Gucci headquarters building completed in Florence okorder

The GUCCI brand is famous for making luxury goods. Its appearance adheres to the inherent brand rules. His production materials adhere to the route of precious and high-tech materials, and it is the ultimate modern luxury; golden The feelings brought by the colors and design forms perfectly show the unique corporate temperament. Although luxury goods always make many people discouraged, they leave a good impression in people’s minds.

Recently, Gucci’s latest headquarters building was completed in Florence. The office building was converted from a factory building with four floors and a compact The office building is directly facing the A1 high road corridor (Italy’s most important road) and its high visibility due to the elegance and timeliness of the facade: the copper mesh clips between the glass plates to capture and reflect sunlight. With different shades and colors for each panel, this most primitive material produces a wide variety of color effects, whether in response to natural or artificial light sources or from different perspectives of surrounding buildings.
The new Gucci (GUCCI) headquarters building is the main office and buildings on campus. This is a 4 storey (12,000 square meters) office building and 400 homes, workplace, meeting room, management room, lobby reception area and a 150-seat meeting room. The project, which was subsequently in the same location, was previously demolished for the construction of the building, including a complete architectural design service, a general renovation of the interior and campus green spaces and parking lots (45,000 square meters), and coordination of construction works.
Inside the hall, using the existing double and triple high volume, emphasizing the continuity of the public area, the purpose in the special corners and foreground is to seek and enjoy the advantages of different floors and buildings. The performance level of a building is based on the most stringent standards of sustainability for all other materials and technologies from outside the cladding.

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Urban wall squatting room uses double wall effect okorder

From the architect. A cube with a white opening, which is located at the corner of the intersection at Conan Avenue. It is emptied and opened. The overall simplicity is a gesture to keep the atmosphere of the floating city. The combination of round holes is not intended to express the validity of the modeling, but rather to attempt to mechanically solve a double-layered structural wall that is sufficiently exposed to the outside.

When the angle is urban tension and without large volume concrete, no rigidity, soft and light relaxation, close-up view is A colorful expression circle evokes details from a monotonous city. The way to connect cities to buildings is just the same process, connecting architecture and manpower. Access to each floor is directly related to the city’s roads.

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Mosaic tiles covering the house okorder

Mosaic is an art that dates back to the Greek and Roman eras when it was used to decorate temples and palaces. Now we use this technology to decorate our homes to make them more beautiful and more original. There are many different uses for mosaic tiles. They can be used indoors and outdoors, basically in any room of the house.
In the bathroom, for example, mosaic tiles can be used to create striking wall decorations like in this case. The mosaic seems to surround the elliptical mirror.

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Sandstone floor re-used in an elegant home okorder

Are you tired of seeing the rearrangement of the floor, the choice for failure again and again? When most of us are looking for real hardwood or soft carpets, choose to find a glimmer of hope, in fact there is a third option in front of your eyes that can dissolve the secular floor design. Although I am not a lucky one, who owns a home with one of the sandstone floors, it does not prevent me from admiring its subtle beauty.
If the kitchen countertop can be hand-perfected with granite, then why can’t the floor under our feet be shaped in the same way. Today’s article will cover all the must-have sandstone floor designs and make a few suggestions that will inspire you to adopt this material to your home.
Towards a sublime decorative position

The beauty of sandstone floors is not only in its creamy beige color, And in its more versatile, especially when it comes to being in the room, suitable for a variety of decorative themes, creating a romantic feeling, from bold and eclectic, to modern minimalist style. Sandstone floors can be polished to give a particularly fascinating glow. The top of the bathroom is set up to take advantage of the semi-reflective surface of the floor, by adding a dark tone to the wall instead of creating a dark area that is indestructible by light. Matte floors surfaced and sandstones have a more common look. This is an eternal look that will never affect your vision and creates a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere for the modern family.

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Upholstered benches are essential furniture okorder

A padded bench, the kind of unnecessary interior design that might seem like it initially, is not the case. The upholstered bench is a surprisingly versatile piece of furniture that comes in a variety of sizes, making it a fantastic room size. Need to be convincing? There is a four-purpose use of a cushioned bench.

As a small dinette
The dining chairs are quite, of course, but they are also bulky. If you rarely use your restaurant, or if you need a little extra space, a cushioned bench can be an ideal choice. And its easy filling makes them sit comfortably.
Comfortable double sofa
If you have a living room or living room, you will want to save space. Smaller than a sofa, it still takes up a lot of space.
Bed Shelves
Even with a dressing table, the bedroom can feel a long-term lack of space when putting things down. Whether you’re folding clothes, or your favorite bedtime book, or just getting a place to sit down, padded benches at the foot of the bed can be a perfect solution.
As a coffee table
Have children? Once these little guys started moving. In the interests of minimizing bruises and abrasions, replace wood, metal or stone coffee tables, and apply a durable fabric with a soft plush bench. If you already have a larger room, consider a double wide padded bench coffee table.

