High quality doors and windows, high performance doors and windows okorder

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have clear requirements for the quality and performance of the house. The energy-saving performance, safety performance, noise reduction, sun protection, comfort and durability of building doors and windows are increasingly valued. Door and window products, in addition to pay attention to the obvious parts of doors and windows, such as the quality of aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., but also pay attention to the realization of the comprehensive performance of these door and window components.
Most people think that the purchase of high-quality doors and windows, pay attention to the quality of the obvious parts of doors and windows such as aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., but the professional performance requirements of the doors and windows are not understood at all, more concerned about the product Quality, cost-effective and other factors, the initial consumption ideology that high-quality doors and windows are equal to high-performance doors and windows.

In fact, high quality doors and windows = high quality profiles + glass + accessories strips + processing technology + installation process +…

High performance doors and windows = high performance profiles × glass × accessory strip × processing technology × installation process × …

Therefore, high-quality doors and windows, high-performance doors and windows.

The real system door and window is a perfect organic combination of performance system, need to consider water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, A series of important factors such as sunshade, weather resistance, and handling feel, as well as the comprehensive results of the performance of equipment, profiles, fittings, glass, adhesives, and seals, are indispensable.

Design and selection of profiles

First, the performance of different materials is different, mainly because the difference in heat transfer coefficient determines the energy consumption of doors and windows. When you choose a material, The focus on profile design is very important. In the case of aluminum alloy profiles, ordinary aluminum alloy profiles have very high thermal conductivity and fast heat transfer. They are particularly noticeable in cold regions of the north, and there are also frost, dew, ice and drowning in the interior. The phenomenon is only invisible to the naked eye, but it consumes a lot of energy for air conditioning. Most of the red oak tree sound door and window series products are broken bridge aluminum profiles, multi-layer rubber strips, and the thermal insulation performance is very good.

Of course, whether the improvement of the profile can achieve the effect of energy saving is related to the opening form of the window type. For example, the energy-saving effect of the aluminum alloy profile of the insulated door and the window is compared. Obviously; for sliding doors and windows, the use of insulated aluminum profiles can only be said to be difficult to stand alone, because the sliding doors and windows are closed when the two window fans are not in the same plane, and there is no sealing pressure between the two window fans and around, only The overlap is overlapped by the tops, and there is a gap between the tops to form a convection phenomenon.

The choice of glass

The loss of energy is mainly caused by convection, conduction, and radiation. The glass is mainly the heat radiation loss energy, so we are choosing the building doors and windows. When making glass, to ensure the energy saving of the whole building, it is necessary to choose the glass reasonably. In response to the needs of different buildings around the world, choose the glass with the corresponding heat transfer coefficient and shading coefficient.

Take the southern region, the southern region belongs to the hot summer and warm winter zone, and the high temperature cycle is long. In the choice of glass, it is not possible to choose transparent glass with good lighting in the cold region. Low reflection, such as heat reflective coated hollow glass and Low-E insulating glass.

Hardware accessories

“Hardware accessories are the heart of the doors and windows, not the supporting role.” A person’s limbs are developed, the appearance looks good, if the heart is not good, Is it a waste person? The same is true of doors and windows. The functions of hardware accessories in energy-saving windows and doors are very important. They are not only related to the airtightness, watertightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows, but also play a very important role in safety and other performance. The red oak net sound doors and windows are selected by well-known brand hardware accessories, such as Germany imported good Bo handle, through 2 million reset experiments, the details determine the height, in order to enhance each user’s product experience.

Correct assembly

The previous points are the requirements of the door and window assembly, and the correct combination of multiple components into a system is the perfect system door and window. Therefore, when we choose to join the doors and windows, it is also very important to choose the strong and experienced door and window manufacturers. For example, the red oak doors and windows are very good.
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Why is a seemingly ordinary toilet lid so expensive? okorder

It is said that getting up in winter relies on perseverance, bathing requires courage, and heating depends on strength. The most resistant thing in winter is to go to the bathroom!
How can I save a stiff person with a cold? The biting cold can take away all the heat, and the hot hot tea can cool to the ice hand in 10 minutes, not to mention the toilet. If you don’t have toilet paper yet, congratulations and become an eternal monument. Over the years, you will find that although you are comfortable in sitting in the toilet, there are still some small details that are not satisfactory. For example, if you encounter a roll paper with a bad touch, rubbing PP becomes a torture. During my aunt, going to the bathroom is like creating a battlefield. Cleaning the toilet and cleaning myself is a big problem; the efficiency of reading in the toilet is particularly high, but the smell of the toilet is always a bit quiet… so the smart toilet cover It came into being, and its ability to heat the toilet seat, warm water washing and drying has attracted many users. But many people don’t understand why such a seemingly ordinary cover can sell thousands of dollars? ! Today, let’s talk about smart toilets.

