The quality problem of the floor of Kendia is called “the floor is no problem, it is a psychological problem” okorder

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Kentia Floor Quality problems (Figure 1)

With the unremitting pursuit of high-quality life, home building materials, which are closely related to daily life, are receiving more and more attention from consumers. However, the situation in the consumer market is not satisfactory. Recently, China Quality Miles has continuously received complaints about the floor of Kendia.

The problem floor has not been solved for two years

In April 2010, Ms. Wang of Quanzhou, Fujian Province purchased a batch of Kendia laminate flooring at the Kentian floor distribution office in Quanzhou. The batch of flooring model RM02# is the supreme cork series, and the product name is Australian Huaying Wood. The total amount was 7,225 yuan. In August, the installation was carried out. In October, Ms. Wang found that there was a serious Peng Peng phenomenon on the floor, and began to sound, and stepped on the feeling of stepping on the air. Ms. Wang immediately contacted the Quanzhou Kendia floor dealer. Until the end of February 2011, the floor was checked by the merchants. It was confirmed that the floor did have quality problems, but it has not been solved. In June, after the manager of the Kendi floor in Fujian Province visited the site, he agreed to send someone to repair Ms. Wang, but the maintenance cost was borne by Ms. Wang. The Kentiya floor merchants she purchased have confirmed the existence of quality defects and raised quality objections within the statutory time limit, and the expenses should be borne by the merchants. Because of the lack of agreement, Ms. Wang’s problem floor was not repaired.

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Kent Subfloor quality problem (Figure 2)

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Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 3)

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Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 4)

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Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 5)

The problem has always existed, but the solution has been delayed. Ms. Wang always feels that it is not so comfortable. She repeatedly contacted the manager of Kendi’s floor in Fujian Province, and failed, and was threatened by ‘can’t complain online.’ So she called the customer service phone of Kendia Flooring Company. According to Ms. Wang, in February 2011, many calls to customer service were advertisements, and no one answered. After dialing on March 15, 2011, the customer service staff replied to ‘Reply after reflecting to the superior level’. But for nearly a year now, Ms. Wang has not received any reply.

On February 4, 2012, Ms. Wang once again called the manager of the Kendi floor in Fujian Province, hoping to solve the problem, but got the answer of ‘can’t solve, how to love how to’. Ms. Wang once again suggested that the Kendia merchants have confirmed that there are quality defects in the floor and raised quality objections within the statutory time limit. The merchants have the responsibility and obligation to solve them. What surprised her was that Manager Gu replied that ‘the floor is ok, it is psychologically problematic. ‘As the representative of the brand area, it represents the image of the brand. The manager of the Fujian area like Kendia Floor responds to the consumer, hurting not only the brand image, but also the trust and confidence of the consumer.

Floor formaldehyde exceeds the standard, consumers have no time to return

Henan Xuchang Ms. Zhang purchased a batch of Kendia flooring in August 2009, she found the floor when loading There is a taste, the merchant explained that it is the smell of natural sealing wax, just a few days to dry. So Ms. Zhang’s house was installed on the floor. However, by the summer of 2010 she found the smell of the floor more pungent. Therefore, please go to the home to check the air quality, the test results show that the formaldehyde exceeds the standard 5 times!

This has caused Ms. Zhang’s attention, she reflects that a few pieces of Kendia floor have been preserved after paving the floor. Therefore, she contacted the merchant to request that the remaining floor be returned to the manufacturer for further testing of the floor. However, the answer given by the Kendi merchants and manufacturers is that the consumer personally issued a test report of the national certification body on the floor.

China’s national standard “solid wood composite floor” regulations: A class of solid wood composite floor formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 9 mg / 100 g; B type solid wood composite floor formaldehyde emission is equal to 9 mg -40 mg / 100 Gram. National Environmental Labeling Product TechnologyThe technical requirements–artificial wood board” stipulates that the formaldehyde emission in artificial boards should be less than 0.20 mg/m3; the formaldehyde emission in wooden floors should be less than 0.12 mg/m3.

The mandatory standard set by the China Furniture Standardization Center, “Guidelines for the Use of Consumer Goods, Part VI: Furniture” also stipulates that from October 1, 2005, furniture manufacturers must actually use the furniture materials and paints used. The control indicators such as toxic or radioactive substances are given instructions, and the exact amount of formaldehyde must be indicated and clearly indicated to the consumer by means of instructions. It is a big joke that the Kendia floor will push the product specifications issued by the manufacturer to the consumer. Ms. Zhang said with emotion, ‘We are a family who dare not go back, suffer from it, but can’t find a way to ask for a statement’, and also tells the voice of quite a large number of consumers.

