shanghai Juhai Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. in Shanghai.

After the company experienced a difficult business and gradually moved to the road, Chengjie established the Shanghai Juhai Chengjie Public Welfare Foundation.

Shanghai Juhai Chengjie Public Welfare Foundation was established

He knows that as a conscience And socially responsible enterprises need to carry forward not only business value, but also human morality.

At first, in the cause of public welfare, Cheng Jie was extremely low-key. Some people on the TV saw him on the TV to donate the news report of Hope Primary School. He called and asked, Cheng Jie said faintly, did you read it wrong?

But by chance, Chengjie and Hao Mr. Yang Hai, the chairman of the Shanghai Supervisor Decoration Group, said that he hoped that the primary school would not hesitate to donate a Hope Primary School to his hometown. On December 18, 2016, at the charity dinner of the first anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Juhai Chengjie Public Welfare Foundation, Yang Hai donated RMB 1.1 million to the Foundation to support Cheng Jie’s dream and spread the love together.

Cheng Jie began to believe that in addition to helping entrepreneurs create business miracles, it is also necessary to let more people understand the inheritance of humanistic spirit through continuous influence, which is more profound than family inheritance.

In 2011, his father died, but Cheng Jie has already engraved the filial piety into the corporate culture of Juhai. On the road to entrepreneurship, the father gave himself the most selfless support. Empathy, those parents who are dreaming in the giant sea, have not experienced the concerns and concerns of their children.

Awarded the staff of Juhai Xiaodao Star at the Juhai Group Anniversary Celebration, the company will take the parents of their hometown to Shanghai for vacation, parents are proud of their children’s work, and employees have a strong sense of accomplishment. With a sense of belonging.

Even if he is already a billionaire, Chengjie’s hometown retains the adobe house that his father built himself. Although it is simply decorated inside and outside, it is still somewhat out of tune with the small bungalows in the modern countryside. But bricks and tiles, already embedded in the great fatherly love of a weather-beaten old man.

Every time I go home, the sun is hot and strong. Standing under the eaves, the wind passes gently from Cheng Ge’s ear, as if I heard my father say to him: Son, you are our pride.

People can’t just live for themselves

There is a plant in the desert called Populus. In the extremely harsh environment, it is still struggling to tie the roots deep into the soil to resist the bitter cold and sand in the desert.

Born and not dying for three thousand years; dying for three thousand years; but three thousand years of immortality.

It loves and is loyal to the land under its feet, and even if life is dry, it must exert all its energy.

Cheng Jie is like a poplar tree. He is trying his best to explore and share his life wisdom, and he spares no effort to reinvigorate the society.

Walking in the world, he has a philosophical philosophy of acting, regardless of personal gains and losses, does not care about others’ evaluation, and lives a true self; but in the human righteousness, he proposes that human beings should adhere to the righteous altruism: The energy of life lies in the focus.

Today, Cheng Jie’s disciples are spread all over China and overseas. He said that the relationship between mentoring and apprenticeship is a major relationship in the inheritance of Chinese culture. Even at the level of family education, father is the earliest teacher of children. But for adults, breaking up and rebuilding values ​​is actually a rather painful process.

Therefore, with the recognition, respect and awe of the disciples, in addition to the profound knowledge and rich experience, it is also important to be the teacher’s personality charm.

It’s great to chat with Chengjie. He rarely said “What about me, more is “What are we doing.”

Before the age of 30, someone often asked him to be a teacher, but he refused. One of them is called Chen Tianxing of the contemporary Bruce Lee.

The relationship between the disciples and the disciples is not only the evangelism, but also the selfless dedication and sharing of their own commercial resources to promote the commercial operation and development of the disciples. Later, Chen Tianxing wished to worship Cheng as a teacher.