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California rises in sustainability okorder

California has greatly improved its ranking in the LEED certification program of the US Green Building Council. Last year, it rose from the ninth to the fifth. Out of San Diego County, the top 10 status is calculated by per capita.
According to leading energy and environmental design, builders get a project with high energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, and then their silver, gold or platinum ratings to attract environmentally conscious tenants. Then tenants can realize that they are in an earth-friendly operating space.
The LEED program includes analysis of construction projects in terms of energy efficiency, water use, recycling of building materials and other factors. In the 100-point system, the project can be certified for 40 points, up to 50 points for LEED Silver, 60 points for LEED Gold and 80 points for LEED Platinum.
Contractors and developers typically spend about 5 cents per square foot to process certification applications. However, it can cost $10,000, depending on the size of the project, to hire consultants who calculate the various levels of points required.
The builder pays for the upgraded cost structure, heating and air conditioning systems to achieve low energy use. This does not add to the obvious, if at all, the overall cost is higher than the standard item.
But in the highly competitive commercial real estate market, top-end developers often need to spend money to achieve LEED ratings as tenants are reluctant to be seen as environmentally responsible.

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Wooden mantel: a comfortable contact point in the living room okorder

A fireplace, no matter what type or design, is always the focus in the room. The fireplace usually has a fireplace, which is basically a shelf. Originally, the mantelpiece had the effect of striking smoke, but it later became a decorative piece, not necessarily a defined fireplace, and the shelf above the frame around it and could also include a design that extends to the ceiling.

Because the mantel is now a decorative element around the fireplace, the gorgeous design is often popular. The molding gives the elegant design of the fireplace, which usually appears in the traditional design of the function.

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Renovate the community with new and old bricks okorder

The Belgian studio Tom Vanhee has been commissioned in the renovation and expansion of the old and new brick community centre in Westvleteren. The building was originally a 19th-century school building, formerly a town hall, library and youth club. Later, the local council asked the studio Tom Vanhee to transform into a community activity center and expand the larger event area. In the end, he lived up to expectations and completed the project with new and old bricks, becoming a landscape of the country.
An obvious entrance facility and a lack of consistent elements unifying the poor construction conditions led to a series of renovations by bricks that used bricks as a common material. Under the design of his fascinating work, the matching of old and new bricks has achieved an imaginary effect. “We use the bricks because the existing buildings have been differently decorated and patched from the past 100 years,” Architect Tom Vanhee told Dezeen, “We think it is beautiful, we can add one by adding one Modern bricks reinforce this. & rdquo;
The refurbished event hall facade shows evidence that the front door has been removed and filled with new brick windows. Make an extension from the same brick to replace the old herringbone roof of the building and adopt a new window. The old and new bricks from the local materials retain the classical historical charm and add a new atmosphere.
Remove the dilapidated warehouse and expand the local space. This backyard became the outdoor space of the banquet hall, and the herringbone roof was replaced by a sloping roof, which made the room and space higher, bringing a better sound in the hall, and the high window brought light, giving Bring a view to the nearby church.
An entrance to the center of the armpits of the old and new brick buildings provides an address. The different functions and spaces of the entrance hall have been refurbished with different types of new and old bricks. The new bricks in the contemporary bricks have been recently refurbished to enhance the different bricks, the conference center, etc. to adapt to modern requirements, respect for the environment and users, the new and old bricks show a whimsical character.

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New York Design Center opens eleven new showrooms okorder

The New York Design Center kicks off and 11 new showrooms are opened in the new year. Continuing the momentum of 2013, the New York Design Center focuses on comprehensive design resources for housing in New York. With nearly 100 showrooms and more than 500 pieces of furniture, fabrics, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, accessories, 20th century antiques and antiques, at the forefront of the New York design world.

1, Baking Company: 430 Showroom
From Hampton to New York City and Beyond, Bake Baking and the company also provide kitchens, interior design services and custom cabinet manufacturing companies. For the past six years, Baking and the company have been acclaimed with architects and owners, taking a project from the original concept to kitchen design, cabinet production and final installation. Last year, the Hampton Designers House created a beautiful kitchen through the Specialty Roast & Company.
2, Furnace, 804 Showroom
Furnace is to set up a translation with a simple, relaxed and elegant life into a beautiful, well-made furniture inspired by traditional inspired modern lifestyle the company. With its new independent showroom, the furnace is still a truly eye-catching name in the luxury furniture industry.
3, CF Hyundai, Hall 419
Less than two years later, Owenfeld and Steve launched CF Modern, a mid-century-style American-made custom furniture collection that they have expanded. Their business includes a showroom on the fourth floor of the New York Design Center. CF Hyundai, designed by Owenfeld, launched an informal seat designed by the task force in early 2012 and now offers a complete collection that includes cases other than work benches and divans, tables, lamps, chairs and sofas.
4, Currey, 506 Showroom
Currey, a manufacturer of distinctive home products, is bringing their well-known lighting products, interior furniture, garden furniture and accessories to the New York Design Center. Chandeliers and wall lights form a significant part of the company’s business, which is characterized by attention and detail to go to their production and finishing.

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Hot tub: heating with organic wood okorder

This hot tub uses science to drive the heat provided by the cycle and wood fire. Suddenly, the restrictions are gone. This bathtub can be placed anywhere you want without wiring heating and circulating water. The wood fire has a built-in stainless steel coil inside, it heats up, it is located in the water inside the coil.

This pushes the hot water and the outside bathtub. During this time, the cold water sinks to the bottom and is pulled into the coil. You are warming up the hot tub, the price of the wood. And the wood itself can be no cost if you collect it from your own property! But the biggest freedom, here you can place the bathtub, absolutely anything you want. From the middle of the scene to your favorite camping spot, it’s for you. Free from standard hot tub technology means no limit!

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