Kendia Wood does not solve the problem

After receiving complaints from consumers, the staff of China Quality Miles Complaint Office called the customer service of Jiangsu Kendi Wood Co., Ltd. To the customer service staff to verify the complaints of the consumer Ms. Wang, the customer service staff said Quanzhou’s total distribution has been replaced, if there is a consumer complaint, contact Kendi floor manager Fujian District Manager. Therefore, the staff of the Complaint Office dialed the manager’s phone to verify the situation. Manager Gu said that the warranty period of the product was one year, and there was a quality problem during the warranty period. If it was not for human reasons, the company was responsible for the repair.

Since the Kendia floor has a one-year warranty, the quality problems of the floor purchased by Ms. Wang are within the scope of the warranty period. Therefore, the complaints office staff contacted Ms. Quanzhou Wang again to inform her. You can communicate with the manager to solve this problem. But a week later, Ms. Wang once again found the staff of the China Quality Miles Complaint Office, reflecting that she got the answer from Mr. Gu’s “can’t solve, how to love”.

Consumers and businesses sign purchase and sales contracts, floor manufacturers to provide quality maintenance and service guarantees for the products sold during the warranty period, is a matter of course, but also the responsibility and obligation of businesses to maintain the normal consumer market order. For example, in the case of Ms. Wang of Quanzhou, Kendia merchants have confirmed that there are quality defects in the floor, and they file quality objections within the statutory time limit. The merchants should actively solve the problem, fulfill the consumption obligation, use the service and sincere attitude. Solve problems and eliminate contradictions. The ‘push and drag’ way can only make consumers chill and completely lose brand reputation.

Release date: 2012/3/14 9:55:14

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How should the floor year-end promotion be innovative? Attracting consumers okorder

Many industry insiders said that under the premise of not predicting the market situation next year, all wood flooring businesses would like to have a year-end, preferential and new products, how to innovate the floor promotion during this period is crucial . As is known to all, due to factors such as rising prices of raw materials, the price of wood flooring has risen and then risen, and the momentum, magnitude and frequency of price increases are unprecedented. However, under the gradual downturn of the flooring market, various wood flooring brands are planning to launch large-scale promotions.

Year-end promotion efforts have been greatly upgraded

‘From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, various promotions have not stopped. But by the end of the year, everyone is rushing to promote, this time the promotion is the most worth seeing. ‘A wooden floor dealer said, ‘The usual promotion is mostly to attract people and keep customers’ attention to the brand. By the end of the year, it is time for the real knife to compete for customers. ‘

According to the author’s understanding, for example, the living house Baroque floor will carry out the 6th anniversary promotion in November, combining wood flooring, cabinets and ceramic tiles, and buying wooden flooring will send a designated series of gold cabinets and golden ceramic tiles. The pleasant floor also introduced several special effects of diamond plate and antique solid wood floor at the end of the year… After visiting a number of building materials decoration stores, the author learned that the floor merchants who are going to hold various activities at this stage are known. Not a few, but some of the brand merchants who have not yet done activities told the author that they have always had the idea of ​​engaging in activities.

‘More than once, the promotion of the pattern and specifications are upgraded’, the fierce competition allows the merchants to practice in the marketing, and the internal training of the employees, such as what problems consumers will ask, encounter How to deal with emergencies, how to place pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sales on-site signs, all of which must be considered.

Personalized high-end products become a new favorite

In Fuzhou, solid wood flooring has always been the mainstay of the market. In the overall downturn of the overall market, sales of high-end solid wood flooring are still stable, and some series have even risen. Therefore, many brand merchants launch many high-end products in a timely manner according to the tastes of consumers, ensuring market share.

In the solid wood flooring, this season’s pleasant floor has launched a series of bosses designed for villas, using rare wood such as Burmese teak, wenge, red sandalwood, and a single floor length of 4.8 meters. In addition, the boss series is also tailored to the appropriate type of wood according to the owner’s type and decoration style. The natural floor is made of novel wood with a hard and stable texture, elegant boat-shaped wood, and a leafhopper.

In terms of consumers’ consumption habits, the pleasant floor is brewing to introduce 80-story laminate flooring. For the post-80s consumption characteristics, the floor color is more diverse and the price is more affordable. The living baroque floor is launched with an impression series of solid wood multi-layered floors. It uses artificial brushing and rubbing techniques to create a natural bumpy texture on the floor, making the floor a presenter of the interior decoration.

Floor promotion methods need to be innovated

However, despite the frequent activities in the wood flooring market, the promotion of the gimmicks is varied, it seems that all the incentives are very strong, but industry insiders reminded how the wood floor merchants can take their own activities. Making new ideas is the key to their consideration this year.

