A large number of “price increase” information is circulating in the home building materials industry.

Since the beginning of the year, the topic of price hikes has been constant, but there is no such thing as a “call” for price hikes: sanitary ware, wooden doors, cabinets, ceilings… hundreds of companies have issued price increases!
Since September 2018, a number of sanitary ware manufacturers have distributed price increases. They all said that they will be notified by different suppliers every day. They are forced to maintain the brand due to pressure on raw materials costs and environmental protection. The balance should be balanced, but the price of the product channel can only be raised again. Consumers and friends, hereby remind you, don’t buy, increase prices!

Some “price increase notices” cover the company’s official seal, some cover the dealer’s official seal, and some even do not stamp. The bathroom sister learned in the verification that some “price increase notices” were not issued by the company headquarters, and may be agents of some regions. At the end of the year, in order to create a tense atmosphere, the “air guns” were fabricated. However, it also said that although the company has not yet unified the price adjustment of products, according to the current market situation, next year’s price increase is a high probability.

In fact, not only the price of sanitary ware, but also the home building materials industry is also spreading a lot of “price increase” information. Involved in kitchen appliances, cabinets, wardrobes, tiles, wooden doors and other categories.

In response to the above-mentioned “price increase letters”, many people have expressed doubts about this. For this reason, the bathroom sisters also specifically to the manufacturers to verify, the answer is true and false. However, it is undeniable that under the multiple pressures of raw material prices, environmental protection and low inventory, the price increase of home building materials in 2019 will be inevitable.

The cost of the whole line has risen, and the bathroom has to rise.

From 2018 onwards, affected by the tightening of environmental protection policies, sanitary related raw materials: plastic, carton, steel, iron, The prices of copper, aluminum, foam and glass have soared, leading to rising costs for sanitary ware manufacturers including shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, toilets, faucets, etc. The price increase is around 5%~10%. All should increase the price.

The toilet, shower room, bathroom cabinet, bathroom hardware accessories… all the price increases, the reason is:

I. Environmental protection

In recent years The national crackdown began to shuffle, and environmental protection was unprecedented. Due to the impact of environmental storms, the overall operating environment of the bathroom changed.

Bathroom price increase

Stainless steel shut down, polishing shut down, matte shut down, hardware manufacturing shut down, sanitary ware shut down… Anyway, related to sanitary processing, the procedure is not Improve the enterprises that are not perfect, and shut down all. Affected by the environmental storm, the overall operating environment of the bathroom has changed. The company realizes that it can’t beat the price war. Therefore, by raising the price of raw materials, enterprises have re-calculated the cost of the bathroom and re-priced.

Second, the price of raw materials

Due to the tight supply of logs in the international market, the domestic price cuts and cuts in forest areas have increased by 18% at the end of last year. The price increase of 2019 sanitary ware is even stronger. In addition, the world’s chemical giants BASF, Dow Chemical, Eastman, DuPont titanium and other coating products increased prices, coatings, paint prices rose 10% -20%.

By the impact of copper production at home and abroad, the price of copper was still at 50,100 yuan/ton in May 2018, and experienced two small price increases around August, an increase of 200. yuan / tonne. At the end of September, the spot copper price of the Yangtze River was 50,670 yuan / ton, and the spot price of Guangdong was 50,650 – 50,850 yuan / ton, up more than 250-300 yuan / ton compared with a few days ago, up more than 800-1000 yuan / ton compared with the beginning of the year.

In the case of metallic nickel, some experts said that due to the recent start of stainless steel destocking, stainless steel prices have increased significantly, and it is expected to stimulate the price of electrolytic nickel to reach new heights. Copper and nickel are the main materials of sanitary hardware such as faucets. The rise and fall of copper price will directly affect the sanitary ware enterprises that are the main industry.

Third, the carton rose

After the raw materials skyrocketed, the carton industry began to retaliate!

In the early August of 2018, the Ministry of Finance issued a $60 billion list of tariffs, which imposed a 20% tariff on household paper, specialty paper, some cultural papers, and paper products. The rise in prices of raw materials such as waste and wood pulp has further spurred the rise in paper prices.

IV. Artificial increase, logistics increase

Masonry, bricklayers, carpentry, painters and other labor costs have risen to varying degrees every year, and the decoration masters are bitter and There is no one to follow, and things are rare, and labor costs have risen. Nowadays, an ordinary repair worker has a monthly salary of more than 8,000. According to statistics, labor costs currently account for 45% of the total cost of sanitary production. In addition, the price of oil has risen, and all logistics companies across the country have raised their prices, and the transportation costs of enterprises have increased significantly.

The price of raw materials has increased rapidly, the environmental protection has been severely cracked, the new road regulations and labor costs have increased, so that the original sanitary ware manufacturers have been crying and laughing, and the original thin sanitary ware factory has closed down in batches. The small and medium-sized bathroom hardware that looked good was not closed after being shut down by environmental protection.

The price increase is not only the sanitary industry, but the price increase in other industries is also inevitable. Many industry experts said that the price increase is to eliminate backward production capacity, which will force the product quality of various industries to improve and take the independent research and development route. Just just started.
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