The birth of a smart toilet cover

Into the smart toilet production workshop, first see that the staff is carefully assembling all parts of the smart toilet cover. After completing the assembly process of the intelligent toilet lid drying module, the staff uses the computer equipment to test the wind speed and the air temperature of the drying module to eliminate the parts that are out of specification. This is followed by a test of the motherboard, which tests the function of the electronic circuit board. It is reported that the main board is one of the key factors for the successful operation of the entire intelligent toilet seat function, and it needs to have a high technical content.

How to solve the toilet cover moisture?

The Chinese family’s bathroom has few wet and dry partitions. How can the smart toilet be moisture-proof, safe and stable in a humid environment? Firstly, the motherboard is glued and glued to prevent moisture. It is equivalent to a protective film, which protects the motherboard in all directions and avoids the invasion of water vapor and water. In addition, many large brands will also insulate all circuit interfaces with glue, and the intelligent toilet cover processed by the injection molding process is especially suitable for domestic living environment, because it can effectively waterproof and moisture, thus ensuring the quality and life of the product.

—A quality toilet lid is subject to multiple inspections—

Water tank pressure relief valve test: The function is to prevent the water tank from over-pressure bursting, which is a safety protection function.

Water tank pressure relief valve test

Air gun assembly inspection: The qualification standard is the cleaning level selected by the user, the water output of the spray gun, water pressure, water flow The directions are in accordance with the design, ensuring a comfortable toilet feel for each user.

Detector assembly detection

Smart toilet clam seat load weight and rocking test: used to test the mechanical strength of the seat.

Coordinate load and rocking test

The toilet load bearing compression test: the test foot will step on the pedal and impact the test piece to detect the test piece Is it strong?
Shower test: In order to ensure the product is moisture-proof and waterproof, the big brand manufacturers will accept the shower test in the bathroom.

Showing test

All tests are carried out and bundled and shipped. After a lot of inspections of dozens of processes, a good toilet lid can be produced. Of course, in addition to producing a good toilet cover, a good brand must do a good job of service and security, so that consumers can buy with confidence, use peace of mind, and experience happiness! Now I know why my toilet is expensive. !

What is the difference between a few hundred and a few thousand smart toilet seats?

The appearance looks the same, the function looks similar, why some smart toilets can sell 5000, while others only need 800, you say that you are a brand can not be so much? What is the difference between a few hundred and a few thousand smart toilets?

Difference 1: Raw materials and accessories are different

Inlet valve: Don’t underestimate this inconspicuous thing. If the inlet valve is not good, it will easily cause water leakage.

Motor: If the drying fan fails, the heating wire is still heating and it is easy to catch fire, so the motor must be good.

Difference 2: Manufacturing costs are different

Brand toilets are expensive due to their excellent materials, fine workmanship, high manufacturing costs, and the selling price is naturally more expensive than miscellaneous. For example, the glue filling process: the intelligent toilet cover processed by the glue filling process can protect the main board in all directions, avoiding the invasion of water vapor and water flow, thereby ensuring the quality and life of the product.

Difference 3: The factory inspection is not the same

The regular manufacturers are meticulous about the products. The products will be strictly checked before leaving the factory, and will not let any unqualified products flow in. To the market. However, the quality requirements of the brand-name manufacturers are very low. They only value how the products can produce the highest profits at the lowest cost.

Difference 4: Different after-sales service

The big brand manufacturers have a perfect after-sales service system, which is very concerned about the reputation generated by each product sold. The production of black processing points in the workshop, the production of low or unqualified products are mostly fake and shoddy brands, do not care about the negative reputation generated by the sale of products, because the product configuration is very cheap, so sell one to earn one.

Why are more and more people choosing smart toilets? With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people are paying attention to smart toilets, but most people don’t know much about smart toilets. Today, let’s take a look at the power of smart toilets:

Smart toilet has a laxative function, warming the anus, warming the anusThe surrounding acupoints, especially the strong acupoints, help defecation. Warm water enters the anus, lubricates the intestines, makes the stool smooth, and is a boon for constipation and urinary patients, so that you can live so easily and freely every day!

