An assembled house in the south of England

More and more people like mobile homes recently because they are easier to assemble and build. This modern choice is supported by many successful examples and projects. This is one of them, you can find this home in the south of England. However, this is produced in the US and is only assembled on site.
The two-story house designer is a Western design architect, which was completed in 2011. This is a large luxury home and it has a fairly simple design. The appearance of the house is very unique, it is not very unusual, but it has some characteristics, you usually don’t see many houses. This little detail makes this house so special.

Lindal Cedar’s house is a house made in the United States, a Seattle company. They calculate the size of the various wood elements and then ship them all to the UK, including all the detailed specifications, which is not a very difficult project. In addition to interesting design, it is also energy efficient.
It features air source heat pump, solar hot water, passive solar design, rainwater harvesting system and mechanical ventilation heat recovery system. The interior is comfortable and welcoming, all wood features create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, the decor is simple, the colours are warm and balanced, and the combination of texture and pattern is also very good.

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