‘This is just as consumers say, every time it is a special price, the money is the lowest, when is it really low?’ Mr. Yu, the person in charge of the pleasant floor, said that as consumers become more rational, The usual simple ‘promotional low-cost wars’ have been difficult to provoke their interest in buying. ‘How to make the activities new and let consumers get real benefits is the key to the current floor manufacturers should seriously think about. ‘

‘The annual promotion of the gimmicks are ‘super low price’, ‘vendor special supply’, etc., consumers can easily produce ‘aesthetic fatigue’. ‘Industry person Mr. Lin said that in response to the sluggish floor market, since this year, manufacturers have used a variety of opportunities to promote activities. From ‘May 1′ to ’11’, from all kinds of ‘cultural festivals’ to ‘anniversary celebrations’, the methods that can be used have almost been used.

Release date: 2011/12/5 10:03:30

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The flooring industry is misunderstood. Sustainable environmental protection is facing strong challenges. okorder

In 2011, it was designated as the International Year of Forests. In this year and day, which is quite different for the flooring industry, the World Flooring Conference was held in Shanghai. Sustainability has become a hot topic in the industry at this conference. It is not only applicable to the protection of forests, but also to the future development of China’s flooring industry.

Is the flooring industry really ‘misunderstood’?

‘Forests have been on Earth for 380 million years, but do we really understand trees? At the World Flooring Conference, Jim Gould, president of the American Institute of Ground Materials Research, broadcasted such a video, with a variety of beautiful forest images that alternated and flashed, and this rarely mentioned problem was thrown at the beginning of the film. This short film called Forest and People was specially filmed by the United Nations to promote the 2011 International Year of Forests. At a annual event in the flooring industry, where raw materials are supplied to deforestation, it seems that some of the short films on forest protection topics are out of date.

JimGould is not persuading listeners to give up their industry, but to advise entrepreneurs in the flooring industry, ‘If we want to grow in this industry, we must educate consumers around the world: if we manage deforestation well, the floor The industry is actually good for the world. Every producer and seller of wood needs to do his job and change the misunderstanding of consumers. ‘

The chairman of Nature Floor, Yan Xuebin, said that as a boss of the timber industry, he was always asked how many trees the company had cut. In fact, flooring manufacturers have replanted trees as a common means of floor marketing. Yan Xuebin said, ‘Every time I cut a tree, I promise to plant ten trees. Cutting trees and planting trees is not a contradiction. What needs to be considered is how to source legal timber globally to achieve more environmentally friendly goals. ‘

Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, also defends the low carbonity of the floor. ‘Afforestation is to absorb carbon dioxide to release oxygen, but if the wood is not used, it will eventually return to the atmosphere if it rots. . Therefore, it is necessary to use wood in large quantities, store carbon in wood products, and let the carbon delay the release time. Under the premise that the amount of growth exceeds the amount of use, it is not only one-sided emphasis on forest protection. ‘

Sustained development faces strong demand

’13 years ago, China was only an importer of laminate flooring, and now it has become the largest producer of laminate flooring. Although great success has been achieved, past successes do not represent future success. ‘This is a warning from Thomas Baert, Senior Development Consultant, China International Flooring Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition.

In the face of this kind warning, ‘reflection’ has become the word repeatedly mentioned by many speakers at the floor conference. And the challenge is everywhere. Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, listed the factors that are not conducive to the development of the industry, such as shortage of timber, rising prices, rising production costs such as manpower, tightening of real estate and financial policies, and upgrading of wood quality requirements. He concluded that it is no longer feasible to rely on the growth of resource consumption and capital accumulation.

Leading companies in the industry are also aware of this. Weng Shaobin, president of Shengxiang Group, said that China’s flooring companies are labor-intensive from product production, marketing to after-sales service. He once made a calculation. If the icon is to achieve sales of 3 to 4 billion yuan, the company needs to invest more than 10,000 people including production personnel, sales personnel and installation service personnel. Weng Shaobin believes that such high labor intensity is sustainable in the flooring industry and worth considering.

The road to transformation is not smooth, and the domestic flooring industry is fortunate that they have an increasingly large domestic consumer market compared to their foreign counterparts. During the ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ period, there will be 2.4 billion cubic meters of new buildings and 42 billion cubic meters of old buildings. This has great potential for the flooring industry, which has a 30% market share in floor coverings, Ye Kelin said.

Release date: 2011/12/12 10:33:48

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Analysis: How to choose a safety floor? Whether environmental protection depends on the quality of glue okorder

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How to choose a safe and secure floor for consumers </ 煞 网上 网上 网上 网上 安 安 安 安 安 安 安 安 安 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上Gan Chao, an expert in the Chemical Building Materials Center of Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Institute, was interviewed by this newspaper to teach you how to buy safe and environmentally friendly flooring.