Intestinal health

Intelligent toilet flushing before the anus, can massage the acupuncture points around the anus, lubricate the intestines, soften and decompose dry and agglomerated stools, help defecation To eradicate constipation, enema detoxification, and timely clean up the harmful substances in the intestines.

Improve the incidence of hemorrhoids

The intelligent toilet with the care of the buttocks effectively cleans the buttocks, greatly reducing the disease caused by bacterial growth, effectively serving as “juju” Prevent acne diseases in the area, avoid the pain of hand rubbing, warm and comfortable, and easy to clean. Say goodbye to “friction”!

Gynecological diseases are reduced

Vulvar cleansing care is essential for women’s health. 60% of gynecological diseases are caused by contamination of the vulva. Women are often troubled by the inconvenience of cleaning during menstruation and prenatal and postpartum.

Winter toilets are not afraid of cold

The smart toilet cover uses a smart toilet with adjustable temperature heating seat, which can be adjusted according to personal preference or region and weather. You feel warm and comfortable when you go to the toilet in the cold winter, and you don’t have to worry about the cold feeling when you go to the toilet.
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Bathroom mirror lamp replacement, learn these you can come by yourself okorder

The bathroom mirror headlights are almost in every household, and it is inevitable that they need to be replaced after a long time. So what is the replacement method for the bathroom mirror lamp? The editor below will introduce the replacement method of the bathroom mirror lamp and the precautions for the installation of the bathroom mirror lamp.

How to replace the bathroom mirror lamp tube and precautions

  How to replace the bathroom mirror lamp

   First make sure that the power supply has been cut off before replacing the lamp in the bathroom mirror. When replacing, make sure the lamp body is stable. The replacement method of the bathroom mirror light tube is very simple. Firstly, whether the transparent plastic cover of the package lamp can be twisted by hand. If the lamp cover is not twisted, it can be checked whether the plug at both ends of the lamp holder can be removed. It can be taken down. Need to remind everyone that the mirror headlights currently used on the market are LED chips, and the lamps are rarely used. The LED mirror headlights have a long service life, basically no need to change chips, can be used for up to 2 years, and the light effect It is also much better than the lamp headlights.

  Washing mirror headlight tube replacement precautions

   First, when changing the bathroom mirror headlight tube Pay attention to the waterproof and anti-riot effect. Under high temperature and humidity conditions, it should still maintain a high usage rate. At the same time, the layout of the mirror headlight power cord must not pass through the wash basin or the toilet. Also check the power cord for breakage.

  Second, be sure to distinguish between the input and output of the clear power supply, and the end of the longer line is the output. One end of the pink line is the input.

   Third, observe that the end of the aluminum part of the lamp has a positive end. If the lamp is not lit after installation, please change it. Look at the ends of the T5 tube. If it still does not shine, please return it.

   Fourth, do not operate with power when installing the PC cover.

  The appearance of bathroom mirror headlights has been loved by many consumers, especially female friends, not only the bathroom, but also the mirror, the dressing room can also be installed. Mirror front light. Editors suggest that when choosing the mirror headlights, be sure to pay attention to the quality, pay more attention to cleaning in the daily use process, so that you can reduce the frequency of the replacement of the bathroom mirror lamp to achieve the best use.
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You must pay attention to these when choosing the floor. okorder

As a building material laid out in a large area, the floor not only has close contact with us every day, but also concerns the health of the whole family, so it is not sloppy. For the floor, the most important thing for everyone is formaldehyde, but do you know? In addition to formaldehyde, you still have a lot of keywords to understand,

There are many names on the market, there are many concepts, but there are three types, solid wood flooring, composite Flooring, laminate flooring.

Solid wood flooring: It is the whole piece of wood. The ground paving material obtained by planing and painting is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It has a unique texture and pursues the natural essence of logs.

Composite floor: It is a solid wood composite floor, divided into three layers and multiple layers, often with plywood as the main body, a layer of solid wood skin on the surface, and then paint process. It retains the natural texture of solid wood flooring, and has the advantages of easy installation, good maintenance, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-bacterial and geothermal.

Reinforced laminate flooring: also known as laminate flooring, which is made of MDF, with wood grain paper and wear-resistant paper on the surface and balance paper on the back. It has a variety of styles, is affordable, and is durable and durable, but there may be formaldehyde hazards.


