Australian Navy Indian Ocean seized 353 kilograms of heroin worth more than 700 million Australian dollars

Australian Navy Indian Ocean seized 353 kilograms of heroin worth more than 700 million Australian dollars

The speedboat of the Melbourne frigate intercepted the suspicious vessel and the Navy personnel seized more than 300 kilograms of heroin after boarding the ship.

BEIJING, Feb. 9 (Xinhuanet) — According to Singapore‚Äôs Lianhe Zaobao on the 9th, the Australian Navy seized and destroyed 353 kilograms of heroin when it performed its mission outside Tanzania, with an estimated market value of more than 700 million Australian dollars. About RMB 3.8 billion). The authorities believe that terrorist organizations smuggle these drugs and use the proceeds to finance terrorism.

The Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Melbourne frigate is currently carrying out its mission to combat terrorism and promote peace and security in the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.

On Wednesday, the navy of the frigate boarded a ship for inspection and found a suspicious item. The test results showed that the items showed a positive heroin response. The naval personnel destroyed all the drugs afterwards.

Australian Brigadier General Bates said the move was a heavy blow to terrorist network funding activities.

Bates said in the statement: “The action of Melbourne once again shows how strong Australia’s commitment is to the Indian Ocean region and to combat international terrorism and violent extremism. ”

The statement also said: “During the action with the joint forces at sea, Melbourne successfully stopped the pirate attack and successfully launched a drug seizure operation four times, winning 23.8 kilograms of ice and this time. 353 kilograms of heroin … … in action, which has struck a network of terrorist organizations that depend on the income of smuggled drugs to make a living. & rdquo;

The Joint Maritime Force is a multinational naval cooperation system whose purpose is to maintain the security, stability and prosperity of international waters in the Middle East and Indian Ocean regions where piracy is rampant.

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