Hot bubble floor measurement of formaldehyde? Reasonable but not reliable


The Internet broke the Anxin ‘Poison Floor’ incident, Vanke Real Estate announced that it will thoroughly investigate all the buildings using Anxin Floor. Although Vanke and more than 40 cities across the country issued a total of 163 re-examination reports on Anxin Floor, except Vanke Foshan The floor of formaldehyde in a building is out of the standard, and the rest of the test results are in line with national standards.

The quality of the floor in the market is uneven, how to buy a safe and reliable floor, and let the consumers take pains, online A simple method of measuring formaldehyde: ‘take A small sample, soak it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes after going home, smell it with no irritating taste. Good floor due to low formaldehyde emission, generally won’t smell pungent odor. Once it smells more exciting The strange smell, even the eyes feel uncomfortable, basically can be determined that the floor formaldehyde is exceeded. ‘

Is this method of measuring formaldehyde reliable? Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Institute chemical building materials expert Gan Chao said that there is a certain However, the test results are not reliable. ‘Formaldehyde is soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is formalin.’ Gan Chao explained that formalin will emit a pungent odor, and the floor of formaldehyde exceeding the standard will be soaked in boiling water. There is a pungent odor. However, this test method is very rough, and the irritating odor does not necessarily mean that the formaldehyde in the floor exceeds the standard. It is possible that the formaldehyde emission of the floor is below the critical value and is still qualified.

Formaldehyde standard The inspection shall be carried out under the specified conditions, and the procedures, tools, environmental conditions and inspectors shall be required to be strict. Like the formaldehyde test, there are extraction methods and dryer methods. It is unlikely that the citizens will meet these conditions when they self-test. The method is also difficult to play a reference role.

‘Poisonous’ floor formaldehyde comes from? The use of glue difference leads to formaldehyde exceeding the standard

common floor has 4 kinds: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, reinforcement Laminate flooring and bamboo flooring. The recently-reported ‘poisonous’ flooring mainly refers to laminate floorings with excessive formaldehyde emission.

Gan Chao introduced that laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of structure. The surface of the floor is a wear-resistant layer, mainly composed of aluminum oxide, which has strong wear resistance and hardness. Then there is a decorative layer, which is a layer of paper impregnated with melamine resin. There is also a base layer, the main structure is Medium and high density fiberboard, treated with high temperature, high pressure and gluing. Finally, the balance layer, which is a layer of kraft paper, has a certain strength and thickness, and is impregnated with resin to prevent moisture and floor deformation. The solid wood composite board is made of plywood and the veneers are bonded together.

Strengthening the floor and solid wood composite floor by adhesive bonding, will produce formaldehyde, less adhesive, poor drainage performance of the floor; the more formaldehyde, the higher the adhesion fastness, the floor contains formaldehyde It is inevitable in itself. Gan Chao said, ‘Urea-formaldehyde glue and phenolic glue are commonly used in floor production. The content of phenolic rubber is low, but the price is high. ‘The quality of the glue used in the production enterprises is uneven, and the poor quality glue will produce the floor with excessive formaldehyde emission.

How to buy a floor? Reaching the environmental protection E1 level

Many citizens put the formaldehyde and ‘poison’ on the equal sign. In fact, low-concentration formaldehyde is common in nature, and there is trace amount of formaldehyde in clothes, apples and other foods. It is a normal phenomenon that wood products contain formaldehyde. The key is to release the amount in a reasonable manner, and the formaldehyde control should be closed in the wood product without dissipating.

Gan Chao introduced, the national mandatory standards stipulate that there is a formaldehyde emission requirement for solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring and bamboo flooring. The commonly used testing method is the dryer method. At present, the release of formaldehyde from wooden floors is carried out by the mandatory national standard GB18580-2001, which stipulates that the formaldehyde emission of artificial board products is 1.5mg/L, which is E1. The formaldehyde emission of 0.5mg/L reaches the E0 level, which is a recommended standard.

How do people buy safe and secure floors? Gan Chao said that it is not appropriate to excessively pursue high standards and high standards. It is enough to choose E1 products. At present, the brand of wood flooring on the market is dazzling, and three products are everywhere. When consumers buy, try to find the floor with high reputation and brand ring in the market. Regular flooring companies have printed or branded clear Chinese logos, such as manufacturer name, site, implementation standard number, product name, specification, wood name, grade, quantity and batch number, etc. The information can be considered as inferior floor or three no floor, and the possibility of ‘toxic’ is greater.

Gan Chao said that the public can also let the seller present the recent floor test report when purchasing, to see if the report is issued by a nationally recognized statutory authorized testing agency; The tested product batch is the same batch as the one you purchased.