After buying the floor, you should take out some of them and try to try it yourself. Of course, not for fun and fun, but to observe the degree of fit between the floors. , bite, assembly gap, and height difference between adjacent floors.


When choosing solid wood flooring, be sure to pay attention to the size, not the wider the better, the longer the better, because the oversized solid wood floor is relatively easy to deform, so It is recommended to choose a narrower and shorter floor.


Although the stability of solid wood flooring is better than ordinary wood, the excessive temperature and humidity changes in the external environment will still cause dimensional changes, balsam and glutinous rice. The eight woods of Ye Sumu, Gemu, Eryidou, New Doudan, Longan, Disc Bean, and Terminalia are relatively stable, teak has the best dimensional stability, and ash is the worst.


The color choice of the floor should be matched with the style of the decoration. Take the solid wood floor as an example. If the modern style decoration needs to be refreshing and bright, you can choose oak. The wood of ash, pebbles, birch and other woods is a white tree; if the decoration style is classical, you can choose darker trees such as eucalyptus, balsam, teak, and winged iron.

Number of layers

By the side of the composite floor, we can clearly see the number of layers, the surface is generally a precious hardwood layer, there are three layers and multiple layers Different choices, which are characterized by the criss-crossing of the fibers of each layer of the board, both offset the internal stress of the wood and change the unidirectional homogeneity of the wood, making the floor become isotropic. Therefore, the stability is quite good, it is not easy to deform, crack, and make up for the deficiency of solid wood flooring in this respect.

paint surface

The main technical parameters of the parquet floor paint include the adhesion of the floor paint film, the wear resistance of the paint surface, and the paint finish Process (how many paint processes, etc.), film hardness, etc. When buying, see if the paint film is even, full and smooth. You should pay attention to no bubbles, leaking paint and perforations, and pay attention to wear resistance.

Environmental protection

The laminate flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. If it exceeds the national standard (1.5mg/L), it will be harmful to the human body. Products with national environmental protection signs, or add some budget, choose laminate flooring.
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Random inspection of furniture, nearly 50% of decorative plates failed inspection okorder

Furniture, decoration panels and ceramic tiles are closely related to the health of the residents. If the formaldehyde in these items exceeds the standard, or if the fragility is not strong, it is easy to bring a safety hazard.
Recently, the Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce issued a notice stating that many products in the decorative plates, ceramic tiles, furniture and other products that were sampled were unqualified. Among them, the main problem of furniture is that the formaldehyde emission is not up to standard, and nearly 50% of the decorative plates are unqualified. The Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a notice on the inspection of commodity quality in the circulation field in the second quarter of 2018. According to the report, starting from April this year, the bureau conducted spot checks on decorative plates, paints, ceramic tiles, diatom mud, waterproof coils and other products sold in the province’s market. A total of 1912 samples of commodity samples were sampled. Not qualified.

The problem is that the amount of formaldehyde released from the furniture is not up to standard

This furniture sampling has taken 60 samples from 43 distribution units in Hengyang, Yiyang and Zhangzhou, and passed the test. Group, 22 groups failed, the failure rate was close to 37%, the main problem is that the formaldehyde emission does not meet the standard. Among the 22 unqualified pieces of furniture, the nominal trademark of Sichuan Xiyangyang Furniture Co., Ltd. is “Mfeifei”, and the bedside table of specification model 83 has the problem of excessive formaldehyde emission. The nominal trademark of Foshan Shunde Gangyi Furniture Co., Ltd. is “Kangyi” and the specification of model A15#, which has the problem of excessive soluble heavy metals. It is worth mentioning that the news that Ali employees rented a leukemia death like the formaldehyde room has attracted attention. In addition, the case of formaldehyde room leukemia, which has been seen in the media in recent years, also deeply worried about the pollution of interior decoration. Because formaldehyde is an important raw material for making glue, daily furniture, plates, paints, textiles, etc. will add glue to different degrees in the production process, so the most common pollution of interior decoration is formaldehyde. The insiders reminded that when decorating, we should try to choose materials with low formaldehyde content and in line with national environmental protection standards. It is best to vacant and vacant for 1 year.

