a natural house in northern New York

This building is located on a farm in northern New York. The main design concept of the building is to reflect the beauty of nature by limiting the visual boundaries between the interior and exterior. Thanks to the innovative steel structure, the outer shell of the pavilion is glazed and can be opened, allowing us to bathe in natural light. The house is a rectangular, slatted wood core with storage, utilities and bathroom spaces. There are also two double beds in the central part of the building, offering four additional bedrooms for guests to sleep in. In order to minimize the impact of the building on the natural environment, the architects used a variety of sustainable design strategies to make the house almost self-sufficient. These strategies include geothermal heating and cooling, floor radiation, electric shading, photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting.
The living area is equipped with minimal furniture in a modern style. In the lounge area, a large and comfortable carpet can make life more warm and beautiful. The fully open kitchen is still perfect and very functional, with the Long Island counter as a dining table and a great place to eat outdoors during the warmer months. The house also makes good use of two rooms, with built-in storage and work space realized by a simple sliding cabinet. The bunk bed provides extra comfort and ample space while taking advantage of the remaining space. The master bedroom is also decorated in a contemporary style with beautiful built-in woodwork and great independent pieces such as armchairs and low tables. The space is completely open, so the owner can enjoy the new life of the Rising Sun and the beautiful morning on the morning of the morning, anytime, anywhere.

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