How to prevent the tiles from falling off? okorder

1. Magnesium oxide causes

    A large amount of magnesium oxide appears on the back of the tile, because magnesium oxide is powdery, very It is easy to affect the bonding performance of tile mortar and ceramic tile. Please clean the magnesium oxide before construction.

Second, the base layer is not solidified or not cleaned
    The wall base plaster is not treated as required or the base waste is not cleaned. Before the tile is laid, check whether the base plastering of the wall meets the requirements. The wall base debris, dust and must be cleaned. If the base surface is not cured enough, the base layer is cured and then laid, such as the base. If it is not cleaned, it will affect the bonding performance of the tile mortar and the base surface like magnesium oxide. The wall surface is not cured enough, which may easily lead to delamination of the base surface after the paving, which may cause the tile to empty or fall off.
Third, the construction method is not correct
& emsp; & emsp; & emsp; Because many construction workers used the old cement tile method, the result is still using cement construction when using tile adhesive The paving is carried out without professional training and the use of professional toothed scraper construction. The use of special construction tools is not conducive to the elimination of air, which can easily lead to the falling off of tiles and empty drums. Therefore, each cooperation with a project advocates free technical training to avoid brickwork or even falling off due to improper construction methods.
Use professional scraper tools:
    Use the toothed scraper to comb the tile glue to the base layer, which is good for air elimination. At the same time, the selection of tooth squeegees of different sizes can effectively control the amount of glue and control the thickness of the adhesive layer. It should be noted that the large tooth mouth is used for attaching large tiles and heavy bricks. For ordinary home decoration, it is enough to use a small toothed scraper.

The correct way
Fourth, the slurry is not enough.
    The slurry rate is the guarantee of product performance, and of course the guarantee of engineering quality. In the product self-test, Olympia conducted in-depth research on various kinds of stickers. The proportion of bricks and drums caused by the dissatisfaction of the pulp is higher, because the tile is the combination of the brick and the base. Therefore, in the case where the product guarantees that the two-way adhesion is strong enough, the slurry filling rate is particularly important for the laying of tiles:
    If the filling rate is not enough, the pole It is easy to generate bubbles in the air, and the bubbles will form an empty drum after solidification. If the large area of ​​the tile glue is not enough, it means that the bonding surface of the tile adhesive is missing in a large area, which may affect the quality of the project and affect the industry reputation of the construction unit.

5, tile adhesive blending cement
    tile glue is a new type of adhesive that replaces old paving materials such as cement, sticky The knotting force is several times that of cement mortar. Ouiya tile adhesive tile tiling does not need to be blended with cement. Of course, some construction parties may choose to blend ceramic tile with cement to save material cost. This approach is wrong.
    Tile adhesives are produced by scientific matching. If blended with cement, the bond strength, water retention, shrinkage and anti-slip properties of the tile adhesive will be The discount was greatly reduced, which led to emptying and falling off, which further led to delays in construction period and increased labor and economic costs.

Six, inferior tile adhesive products
     tile adhesive as a new type of bonding material for cement tile, its formulation and raw material requirements All of them need to be extremely rigorous. The small tile adhesive brand tiles on the market are mixed, and the quality of the products is not fully guaranteed.
    If a site in Guangzhou purchased a batch of tile adhesives produced by small manufacturers, the product was not inspected during the purchase process, resulting in a large area of ​​tiled tiles. The phenomenon of small area falling off, when the construction unit feedbacks the information to the manufacturer, the manufacturer can’t give a solution, and the buyer finds the address of the manufacturer according to the address and finds it is a small workshop and has already slipped away.
   Suggestion: Purchasing compliance brand brand tile adhesive, large brand tile adhesive has sufficient technical research and development team, good social responsibility, ability to conduct pre-construction product testing and construction training, these small brands are not powerless And financial resources to run such a professional team.