Question 2: Nearly 50% of the decorative plates are unqualified

The decorative plates are mainly collected in Changsha, Zhangzhou, Huaihua, Yiyang, Changde, Zhangjiajie, Loudi and Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture. A total of 125 samples were sampled by 84 distribution units in the region. Among them, 65 groups were qualified and 60 groups were unqualified. The main problems were formaldehyde emission, density static bending strength, thickness deviation, and product markings that did not meet the standard requirements. The “Xiangsu” brand blockboard produced by Yucheng County Xiangsu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and the “European and American E0” blockboard produced by British and European E0 Technology Co., Ltd. have failed to release formaldehyde in 41 groups of products, accounting for six unqualified products. Into the above. The “Rainsil Silver Oak” brand blockboard produced by Wu Miaomu Industry and the “Xingwang” brand blockboard produced by Xingwang Wood have problems of transverse static bending strength and thickness deviation. The so-called “static bending strength” is the pressure strength of the artificial board when it is bent until it breaks. It represents the load capacity of the board in actual use and whether it is easily deformed. According to industry insiders, in view of the various types of boards such as solid wood boards, MDF, particle board and large core boards appearing on the market, consumers should pay attention to whether the environmental protection of the board is up to standard when purchasing, whether the moisture content of the board is up to standard, whether the board is Smooth and smooth, whether there are cracks, mold, discoloration, etc., tap the plate to distinguish whether the substrate is uniform, whether there is degumming, etc.

Problem three ceramic bricks break modulus is not up to standard

This ceramic tile sampled from the 21 distribution units in two areas of Shaoyang and Zhangzhou, 51 samples were sampled, of which qualified 35 groups, 16 groups failed, the main problem is the marking and description, the strength of failure, the modulus of failure does not meet the standard requirements. The “September Legend” brand ceramic tiles produced by Meichen Ceramics Co., Ltd. and the “Ekana Tile” brand eco-ion modern antique bricks produced by Foshan Xiyangyang Ceramics Co., Ltd. have nine problems in the modulus of rupture. The six groups of products, such as “Yuyufeng” brand ceramic tiles produced by Fujian Jinjiang Baojiali Ceramics Co., Ltd. and “Aolang” brand dry pressed ceramic tiles produced by Hunan Kaimei Ceramics Co., Ltd., have problems of failure to reach the standard. In general, the strength of failure and the modulus of rupture mean that the ceramic tiles are not strong. From the manufacturing process, there are three main factors that cause the ceramic brick to fail strength and the modulus of failure: raw material ratio, pressing process and firing process, and raw material quality. The insiders reminded that the appearance of ceramic tiles looks similar, but the quality is very different. Consumers should not only choose the big brand products, but also pay attention to the 3C certification of the products. It poses a security risk.
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Double eleven days cat bathroom industry data released okorder

The Double Eleven National Shopping Carnival officially closed, and the Tmall Double Eleven broke through the 200 billion mark for the first time since its inception! In the downturn of China’s economy, real estate is limited, and rumors that the consumption power of the building materials industry is getting weaker and weaker, many health-care kitchen brands have broken through and enrolled in “100 million households”. The highest sales of Jiumu 800 million nets, 9 years of consecutive championships are not good. The total sales of Lehua Group’s 320 million yuan, the first breakthrough of Orosha, and the sales of 220 million yuan, shocked the industry inside and outside. In addition, according to Alibaba’s official data, in the sanitary brand product sales list, Kabe Sanitary Ware is the leader of the “most powerful black horse in history”, which makes people wonder. In addition, the four seasons Mu Ge, Panasonic bathroom, Haier defending cross-border corporate iron fists to seize the e-commerce is also a trend, have to use three “very” to describe this year’s Tmall double eleven, very unexpected, very exciting, very drama!

   2018 Tmall bathroom industry data: the number of visitors, the number of purchases doubled growth can not be underestimated

  Overview of Tmall official bathroom industry report data, regardless of the number of visitors, page views, The number of collectors, the number of purchasers, and the growth rate data are all doubled. Compared with the number of visitors in 2017, 4,284,525, and 6,518,422 visitors in 2018, the difference was as high as 2,290,897, up 53.35% year-on-year; the number of collectors and purchasers were also at a high rate of 66.87% and 68.44%.