After Chen Tianxing and Cheng Jie learned the public speech, they opened the switch of life wisdom, magnified the pattern of life career, and pushed the box office of the movie “Nuclear” to the peak through public speech. In 2011, he directed and starred in the film “The Nunchaku” won the 5th German Cologne International Film Festival’s highest award “Ordinance Committee Award”. In August 2013, the film “Kung Fu Fighter” directed and starred won the Hollywood International Film Festival ” Best Motion Design Award” and the Korea Gwangju International Film Festival “Action Art Achievement Award”. On November 11, 2013, the “Kung Fu Fighter” World Premiere held a world premiere of 3,500 people in Chengdu. In the speech, Cheng Jie as a member of the main creative team and Chen Tianxing’s master made a public speech. Responding to the spirit of Kung Fu, Chen Tianxing’s movie dream, auctioned nunchakus to 580,000 yuan, creating a new record.

Many disciples have to pay homage to the teacher. The young Cheng Jie said that he could not afford it, but in order to respect the mentoring relationship between them, he did not follow the old rules, but created a fine product by borrowing this heavy sense of ritual. The course “Digital Discipline Training” allows disciples to repay their wishes, and also adds a sense of time to the Chinese mentoring culture.

In fact, Cheng Jie also has the desire of ordinary people for material. He once set himself a goal and sent himself a Rolls Royce when he was thirty. However, when he has earned more than ten Rolls RoyceHe found that money is only a tool to realize his dreams, and he must not be a mask for vanity.

He turned his “Rolls Royce Dream” into a glorious dream of the core team: BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover … … he made people believe that Ju Hai is a grateful company The effort of the employees has never been ignored.

The Great Sea Values ​​are six words: conscience, integrity, sunshine, progress, loyalty, gratitude.

Cheng Jie’s business philosophy can also be summed up in one sentence: the great people will be successful, and the consistency will be both internal and external.

Consistency is what you must do. 101 Hope Primary Schools, according to the plan, by the end of this year, the Hope Primary School donated by the Juhai Group can reach 15 points.

By 2018, the 10th anniversary of Juhai Group. Professor Li Yanjie, a professor of the Republic’s speech education, once gave Cheng Jie a calligraphy and wrote two large characters —— These two words made him deeply inspired, 10 is the perfect, but also the beginning of zero.

Cheng Jie said that he is planning to let more Juhai colleagues and more outstanding giant sea partners become the shareholders of Ju Hai. In the ten years of the giant sea, it is necessary to shoulder more social responsibilities.

At the same time, letting China’s speech go to the world is also the mission of Chengjie as a Chinese. At present, there are overseas Chinese entrepreneurs among the students of Juhai, or entrepreneurs in Taiwan, China. In the next step, Juhai Group will send excellent products and courses to every corner of the world through online education, so that more dragons can accept this kind of thought and wisdom.

Of course, even if he is not enough, Cheng Jie will still have enough time to write the writing he loved when he was a teenager.

Whenever he is at the desk, he will feel the happiness and perfection of returning to the beginning.

As the best-selling author in China’s training industry with the highest number of works, the highest sales volume and the most influential, Cheng Jie takes “Great Wisdom: The Ten Methods of Life Wisdom”, “Identified Language”, “Sun Jingjin” “”, from the daily salary of five yuan to hundreds of millions of net worth” and other masterpieces, affecting the fate of millions of readers.

The new book just published in July, “From $5 a day to hundreds of millions of net worth”, records the struggle spirit and legendary story of Cheng Jie’s 12 years of education and training. Cheng Jie’s goal is to sell 5 million copies of the three-year “from five yuan to hundreds of millions of nets”, to make 101 public speeches on the university campus, and to donate 500,000 books to college students to help the younger generation build their dreams. The correct pursuit.

Speech is a powerful force, and words are the power of silence.

Pay tribute to each of the “great dreams”

From Cheng Jie’s first lecture to become China’s top ten trainer and vice chairman of the China Cultural Management Association Training Committee, time Sliding silently for 14 years. He also grew from a thin, dark, and savvy youth to a free-spirited man who is both a body language and a powerful speaker.

