Calgary’s new neighbor design okorder

PO supplier TELUS has revealed a bold plan from the recently completed Bow by Foster Office in Calgary LEED Platinum, $400 million, 750,000 square meters of residential, office and retail Tami. These huge structures, such as the time of the local residents are often connected, but if the opinion from a news report on the “Calgary Herald” is going, the society has begun to accept this gleaming new addition. Their city skyline.

Bojin Post, this magnificent gem redefines the meaning of elegance and prestige around the world, ‘ and Taylor Ernst Honest commentary reading, “ In addition to my disgusting TELUS and Demolition Art Center, I have said this: Architecture is an important part of what can be separated from the rest of the city. Calgary is a world class city, it’s about time, we are starting to look like one. This is a fantastic design and I am looking forward to a part of our skyline. ”

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The world’s first inflatable concert hall okorder

In Matsushima City, Japan, an inflatable concert hall is preparing to prepare for the Arsenal Music Festival Ark Nova, and the European Music Festival Lucerne Music Festival supports the local music event (Ark Nova). The quality behind this deep purple can only be the artist Anis · Kapoor. His brave, ethereal and ambitious works have been boarded from Chicago to London and Paris to public places in Bilbao, this year with his Japanese architect Arata Isozin’s new partner, the world’s first inflatable concert hall.

The Arkson Music Festival’s Ark Nova will be located in Miyagi Prefecture from September 27th until the beginning of October. , pack up and pack. Then, it will be visited by the 2011 devastating earthquake and tsunami, hosting traditional Japanese performances, workshops and orchestral concerts to enjoy a series of township disasters. The total structure, which can accommodate about 700 people announced by the Lucerne Music Festival, Ark Nova’s row of cedar wood benches bathed in a fuchsia tone light filter, by expanding the photo of the exterior wall.

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Roman mosaic visits the underground mall of the Bank of England okorder

In July of this year, the Bank of England will launch its first application with its historic headquarters and hidden operations inside the hidden room. The virtual roaming bank in England will invite citizens to visit the construction of Lead Street, through a series of fascinating and unprecedented 360-degree panoramic images, including the gold treasury in the buildings that are rarely viewed. The app will be available to smartphone and tablet users on Apple and Google platforms, as well as through the bank’s website at virtualtourapp

The tour began with the construction of a 3D model that can be rotated to select a series of individual rooms – a perfect combination of historical library and work – to unravel the facts and high definition images.

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Big pipe bridge on the banks of the River Hull in Kingston, England okorder

The Black Steel Bridge has a distinctly robust and curved form in River Hull, making it a memorable milestone, a unique hull and industrial and maritime heritage. In the winning entries of the International Design Competition, the bridge has been built with the original concept of the competition team, the main contractor and M&E with the engineer Qualter Hall, architect McDowell + Benedetti and structural engineer Alan · Baxter.

The plan includes a new landscaped garden and plaza landscape architect Holon and lighting by Sutton Blades joint venture with Kulkany And an integrated public art work. Located in the center of Hull, East Hull is on the Kingston Bridge, connecting the hull’s undeveloped industrial landscape on the east coast of the Old Town Reserve. Designing a broader master plan will unlock the riverside’s potential to promote the first phase of the wider regeneration downtown east of the city.

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Human weakness in the face of natural disasters okorder

With white foil cabinets and appliances from the 1980s, how did this look in the kitchen when Lizzi bought the house in the fall of 2007 . Three years later she will be in a new kitchen due to the hurricane.

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Protest against Russia suppressing gay New York Bars okorder

The New York City bar makers protested against the Russian authorities’ suppression of homosexuality on the streets of Manhattan on the 5th by dumping vodka.
The president of the United Restaurant and Bar Owners Association, Helei, also participated in the protest. He held high the famous Russian Stolichnaya vodka and called on the city to import the wines imported from Russia.
Herre said: “All the vodkas on the scene today, we will all fall.” We are already impatient with the actions of the Russian authorities. “Herley urged the public to drink American-made wine substitutes. He said the boycott was the first step in putting pressure on Russia to change its policy toward homosexuality.
The owner of the Nevada Smiths bar in Manhatan said that he was prepared to dump all the vodka in the store.
At least 200 New York restaurants and bars participate in this boycott of vodka; Russia recently passed a law banning the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations, which immediately triggered protests from many gay bars in North America.
The law signed by Russian President Putin at the end of June will impose high fines on gay messages for minors or gay parades. After being arrested by the law, foreign citizens will be repatriated after 15 days in custody.
Russian sports officials said recently that the new law will be implemented during the Winter Olympics in Suxi next year. In response to the Russian law, New York State Congressman Nadler has submitted a cross-party letter to the State Department requesting protection for US citizens planning to participate in the Winter Olympics.
Nadler said: “This law is totally inconsistent with the spirit of solidarity of the Olympics. The Olympic spirit is to allow diversified countries to gather together in a competition for peace and friendship. ”

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Splunk and Dell at Black Hat USA 2013 okorder

Close-up of Splunk’s great – and mouth-watering – T-shirts, this is the day they gave Both are displayed.

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Cisco in Black Hat USA 2013 okorder

The crow decorates the Cisco booth, beyond, attracting participants like magnets and sometimes stunned Creative wonders.

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Two members of the Gandidi family are kind enough to save the turtles okorder

The two members of the Kennedy family rescued a turtle caught in a buoy rope out of kindness, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on the 17th that their good deeds violated the Endangered Species Protection Act and also trapped themselves. Dangerous.
The two brothers, Max Gandhi and the little Robert Gandy, who saved the turtle, have expressed regret for doing so. When they took a boat to Nanta Kate Bay on National Day weekend, they found the turtle, which weighed about 500 pounds, and its head was entangled in a buoy rope.
Brad, of the NOAA Fisheries Department, said that when the officers were busy rescued the turtle and took photos and collected evidence, the two brothers were very cooperative and helpful, but he said that the work of saving the turtles was dangerous. It is best to be handled by professionals. Anyone who finds trapped turtles should contact the bureau immediately and wait for rescuers to come.
Brad said that untrained people, when untied the ropes of the sea turtles, are likely to be dragged to the bottom by sea turtles weighing up to 700 pounds, while sea turtles suffocate longer than humans.
The Gandi brothers said: “When we found a turtle in trouble, the first instinct was to try to solve it, but we later learned that this kind of action is very dangerous because the turtle is a powerful animal. ”

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Tate Modern Museum is the skyline of London okorder

Tate Modern is London’s skyline – the Museum of Contemporary Art is located on a strange site on the outer power station’s outer shell. They creatively use materials and other re-use projects, and internationally renowned architects Herzog and De Meuron make conscious choices, only hinting at the ultra-modern interior, from the outside. The 5-story Turbine Hall, once the station’s generator station now boasts a huge work premiere of artists commissioned from contemporary art from around the world.

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