  Home decoration main bathroom category, Kabei, Jiumu, Wrigley, Four Seasons Muge, TOTO, Rose Island, Huida, Huayi, Hengjie, Kohler TOP10; bathroom industry trade ranking, bathroom supplies O2O (Tmall dedicated), shower faucet (set), bathroom cabinet combination, one toilet, ordinary toilet, shower room, bathroom cabinet, smart toilet cover Plates, basin faucets, and ordinary bathtubs are still strong in the top ten. The biggest change is the addition of the O2O (Tmall-only) category of toiletries, which was the first time this year.

   Second, the sanitary ware sales list TOP10: Kabe “black horse” won the first sales, Jiu Mu full channel 800 million sales called the king

    2018 Tmall double eleven sanitary industry hot brand list, the top ten brands are: Kabe, Jiu Mu, Wrigley, Four Seasons Muge, TOTO, Rose Island, Huida, Huayi, Heng Jie, Kohler. Kabe is said to be the strongest “dark horse” in domestic brands this year. It has not yet reached the top ten in the 2017 sales list, and will be brave in 2018. Although Jiu Mu is slightly inferior in quantity, but the omni-channel 800 million, the entire network sales of 540 million, is also amazing. Domestic brands occupy eight seats, an increase over last year;

   Among them, the Kabe trade index 4,347,985 far exceeds the second place 350,000 trading index score, ranking first, it is reported that 2017 In the year of -2018, Kabe was deployed in a new retail line. The new model of online sales and online transactions was widely acclaimed in the market. The double eleven is a long-running “blowout” explosion. . Jiu Mu sold 800 million yuan in the whole network, and continued to sit firmly in the industry’s first throne, achieving the nine consecutive championships of Tmall building materials;

   the third-ranked Wrigley, double eleven cumulative sales of 2.6 Hundreds of billion yuan; Huida fell to seventh place in the third place last year, and its scores have declined; Four Seasons Muge has blossomed in the sanitary ware industry, and with its well-known brand awareness, it has achieved excellent results in the fourth place this year. The whole network broke through 156 million to achieve a perfect counterattack; the rose island shower room 130 million sales of single-category class e-commerce, not only courage, but also very proud results, achieved the sixth best results. The 17-year-old Huayi depreciated the eighth in 17 years ago, and the trading index also dropped slightly. The double eleven hot-selling 4066+ sets is still strong. Hengjie Sanitary Ware continued to stand steadily, standing in the ninth, the trading index increased significantly.

  International brands, TOTO, Kohler, thrilling to stabilize the top ten position, TOTO can be described as the most stable “players”, sitting in the fifth place for two years, stable as Taishan, but Kohler bathroom, Dropped from the sixth tenth, almost fell to the list. This is mainly because domestic brands are paying more and more attention to e-commerce channels, and they have already been deployed in the previous year. (Note: sales are the official release data of each brand)

   Third, the bathroom industry trade ranking: one toilet shrinks 50%, the set products are popular in the market

   in the bathroom industry trade rankings, this year’s bathroom supplies O2O (Tmall dedicated), shower faucet (set), bathroom cabinet combination, integrated smart toilet, ordinary toilet, shower room, Bathroom cabinets, smart toilet covers, basin faucets, and ordinary bathtubs occupy the top ten.

   Among them, bathroom products O2O (Tmall), is based on the Tmall platform of the full range of bathroom items, covering a variety of bathroom products, and ultimately with the advantages of platform, the payment amount is higher than the father The proportion of classes increased to 18.65%, which topped the list. The shower faucet (set) increased by the second place last year, and the payment amount increased to 16.81% compared with the parent category, indicating that the scene, convenient and package-type purchase method is becoming a new era consumer group. The best choice. However, the one-piece toilet that last year’s list of residences suffered from Waterloo, and the payment amount was from 23.59% to 11.31%, which was far from the industry expectation.

   In addition, it is worth noting that although the overall shower room is still ranked sixth, the proportion of the sub-sector, from 2.73 in 17 years% increased to 5.96% and doubled. Overall, except for the towel racks and towel racks, the top ten categories have not changed much. Basically, the categories in the 80% list last year may fluctuate, but there is no significant change.
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What are the materials for the cabinet doors? okorder

What are the common cabinet doors?

1. The paint door has high brightness, strong anti-pollution ability and easy to clean; High strength, strong abrasion resistance; surface baking paint can be effectively waterproof, moisture-proof, no need to seal; no oil leakage, no fading;

2, new technology of crystal steel door panel, new material, stable structure, Durable, impact resistant, wear resistant, non-destructive, non-destructive; waterproof, fireproof, anti-infest, anti-infestation; easy to clean, no odor, environmental protection, no radiation, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic and non-polluting.