The career is developed and unlimited, and people who are in love are married and have lovely children. In addition to being confident and courageous, the personality has become more broad and harmonious. Everything is so beautiful. These are more worth cherishing for him than the achievements of his career.

He occasionally recalls the past, thanks to those who have been soaked in sweat and tears, and grateful to those who have given him trust, help and support on the road.

Cheng Jie occasionally uses luxury goods, but more is free. He firmly believes that some things will never be materialized, such as wisdom and dreams, spirit and spirituality. The true quality of life and the abundance of the soul, only the material is not enough to support.

Then we talked about Zen. In my opinion, there are some empty concepts, and he can tell the truth with an understatement. He said: Zen is the wisdom of life and life.

He is a person who understands life. And these are also due to his understanding of the wisdom of life.

Get along with your family. If you are busy, take time to eat and chat. “Look at it and keep it balanced.” Cheng Jie is quite contented: I will cook myself when I have time, and the fish I made is delicious!

Regarding the education of children, Cheng Jie feels that he should not be too deliberate, but he must be asked Be a person of integrity and kindness.

Occasionally, he will also ask his son’s dream. The son said that when he grows up, he wants to sell ice cream, 380 yuan. Cheng Jie will take him to buy ice cream and let him know the relationship. The son said that he wants to be a firefighter. Cheng Jie will tell him about the safety of the country and the people. The importance of the son; the son heard the father’s class, said to want to be a speaker, Cheng Jie bought him a microphone, let him free to play.

Respect the children, let those young but sparkling dreams accompany the children to grow up, and eventually become the ideal of the child’s invincible, accompanying and shining a lifetime.

The greatness of life lies in the dream of the heart.

Cheng Jie’s ten-year orator career has achieved self-worth, laid the foundations of business, influenced countless outstanding entrepreneurs, and changed millions of people who have been afraid of change.

But ten years back to zero, tomorrow is a new beginning.

In the next ten years, he will lead the giant sea to build more “great dreams.”

In the commercial sector, Juhui will become a listed company in 2020, and it is also planning to help college students start their careers and employment counseling and incubation, and build a giant sea business incubator.Bases, etc.;

In the education and public welfare section, in addition to continuing to complete 101 Hope Primary Schools, the creation of Juhai Wisdom Academy, Juhai Management Business School, Future Leaders Business School, and the creation of Juhai Online Education will also Linked with the university to establish the first lecture and eloquence college in China.

Just as he believed that he would become a good speaker, at this moment he also firmly believes that the future of the huge sea will certainly train 100,000 disciples, Tao Li world.

But Cheng Jie is still looking forward to planning the Great Wisdom Park in preparation. The ten methods of collecting life wisdom are here to provide people with a habitat for souls. In his description, I saw a cluster of bamboo, a clean room, a cup of tea, and a person sitting quietly in the ethereal.

He has experienced the glory of the public under the spotlight and the peak of wealth and fame. Now he wants to take the rich second generation to see the children who want primary school. Let more wealthy people know how to be compassionate, and let those who are born in poverty-stricken areas be treated more and more.

Of course, he still lectures, giving lectures to thirsty children in the newly built Hope Elementary School classroom or on the sunny lawn.

Under the sun, a small face that looks up is full of curiosity and joy to the outside world; full of expectations and dreams for life; full of trust and gratitude to everyone around you .

Passing love and dreams from generation to generation.

What a pure dream.

Cheng Jie, who is constantly building a dream, is the greatest dreamer.

Cheng Jie’s Wisdom Mind Excerpt

1. Wanshu is not as good as one, Wanfa Not as good as one.

2. All the problems of the leaders are energy problems.

3. Learning is the sublimation of wisdom, and sharing is the greatness of life.

4. Don’t fall in love with the past, don’t think about the future, and live in the moment.

5. The core value of education is to inspire one’s imagination and creativity; the ultimate goal of education is to shape one’s values ​​and mission.