Anti-formaldehyde tips:

caused indoor air pollution in home decoration is often not only caused by excessive formaldehyde in a single material. Paints, paints, furniture, etc. may contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde during the decoration process. Sometimes the formaldehyde content of a single product is not exceeded, but the qualified products in the house are used much more, and the cumulative amount will exceed the standard. While paying attention to the environmental protection indicators of individual materials, the public should also pay attention to the indoor air pollution caused by excessive use of formaldehyde in the home decoration materials.

Release date: 2012/4/9 10:09:52

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The fundamental of marketing innovation in flooring enterprises lies in the mode okorder

In the era of knowledge economy, innovation has become the soul of enterprises. Business model innovation is the requirement of flooring companies for a highly competitive market environment. Enterprise innovation should bear the brunt of marketing innovation. The so-called marketing innovation is the process of seeking transformation and breakthrough of marketing elements and their combinations in the market according to the new market environment, combining their own resource conditions and operating strength. Marketing innovation most directly reflects the company’s market creation ability, and only marketing innovation can directly create profit for the company to a greater extent.

In the usual sense, the company’s technology, products, channels, management and service innovation are all part of marketing innovation. Strategy first is an important feature of marketing. Therefore, marketing innovation is mostly reflected in the innovation of tactical and strategic models. In today’s over-competitive market, innovation in the important position of marketing is no longer the innovation of tactical mode, but the innovation of strategic model. What is the marketing model? The marketing model is the embodiment of the business model of the enterprise in the marketing system and its value chain. Only strategic model innovation can create the biggest source of profit for enterprises, and the adherence model may cause enterprises to lose market opportunities. A good model requires good ideas, and good ideas may not be a good model. The fundamental of marketing model innovation is to break the conventional and traditional mindset, maintain highly flexible marketing thinking and resourceful market organs, systematically innovate and boldly in the concept and strategic level of market competition, and promote enterprise transformation with creativity. And strategic breakthroughs, to achieve market goals with strategic breakthroughs and conceptual leadership.

Today, the business environment is facing unprecedented changes, consumers are becoming more and more powerful, and purchasing decisions are becoming more complex. The fundamental reason is that customer needs are constantly changing. The essence of marketing concepts and strategic innovation is that companies are required to shift from focusing on their own product production to paying attention to the satisfaction of consumer demand and how to create greater value for consumers. Therefore, the competition of the marketing model is not the competition of the enterprise in a certain link and a certain function, but the competition throughout the enterprise value chain. The quasi-center of the marketing model is to focus on the profit acquisition of the enterprise, which is to accurately grasp the customer’s needs, fully display the strategy and tactics, and continuously strengthen the marketing advantage of the enterprise. Therefore, high-level marketing competition is the competition of model innovation, and it is the competition that closely focuses on the net profit of enterprises.

Those who have maps do not get lost, and those who have models are not blind. An effective marketing model should be based on an accurate grasp of the external environment and optimal allocation of internal resources. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing model that applies to any enterprise and has no fixed marketing model. . For enterprises, an effective marketing model always belongs to the ‘this one’ of their own enterprises. When the utility of a model is maximized in the market, or a large number of enterprises start to follow suit, a large-scale model convergence will lead to a model. Invalid.

Chinese companies have many inherent shortcomings, but it seems to be better in terms of model innovation. Many enterprises have flexible management, advocating human governance, doing things for a long time, being good at seeing the wind and turning the rudder, and never sticking to the model in business thinking. Even the strategic formulation of a company is often based on the intuition and vague judgment of the market and the objective environment. The so-called ‘following the feelings’ is beaten up, and it seems that it is often ‘intentional to plant flowers and flowers, no intention to insert willows.’ From the perspective of model innovation, including Chinese companies are good at conceptual design and storytelling, their blood seems to have the innate innovation of ‘Dare to change the sun and the moon’. This kind of self-deprecating thinking mode sometimes inevitably blooms with the innovative aura. However, if the company is always good at playing concepts and making stories, thinking that the concept is novel and the story is moving, it will be able to win the favor of VC and PE. This kind of thinking is somewhat whimsical. Profit-seeking is always the nature of capital. Therefore, the innovation of the model must also abide by the business logic of capital.

Good ideas may not be a good model. When we zoomed out of the lens, there were other stars like Bertelsmann and PPG alongside the winners. The virtual world was originally the dream home of the rich. I don’t know how many people are trying to cater to VC’s business logic and model innovation. One day, they will drop the golden wand of the capital world from the sky. The digital economy has created a large number of darlings of the times. Entrepreneurial and fascinating has also attracted countless heroes to compete! No matter the entrepreneurs who are long-sleeved in the traditional field, or the entrepreneurs who started from scratch in the emerging field, they all have a unique view of the capital model of enterprise development. bell.

