All aluminum cabinets gradually entered the public’s field of vision

As we all know, the ability of wood to regenerate is limited. China’s sustainable development strategy explicitly prohibits the excessive development of wood resources, which also makes China a major importer of timber, and imports are rising every year. China’s aluminum resources are abundant, and it is a big country for the production of aluminum profiles. As the market demand continues to expand, all-aluminum cabinets are gradually entering the public’s field of vision.

The advantages of all-aluminum cabinets

1, environmental protection

Environmental protection has become the most concerned in today’s society The most common and important issue. The environmental protection indicators of cabinets and other household industries mainly refer to the formaldehyde emission of furniture sheets. The harm of formaldehyde to the human body is very great. The excessive formaldehyde will have a stimulating effect on human skin, conjunctiva and respiratory mucosa, causing eye diseases of the respiratory tract. Wait. Traditional wooden cabinet panels do not meet the environmental requirements of consumers due to the inevitable addition of multiple adhesives in their processing. The raw material of the all-aluminum cabinet is aluminum, which is one of the most abundant metal elements in the earth’s crust. The factory uses all the adhesives and aldehyde-free materials to make zero-formaldehyde all-aluminum cabinets.

2, firmness

The cabinet made of aluminum profile has more than 4 times the static bending strength, nail holding strength and internal bonding strength of the wood board, and the quality It is only 60% of wood panels and has a 50-year long service life.

3, heat resistance, water resistance

Solid wood board price is higher, texture is better, but waterproof and flameproof performance is poor, and aluminum profiles have strong heat resistance Performance, the surface can withstand 100 degrees of high temperature, completely solve the problem of cracking and deformation of wooden furniture, adapt to various environments, whether it is cabinets, TV cabinets, or wardrobes are not easily deformed, durable and non-hygroscopic, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small It is fireproof and waterproof, and has the advantage of long-term blisters.

4, easy to clean

All aluminum cabinets can be repeatedly cleaned with detergent and water, with excellent impregnation and peeling performance, easy to clean and care, the cabinet is hard and incomparable Don’t worry about the invasion of cockroaches and termites.

5, Aesthetics

The traditional wood furniture processing procedure is cumbersome, the color is single and there is a problem of easy damage, and the surface scratch damage will occur after the use time is too long. The large amount of wood paint falling off, etc., greatly affects the aesthetics of the furniture. The all-aluminum furniture processing is streamlined, and the advanced wood grain transfer technology is used to not only make the aluminum profile have the texture and beauty of the solid wood, but also the wear resistance coefficient is higher than that of the wood board, and it is easy to satisfy the daily use

All aluminum cabinet production technology and equipment requirements are not high, easy to disassemble and install, its materials have ultra-high recycling value, can achieve unlimited recycling, and protect the environment and alleviate the shortage of solid wood resources status quo. From the outside, the overall aluminum cabinet has little difference in size, color and material, but the subtleties show the taste, different configurations bring different experience, what details should be paid attention to when installing the whole aluminum cabinet? ?

Kitchen decoration

Detail 1: Shockproof and dustproof sealing tape

After the aluminum frame glass door, a shockproof and dustproof seal is attached With the belt, when the glass door is subjected to severe impact, the force is buffered, it is not easy to break, and the inside of the glass is not easy to enter the dust.

Detail 2: Drawer guardrail and divider

1/2 drawer is very popular, but the items placed directly are easy to shake back and forth, so install it on the drawer drawer The guardrail and the divider, so that the capacity of the items can be greatly increased, and no matter how many bottles and cans are placed, they can be placed in the drawer and will not be broken upside down.

Detail 3: Push-pull cutting board

The washing area of ​​the general cabinet and the cooking area are all at a certain distance. The washing dishes are often held in the container to get the area where the vegetables are cut. Very troublesome. It is much more convenient to install such a push-pull chopping board in the sink area. The washed dishes can be cut directly, and the unnecessary parts can be placed in the trash can next to them.

Detail 4: Anti-collision strip aluminum front connecting belt

The front of the pool cabinet is reinforced with anti-collision strip aluminum front connecting belt, so that when the cabinet door is closed and the cabinet The impact force is buffered, the door closing noise is eliminated, and the reinforcement and load-bearing effect are better.

Detail 5: Metal flexible structure

If the cabinet countertop breaks, at least 95% of it may occur in the opening of the basin and the cooktop. The metal flexible structure uses a unique connection method of the track and the lock card, which is not affected by the opening. The stable metal bracket makes the table top evenly stressed, is not easy to break, protects the table in all directions, and does not need glue. Sticky, don’t worry about formaldehyde release, it is very environmentally friendly.

Selection points:

Focus on quality: buy all aluminum cabinets must pay attention to quality, not “high price”, “big name”, “import” must be “high” “Quality” is painted equal. The quality of cabinets is not limited to materials. Materials can be purchased as long as they cost money. The process determines the quality. For example, the connection between cabinets and cabinets is more eccentric and the raft will be firmer. It is not easy to hang on the front of the platform. fracture.

Application of all-aluminum household sheet:

Applications are very wide: cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, shoe cabinets, fish tank cabinets, shelf, partitions, desks, storage The cabinet… can be said to be a versatile material.
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