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Terrazzo floor tiles, find out okorder

The terrazzo floor tile is a kind of composite floor tile with cement as the main raw material. The terrazzo floor tile has a brightness of 70 or more after the surface treatment, and the dustproof and non-slip quality reaches the marble quality. The surface hardness reaches 6-8, and the color can be arbitrarily spliced. The color can be customized, no cracking, not afraid of heavy rolling, not afraid of heavy objects dragging, no shrinkage deformation, but easy to be weathered and aging, rough surface and large gap, poor dirt resistance. Flooring is an important part of the current home improvement. The application of floor tiles is very extensive and is favored by consumers. There is a type of floor tile in the floor tiles called terrazzo floor tiles. There may not be a lot of understanding of it. Next, let’s talk about how to grind floor tiles.
  How to use terrazzo floor tiles

   terrazzo floor tiles is a kind of composite floor tile with cement as the main raw material, its low cost and good Performance is widely used in large-area public buildings.

   In fact, terrazzo floor tiles are relatively rare in the market today. Compared with the past, the usage rate has been reduced a lot because it is manufactured on site, so the convenience is not So good, its making material is cement plus special rubber powder and various small stones, they are combined and smoothed, and finally formed by sanding the whole with a sander, although its manufacturing process is More complicated, it will be polished many times in the case of grinding alone, and it will be necessary to maintain it in a timely manner to ensure that its local finish is as high as new. In the current decoration, the general cost of artificial decoration is relatively high, so that the cost performance of the terrazzo floor tile is not very high, but it can make a large continuous area, which is a big advantage. It is also stronger than other floor tiles, no radiation, you can also use different colors of pebbles to decorate the floor tiles with different text and patterns, which can add a bright color to your home environment.

  The advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo floor tiles


  1, terrazzo floor tiles After the treatment, the brightness reaches 70 or more, and the dustproof and anti-slip achieve the quality of marble.

  2, terrazzo floor tile surface hardness of 6-8, close to the surface of high hardness granite, good wear resistance.

  3, terrazzo floor tiles can be arbitrarily spliced ​​color, color can be customized.

  4, terrazzo floor tiles are not cracked, not afraid of heavy car rolling, not afraid of heavy objects dragging, no shrinkage deformation.

  5, terrazzo floor tiles are not dusty and clean.

  6, terrazzo floor tiles are non-combustible, non-flame, anti-aging, anti-fouling, corrosion-resistant, odor-free and without any pollution.

  7, terrazzo floor tiles are bright and bright, if you need to improve the light to play ordinary floor wax (does not affect its anti-static properties).

  8, terrazzo floor tiles decorative grids are horizontal and vertical, no gaps are required between the grids, the connection is dense, and the overall appearance is good.

  9, terrazzo floor tile building performance and mechanical properties are the same as the high quality terrazzo floor used in various buildings, in line with the national standard GB50209-2002, in line with JC507-1993 construction terrazzo products standard requirement.


  1, easy to weather aging.

   2, the surface is rough and has large gaps, poor stain resistance, and difficult to clean after contamination.

   In general, terrazzo tiles have shortcomings, but the advantages are far more than the disadvantages. Of course, the actual use is based on their own preferences, if If you are interested, just go to the store and check out the real thing.
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Baishi Enterprise is developing by spurt okorder

Since 2017, more and more companies have been operating Baishi, or large enterprises have added layouts; or small enterprises have tested the Baishi industry; or because of the fierce competition of Turkish beige stone, they have fought in Italian white stone… The reason for the increase in the number of Chinese stone people in Italy has increased a lot, but the resulting disorder of the mine order, the quality of white stone, price fluctuations and other series of chain reactions also make stone people headache.
Rise: In the market, Baishi enterprises are developing by spurt

Azon is eating at the restaurant after ordering from the Carrara mine yard. One uncle who is not fluent in Chinese Four or five Chinese people came in. From their dialogue, they probably know that this is the first Chinese buyer to order in Italy, and hopes to buy the right white stone blocks through the “intermediary” relationship. According to Asong, from the second half of 2017 to Italy, the number of strangers has been added, because they have no channels to contact the mine owners, they will ask relatives and friends living in Italy, and many people do not understand the stone. The locals started part-time work as “intermediaries” and introduced them to the mine to serve as temporary translations.

In the August issue of “Shibang” magazine, “White Rock is hot, how do companies make a move?” According to incomplete statistics, as of August 2018, there were more than 200 companies operating Baishi in Shuitou. After three months, this momentum has not weakened. Whether it is the new mine in Italy, the number of white stone varieties, or the enterprises that operate white stone are increasing.

