Abandoned garbage can be used to produce bricks

Recycling garbage is currently the easiest way to compress the waste and fill it in the landfill. Fortunately, Professor Rahul and the Institute of Technology have developed a method to create bricks from recycled waste. The sewage from 90% of the waste paper mill is mixed with 10% of the cement, and the mixture is mechanically mixed, pressed into a mold, and then cured in the sun. Recycled building materials are a hot topic recently.

After visiting a recycling plant in 2009, scientists found that the paper mill left 15% of the paper taken to a landfill sludge. After the scientists brought the mud back to their lab, they tried to mix and build a good building material. Their bricks are made from a scrap that has been successfully applied to ceilings and recycled paper mills. In addition to waste paper, various wastes from sewage treatment plants have been included in sludge, cigarette butts, soot, waste cotton, polystyrene fibers, waste tea, rice husk ash, granulated blast furnace slag and dry sludge from textile wastewater treatment plants. .

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