6. A gentleman has a fear, and if he does something, he can make a difference. The villain is fearless and does everything, and will eventually be difficult to do.

7. The way of heaven and earth is good and harmless; the way of saints is not to fight. The way of big business, the world is alive; the way of the great sea, the righteous thoughts of altruism.

8. In this world, the only thing that can be done without work is poverty; in this world, the only thing that can be born out of nothing is the dream.

9. A person who cannot be refined day by day is betraying his dreams; a person who constantly surpasses himself is caring for his dreams.

10. Success is the journey of life, and happiness is the ultimate destination of life.

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How to clean the wooden floor if it is dirty? okorder

In the daily life, the floor is contaminated by stains. How to remove the stains without hurting the floor is the most important problem for everyone? The method is very simple. Xiaobian will tell you how to clean the stains on the floor.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171617910.jpg”>

The scattered glass fragments are very dangerous, for you to see See, you can use tape to stick; if it is powder, it should be sucked up with cotton.

You can make floor cleaner at home, it is easy to use. Homemade floor cleaner needs to be pressed in the cauldron Put soft soap, bleaching powder and soda in the mix.

When cleaning the floor, add a few drops of salad oil to the water to make the floor very bright. The dirt on the paint floor can be wiped with strong tea juice. Go.

Accumulate the remaining candle heads, chop them up to remove the wick, add the same amount of turpentine to the wax, and place in a pot filled with cold water to boil the water to make the candle Dissolve, stir and pour into the tank for cooling.

Grease is the most feared of the floor stains. In fact, it is also relatively simple to clean. It can be washed with boiled alkaloid solution and then stained. Cover the dough mixed with bleaching earth and hot water, and keep it cleaned for one night, if necessary May be repeated.

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Fenghua Environmental Protection was approved as a qualified enterprise in the “Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Treatment) Specification Conditions” okorder

Keywords: Fenghua Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Equipment

In recent years, with the gradual deterioration of atmospheric environmental quality and stricter emission standards in related industries, the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and its scale has grown. However, problems such as weak innovation ability in the industry, difficulty in promoting advanced technology and equipment, and serious competition in low-end homogenization have gradually become prominent.

At present, green development has become the new normal of economic development. The construction of ecological civilization puts forward higher requirements for the effective supply of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, and the industry has entered a period of strategic opportunity for all-round development. On June 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China announced the list of enterprises that meet the requirements of the “Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Administration) Standards”. Guangdong Fenghua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Fenghua Environmental Protection) was listed on the list.

The environmental protection company has independent research and development and innovation capabilities, and has established research and development institutions such as technology centers and engineering research centers. At the same time, equipped with the corresponding full-time research and development staff. The company has strong technical strength and rich experience. Since its establishment in 1992, it has continuously researched, innovated and developed new products and new projects. It has 68 patents for environmental protection and plant protection spray equipment projects. All patent achievements have been transformed into productivity, and the scale of industrialization has been formed. More than 20 energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dust-removing, dust-reducing and cooling spray machinery products are leading in China.

It is reported that Fenghua environmental protection products have obtained the national mandatory 3C certification, and the products have passed the “National Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” inspection, and passed the EU CE certification, “National Plant Protection Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” The inspection was qualified, and the “Agricultural Machinery Promotion and Appraisal Certificate” was issued. At the same time, the long-range wind-driven sprayer won the “Independent Innovation Product Certification Certificate” issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in 2009, and “High-tech Product Certification Certificate”. The products produced meet the relevant national standards, industry standards, group standards and other enterprise standards.