3, plastic door panels are rich in color and texture; anti-scratch, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, anti-fading, no cracking and deformation; simple maintenance;

4, solid wood door panel texture, high-grade appearance, natural texture, environmental protection, no pollution, consolidation and durability, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance.

Mastering the small knowledge of these cabinet customizations, no one can fool you!

When the cabinet is installed, it is necessary to check what

1. Check whether the number, style and color model of the cabinet door are consistent with the order contract;

2. Check the cabinet and cabinet doors for scratches and paints;

3. Check whether the door panel and the cabinet body are in stable contact first, whether the cabinet door can be closed, whether the handle and the sealing edge are firm, and whether the screw is firm;

4. Check the table top for scratches or excessive seams.
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Curtain material, linen pk chenille okorder

After the renovation of our home, we have to study the choice of our soft clothes. The curtains are now very important items. So for the choice of it, everyone still can’t stand the need. Some friends face so many fabrics and don’t know how to choose. Below, everyone and the decoration of the small series to understand, curtain linen is good or chenille? So we can better choose.

I. Curtain linen is good or chenille is good

1, linen curtains are good for our body. Effective relief in silence. Have a good feeling for our interior. The curtains of linen fabrics are naturally environmentally friendly, because linen requires only a small amount of chemical fertilizer during the growth process, which is more than five times less than the pesticide required for cotton growth.

2, everyone to understand the introduction of the chenille curtain is also good for our body. Helps sleep. The chenille is made of acrylic yarn or other chemical fiber and is processed into a blended product by a chenille machine. It is soft to the touch and is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics. It has the advantages of full velvet surface and good drape.

3. We all know that chenille curtains are made of a very thick fabric. So it is also a good choice. It has high-grade luxury and good hanging. Because chenille has various advantages in life, it is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics, so it is very popular.

Second, how to install curtains

1, the first step of understanding, it is very important to install the hanging curtain box. Whether the positioning and scribing and pre-buried methods can meet the requirements of installation and fixing. After looking for the line, check the position of the embedded fixing parts of the fixed invisible curtain box and install the invisible curtain box, and the center positioning should be carried out according to the design drawings.

2. The size of such a hanging curtain case of the second step is such that the size is also suitable. The height is about 100 mm, the width of the single pole is 120 mm, the width of the double pole is 150 mm or more, the shortest length should exceed 300 mm of the window width, and the sides of the window each exceed 150 mm, which can be longest with the wall.

3, everyone should safely hang, the use of large core board for curtain boxes is also a good choice. If the finish is brushed with clear oil, the through-hanging curtain box should be fixed directly on the wall and top surface of both sides. The non-through curtain should be made equal to the length of the window opening on both sides.
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Curtains, dress up your home, decorate your dreams okorder

There are many kinds of curtains on the market, which can be divided into fabrics, wood chips, metal and other materials. Divided into cotton gauze, polyester cloth, yarn, non-woven fabric, suede cloth and so on. Different kinds of fabrics have different patterns and styles, which are suitable for different environments. If you choose fabrics according to the furniture space, we can choose:

1. Living room curtains

The living room is the center of the whole house, and it is also the hub connecting each room. The living room mainly has multiple functions such as receiving visitors, entertainment, family gatherings, etc. The living room is generally required to be bright but not glaring, and the thick cotton and linen with heat insulation and shading function can be selected. Or curtain fabric of polyester material. That is, it can shield the privacy and have a decorative feeling. If there is a balcony in the living room, the balcony may have a certain degree of obstruction, which hinders the lighting in the living room. At this time, it is best to choose a thin fabric curtain with light tones and a hollow curtain to avoid the lighting!

2. Bedroom curtains

The bedroom is mainly used for sleep and rest, and needs to create a quiet and dim environment. In the choice of curtains, first of all, depending on the orientation of the bedroom, the requirements for the curtains are different. If the orientation of the bedroom is south, the lighting is good, the sun is full, it is necessary to do the work of shading, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc., you can choose a thick suede curtain cloth; otherwise, if the bedroom is facing north, there will be no lighting. So good, the choice of curtains is not so much, just pay attention to sound insulation, shading! According to the needs of the crowd, choose the fabric of the bedroom curtains. If it is an old man’s bedroom, it is best to choose a thick cotton linen curtain cloth, because the elderly sleep shallow, need to be absolutely quiet, cotton and linen fabrics can not only shade the sound, cleaning and maintenance is more convenient; if it is young, it is best to choose Naturally fresh and energetic curtain fabric, such as two layers of curtains, a layer of yarn, a thin layer of fabric. That is to ensure privacy, there is a natural and romantic environment that can be created by young people!