What is it that gave birth to so many white stone varieties and companies that operate White Rock? The new fashion trend has accelerated the decline of the beige system. The golden period of the beige stone has passed, and the gray-white stone is rising. Whether it is the sharing of the ins on the blogger or the space case of the design of the big coffee, the white marble can always be seen. The figure. When realizing the decline of the beige stone, many stone people who are active in thinking immediately turned their attention to the white marble of Italy, and the most direct and effective way is to go to the Carrara mine yard, and the high quality mine in Carrara has long been Maintaining the order of the mine does not allow anyone to disturb, or maintain the original bottom line and persistence. After eating the closed door, these stone people looking for “shortcuts” began to test the water blindly.

Ghosts: White stone varieties, enterprises increase, but the quality is not good.
Ason’s several trips to Italy this year made him feel deeply that many of them were previously closed due to poor management or for other reasons. The mine mouth has resumed mining, and even some white stones from small mines near Carrara have been “buy”. “Italian white stone’s ace variety – fish belly white, snow white two mine mouth control is very strict, quantitative mining every year, in addition to long-term cooperation companies, few companies can spot the good materials.” He said, ” Although the Italian white stone is famous, the high-quality white stone on the market is not all produced in Italy. The newly-entered newcomers are only produced in Italy, but the quality requirements are not so high, so many closed small mines are restarted. “

” Many people think that the first consideration for operating White Rock is how much to buy, but I think the first thing to consider is how much ‘tuition’ you are willing to invest. “Xinpengfei Industry Wang Danling snarled that as long as the spot is cut into large plates and can be sold in the big plate market, the era of profiteering has already passed, and now consumers are more concerned about quality and service.

“White stone processing interlocks, every detail of workers, machines, accessories, and crafts may cause problems in processing. If not discovered and disposed of in time, these white stones will come to the end consumers. After a period of side effects, it may affect the company’s word of mouth, which in turn affects the market’s sales volume, and will lead the whole body.” Su Shihua, the head of the aggregated stone in the field of stone accessories, told Shibang magazine.

Competition: Differentiating products
The number of white stone varieties and operating companies has increased. How do you let consumers see and choose your products in the first time? Differentiating products is a one-size-fits-all approach, but not every company can do it.

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The transformation of the whole house to the furniture industry okorder

A series of transformations in the home furnishing industry in the past two years have dramatically increased the competitiveness of the home furnishing industry. From the limitations of finished furniture to the optionality of custom furniture to the customary house-wide customization, all the progress of the times. So what is the impact of the rise of the whole house customization on the home industry?


  The improvement of living standards makes consumers pay more attention to the price and the health and environmental protection of products. With the seriousness of environmental pollution, people’s concept of green environmental protection is also constantly strengthening. Most of the house customization uses natural elements and natural materials. The products have passed the national environmental protection agency testing and reached the national highest environmental protection standard E1, and passed the national ten-ring certification. Therefore, it is loved and trusted by consumers.

   Second, the pursuit of personalized style

  The whole house custom furniture to get rid of the limitations of traditional furniture products, can be based on consumers Personal hobbies to design. Add your own personalized design style and color to the overall home, let consumers become one of the furniture designers, and let their personalized needs meet.

  Three, one-stop shopping convenience

  All custom furniture provides customers with customized home solutions, consumers can One-stop shopping. It is no longer like purchasing furniture one by one in the past. In the end, not only did not purchase the same style of furniture, but also consumed a lot of time and energy. And the whole house custom one-stop shopping, convenient and fast, as long as you choose the style you like, the whole house customization bureau can be done, it is very suitable for modern people fast-paced, high-efficiency requirements.

   The continuous improvement of social needs and the accelerating pace of life have promoted the rapid development of the home furnishing industry. And with the expansion of market demand and the constant rejuvenation of consumer power, the whole house customization will become the best choice for consumers. On the basis of the maturity of the original home furnishing industry, I believe that the whole house customization will create a new golden age in the home furnishing industry.
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What are the repurchase of shares by a number of listed companies? okorder

