Aluminum alloy doors and windows brand beauty choice, manufacturers new products subvert your perception of doors and windows

Beautiful choicedoors and windows“Take a static brake”, from thick and thin to sensational nationwide, pick up the doorwindowThe industry is turbulent and has become the focus of the national door and window customization industry. Jigme series (narrow sidesliding door), new Gome sliding door, new beauty A series of swing doors and so on, a wave of new products surprises, so that the national friends are shocked!

Jimei Series (narrow-edge sliding door)

With a sound scientific design concept, design style and The mature production process and the respected “Jimei series” narrow frame products satisfy the thick and simple beauty of the materials, and also gain a chilly feeling of less sunlight and less metal. Nothing to add to the snake, the minimalist and unconventional features make the “Jimei Series” hidden and narrow frame products just right.

A lot of customers and consumers think that narrow-frame sliding doors look narrow and create unsafe, unprotected worries. As a “Jimei series” door and window product developed in strict accordance with national standards, it adopts 2.5mm thickness and surface glass 4MMwhite glass tempered bottom glass 4MM white glass tempered, simple but not simple, perfect aesthetic art and thick quality pursuit.

At the same time, “Jimei Series” combines the current pursuit of Jane, we have introduced matte black, white skin Violet ash, which portrays the portraits of modern and extravagant life more perfectly, presents a strong modern concept and visual impact. “Jimei Series” pursues narrow frame products not only in the present, but also “Jimei Series” will integrate narrow-neck products into home decoration with a more perfect visual design concept to create a minimalist luxury style.

New Gome Series (Heavy Sliding Door)

New Gome Series adopts advanced surface glass 5MM white glass tempering + 20A+ bottom glass 5MM white glass tempered, sound insulation performance is more stable. Automotive Grade 3C Double Layertempered glass, resistant to 200 kg impact, safe To protect your family’s safety. Hot melt adhesiveSeal, inject dry inert gas to ensure Insulating glassDry and refresh, effectively prevent mildew and fog. Variety Art GlassFor your choice, to meet a variety of styles.

Standard aluminum, thicker than national standard (≧2.0mm), strong hardness, high toughness, strong wind pressure resistance . The unique multi-cavity profile structure is more environmentally friendly and greatly reduces heat loss. Multi-channel sealing, effectively reducing the resonance effect of sound waves, and further improving the sound insulation effect.

With rising louvers, the rising light coefficient of the rising louvers is lower than the privacy factor, and the sunlight is always high. The place goes through our windows into our home. The advantage of the ascending louver is that when you are still not dreaming of being exposed to direct sunlight, but you don’t want the room to be dim, you can control the louver to the height you feel is right. Sleep.

And privacy performance, drop-type louver to privacy, the way is to close it all, but the rising louver is different, it can choose the height you want for privacy. louver with remote control It can control up and down and opening and closing, three remote control styles are optional, and it is more high-end atmosphere.

Beautiful choice of doors and windows Gome heavy-duty sliding door is simple to install, superior in performance, and the price is similar to that of the market. It is a product with high quality and high price. The price is self-evident.

New Beauty Series Swing Doors

Xinmei series adopts 4mm white glass tempered +12A+ bottom glass 4MM jade tempered structure, Glassis an automotive grade 3C double tempered insulating glass, soundproof, sturdy and resistant to breakage, safe Reliable.

Border with a new generation of anti-collision for beautysealing strip , effectively reduce the door impact and improve the sealing performance. The material is integrated with EPDM and PVCAdvantages, excellent anti-aging performance, long service life, good elasticity, environmentally friendly and sulfur-free.

Hinges with cast titaniumaluminummanufacturing, double pack The set is full aluminum plateproduced, without stitching gaps, highlighting integrity, invisible angle Code links, beautiful and generous, outsourcing inside, outsourcing, opening inside, opening inside, and choosing inside. The new beauty series swing door has a strong texture and gives a quiet and steady feeling when it is opened and closed. It is an outstanding product worthy of selection for a high-end residence.

Aluminum DoorsWindow Top Ten Brands According to the market demand and the trend of interior decoration style, we have launched a new series of products, with unique and exquisite craftsmanship, to create a practical and beautiful product for each user, bringing a perfect life experience for thousands of families.

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