Today, model innovation is highly sought after and has become the top priority of corporate strategic innovation. In the practice of innovation, enterprises need to calmly think: the fundamental of model innovation is to adapt to changes in the market environment and meet the real needs of customers; the innovation of models also needs to be forward-looking and need to create a sustainable competitive advantage for enterprises. However, the road to innovation needs to be kept in mind: one step ahead is the pioneer, and the first two steps into the martyrs. Some people are jokingly saying: ‘Being ahead is a hero, leading the two steps to become a bear. ‘

Release date: 2011/12/23 11:58:03

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Analysis on the structure of laminate flooring okorder

The laminate flooring consists of a four-layer structure. The first layer: wear layer. Mainly composed of Al₂O₃ (aluminum oxide), it has strong wear resistance and hardness, and some reinforced laminate flooring made of melamine can not meet the standard requirements. The second layer: the decorative layer. It is a layer of paper impregnated with melamine resin, and the paper is printed with wood grain or other patterns resembling precious tree species. The third layer: the base layer. It is a medium density or high density laminate, also known as the High Density Fiberboard. After high temperature and high pressure treatment, it has certain moisture and flame retardant properties, and the basic material is wood fiber. The fourth layer: the balance layer. It is a layer of kraft paper with a certain strength and thickness, and is impregnated with resin to prevent moisture and floor deformation.

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Selection and adjustment of floor enterprise channel mode okorder

At present, the flooring industry has formed a huge industrial system covering all the first- and second-tier cities in the country and infiltrating county-level cities. Moreover, a number of leading enterprises in the industry have emerged one after another, and have established nationwide sales channels, reaching sales scales of hundreds of millions to billions. With the fierce competition in the flooring market, many flooring companies have tried their best to seize the national market, constantly adjust their business management, channel mode, etc., or vigorously develop direct sales stores, reduce the number of franchisees, or cut off direct sales. Shop, sell it to franchisees to find the marketing channel model that is most suitable for its development.

Systematization and standardization are prerequisites for enterprises to franchise, and are the copying, management and control of the franchise model. The true standardization should be the standardization of corporate culture, the standardization of behavioral concepts and the standardization of visual image. Part of the floor franchise stores are limited to the standardization of trademarks, store decoration, store appearance, clothing and other primary levels, resulting in different franchise service levels, service quality, management level and profitability.

In general, brand enterprises to expand channels, need to spread the network throughout the country, improve visibility, will quickly expand the number of stores under the small capital conditions with the mode of joining.

With the continuous development of the brand, due to the differences in the marketing, service and management levels of the participating stores, many franchisees did not make profits or even losses after a period of operation. Then this part of the dealer may appear to hang sheep and sell dog meat, seriously hurting the brand image. Even some dealers directly changed the door and became a specialty store of other brands. For the brand enterprises, it is equal to the previous market expansion, publicity and related work and expenses for the dealers to open the store, and it has caused a lot of damage to the brand itself. The specialty stores with better business conditions will be more and more critical of the brand, and even rely on the operation of other peer brands, requiring brand companies to give more and more support, and the same brand companies to challenge. Therefore, after a period of development, the operation management of the brand needs to be integrated in the channel, such as the use of stop joining, franchise repurchase, joint venture with franchisees, direct operation, etc., of which direct competition is more common. the way. In general, the continuous adjustment of the channel model by the flooring company is a process of transformation from basic marketing to advanced marketing channel strategy.

The self-built terminal’s direct mode can solve many problems arising from the operation of the franchise mode. For example, the fund recovery, promotion management, price management and other related aspects have been improved, and manufacturers can effectively control the store. And regulation. But it also has difficulties that are difficult to break through.

First, the pressure of capital. Every time a direct store is established, it needs to occupy a company’s funds in terms of decoration, rent, transfer fees, etc., and it is difficult to recover the cost in a short period of time. If the number of directly operated stores is large, there will be great pressure on brand companies that are not well-capitalized. Relevant experts believe that franchising eases financial pressure and allows brand companies to concentrate more funds on other aspects of development.

Second, the cross-regional dilemma. In general, brand companies have relatively easy to open stores in their local areas, and they have a good relationship with social resources. However, if you expand your direct sales stores across the region and go out, you will suffer from difficulties in logistics, financial management, and regional promotion.