Recently, a number of sanitary, cabinet, and kitchen appliances companies are implementing or are about to implement share repurchase programs, including listed companies such as Huida, Baoying, Seagull, Chenglin, Vantage, Europa, and Supor. There have been corresponding actions. The concentrated repurchase of shares by listed companies is relatively rare. The impact of the national economic and trade environment is also behind the consideration of the future development of enterprises, but it is certain that many enterprises are not optimistic about the future market situation.
    Hida sanitary ware
   On December 7, Huida Sanitary Ware released a share repurchase report, intending to repurchase the company’s shares in a centralized bidding transaction, back The purchase amount is not less than 10 million yuan, the upper limit is 20 million yuan, the repurchase price limit is 12.67 yuan/share, and the repurchase period is no more than 12 months. The repurchased shares are intended to be used for employee stock ownership plans, equity incentives and other laws and regulations. Use, not used to reduce the company’s registered capital.
   Baoying shares
   On December 5, Baoying shares said that as of November 30, the company had cumulatively repurchased 8,279,701 shares through centralized bidding. The company’s total share capital is 0.6173%, the highest transaction price is 6.28 yuan / share, the lowest transaction price is 5.69 yuan / share, the total amount of the transaction is 50,022,345.26 yuan (excluding transaction costs). Baoying Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company that started the share repurchase earlier, and announced the repurchase plan in June.
   Seagull Living
   Seagull Liver released a share repurchase plan on November 20, which is intended to be no less than 8.50 yuan per share, and the total repurchase amount does not exceed 430,343,700. The price of the yuan, repurchasing part of the company’s shares, the repurchased shares accounted for 5%-10% of the total issued shares of the company. Seagull resident said that the purpose of the repurchase is to promote the healthy and stable long-term development of the company, enhance the confidence of public investors in the company, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of all shareholders.
   Vantage shares
   On November 22, Vantage issued a share repurchase plan, the total amount of funds to be used for the repurchase of shares is not less than 150 million yuan. It does not exceed RMB 200 million and does not exceed 5% of the company’s total share capital. The price of the repurchased shares shall not exceed RMB 11 yuan/share (including), and the repurchase period shall be from the company’s own funds or self-raised funds within 3 months from the deliberation and approval of the shareholders’ meeting on December 7.
   Supor announced in the middle of the year that it will recover the company’s share capital not exceeding 2% of the total share capital at an average cost of not more than RMB 45.46 per share, ie repurchase The number of shares does not exceed 16,424,879 shares. At present, Supor has not initiated repurchase. According to relevant regulations, Supor will make an announcement on the day after the first repurchase of shares.
  Jiuyang shares
  On November 19, Jiuyang Co., Ltd. announced that it intends to use its own funds of no more than RMB 80 million to repurchase part of the company’s shares in a centralized bidding transaction. The repurchase price does not exceed RMB 20 yuan/share, and the shares to be repurchased will be used to implement the equity incentive plan, the employee stock ownership plan or the legal cancellation to reduce the registered capital. At present, Jiuyang shares have not yet opened repurchase.
   In addition to mainland China, Taiwan also has a bathroom company to recycle shares. On December 9, Chenglin Company said that from October 9 to December 8, this year, the company is scheduled to buy 12,000 treasury shares, and the price per share buy-back range is between 11.03 and 24.47 yuan. On the 21st, it announced that 7,616 stocks have been bought back, the average purchase price per share is NT$15.23, and the total amount of shares bought back is NT$115 million. During the period of purchase, the company has accumulated the number of shares held by the company, accounting for the company’s The total number of shares issued was 2.07%.
  Golden Kitchen Cabinet
  Golden Kitchen Cabinet said on December 4 that as of the same day, the company has repurchased the company’s shares to 540,600 shares, accounting for the company’s total share capital. 0.80%, the highest price of the transaction was 64.38 yuan / share, the lowest price of the transaction was 46.55 yuan / share, the total amount of funds paid was 29,736,646 yuan (excluding stamp duty, trading commission). Gold kitchen cabinets announced in early September that they will repurchase shares of no more than 600,000 shares at a price of not less than 40 million yuan and not more than 54 million yuan, accounting for 0.89% of the company’s total issued share capital.
   Sophia said on December 4 that as of November 30, the cumulative number of shares repurchased was 6,240,235 shares, accounting for 0.6758% of the company’s total share capital; The transaction price was 22.085 yuan / share, the lowest transaction price was 18.290 yuan / share, the total transaction amount was 124,777,647.56 yuan. Sofia announced the repurchase of some shares at the end of September. The main purpose is to “match the stock price with the company’s value, maintain the company’s market image and enhance investor confidence.”
  Ou Pai Home
   On October 13, Ou Pai Home announced that it had repurchased 313,010 shares of restricted stock. Upon completion of the repurchase, the total share capital of the company will be changed from 420,596,464 shares to 420,283,454 shares. It is reported that the repurchase is mainly because the incentive targets of the 48 original incentive plans have left, and they no longer meet the incentive conditions.
 &emSp; reasons for listed companies to buy back shares
   Since 2018, many listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have actively carried out share repurchase, and the number of repurchased companies and repurchase scales are the highest in history. . As of December 7, about 1,100 companies in the A-share market have implemented stock repurchases, and the cumulative repurchase amount exceeds RMB 92 billion. Listed companies repurchase shares for a variety of purposes, mainly for the following:
& emsp; & emsp; incentive employees
& emsp; & emsp; enterprises can be retained as treasury shares after recycling, no longer belong to the issue stock. The treasury shares can be used to implement employee stock ownership plans or equity incentives. Among the above kitchen and bathroom enterprises, Huida stated that it will be used to motivate employees. The company released the “first employee stock ownership plan (draft)” in November, saying that it will buy back shares with its own funds or self-raised funds, and transfer the repurchased shares to the employee stock ownership plan at zero price.
  Promoting the company’s share price to return to reasonable value
   This year, due to external market factors, the share price of kitchen and bathroom companies fluctuated significantly. Many kitchen and bathroom companies have stated in the share repurchase announcement that in order to promote the long-term stable development of the company and promote the return of the company’s stock market price to a reasonable value, a repurchase plan is implemented.
  Reducing the company’s registered capital
   Repurchasing shares has the effect of reducing the company’s registered capital. After the listed company repurchased the shares, the company’s registered capital decreased accordingly due to the decrease in total share capital. The benefit of reducing registered capital is that it reduces unnecessary funding and reduces the company’s responsibility once it goes bankrupt.
  Maintaining investor interest
  Share repurchase is a way for listed companies to return investors. By repurchasing shares, investors can hold more shares, such as the corresponding earnings per share, net profit and equity will increase, and the corresponding investment value will also increase.
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Who is the chef of the rivers and lakes? okorder