At present, Fenghua Environmental’s leading products are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dust spray spray equipment, mainly with a range of 60 meters to 200 meters. All types of “environmental dust-removing air-assisted sprayer,” long-range wind-driven sprayer, “railway coal transport curing agent spray device,” “control air quality exceeds the standard water mist dust suppression device and other proprietary patent products. In line with the requirements of national noise and other processing standards, the products produced will not cause harm to the ecological environment and the health of users during use, and will not cause secondary pollution.

At the same time, there are stretchers and self-applications for agriculture, forestry, urban landscaping, sanitation and epidemic prevention. More than 30 kinds of spray machinery series, such as walking, hand-pushing, vehicle-mounted, air-feeding, towing, lifting, etc., with complete functions, complete supporting, high degree of automation control, environmental protection, energy saving and high cost performance. Fenghua Environmental Protection has high automation control, small fog particles, uniform atomization, high spray range, long range, wide spray width, remote control system control, high-point spray, safe and convenient use, low noise, high work efficiency and environmental protection. Energy saving, water saving and high cost performance.

Fenghua Environmental Protection will continue to move towards the sustainable and healthy development of the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry, continuously adjust the industrial structure, optimize product quality, and contribute to the supply-side reform of the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry.

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When is the wax on the floor at home best? okorder

At present, the floor of home decoration is mainly wood. The wooden floor is favored by consumers because of its beautiful appearance, pollution-free, easy processing and good heat preservation. However, the wooden floor has low hardness and poor corrosion resistance. Defects such as worms. In order to make up for the defects of the wooden floor, the merchants introduced the floor wax, which is equivalent to tailoring the outer cover of the wooden floor to prevent it from being invaded by the outside world.

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Floor wax is oily at high temperatures Semi-solid, hard solid at low temperature, can quickly penetrate into the material, polished with high-speed polishing machine or washing machine, so that the ground has a strong gloss, high wear resistance and sealing effect, so that the surface of the wooden floor is formed The hard protective film is non-slip, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, effectively preventing the erosion of moisture, oil and other substances. With the increasing use of wooden flooring, there are more and more products of floor wax. Wax, so that consumers do not know how to choose, here let us know the real body of the floor wax.

The shape of the floor wax is divided into three types, solid, paste and liquid, of which solid wax is not used Convenient and sales are gradually decreasing, compared with the sales of paste and liquid wax. The main role of floor wax is to form a protective film on the floor, glaze, extend the life of the floor, and make the floor more beautiful. Commonly For example, wax is the main component of palm wax, Marseille soap, oleic acid, sodium hydroxide and water. Palm wax is processed from the leaves of palm trees, mainly for glazing effect; both Marseille soap and sodium hydroxide It is added as a detergent to the formulation; oleic acid acts as a regulator to increase the mixing of several substances. This group of seemingly simple formulas can protect the floor from scratches, corrosion and insects.

Before daily maintenance of the floor, the floor should be carefully cleaned, then use the bottom wax to dry, then use a clean cotton soft cloth or wax machine to evenly spread the high-gloss floor wax evenly on the ground, to be completely After drying, apply 1~2 layers and dry out. After each waxing, you must wait for a layer of wax to dry before you can apply a layer of wax to be completely dried and polished. If only part of the area is maintained, only It is necessary to repair the wax. After a long time, the wax surface of the frequently active area will be seriously worn. It is necessary to clean the wax layer on the ground. This work can be done well with the wax surface cleaner. After the cleaning is completed, it needs to be waxed again.

The use of floor wax does have Risk, floor wax is a flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Especially in the waxing process, the volatiles in the floor wax will become solid and adhere to the floor. At this time, the volatile content in the air gradually increases, so that it is flammable when exposed to an open flame. Therefore, when the floor is waxed, the window should be ventilated, so that the concentration of the chemical substances volatilized from the floor wax will be reduced without causing harm. At the same time, do not smoke in the waxing place and try not to use gas and other electrical equipment. /P>

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PVC elastic flooring gradually enters the Chinese national market okorder

This is also a discussion about whether pvc elastic flooring is suitable for home paving. Why is foreign home decoration used more than 20 years ago, and the proportion of pvc elastic flooring used in home decoration is more than 30%? In the country, the whole floor material is installed. The percentage is still a single digit. In the current era of ‘Internet +’, can we synchronize the international home improvement market? The entire industry is actively working hard, and the China Flexible Flooring Industry Association is actively guiding the promotion, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is also recommended in some cities.

