Analysis of Competitive Strategies of Foreign Enterprises in China’s Flooring Market

With the rapid development of China’s economy, multinational companies in the wood flooring constantly adjust their business structure in China to meet the challenges that come with them, and strive to become a ‘sustainable development’, ‘respected’ and ‘localized’ companies. . Create market advantage through product and technology leadership, expand market to provide perfect customer service and establish a holistic system through strategic merger. At the same time, Wood Floor Multinational’s world-leading research and development capabilities will be its strongest competitiveness in the Chinese market.

1. Manufacturing, sales and service close to the market

While implementing the globalization strategy, wooden flooring multinational companies actively promote localization, using localized personnel to produce locally Production of wooden flooring, and the provision of a variety of localized marketing services and financial services, to form a localized competitiveness, so as to be closer to customers, close to the market, to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of local wood flooring consumers.

2. Firmly control the core technology

Market competition is essentially a contest between modern technology and competition for technological innovation. The world’s various wood flooring companies firmly control the most critical elements such as product standards and core technologies in the division of labor in the industry chain, occupying a dominant position. And by continuously increasing investment in research and development, and enhancing its technological innovation capabilities, it will develop new energy-saving wood flooring products through new energy, new materials and new technologies in key areas such as safety, environmental protection and energy conservation, occupying the technical commanding heights and improving The degree of monopoly on key core technologies to obtain high profits.

3. Market adaptive technology development globalization

In recent years, international technology alliances have increased, and wood flooring multinational companies have established research and development cooperation in the field of technology and developed joint technology development, thereby promoting The globalization of technology development, the speed and intensity of the diffusion, transfer and utilization of technical knowledge have greatly increased. In order to make the developed wood flooring products more in line with the needs of the local market and more convenient to use the local human and technical resources, and the ‘market and users where to build the factory, where to produce, local sales’ strategy More and more wood flooring companies are spreading technology development organizations (of course primarily adaptive development and design) to the rest of the world.

Release date: 2012/1/30 13:12:30

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