A.O.Smith mini type reverse osmosis water purifier breaks through the market 100% cabinet installation worry-free

 In recent years, China’s industrialization process has been rapid, and people’s material living standards have been continuously improved. The pollution of water sources such as heavy metals has become increasingly serious. Many consumers have begun to choose a reverse osmosis water purifier to protect their family’s drinking water safety. But when you carefully selected a reverse osmosis water purifier, you found that the height of your cabinet was not enough.

  AO Smith Water Purification R&D team during user survey I found this problem, in-depth research and innovation, developed this integrated waterway composite patented MAX3.0 long-acting reverse osmosis water purifier, which perfectly solved the pain point of consumers, and held the 2018 Chinese home appliance in Shanghai on March 8. And the Consumer Electronics Show (AWE) made its debut.

  Collection A number of innovative technologies are reduced by 10% to only 43cm, and the volume is saved by 1/3. The installation is safe under the cabinet

   reverse osmosis water purifier as a “safeguard” for household drinking water, is a high-tech product with super multi-core components and complex waterway structure. In order to meet the consumer’s demand for large flow and long life of reverse osmosis filter, the reverse osmosis water purifier will become larger and larger. It is difficult to break the industry’s problems by satisfying the needs of consumers and ensuring the size of the machine.

   Nearly 30 senior water treatment engineers at AO Smith This problem, painstaking research for nearly 2 years, repeated testing of the waterway structure and composite filter core formula, finally innovatively developed this integrated waterway composite reverse osmosis water purifier. It innovatively uses integrated integrated waterway and high-efficiency 5-in-1 composite filter to create a more compact body. Compared with the traditional water purifier, the height is reduced by 10% to only 43cm, and the volume is saved by 1/3. The installation under the cabinet is no longer limited. The one-piece integrated waterway design reduces the number of traditional water purifier joints from 23 to 9, effectively reducing the volume of the water purifier and at the same time, the pressure bearing performance is better to prevent the risk of water leakage. The high-efficiency 5-in-1 composite filter element combines the original multi-stage filter material, reducing the volume of the 3-stage filter element and ensuring the same filtering effect. It also carries the patented MAX3.0 long-acting reverse osmosis filter core of A.O. Smith’s core technology, which effectively filters out heavy metals and has a filter life of up to three years, ensuring long-term safety of household drinking water.

 Decrypt a century-old master AO Smith, innovative technology Trustworthy

  1874, AO Smith Founded in Wisconsin, USA, the company has a history of 144 years and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (code AOS). At present, AO Smith’s market value has exceeded 10 billion US dollars and has been successfully selected into the S&P 500 constituent stocks. Became a “American well-known corporate club.” The innovative concept of “searching for a better way” has always been the core idea that A.O. Smith has implemented. It is precisely because of the persistent pursuit of innovation, A.O. Smith has developed more than 100 patented black technologies, leading the industry’s technological changes, and has been unanimously recognized in the industry. In the future, we will continue to carry out technological innovation and effectively protect consumers’ drinking water safety.

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