Are shopping malls such as battlefields and floor companies ready?

The flooring industry has been developing in China for many years, and the number of large and small flooring industries across the country is not too small. But there are not many who can make a name for themselves. Most of the flooring brands are not competitive in their overall competitiveness, and even fewer are known at home and abroad. Numerous flooring companies have made the competition in the flooring market more intense, and many flooring brands have made the development of the flooring industry more difficult. In the face of such a dilemma, the floor companies can only change their thinking, identify the target, and go upstream.

As a company, the ultimate goal is the customer, the mind will be on the customer, the business will be better and better. Of course, to say that doing a good job in customer service cannot be said verbally, nor is it like shouting slogans. It is necessary to specialize in the system to do customer service and after-sales service.

To do the service is to think what the customer thinks, because of the characteristics of the floor products, after the floor products are sold, they need to be installed and even need maintenance. This leads to a long service line of flooring products, and more details need to be paid attention to. Because flooring companies need a system of after-sales service.

Floor brands to develop, it is necessary to establish channels, if companies do not have channel resources, talking about the development of enterprises is also a fantasy. Over the years, the development of the flooring industry has become more and more demanding on the terminals. From the initial hundred square meters to the present, hundreds of squares or even thousands of squares are not enough. Higher and higher.

At present, the first-line flooring brand has basically completed the initial establishment of brand channels in the past two years, but in the past two years, with the increase of labor costs, raw materials and the influence of the property market, the profit of the flooring industry has come. The thinner, the more people who invest in this industry seem to be decreasing. The development of flooring business channels is also very important.

Shopping malls such as the battlefield, some people make a fortune, some people went bankrupt. In this brand game without smoke, if a floor company wants to win, it needs to change its mind and be prepared to gain a place in the market.

Release date: 2015/3/10 17:12:54

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