The fast-growing kitchen appliance market has slowed the pace of progress.

Since the implementation of the most restrictive purchase order in 2016, the kitchen appliance industry has had a profound impact, and Avi Cloud (AVC) According to the channel’s total big data, the total sales of kitchen appliances (smoke stoves) from January to October 2018 was 52.8 billion yuan, down 4.2% year-on-year. During the Double 11 period, emerging products such as dishwashers and embedded steamed (baked) boxes, which were regarded as “life-saving straws”, also performed poorly. The online retail sales of dishwashers fell by 20.2% year-on-year.

Based on this, the industry has made a pre-judgment, and the era of widespread and barbaric growth in the kitchen appliance industry has ended. In the next 2-3 years, the downswing and adjustment will become the main tone of development.

Many market analysts believe that the kitchen appliance market There are three main reasons for the decline in growth rate: First, the variability and uncertainty of the macro environment have put tremendous pressure on the development of the kitchen electricity market, and the regulation and adjustment of the real estate market directly leads to the bottleneck period of the overall development of the industry; the second is the Internet home improvement and the whole The rise of the decoration brand, the building materials properties of kitchen and bathroom products have been significantly enhanced, and the formation of interception, directly leading to the decline of the retail channel of the terminal, resulting in high inventory of agents, high commercial inventory of the entire industry; third, integration The rise and rapid development of the stove has also formed a certain impact on the traditional kitchen appliances (smoke stoves).

In this context, the share price of the kitchen appliance sector is also relatively low. Changjiang Securities data shows that according to the calculation of the market value of each sub-industry company, the kitchen appliance industry’s stock price has dropped by 49.16% year-to-date.   

For a long time, everyone has become accustomed to seeing the kitchen power market lead all at a double-digit high growth rate. Household appliances, which are now showing negative growth and low growth rates, are seen by many as the beginning of the decline in the kitchen appliance market.

But in the home appliance industry senior observer Liu Buchen, the kitchen appliance industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next five years. He believes that the ideal scale of the kitchen appliance industry is 250-300 billion yuan. “In 2017, the scale of China’s kitchen electric appliance industry is still less than 100 billion yuan, and the market size of air-conditioning single product is 280 billion yuan. There is no reason for the scale of the kitchen appliance industry. Even if the kitchen electricity market is saturated, it does not mean that mainstream brands do not. Further growth. Mainstream brands will get bigger cakes by taking advantage of the weak brands.”