Second, curtain color

1, white

White can be called versatile color, suitable for Any space, white has a fresh and elegant feeling, simple and generous! However, the biggest drawback of white curtains is that they are not resistant to dirt. If you don’t want to always clean the curtains, it is best not to choose white curtains!

2, gray system

Gray has a low-key and calm feeling, with appropriate gray curtains to match the interior, can give people a noble Introverted feeling. In addition, the privacy of the grey curtains is very good, and it can completely obscure the indoor environment, making it impossible for people to see through the room and give people a sense of security!

3, colors and stripes

In addition to solid color curtains, there are many styles of curtains and striped curtains on the market, but the colors are And the choice of striped curtains, the most tested taste of the owners. The effect of different colors and stripes is different. The color of the curtain can be combined with the interior decoration style and personal preference. If it is a striped curtain, the room with higher height can choose horizontal stripes, which is compact. Conversely, the bottom floor high room can choose vertical stripes to visually stretch the layer height!

3. Curtain style

Depending on the curtain decoration, there are no window sills. We can divide the curtains into two types: window sills and no window sills. The window sill refers to the scorpion above the curtain, used as a window covering, similar to 帷幔. The window has a fixed activity, and there is also a simple and movable 帷幔, which is mainly based on the design style.

1. Window curtains

The window curtains are more decorative, and the curtains with window sills have an elegant and noble temperament. Modern window curtains are divided into modern pleated skirts, wavy enamels and simple folding plaques. Window curtains have existed in the Renaissance in Italy and France, and have a certain romanticism. If your home decoration style is biased towards French, classical European or Mediterranean style, choose window curtains, the effect will be better. a little!

2, no window curtains

In the fast-paced modern life, young people prefer the sleek minimalist decoration style, the window is in the window This kind of home style is a bit cumbersome. Therefore, innocent clean curtains are also very popular. Innocent curtains are more suitable for these decorative home styles, such as Nordic, modern and minimalist.
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Bathroom space is not very big, but it is very important for our life. okorder

The bathroom space in the home is often not very large, but it has a feeling of “heavy weight”. You will solve a lot of things in this small space, detoxification, bathing and changing clothes, reading and reading newspapers, I want to be quiet, thinking about life… It seems to compare the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen It is more private and more informal. Therefore, it is especially necessary to spend some energy and time to build a bathroom. Today, we will look at the decoration and equipment of the bathroom space at home, and give you some inspiration.

Speaking of the decoration of the bathroom, the wall and the floor are very important. The laying of the tiles can set the tone of a bathroom. Tiles of different colors, matte, matte, with or without texture bricks, the size of the tiles, the matching of different tiles in one space is the key to a clear style. “Black and White Grey” is a common color match for simple atmospheric bathroom spaces. But even the simplest white tiles give a different spatial tonality due to the different sizes. The generous white tiles look simple and the small rectangular tiles are a bit retro, and the classic square white tiles can be used to create a literary style. Of course, the expression of different styles is not only the use of a tile, but also the matching between different models, such as the echo of black and white tiles, the use of black and white textures, and so on.

In addition to the use of tiles, the matching of the lights will make this small space light up at once. In general, the most common is the small spotlight. The lights are played in different locations, and the different shades of light give the bathroom a different feel. Beyond the lights, another configuration that adds to the bathroom’s small style is a pot of green plants. In the apartment we talked about before, there is no shortage of green plants, but it is the same for the bathroom. If it is just a “black and white” color, it is simple and clean, and it lacks some comfortable feeling. A simple green plant will give this space a very oxygenous and vivid feeling. We will feel comfortable when we look at it. Of course, the bathroom space, “bathing” is an important function. Therefore, a comfortable bathtub and a full-scale shower are very necessary investments. Of course, it can also be a set of showers, all of which are life and features.

Key summary:
  1-style to be unified, tile is the focus
  2-atmosphere adjustment, one by the light, the second by the green plant 3, rely on aromatherapy
  3-remember the functionality of the bathroom, come to the hard goods
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