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First, correctly understand the pvc elastic floor

The name pvc elastic floor is easy to cause people to misunderstand It is mentioned that pvc everyone thinks more about plastics. Many people will also confuse pvc flooring and pvc pipes. Plastics contain toxic substances and are harmful to human body. But pvc elastic floor and plastic are not the same thing at all, pvc can also be called polyvinyl chloride, pvc elastic floor 100% toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and no radiation, belonging to green environmental protection decoration materials, no It can cause harm to the human body. The pvc elastic floor is different from the floor leather that was popular in the 1990s. General sheet PVC elastic floor specifications imitation wood grain is 915 * 153mm, stone grain, carpet pattern is 457 * 457mm, thickness 2.0 – 3.0mm, etc., the current domestic home improvement market is still mainly based on this type of product; The total thickness of the laminated composite pvc floor is 2.0mm, 2.6mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, etc. The structure is generally laminated from 4~5 layers from top to bottom. The structure has wear layer (including UV). Treatment), printing film layer, glass fiber layer, elastic foam layer, base layer, etc., multi-layer composite PVC elastic floor life is about 15 years. The artificial floor leather products popular in the 1990s have a single structure, generally no wear layer or UV layer, and the price is low, and the use is generally 1-2 years.

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Waterproof, non-slip is the biggest advantage of pvc elastic floor, so the kitchen bathroom can be paved

There are also people worried that the glue used for construction will contain formaldehyde. It should be acknowledged that many bad businesses are trying to reduce the cost. The quality of the glue used is not good, and it will contain toxic substances. Shanghai Pulong’s Aijia, Pulong and Meidi three well-known brands have always required the glue used by the construction team to be the company’s designated special glue. It is a green environmentally friendly glue, so you don’t have to worry about releasing harmful substances such as formaldehyde. At the same time, Shanghai Pulong is also the first to launch “plastic wood ecological lock floor” and glue-free adsorption pvc elastic floor! Can achieve glue-free DIY quick installation!

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Second, the status quo of pvc elastic flooring in China

Due to the unique advantages of pvc elastic flooring and huge development prospects, pvc elastic flooring industry in the past 10 years After the introduction of equipment and technology to absorb and digest R&D and innovation, Shanghai Pulong Plastic Co., Ltd., a well-known enterprise in the industry, has also increased investment in the research and development of pvc sheet and pvc composite coil, producing high-quality PVC elastic flooring and imported products. Compared with the United States, it has won nearly 20 national patents, and its products are sold not only domestically but also exported to foreign countries. Do not deny the pvc floor currently sold in the market, especially a small number of small manufacturers, they are mainly vying for the low-end market, in order to cater to consumers, the price is very low, and the quality is naturally not guaranteed. As a result, the phenomenon of poor quality pvc flooring flooding the market has occurred, and the people naturally have misunderstandings about the pvc elastic floor. In order to protect the interests of consumers, Shanghai Pulong Group recommends that you still use products from well-known brands in the industry. There is a saying in China that ‘cheap is not good, good goods are not cheap’, it still makes sense.

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pvc elastic floor in China The market is currently mainly used in medical, education, commercial, transportation and office engineering projects, while many manufacturers only focus on large engineering projects, not enough attention to home improvement, which is also the need for the pvc elastic flooring industry to improve. Promotion because of various originalsBecause of the resistance, we will not promote the strength, and naturally it will not promote the popularity of pvc flooring in China.