The same is true, data refraction The “hibernation period” that came out does not affect the judgment and confidence of kitchen appliances in the future. Kitchen appliances are still the segment of the most growth potential and imagination space in China’s home appliance industry. Compared with black and white appliances, the future of the kitchen appliance market is more worth seeing. Because the kitchen appliance market entering the adjustment period provides more opportunities for the birth of the giant.

Someone once said: Whoever masters a young person will master the economy. Lu Jianbo, deputy secretary general of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, believes that whoever masters young people will have the future kitchen consumption. According to the “2018 Healthy Kitchen Consumption Trend Report”, the new youth represented by “post-80s” and “post-90s” has become the main consumer of current kitchen appliances, and the penetration rate of kitchen appliances closely related to kitchen health among young consumers. Up to 44%.

He pointed out that the concept of healthy kitchen appliances is no longer limited to the scope of sterilization, but extends to nutrition and reduces fatigue. At the same level, such as the micro-freezing technology introduced by Panasonic refrigerators, AEG’s comfortable lifting dishwasher, etc., all pointed to the pain points of consumers.

Industry observer Hong Shibin also believes that the entire industry has transitioned from the product era to the user era, kitchen appliances companies should consider whether their positioning can give The company brings sustained high growth, and in the future, we must think about how to attract new users after the 90s. Enterprises can’t stay in the product era, only pay attention to high investment and high promotion, and ignore users.

Ye Danyi, head of the boss’s electrical strategy market, also said, “From the competitive environment to the consumer lifestyle, everything is changing at a high speed. “

The kitchen and the rivers and lakes are ups and downs, it is unclear, but undoubtedly the competition in the kitchen electricity market will be more exciting.


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How do you choose to find ceramic tiles that are both online and practical? okorder

Although I buy a house now, most developers will decorate the bathroom for everyone. But the turnip greens have their own love, in order to create their favorite bathing environment, many homeowners will still modify the bathroom. A very important point in installing a bathroom is to pick the tiles. Good-looking is not necessarily practical. How do you choose to find ceramic tiles with both value and practicality? Let’s learn today.
How to choose a tile, how to identify it?

1, look at the antifouling performance of ceramic tiles

different types of ceramic tiles, their antifouling properties are different, such as polished tiles compared with glazed tiles, polished tiles The dirt performance is better. When you choose, you can try to use a marker to paint on the tile. If you can wipe it clean, the antifouling performance is good. It should be noted that some merchants will compare the glazed tiles with the polished tiles. This is not comparable, because the surface of the glazed tiles is uneven, it is not so easy to wipe, and it is not so clean, so you should use the same when comparing. Kind of tiles.

2, see the water absorption rate of the brick

Sprinkle water on the back of the tile, look at the water absorption area of ​​the brick, it should be noted that some merchants will use the water absorption rate of the ceramic tile High to bring out the water absorption of the tile, this is also wrong, because the water absorption of the tile is inherently high, so the tile needs to be soaked when the tile is applied. The water absorption of the tile determines whether there will be blackening and mildew in the joint process. The slower the water absorption, the better the practicality of the tile.

3, look at the wear resistance of the brick

on the surface of the polished brick with sharp things, such as the key on the surface of the brick scratch or scrape, if it will not leave traces It is better. However, it should be known that, besides polished tiles, the surface of other bricks should not be scratched or scraped with sharp objects, because the surface materials and processing techniques are different, so the wear resistance is also different.

4, look at the anti-slip performance of the brick

Pour some water on the surface of the brick, stand up if it is not easy to slip, relatively speaking, its anti-slip performance is better .

5, look at the hardness of the brick

Look at the hardness of the brick, you can tilt the brick, and then stand up, if not broken, the hardness of the brick will be good Some, everyone should be careful when testing, the number of people 2-3 is enough, not too much, to avoid accidental injury.

