A new round of promotion in the furniture and home appliance industry

In the end, is the consumer demand in the first-line terminal market being over-extended, or is the transformation and upgrading result of many home appliance manufacturers failing to meet the current market upgrade and changing consumer demand? The home appliance circle believes that the reason is very complicated, but the way out is very clear, it depends on the manufacturers dare not move the real thing. The new round of double 11 big promotion has already detonated and started in the home appliance industry in advance. A few days ago, with more and more home appliance companies, they began to cooperate with Jingdong, Tmall, Suning Tesco and other platforms, and through the “product customization”, “service customization” and even “customer customization” methods and means, preheat this year The double 11 big fight for the battle. As a result, the old problems that have plagued home appliance manufacturers for many years have once again been pushed to the cusp of public opinion.
One round after another promotion, one after another factory tour, franchise store festival, and super brand day, driven by various home appliance manufacturers, have started. In addition to the good sales performance on the day of the event, at other times, this week, or even this month, it is basically difficult to sell goods. Whether it is the e-commerce platform that is popular among manufacturers, or the chain store channel under the line, they are faced with “more and more products, better and better service, but consumers do not know where to go.” Especially in recent years, in the process of transformation and transformation of home appliance manufacturers, the consumer demand in the terminal market “does not rise and fall”, which is the demand for home appliances as household durable consumer goods, which has been repeatedly followed by home appliance manufacturers. The promotion of the round “advanced overdraft” brought the dilemma of “eat the food” in the terminal market; or the increasingly changing and continuously upgrading consumer demand in China, which was not activated by the products and services of current home appliance manufacturers, thus showing a global Sexual consumption stagflation? For this problem, the view of the home appliance circle is: For the home appliance market in recent years, there are situations in which a large amount of consumer demand is overdrawn, and there are also many situations in which high-end consumer demand cannot be satisfied. In recent years, a large number of low-end consumer demand, because of round and round low price wars, has been heavily overdrawn, and even more serious squatting food situation; but many manufacturers did not pay attention to this situation, but fell into In the round and round of “vicious circle”, we should also see that in recent years, with the continuous upgrading of economic income and consumer demand, a large number of individualized and differentiated demands have not been met. Happening. That is, many home appliance manufacturers are paying attention to the consumption upgrade, bringing high-end appliances, high-quality appliances, and high profits. However, in this process, although many home appliance manufacturers have seen the trend and saw the opportunity, they can not really achieve, achieve goals and paths. Therefore, the key to solving the current dilemma of the home appliance terminal market is not simply to “go to low prices”, or “continue to fight price wars” or “promotional promotion activities”; nor to launch a series of high prices that are “satisfied”. Products, or simply adjust the structure, expand channels, change marketing methods, can solve a series of market demand problems. A key breakthrough in the current demand for home appliances, the home appliance circle believes that it is also to rebuild the runway and start again. First of all, we must break the stereotypes of the past, and do not take the lessons of the traditional era to solve a series of problems and challenges faced by enterprises in the Internet era, from brand positioning, product development, marketing methods, market channels and other links. Re-combine and position;

Secondly, don’t engage in simple one-size-fits-all thinking, price competition means are always two-sided, don’t negate price competition, and can’t rely solely on price competition. It is still necessary to integrate the price with the product selling point and promotion means, and to form a game of chess, and no more individual attacks.

Furthermore, we must abandon speculation and return to the right track of industrial competition as much as possible. We must dare to invest resources, including human, material and financial resources, in key capabilities and systems such as products, marketing and services. Carry out capacity improvement and system construction. It is necessary to correctly realize that a time when the giants of the home appliance industry have arrived, many times have to bow to big companies, big channels, and big capital.
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