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III. Domestic and foreign customers Cognition of pvc elastic flooring

pvc elastic flooring has been popular in foreign home decoration market for a long time and gradually replaced ceramic tiles, while the concept of domestic home improvement users is still conservative, many products are popular in foreign countries for a long time and then It will be accepted and recognized by the people of the country. The development of any new thing will have a process of being accepted and recognized. In addition, the Chinese people are excessively pursuing naturality and pursuing high-grade, and mistakenly believe that only the wooden floor is green and harmless to the human body. I mistakenly believe that only the marble floor is high-grade, our decoration concept needs some time to change, I believe that after the people can correctly understand the advantages of pvc floor, it will be more recognized pvc floor. pvc elastic floor as wooden floor and marble The trend of alternatives to flooring is unstoppable.

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Fourth, the impact of pvc elastic floor construction factors

During the renovation process, many decoration companies also talked about One problem is that the construction process of pvc elastic floor is not understood, and the professional construction personnel are lacking. It should be said that this is also a reason for the influence of popularization. In fact, the construction of pvc elastic floor is not so difficult as people think, and the construction of sheet is relatively easy. Only the construction of the coil is a little more complicated. The technicians can quickly master the construction technology through simple training. I would like to remind everyone here that when choosing the PVC elastic floor manufacturer, don’t just pay attention to the quality of the floor, the construction Quality is very important, because if the construction can not guarantee the quality, it will affect the service life of the floor. It is recommended that you choose brand-name products, first-class quality, and after-sales service are guaranteed. Shanghai Pulong’s “Pulong” rubber-free floor, “Ai Jia 》The lock floor does not need glue, it is convenient and quick to install, and it is the first choice for the second floor decoration.

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In the current era of low-carbon economy with low emission, low energy consumption and low pollution as the core, Plon’s pvc elastic flooring is used as A new kind of ground material can produce non-stone, non-wood, non-rug pvc elastic floor without cutting down grass and wood without destroying one mountain and one stone. It can be recycled and reused. It can be said that it is a kind of ground material. The true meaning of low-carbon products has huge market potential. I believe that it will not take long for the pvc elastic floor to enter more people’s homes, so that people have more options in the choice of floor materials for home decoration. If you are the pioneer of pvc elastic floor home use, I hope to share your photo. Let more people around us let us all feel the true ‘low carbon life’.

Release date: 2015/10/14 11:42:16

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How can the floor be used without damage? okorder

First, clean

Wooden floor should be wiped with a dry cotton mop in daily cleaning. In case of stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe with a wrung cotton swab. Do not scrub with an organic solvent such as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline. And do not place strong acid and strong alkaline substances on the floor.

The cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring is relatively simple, but it should not be taken lightly. When cleaning, apply a damp mop that does not drip, and properly increase the surface humidity, which can effectively solve the gap and cracking of the floor. If it is greasy or smudged, wipe it with a cloth dampened with detergent.

Second, waxing

floor waxing times should not be frequent, should be appropriate for the floor waxing. Waxing can protect against moisture, damage, surface luminosity and easy cleaning, but if the number of waxing is too frequent, it will cause damage to the floor. Frequent waxing can cause waxy wax layers to superimpose, and there will be a layer of gray in the middle of the wax layer, which affects the waxing effect. Nowadays, the average household is using a relatively affordable laminate floor. The surface of the laminate floor is a layer of aluminum oxide. The liquid such as moisture does not easily penetrate into the floor. Therefore, if the floor is waxed, the wax layer cannot penetrate the floor. The inner layer can only be attached to the surface of the floor. When people walk, they will leave footprints. After a long time, the surface of the floor becomes like a ‘big face’, which affects the appearance of the floor and is difficult to wipe. Therefore, the laminate flooring should not be waxed.

When air drying, laminate flooring should not be cleaned and maintained with decontamination powder, and should not be polished with abrasive paper. It can be wiped with a wrung rag and then treated with a care solution. It is difficult to remove it with a special detergent.