In general, it is almost like this to distinguish bricks. When you buy bricks, it is best to go to some big brand stores. Quality assurance and after-sales service are more trustworthy. .
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Surf the bathtub, find out okorder

People in today’s age like to take a bath, because it is very comfortable, just need to lie down, you can complete the bath work, not like a shower still have to stand bathing, but if you want to lie down, you can complete the comfortable bathing process without hands-on. Then the surf bathtub is a good choice. The surf bath is also called the jacuzzi. As the name suggests, it means the bathtub with massage function. It is very popular among the young and modern owners. Now let Xiaobian take everyone to understand how to pick a Good surf bath and surf bath daily maintenance precautions.
How to choose a good surfing bathtub:

There are many surf bathtubs on the market, but the quality is not good, many manufacturers shoddy, making the entire surf bathtub market look a bit messy. It is not an easy task to pick out the quality surf bath products that are suitable for your family. You need to master certain skills. Let’s take a look at the following introduction:

1. Look at the material:

The material of the bathtub is pure acrylic and composite sheet. Pure acrylic can be easily repaired when it encounters minor bruises. There is a small trick to squeeze a little toothpaste into the wet rag. On, then draw a circle clockwise, so that the scratch can be repaired; and only one layer of acrylic on the surface of the plate, if you accidentally hurt, the following composite material will be exposed, it is difficult to repair the original look .

2. Look at the cylinder frame:

The cylinder frame of the good surfing bathtub is made of stainless steel, which can effectively prevent rust and corrosion, and the density of the cylinder frame is large. Insufficient density will affect the bearing capacity.

3, see function:

A good surf bathtub can effectively solve the problem of drainage of the bathtub. Now many manufacturers’ bathtubs can not drain the water, it is easy to take the next bath. Cause secondary pollution.

4, leakage protection:

This is the key, some products have only one leakage protection switch, it is easy to cause accidents, and good brands generally have two leakage protection Double insurance can effectively solve security vulnerabilities.

5, motor:

We know that the surf massage function of the surf bathtub is driven by the motor. The good quality of the motor selected by the good brand can effectively ensure the effect of surfing. The failure rate is low. The above is a brief introduction on how to choose a quality surfing bathtub. I believe that after the introduction above, we have further understanding and understanding of the selection of the surfing bathtub. Of course, the use of the surf bathtub in the home bathroom space is also needed. If you clean it regularly, if you don’t clean it, it will definitely leave a lot of stains, which may cause various diseases. Let’s take a look at the following daily maintenance notes about the surf bath:

Basic maintenance of surfing bathtub:

1. Surface cleaning should be preserved:

The surface of the board is clean and can not be corrosive. Detergents, general surface stains can be wiped off with paint thinner, turpentine, alcohol, toothpaste. It is forbidden to use strong chemicals such as strong acid, alkali, and water in the tank.

2, scratching can be sanded with sandpaper:

If the bathtub is accidentally scratched, the surface that has not been scratched is lightly smoothed with dry or wet 1500# water sandpaper. It is then treated with a special compound of mirror glaze or a layer of polishing wax.

3. Pay attention to the anti-corrosion of the bathtub:

The plate of the bathtub can not be used or coated with corrosive substances. It is forbidden to use chemical substances such as strong acid, alkali and water. Used in the cylinder to avoid corrosion of the bathtub sheet.

4, Do not use hot water:

Do not use more than 80 degrees of hot water, if repeated use of hot water will reduce the service life of the cylinder The correct way is to put cold water and then hot water.

5, to avoid sundries:

Bathtub in the start of surfing massage work to avoid the debris will be blocked back to the water network, causing the pump load is too large, causing the pump to overheat, burn Bad water pump, often clean the backwater net cover to prevent blockage of the return water network.

6, do not open in the waterless state:

It is forbidden to start the water pump without water in the bathtub. The water pump is easy to burn out when there is no water idling because the water pump is inside. There is a rubber sealing ring, which is hot and easy to damage when idling.

The total bathroom surf bathtub belongs to large electrical products. If you want to use it for a long time, you must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. How to choose a good surf bathtub and surf bathtub for daily maintenance The matter is briefly introduced here.
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Should there be a “retention distance” between cabinet cabinets and ceilings? okorder

The cabinet design has a lot of details, which were not considered in the early stage, and will involve more cleaning and cleaning problems later. Today, Xiaobian came to talk to you about whether or not to leave a gap above the cabinet.