In addition, the direct channel is in management, you need to have a good grasp of the management ‘degree’. If you can’t grasp the ‘degree’ very well, there will be a situation where ‘one tube will die, one will be chaotic.’ Too tight, any business in the direct store needs to be transmitted by fax, which is inefficient. Or it is too loose, which may lead to unfavorable supervision or loss of supervision. Therefore, the self-operated model of the flooring industry channel is not the only way to solve the channel problem, nor is it the mainstream trend of future channel development. After all, the social division of labor is getting more and more detailed, and brand companies need to devote more energy to brand building and product quality as well as research and development. Only differentiated, high-quality, high value-added products are the foundation of the market. For the choice of channel model, the flooring industry brand needs to improve and strictly implement standardization. On the other hand, it should formulate appropriate channel strategy according to its own enterprise development strategy and the actual production level, research and development capability, and financial status of the enterprise. There is no right or wrong channel model.

Release date: 2012/1/31 9:22:39

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The price of wood flooring is lower than that of floor tiles. okorder

Recently, many wood flooring experts expressed the feeling that the price of wood flooring is actually lower than that of floor tiles, and it is a strange thing to sell other products in the wood industry.

Wood flooring prices sell lower than floor tiles, which is a strange thing. Because it is environmentally friendly, the wooden floor is not worse than the floor tiles and marble; on the comfort of the foot, the wooden floor can be said to be the most ideal. A 10 square meter floor panel can be used to make a wardrobe, which can be sold for 20,000 yuan; and the price of 10 square meters of wood flooring is only about 2,000 yuan. If the price of wood flooring is calculated, it will not sell the price of some vegetables.

Why is the price of wooden flooring so low? Nearly a thousand brands of tens of millions of square meters of wooden flooring ‘沤’ together to kill, this is the main reason for the price of wood flooring is lower than the floor tiles.

The number of wooden flooring manufacturers in the country has grown rapidly. Almost every month, new brands have emerged. The surface seems to be booming, but behind it is the price of wood flooring to pull customers, and then dumping inferior products to save lives. In the end, if the complaint is more than support, it will be closed. In fact, many wood flooring companies have not carried out market research and will be launched. The market supply exceeds demand, quantity increases and falls. For the sake of profit, some small manufacturers’ products will inevitably be shoddy, cut corners, and will also cause harm to consumers. Experts predict that as the industry squeezes forward, there are currently nearly 2,000 large and small wooden floor production enterprises in the country. After fifteen or twenty years, there will be only a few dozen. At that time, the market will be able to develop in a healthy way.

The overall improvement in the wood flooring market in February 2011 is a welcome sign for the industry. However, the overall sales of wood flooring has once again entered a low tide. If consumers are ready to decorate their houses, the price of wood flooring is undoubtedly more cost-effective.

Release date: 2012/2/3 11:51:31

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The road to success for Chinese flooring companies needs to constantly improve the ideological realm and pattern okorder

Brand building and operation are the concentrated expression and expression under the brand idea. Different ideas will have different realms. Different realms will produce different results. Therefore: in the brand world, there is a brand. The difference between high and low, the strength of brand competitiveness.

There are many flooring companies in China, and there are many brands that look like ‘but’, but the brands that are truly valuable are rare. In private enterprises, it is difficult to see the brand strategy of system science, even though we often I will see some companies shouting: ‘Be the industry first’, ‘To build the industry’s first brand!’, but the vast majority are ‘slogan’, this grand goal is important, but does not necessarily represent the company Really implement the first brand strategy. In fact: not only the flooring industry, the brand strategy of most Chinese companies is missing, it is not systematic and incomplete. Because of the lack of ideas, the lack of patterns and realms, and the promotion of brand strategy to the overall strategic level of the company.

We know that only the first brand is the most valuable, because consumers only remember the first. But to build the first brand, we must have ambitions. We need entrepreneurs to have the inner drive and thought pattern of ‘becoming the first’, but also have methods and skills. Achieving the first brand is not only an exciting strategic goal, but a systematic implementation of brand strategy and tactics under the overall strategic guidance.

China’s flooring companies face the future of brand competition, we must accelerate the pace of installing brands for enterprises. The company is based on the long-term, striving to create a first-class enterprise, and building a first-class brand is the best choice. ‘The first important thing is to be the first! For the enterprise now: either do the first, or do the only ‘.

How big a business can do, how big a thing can be, not a simple corporate slogan and goal, we do not lack the unremitting efforts of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and more importantly, we must make unremitting efforts. Based on the implementation of the correct and ambitious strategic pattern of the enterprise.

The strategic structure of the enterprise, the operating pattern of the brand, from the vision, vision, mind and knowledge structure of entrepreneurs and their executives, ideas and patterns play a key role. And those: business sense, businessman awareness, small farmers awareness, small wealth is safe, suffering from loss, short-sighted short-term, hesitant, lack of entrepreneurial ideology and mindfulness, it is impossible to achieve great cause and achieve great brands.