Third, to prevent small particles from scratching the floor

Small gravel stays on the floor surface for a long time, after walking around, the traces of sand and gravel will appear on the floor surface. In addition to gravel, dust, hard-soled shoes, metal sharps, and glass tiles are the nemesis of the floor’s skin. In order to reduce the wear of the particles, it is especially important to keep the floor clean. Pay attention to clean the floor after opening the window. If dust or gravel is found, it should be vacuumed and cleaned immediately.

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In addition, The ash on the floor should not be treated with a damp rag and a mop. The ash that is wrapped between them is likely to cause scratches on the surface of the paint film. Also, be careful not to let the floor touch the open flame or place high-power electric heating directly on the floor. It is also not possible to place hot objects such as kettles and stoves directly.


The above content is a small point collected by Xiaobian about the damage of the wooden floor during use. It is recommended that most consumers choose ceramic tiles because they do not care about the wooden floor. In fact, the wooden flooring is not as clean as it is supposed to be. It is hoped that the above content will help you to properly clean the floor at home.


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The world’s first formaldehyde-free wood flooring was successfully launched okorder

The world’s first formaldehyde-free wood flooring was successfully developed and put into production in Tianjin. According to the relevant professors, the formaldehyde-free solid wood composite flooring developed by Tianjin Jinweilun Wood Industry Co., Ltd. uses a long molecular chain resin without aldehyde groups for reasonable proportioning, and uses special technology to form a solid crystal layer between the woods. Bonding the film layer for efficient bonding.

Because there is no aldehyde-based component in the raw material, no formaldehyde is released and no other toxic or hazardous substances are contained. The commodity has successively obtained the invention patent and utility model patent of the formaldehyde-free solid wood composite floor and formaldehyde-free solid wood composite floor production method of the State Intellectual Property Office of China.

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The world’s first formaldehyde-free wood flooring was successfully launched

> Release date: 2014/11/14 10:45:58

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Why is cork flooring more expensive than other flooring? okorder

The price of cork flooring is higher than that of laminate flooring, which is lower than the more expensive wood flooring. Cork flooring has an excellent advantage: soft, good foot feel and fatigue resistance. It can greatly reduce the pressure caused by long-term standing on the back, legs and ankles of the human body. For the accidental fall of the elderly or children, it can greatly increase the buffering effect to reduce the damage of the human body caused by the fall; the cork floor can Greatly reduce the noise pollution that people walk on; bare feet walk on the cork floor and feel warmer. In addition, among the many flooring products, the color of cork flooring is unique.

In general, quality qualified cork flooring has high strength wear resistance, can resist the friction of pulley furniture, and has better resistance to compression and recovery. Although the furniture legs are small in contact with the ground, the furniture is heavy, and the cork flooring is partially sunken. However, due to the special structure of the cork itself, it has the ability to restore the original shape after compression. After the furniture is removed for a period of time, The depression will gradually return to level. At the same time, due to the advancement of modern processing technology, cork flooring maintains the characteristics of soft and elastic feet, and the old children can not fall when they fall, and can withstand the normal friction of modern home life or public places, due to the special surface treatment of cork flooring. Will not leave traces due to friction.

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The production process of qualified cork flooring products is very strict. The cork bark has undergone a series of ‘experience’ processes before being processed into the floor. The hot pressing process makes the granular cork material a stable Balanced whole, although cork has a tiny airbag, the treated cork has become pure cork pellets, which are then rearranged together in an artificial hot press to form a new structural system and cured with an adhesive. The interior of the cork granules also maintains the structure of the airbag, while for the exterior, it is completely dense and closed, and does not seep and seep, and the cork flooring which reaches a certain moisture content is not easily deformed by moisture, and does not trap dirt.

The above content is why cork flooring is more expensive, but when you choose, you must be cautious, avoid shoddy, hope that the above content can help you.

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