In general, if the distance between the cabinet cabinet and the ceiling is not special, then the middle is empty. This design not only affects the appearance, but also does not clean up.

If you want to have no distance between the cabinet wall and the ceiling, when designing the height and size of the cabinet cabinet, you should communicate with the merchants about the actual needs of the family to achieve more practical and More beautiful, making the use of cabinet cabinets more comfortable and convenient.
To solve the gap between the wall cabinet and the ceiling, a very common method is to use the upper sealing plate to raise the cabinet top. This upper sealing plate is also called a top sealing plate. This treatment can make the gap between the cabinet and the ceiling be blocked, not only can prevent ash, but also can provide some space for the installation and disassembly of the cabinet hanging cabinet. Especially beautiful. The height of the top sealing board is generally ten centimeters. If the actual situation of the decoration owners is different, the corresponding modification can be made. Some friends can reduce the height of the ceiling to match the lower wall cabinet if they don’t want to deal with the cabinet in the later stage. This can also effectively prevent the ash from falling inside the cabinet. If the home uses a European-style hood and hangs relatively low, the exhaust pipe will be exposed on it, which will affect the appearance. At this time, the exhaust pipe of the hood can be hidden inside the lowered ceiling and it will look comfortable. some.

If the gap between the wall cabinet and the ceiling is relatively small, try to use the same color decorative slats to close the edge. If the hood has been installed, when handling the gap between the wall cabinet and the ceiling, you can try to make the wall cabinet on the wall of the installation hood, and the left and right sides are level with the fume body, and the upper part is connected with the ceiling to make the space overall. Stronger.

Do you want to leave a gap above the cabinet cabinet? After reading the above, I believe everyone has their own views. Xiao Bian believes that the gap is completely unnecessary, and people who often go to the kitchen must know how difficult it is to clean the kitchen, so there is only one place that needs to be cleaned. If you have left a gap, don’t worry, you can still cover it with a top seal.
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How do the colors of the curtains in the living room match the home choice? okorder

My wall is white, the sofa is light, what color is better for living room curtains?

  The living room floor is beige, and the curtains mainly choose warm-colored brown-yellow striped curtains to create a kind of The simple but not monotonous atmosphere, through the murals, sofa pillows, the entire living room is full of air. The color of the living room furniture is light, the floor is white, what color curtains are good? The living room decoration is based on modern minimalist decoration. After the designer’s suggestion, the light-colored curtains are selected, and the murals are added to the walls. Space, refreshing and pleasant. Because the walls are white, in order to avoid excessive monotony in the living room, the green pots make the living room full of life.

   Black and white style living room, what color is the curtain used?

   In this modern black and white style living room, choose the black floor, The white sofa is matched with a white frame that is the finishing touch. Cool color color living room color combination, if you choose cool color curtains, the whole living room will be in a stiff situation, choose brown curtains, the living room layering is immediately displayed! The living room bricks and walls are beige, the curtains What color is good, what color is good for the sofa? This apartment is a small apartment, and the living room is compact. The brick and wall of the living room are beige, the curtains should be yellow, a warm living room, a striped sofa, fresh and practical, the whole small living room looks bright and comfortable!

   sky blue TV background wall, living room curtain with what color looks good!

   living room floor is light color, TV background wall sky blue, main wall white, sofa It is blue beige, other furniture white, choose the blue curtains in the same color system, the whole living room is not only modern, but also has an exotic style. Typical romantic Mediterranean style.

  [Summary of the color selection of the living room curtains] From the color of the curtains, the dark curtains are very generous; the light curtains and the light-transparent thin curtain fabrics are good. Can create a simple and simple, generous and bright visual effect. The color of the living room curtains is very good from the sofa pattern. For example, white Italian sofas are often decorated with pink and green patterns, and curtains may use pink or green fabrics to echo each other. If the interior is soft and the curtains are more decorative, you can use strong contrast methods, such as hanging blue-violet curtains on the goose-yellow walls. Conversely, if there are bright landscapes in the living room, or other colors The curtains are very elegant and elegant. A viewing window with a large area of ​​glass is suitable for roman shades. Roman blinds have two major advantages: one is to use less cloth, and the other is that the curtains are stacked when stacked, which is full of three-dimensional and space-saving. The use of Roman blind stitching, the decorative effect is very good, with a modern or continental style, very harmonious.
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