China does not have ‘Stebs’, but we need people like ‘Stebs’, so our national prime minister advocated us to learn from him, learn to lead the market, innovation, broad, never end, learn them high Sexual international business depends on the eye and the pattern, learning their international brand concept and high-mindedness, and striving for the spirit of the upstream. We know that brand is a kind of value commitment. To meet the potential identity and psychological needs of consumers, the most successful foreign brand is not that he has created some kind of real thing, but the high level of their brand operation, brand culture, marketing. The proficiency of the operation has made the high value behind the brand, and they have successfully completed the seamless connection between the brand and the target consumer. This kind of seamless docking is precisely the superb point of foreign brands. It is also the root cause of their ability to seize the market and occupy high-quality high-end consumers. This brand culture and consumer psychology can seamlessly cross all cultures, regions and races. And historical obstacles.

Looking at the successful brands around us, all are winners of the brand’s thinking. The list is too numerous to mention.

‘How far is the idea, how far can we go’, and so is the brand operation.

To operate a business, what to do first? The answer is: first to make a strategy, to operate a brand, what to do first? The first thing to do is to do the brand strategy first.

And these, first of all, need the mindset of business and entrepreneurs. If the pattern is small, it will not be magnificent, it will lack height, and the height will determine the speed. We know that in the Chinese market, doing business, branding, and marketing must be speedy.

The pattern determines our future. The pattern of one person determines how much success it will make in the future. It is the same for a company and a brand. The pattern of thought determines the degree of power. Only strong can be convincing. Only makes people convinced, strong will be respected and dignified. To be a company, to be a brand, to be in the top of the earth, to be able to have a height in the sky, and to be stable.

Chinese flooring companies must constantly improve their ideological realm and pattern, and broaden their minds, courage, and belief systems. Business management is a kind of social responsibility. Brand management also needs to contribute to the rejuvenation and rise of national brands. It is necessary to smash small frameworks and build big thinking. To be a brand, to be the first, to be a business, to be one of the best companies in the industry or a certain team. As long as we work hard, we will not do nothing. Because success comes at a price, unsuccessful costs a lot. Thought is the weapon of innovation. Only innovation can never be rigid, never stagnate, and the brand will be able to remain glamorous.

Release date: 2012/2/7 11:04:27

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The number of flooring brands is increasing year by year. How do small and medium-sized flooring companies make a living? okorder

Consumers often choose brands with good reputation when shopping. Therefore, brand recognition has become one of the important factors affecting consumers’ purchasing behavior. Home decoration also buys flooring. For those small and medium-sized flooring companies with weak strength, it is facing a greater survival test. For small and medium-sized flooring brands to stand on the heels of the regional market and form a brand resilience, they need to be active in the market atmosphere, which will attract consumers’ attention.

Follow the daily behavior of consumers and purchase psychology, and start the outdoor advertising spread from the storefront in front of the daily residential community in the area, such as the property management office, convenience store, etc., where everyone will come into contact every day. Let consumers see the brand’s message transmission every day, and continue to strengthen into the minds of consumers. Many flooring brands have done a good job in creating momentum. They have put a lot of advertisements in CCTV prime time to highlight their worth; the funds are tightly held to hold an opening ceremony or investment promotion meeting, which is enough to attract the attention of the nearby area. However, the lively market atmosphere only stays at that time. It is useless. It is necessary to let the floor brand continue to shine and become a consumer’s desire to consume.

Create a high-end terminal image in a timely manner

The creation of a brand image also requires a high-end terminal image that is consistent with the brand image, but many small and medium-sized brands are often strained, and this is often overlooked. On the other hand, there is no coordination with the regional dealers in the investment, ‘I can’t bear the children can’t set a wolf’, and it seems that the top-end terminal stores, although expensive, can radiate a larger size in their small areas. Influence, after all, most people are now appearance associations, and the store must be beautiful to attract more people to pay.

If the small and medium-sized flooring brand has its own image display store in the local area, the consumers in the area will be able to come to the door to experience the quality, function, quality, service, etc. of the brand products, and improve the brand over time. The local credibility of recognition allows consumers to form a trustworthy brand concept in their minds. Only fresh and believe can ultimately be transformed into sales behavior.

The development of any business will not be smooth, the same for the industry. As a relatively embarrassing group on the market, small and medium-sized flooring companies must also consider the direction that suits their own development. Sitting and waiting can not solve the problem, small and medium-sized flooring companies can only find a breakthrough in development, starting from the details, in order to achieve a qualitative breakthrough.

Release date: 2015/11/18 17:27:12

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